‘Alt-right’ online poison nearly turned me into a racist | Anonymous

It started with Sam Harris, moved on to Milo Yiannopoulos and almost led to full-scale Islamophobia. If it can happen to a lifelong liberal, it could happen to anyone

This *anonymous* op-ed in The Guardian is made up garbage. Fake news, you might say: link
  • Lalo Dagach (LaloDagach)

    So he almost became racist bc he criticized Islam, which isn't a race, but now thinks is a race, which actually is racist. Wow. RubinReport link

  • Dave Rubin (RubinReport)

    LaloDagach It's garbage at every level. And why anonymous if you're so proud of your awakening? All they have left is lies and violence.

  • Lalo Dagach (LaloDagach)

    . guardian is postin attacks on Milo & SamHarrisOrg by name from someone with no name So responsibility isnt a thing anymore. RubinReport link

  • Matt Peckham (mattpeckham)

    rubinreport More importantly, there's no argument to it. It rests its non-case on chimeras and misunderstandings.

  • RubinReport make sure you all use an ad-blocker on guardian website. do not even indirectly fund these facists AdblockPlus its free

  • Adblock Plus (AdblockPlus)

    IslamFullOfHate thanks for the support :)

  • Nick Lee (nickplee)

    RubinReport Sam Harris is alt-right? That's rich.

  • nickplee RubinReport I knew it was BS when I read that line lol

  • Nick Lee (nickplee)

    mashudsworld RubinReport link

  • Samuel (sa_moed)

    RubinReport guardian indoctrinated into thinking that conversations are a good thing? Fortunately he rediscovered his love of the party. link

  • J.I.M (jimurillo98)

    sa_moed RubinReport guardian because indoctrination occurs due to open discussion that prevents group-think. Beautiful. Just...Beautiful.

  • moons (xMOONS)

    RubinReport this reads like propaganda against hearing opposing view points. "it started with Sam Harris"...... LOL

  • RubinReport “• The author was not paid a fee for this piece” be thankful for small mercies.

  • John Thief (JohnOfThieves)

    RubinReport "I didn't like it so I crawled back into my echo chamber" is what I'm reading. Could be true. Reflects poorly on the author.

  • Toby (TenaciousTubbs)

    JohnOfThieves RubinReport "my wife called me right wing, ergo Islam really is a race"

  • Reads like one of those I was an atheist but now I knows the troof so the earth is really is flat pieces. Drivel guardian RubinReport

I'm so grateful this was written-Islamophobia is the "alt-right" gateway drug for so many young white men. link
  • Glenn Fleishman ? (GlennF)

    LibyaLiberty Like anti-Semitism was for previous generations. It’s a sign of a form of “success” to be feared unreasoningly.

  • Hend Amry (LibyaLiberty)

    GlennF and I'm afraid antisemitism is returning to serve the same purpose at frightening speed. The threat is never far off.

  • Glenn Fleishman ? (GlennF)

    LibyaLiberty Solidarity!

  • Hend Amry (LibyaLiberty)

    GlennF always &forever. solidarity didn't start today for me. Dad took us to churches & synagogues as kids-told us we needed links to all

  • Glenn Fleishman ? (GlennF)

    LibyaLiberty That’s wonderful. My parents were completely inclusive of everyone—taught me only to distrust intolerance.

  • Sage (SageAntone)

    LibyaLiberty That moment when stupid cultural marxists are told they've been trolled, yet still double down.

  • Hend Amry (LibyaLiberty)

    SageAntone If indeed it's a fake, it shows how self aware bigots are of their own bigotry. It's a remarkable piece either way.

  • Hend Amry (LibyaLiberty)

    SageAntone And you are free to spin my response any way you want - I'm not here waiting for you to care about my human rights.

  • Sage (SageAntone)

    LibyaLiberty Don't have to spin it. You cry "bigot" in hopes to intimidate those who stand in the way of your extreme pol ops gaining power

  • Emily Lakdawalla (elakdawalla)

    LibyaLiberty the guardian has been doing some of the best post-election reporting, I think I may need to subscribe

  • Hend Amry (LibyaLiberty)

    elakdawalla absolutely agree.

  • Chris Ford (ChrisFordYYC)

    LibyaLiberty elakdawalla link

  • james (jamesbayswater)

    LibyaLiberty ChrisFordYYC elakdawalla Scary you are all so deluded with so little grip of reality you believed this Elfwick spoof LBC link

  • Bacon Plasma (baconplasma)

    LibyaLiberty RegressiveElf I wish no discrimination upon Islam, but SamHarris has some valid points. Niqāb on a photo ID? Incompatible.

  • Hend Amry (LibyaLiberty)

    baconplasma it never stops at ID. That's just comfort sauce.

  • Bacon Plasma (baconplasma)

    LibyaLiberty but if your religion thwarts ID in a nation where it's a component of social trust, you're not compatible with that nation.

  • LibyaLiberty You know it was a Sokal-style spoof, right?

  • Hend Amry (LibyaLiberty)

    Atticus_Amber if it was indeed a spoof - the author's intent and the reader's analysis can differ. And in this case it will.

  • Michael Hefner (Liv4theBeat)

    LibyaLiberty Atticus_Amber Do you *honestly* believe Sam Harris leads people toward racism? If so, have you ever actually listened to him?

  • Liv4theBeat LibyaLiberty Sam was tireless in fighting Trump. He expresses create concerns for women & oppressed minorities within Islam.

  • Michael Hefner (Liv4theBeat)

    Atticus_Amber LibyaLiberty My problem w/Hend is she purports to be moderate, but deems pretty much all criticism of Islam as Islamophobia

Help. Is this parody? Are we really meant to think any criticism of Islam is a gateway to fascism? link
  • Kali Ma (Kali_Ma90)

    CathyYoung63 CHSommers guardian am I reading this right? Is he actually suggesting that SamHarrisOrg is affiliated with the alt-right?

  • Kali_Ma90 CHSommers guardian SamHarrisOrg could be parody...

  • CathyYoung63 Premise: In alt-right eyes, ultimate weak man. Can't make up his mind, changes positions to what he is told, under his wife..

  • DimonUffe that's why I think it may be a parody. Hits all the right notes

  • John Barnes (johnabarnes32)

    CathyYoung63 DimonUffe Very surprised. No one's mentioned Poe's Law. Genuine idiots and satire are hard to tell a part.

  • Shaun Lawson (shaunjlawson)

    CathyYoung63 And it'd be nice if Sam Harris' critiques were evidence or knowledge-based. But they're just not.

  • shaunjlawson Sam's recent dialogue with Maajid Nawaz was very thoughtful IMO. He's not Robert Spencer.

  • Lyle Yiannopoulos (Lyde15)

    CathyYoung63 shaunjlawson Greenwald was frothing about this. Did you see? link

  • Lyde15 shaunjlawson reddit lol, not surprised

  • CathyYoung63 This, of course, in the hypothesis that it is not parody. In any case, shame on guardian for publishing such trash.

  • capobianco_slv guardian I think it's a hoax and they fell for it

  • CathyYoung63 capobianco_slv guardian SJW feminism nonsense nearly turned me into a man-hating reverse-racist. Don't think it's parody.

  • Sean (BlackGriffin0)

    CathyYoung63 Doesn't read like parody. Read's like person from cult A being briefly swayed by, but ultimately rejecting cult B.

  • RawSteelUT (RawSteelUT)

    BlackGriffin0 CathyYoung63 I'm honestly sick of both cults. I just want people to talk to each other in peace again.

  • RawSteelUT Chartoc BlackGriffin0 CathyYoung63 And the liars on either side don't want debates, they want soap boxes

  • RawSteelUT (RawSteelUT)

    ShamisOMally Chartoc BlackGriffin0 CathyYoung63 Exactly. And the rest of us are left in absolute terror. Seriously, I haven't (1/2)

  • RawSteelUT (RawSteelUT)

    ShamisOMally Chartoc BlackGriffin0 CathyYoung63 stopped worrying about SS/disability since the election (I'm disabled).

  • Sean (BlackGriffin0)

    RawSteelUT ShamisOMally Chartoc CathyYoung63 Any changes likely to include a "grandfather" clause for at least some existing recipients…

  • RawSteelUT (RawSteelUT)

    BlackGriffin0 ShamisOMally Chartoc CathyYoung63 I hope so. I can't work due to mental issues, I'd be lost without assistance...

  • Sean (BlackGriffin0)

    RawSteelUT ShamisOMally Chartoc CathyYoung63 Wish I could give you more comfort. I said "some" b.c. they have to appease oldster voters.

speaking of "fake" news. i call BS on this "anonymous" piece. samharrisorg link
  • Jack DeLessio (m5drummer)

    greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian "the author was not paid for this piece". I don't pay my dog to crap in the yard either.

  • greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg So... white men can be radicalized online to be... "nasty people"... but Muslims can't be radicalized?

  • greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg No place for comments or rebuttal. Cowards.

  • greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian Ya but u wont cover #pizzagate bc ur scared of losing your job. History's gonna really remember u- not

  • greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian George Soros is that you? You cooky SOB. You so crazy.

  • Ayden Smalls (ayden_smalls)

    greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg "Should be able to discuss without shutting down conversation by calling ppl racist, bigots." Not satire?!

  • Robin McWilliams (Queen0fcups)

    greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian Sounds like a fundamentalist warning that reading philosophy or the occult will turn one to Satanism.

  • Queen0fcups greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian Or gay erotica, is what I was thinking.

  • Micah (MicahT1995)

    greggutfeld "I am a happily married, young white man." Code for: "I'm a miserable, single, SJW, white man living in my parent's basement."

  • Verbaluce (verbaluce)

    MicahT1995 greggutfeld This could also be fake. But again, the 'SJW!' squeal..

  • Trudy Bentley Rech (Tbrech1)

    greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian Yep...stinks like rotten fish.

  • dabutchasblog (dabutchasblog)

    greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian that guy looks very #PizzaGate-y

  • James Hicks (Jhic709365)

    greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian Anonymous, that really is telling to it being bullshit. My name, James Hicks, calling it out.

  • Beth (MemoirScribe)

    greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian And the Sequel: magic fairy turned me into a pumpkin.

  • DogsMumm (DogsMumm)

    greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian Total BS.

  • Mike Coddington (KB1UGO)

    greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian Even the opinion write-in blurbs in my paper have names attached. Tough to believe anon writers.

  • nacho (iggytrmp12)

    greggutfeld SamHarrisOrg guardian fake news=click bait

Here we go. Now Sam Harris is lumped in with the 'alt-right' by irresponsible & ignorant guardian editors link
  • Russ Mayne (ebefl)

    clairlemon guardian in the 'comment is free' section but no comments allowed.

  • Claire Lehmann (clairlemon)

    ebefl guardian people wonder why the MSM is hated.

  • Paul Brian (paulrbrian)

    clairlemon ebefl Amusing how it notes at end " The author was not paid a fee for this piece." Like it's a public service or something

  • Paul Graham (paulg)

    clairlemon The Gateway Drug Fallacy.

  • David Torske (DavidTorske)

    Distinctly unclear what author means by 'alt-right'. Concerned w/ peer impressions & easily influenced. Weak=woke? clairlemon guardian

  • Jean D (k6v12)

    DavidTorske clairlemon guardian Alt-right now means "everyone to the right of me".

  • Nick Barron (BrockleyCentral)

    k6v12 clairlemon DavidTorske guardian and 'alt-right = nazis', so very conveniently, I can now dismiss everyone to the right of me

  • David Torske (DavidTorske)

    Exactly; pls ignore the chasm btw SamHarrisOrg and Stormfront for best results BrockleyCentral k6v12 clairlemon guardian

  • clairlemon a guy flirts with rational ideas about Islam and SJWs but then returns to his guilty liberal identity #savedyouaclick

  • sentientist clairlemon does the Guardian have a comment section? I would have loved to have seen the comments.

  • sentientist clairlemon reads like the confessions of a serial killer trying to avoid the death penalty. Such atrocities.

  • clairlemon guardian I should fucking hope not! link

  • Ulopa ن (Olvagga)

    antianti1978 clairlemon guardian I don't know, it had a couple of funny lines. link

  • Olvagga clairlemon I started off with Sam Harris. Quickly moved onto Milo. Before I knew it I was doing 5 Robert Spencer vids per day!

  • Ulopa ن (Olvagga)

    antianti1978 clairlemon And then, horror of horrors: link

  • Jean D (k6v12)

    clairlemon guardian So Sam Harris is kind of a "gateway drug" to reason.

  • Gibbot (Gibbot5000)

    clairlemon guardian in the new narrative 'alt-right' a synonym for 'racist', so any dissenting opinion can be summarily dismissed.

The only way to get published in fake news publication is a "confessional" bashing the right or alt-right. link
  • Cursed ? (CursedObject)

    Cernovich guardian It's a psyop to prime liberals to reject the arguments of redpilled libs like myself before they hear them.

  • Cursed ? (CursedObject)

    Cernovich The establishment realized the left is becoming dehypnotized, this is how they stop the bleeding

  • Cursed ? (CursedObject)

    Cernovich Notice how they don't even provide an argument for why they suddenly decided that everything was racist.

  • Cernovich guardian my gut says this is fake - and if it's not the guy is turning back because he can't manage the internal conflict.

  • Vivian Veritas (TruthWillLive)

    pilgrimtoday Cernovich guardian I think this was real and he was too afraid of the social consequences to fully swallow the pill.

  • TruthWillLive Cernovich guardian in a utilitarian culture "truth" is what works & Green Drinks become the avatar of the sacred.

  • kalitzina (kalitzlina)

    Cernovich guardian That guy was this close to uncucking himself

  • cernovich All pandering to emotions, no facts or common sense.

  • Cernovich It almost led to full scale islamophobia? This writer was never on the right. This is a hoax piece written by an SJW.

  • ReveilleSoul (ReveilleSoul1)

    Cernovich guardian "literally shaking" at how fast that man became radicalized.

  • Jennifer Hartness (JenKenobi)

    Cernovich guardian I think I rolled my eyes so much during that article, I'm permanently looking up.

  • Sean Patrick Hall (Seanp7195)

    Cernovich One cannot un "red pill". You don't go back once you are awaken. Article is BS troll op.

  • Cernovich guardian Repeat after me Mr/Ms Anonymous and no comments allowed... Islam is not a race.

  • komerade cube (jentwistle3)

    Cernovich guardian Oh yeah, "Anonymous" aka "Guardian staffer" #MSMFail

  • vacation vlad (dickvendor)

    Cernovich i stopped reading at "happily married young white male"

  • Les Majesty (LivelySam)

    Cernovich Need to develop a Turing test for parody pieces. Hard to tell on this one.

  • A C (lambert_mutler)

    Cernovich Pretty sure the anonymously authored Guardian stories are all fabricated

  • Scr1nRusher (Scr1nRusher)

    Cernovich [TOLERANT LEFT]

  • Cernovich guardian just another fake news story anonymous source #No credibility #LaughingStock

Fascinating read on how Islamophobia serves as a gateway drug to hate for young white men. link h/t LibyaLiberty
  • ikop (ikopaem)

    SikhProf sunny_hundal LibyaLiberty Even if I'm open to the underlying concept that article is just so, so bad.

  • Ben Allen (iamthebeef)

    ikopaem SikhProf sunny_hundal LibyaLiberty who could argue with "isn't that a bit...RIGHT WING?"

  • NMF (NmfBru)

    SikhProf LibyaLiberty Clearly - we need a new game as successful as WoW was, so young white men can go back to raiding online.

  • sikhprof libyaliberty link #lovemycats Ok, je suis un pantin, mangez mon cerveau et youpi.

  • SkankHunt42 (thegorbitron)

    SikhProf LibyaLiberty guardian More like a fascinating case study on how ideologues will believe anything of it fits the narrative.

  • Will (will49447)

    SikhProf LibyaLiberty fascinating that you support a parody article. Good job

  • SikhProf It's a shame that Islamophobia is a made up word used to persecute anyone who disagrees with Islam.

  • Miitanuk SikhProf All words are made up

  • PlankySmith SikhProf True. But few have no meaning.

  • L-rouge (lesterouge)

    Miitanuk PlankySmith SikhProf can't we just agree to call them "religious bigots" and have done with it?

  • Jae (jasonbmerrill)

    SikhProf LibyaLiberty I appreciate sam, but I do see some "suggested videos" that pop up which are truly disgusting

  • Sakke (SakariHow)

    SikhProf LibyaLiberty guardian maybe try to live in a muslim majority area with a black dog and an unveiled wife. Report how it went!

  • SakariHow SikhProf LibyaLiberty guardian What?

  • Sakke (SakariHow)

    PlankySmith SikhProf LibyaLiberty guardian just try it!

this guy watched sam harris videos for six months this year and thinks he was "almost" radicalized link
You know, GreensladeR should be mortified. Take your head out of your liberal echo chamber & listen you old fool link
It’s racist fascists, not Islam, that should be keeping you up at night: Online radicalisation of young white men: link

See also on www.theguardian.com