‘This was the worst call by far’: Trump badgered, bragged and abruptly ended phone call with Australian leader

Trump blasted Turnbull over a refugee agreement and boasted about the magnitude of his electoral college win, said U.S. officials.

.abcnews has confirmed with Australian sources that this Washington Post report is "substantially accurate" link #auspol
  • Col James (ColinJamesTiser)

    CUhlmann LyntonGrace abcnews Of course it is. It's the washingtonpost. Why would anyone doubt it? Obviously leaked by Trump's team.

  • Lynton Grace (LyntonGrace)

    ColinJamesTiser CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost It's immediately doubted by Trump supporters as fake news cos they disagree with it.

  • CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost at this rate Americans should expect to start being treated like shit everywhere they travel. Sad.

  • Lauren B (laurenbraden)

    ReadingDiva3 CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost the speedy return of the ugly American

  • laurenbraden CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost my husband and I travel to Mexico every year for vacation, I'm hoping they stay nice to us

  • Jason (schroedinger_)

    ReadingDiva3 Time to start sewing Canadian flags on our backpacks like we did in Bush yrs laurenbraden CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost

  • schroedinger_ laurenbraden CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost I have dual citizenship, time to pull out passport #2 lol

  • Annie maurer (Anniemaurer2)

    ReadingDiva3 schroedinger_ laurenbraden CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost might be time to move

  • Anniemaurer2 schroedinger_ laurenbraden CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost As an American anywhere I move, hate may follow me.

  • CUhlmann Kfyra abcnews good to know that we’re getting tough — with australia.

  • kfyra (Kfyra)

    yankee32879 CUhlmann abcnews National AND International Embarrassment.

  • Kfyra CUhlmann abcnews correct.

  • Helena (thelastpinkcar)

    So today he threatened to invade Mexico & treated one of our closest allies like crap. CUhlmann neillade abcnews washingtonpost

  • thelastpinkcar CUhlmann neillade abcnews washingtonpost Is that all? A year from now, we'll look back on this as one of the good days.

  • Helena (thelastpinkcar)

    Have a feeling he'll have isolated us so much by then we'll be learning Russian. Obdurodon CUhlmann neillade abcnews washingtonpost

  • Scott (LibertyScott63)

    CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost Trump is psychotic. #ImpeachTrump

  • Bridget (BridgetBeagle)

    CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost Australia, DJT does not speak for the majority of Americans! Our sincere apologies.

  • SIZL (MarkSzylkarski)

    BridgetBeagle CUhlmann abcnews washingtonpost I hear ya mate !

How can you read this and not conclude Trump is mentally ill? Seriously. This is what we have the 25th AMD for. link
  • Mark Salter (MarkSalter55)

    Australia is the friendliest ally we have. They do everything we ask. WTF?

  • Katie Dutch (kitscheart)

    MarkSalter55 bumgarls next time an American asks for a favour I may say NO G'Day from Oz & try to impeach Don asap so we can remain pals

  • Shelton Bumgarner ? (bumgarls)

    kitscheart MarkSalter55 I personally apologize for the behavior of Trump

  • Katie Dutch (kitscheart)

    bumgarls MarkSalter55 we have problem people too but Don is extra troubling. What a scary situation! God help us all, I truly mean that

  • Jason Brzoska (jbrzoska)

    MarkSalter55 danpfeiffer It's not. It basically says if he's well enough to read a letter from Congress and write one back, he's OK.

  • Mark Salter (MarkSalter55)

    jbrzoska danpfeiffer Until the VP and majority of cabinet send one saying he's not.

  • Jason Brzoska (jbrzoska)

    MarkSalter55 danpfeiffer Then it has to go to Congress and they need 2/3 of each house

  • Mark Salter (MarkSalter55)

    jbrzoska if Pence and the cabinet attest to his incapacity 2/3rds would vote to remove him. Weird to be debating this somewhat seriously.

  • MarkSalter55 jbrzoska not sure he has capacity to write back to Congress. He had some issues writing the EO link

  • MarkSalter55 Have you discussed with your old boss the idea that maybe he should use the powers of us his office to do something?

  • Ben Oren (TheRealBenOren)

    MarkSalter55 You don't need to tell us. Talk to your old boss!

  • Josh Freed (jsfreed)

    How do we invoke 25th amdt MarkSalter55 if no one in GOP puts country above politics and admits Trump is insane?

  • MarkSalter55 That's funny, I say that about every left-wing reporter's blather.

  • Sarah (Plasticdoe)

    warnerthuston MarkSalter55 Shocked to hear such an opinion from a "freelance Breitbart writer"

  • Hill Duff (hillofbeans17)

    MarkSalter55 washingtonpost can you slip a note to your fmr boss from all of us?

  • Vox Populi (GypsySyx)

    MarkSalter55 MzNikkiNew washingtonpost That's the Dominionists' plan. Encourage his crazy and replace him with Pence.

  • Abra B. (abracadabraNY)

    GypsySyx MarkSalter55 MzNikkiNew washingtonpost SpeakerRyan is angling for his own enrichment, too.

  • EllyDavis (EllyDavis)

    MarkSalter55 washingtonpost This dick waving will get really interesting when Putin starts wafting his around too. 2 sociopaths facing off

Washington Post appears to think that Trump acting and speaking like Trump is some kind of huge scandal. It's not. link
  • JeSuisFedUp (JeSuisFedUp)

    PrisonPlanet link

  • spence (Autismsauce)

    JeSuisFedUp PrisonPlanet no one elected trump to fix capitalism, it was to get rid of TPP and nafta, already halfway done

  • George Briden (gebr71)

    PrisonPlanet washingtonpost Ok Rule #1 The washingtonpost is a propaganda organ for the communists. Rule #2. Never forget Rule #1.

  • PrisonPlanet washingtonpost send them to Canada, pretty boy loves islam we don't want these illegals here in Australia

  • estrella andrews (hisham4eva)

    OldDaveClarkson PrisonPlanet washingtonpost Bravo Bravo! No we don't

  • hisham4eva PrisonPlanet deport these people back to where they came from, it should never have come to this our Gov is weak!

  • Jeff Curtis (Jazzy_JAC)

    PrisonPlanet washingtonpost these are the type of hatchet job articles that serve absolutely no purpose

  • Suvy Boyina (suvyboy)

    PrisonPlanet washingtonpost Honestly, they might be falling for a false lead yet again. These journos are utterly clueless.

  • E. Brown (EBrown64610728)

    PrisonPlanet washingtonpost OMG! Trump speaks like... a New Yorker! alert the Globalist Media!!

  • asproella (ASPROELLA)

    PrisonPlanet washingtonpost Ha he put our arrogant PM in his place

  • Cali Mamma (PatriotInCali)

    PrisonPlanet washingtonpost I voted for realDonaldTrump to be CEO of the US - we want a biz leader not a greeter!

  • PrisonPlanet washingtonpost MyBrianLeyh Don't trust the Washington Post. They've been so liberal I skip them.

  • Ryan Neal (BanPlan)

    PrisonPlanet washingtonpost I don't know. The dialogue looks phony to me. Trump doesn't usually attack like this unless attacked first.

  • PrisonPlanet washingtonpost I honestly don't believe a word the MSM say about anything anymore. It's partisan bollocks.

  • Gholosh (RealGholosh)

    PrisonPlanet washingtonpost They've done this the entire election and will do this his entire term

  • PrisonPlanet washingtonpost Turnbull is a nincompoop! I don't think Trump suffers fools gladly! Onya Trump!

  • JamieRGonzalez FionaKenndal PrisonPlanet washingtonpost don't get me wrong TurnbullMalcolm is a snake, but we're your rep in Asia.

  • Jellokitty (jellokitty5)

    JamieRGonzalez FionaKenndal PrisonPlanet washingtonpost TurnbullMalcolm we know. We are so sorry about him.

  • jellokitty5 FionaKenndal PrisonPlanet washingtonpost TurnbullMalcolm it's OK. The 1 positive is that Oz might wake up & break alliance.

  • Jellokitty (jellokitty5)

    JamieRGonzalez FionaKenndal PrisonPlanet washingtonpost TurnbullMalcolm hope not, we need you guys.

  • jellokitty5 FionaKenndal PrisonPlanet washingtonpost TurnbullMalcolm yeah same. Guess he wasnt kidding when he said he was isolationist

  • Jellokitty (jellokitty5)

    JamieRGonzalez FionaKenndal PrisonPlanet washingtonpost TurnbullMalcolm he thinks it's like business, doesn't understand relationship

These conversations are... insane. link
  • Regina Clegg (ReginaC322)

    JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Are we in the damned Twilight Zone?!?!

  • KG (kathyG86)

    ReginaC322 JoyAnnReid washingtonpost no just the movie script of "Dead Zone"!

  • kathyG86 ReginaC322 JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Yes. link

  • JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Today's Australia & Mexico phone calls + musing aloud about war w/Iran=reason enuf to invoke 25th Amendment

  • inserralisam (inserralisam)

    JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Here is the rest of the Butcher's Bill for today. Just today... link

  • R. Me (e11evenoclock)

    inserralisam JoyAnnReid washingtonpost I thought some entries on this list were parody for a sec... then i realized they weren't.

  • inserralisam (inserralisam)

    e11evenoclock JoyAnnReid washingtonpost I wish it was a parody! Or even fake news!

  • JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Insane and a huge red flag that GOP needs to notice before he destroys international diplomacy entirely.

  • kim young (kimyoun11732107)

    JoyAnnReid washingtonpost To all those Middle of the Road people / screw you / it is even worse than we thought it could be !

  • Marsha Oritt (orittsky)

    JoyAnnReid washingtonpost The world knows he's crazy. The Repukes have no morals, ethics or backbones if they let this disaster continue.

  • JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Perhaps he was confused and thought it was a game show. 60 seconds to alienate as many countries as possible GO

  • JoyAnnReid washingtonpost This guy is a national security threat.

  • norgedane (norgedane)

    peart93 JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Which one? So many...

  • norgedane JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Donald.

  • Dan Skinner (DanSkinnerArt)

    JoyAnnReid BronxWench washingtonpost he is the SICKEST thing that has ever been in the White House... we need laws to prevent this!

  • Jo (jobess13)

    JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Literally insane. Manic. Delusional. Dangerous.

  • g (beadluv)

    JoyAnnReid washingtonpost this man is not well - why didn't more people who knew him come forward? How can you live with yourself? Crazy

Trump basically HUNG UP on Turnbull, said refugee deal was "the worst ever" and "I don't want these people" link
  • michaelkoziol washingtonpost These people are human beings and they deserve dignity and respect. Anyone can become a refugee in this world

  • Mike Laws (mutt1960)

    VinePsychic michaelkoziol washingtonpost Or anyone who tolerates forced teenage female genital mutilation? Why would you let them in?

  • mutt1960 We don't engage with fake Twitter accounts set up by trolls to show Trump in a good light. Bye. michaelkoziol washingtonpost

  • Kool Mo AMR (KoolMoAMR)

    VinePsychic mutt1960 michaelkoziol washingtonpost You must of went to Berkley. Different point of view? Shut you down.

  • KoolMoAMR we have no intention of engaging with trolls who promote racial hatred. That's a given. mutt1960 michaelkoziol washingtonpost

  • Kool Mo AMR (KoolMoAMR)

    VinePsychic mutt1960 michaelkoziol washingtonpost what was racial about the comment?

  • KoolMoAMR Let support decide if it crossed a line. We believe in Oneness of all people. Bye. mutt1960 michaelkoziol washingtonpost

  • Kool Mo AMR (KoolMoAMR)

    VinePsychic Support mutt1960 michaelkoziol washingtonpost Yes lets

  • michaelkoziol washingtonpost He really is a godsend. I wish Britain had a leader with backbone.

  • GasTheBikesUK michaelkoziol washingtonpost You can have him

  • noreallyhowcome michaelkoziol washingtonpost You're still with anti-white jew Bernie? Lol

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (SirBenKenobi)

    michaelkoziol washingtonpost We are all officially f*cked. This is Week 2 btw.

  • Dawn Allison (Anfoooey)

    SirBenKenobi michaelkoziol washingtonpost fucked how? US doesnt want Aussie refugee rejects....

  • Denz (Syzar_Denz)

    PolarizeNow michaelkoziol washingtonpost only mayo

  • Maya Varma (swargcoming)

    michaelkoziol TRobinsonNewEra washingtonpost We are so proud of realDonaldTrump ! How dare they dump this garbage in the USA? No more.

  • marcus kelson (marcuskelson)

    michaelkoziol Lynestel washingtonpost well this is where he needed the diplomatic skills of Les Patterson.

  • kevin (kvnpkrwrd)

    michaelkoziol Lynestel washingtonpost he may have thought he was talking to Austria, in Africa. Don't let 'im leave yez wi' a raw knob.

If you had a test, and the only problem was "draw a dog or make a dog sound," this is like failing that. link
Well, this is to be expected, given the long history of tension between the United States and Australia. link
  • Josh Barro (jbarro)

    Why would we expect Donald Trump to get along with a hot-headed leftist like Malcolm Turnbull?

  • Josh Barro (jbarro)

    Come on, Australians. I know Turnbull is a conservative. And I wish the Queen could fire our president, like she did with your PM once.

  • jbarro She should try to dismiss Trump and call a new election. Maybe he doesn’t know she can’t?

  • Ross Douthat (DouthatNYT)

    mattyglesias jbarro This could be the chance the Stuart monarchy has been waiting for.

  • Joe Papp (joepabike)

    jbarro BeartheGolden not trying to hype paddypower but it's kinda crazy that they already offer odds on POTUS impeachment/resignation

  • Elizabeth Picciuto (epicciuto)

    jbarro cc gravbeast, looking at you with SERIOUS SUSPICION.

  • SpinDoctor (SpinDr)

    jbarro Cut Trump some slack- at least he didn't threaten to invade Australia like he did Mexico and Chicago.

  • Kim Kardafrican (wstafrican)

    SpinDr jbarro we still have a few days left in the week so give it time

  • Ian Gregory Veitch (VeitchIan)

    jbarro In a few days, he's pissed off Oz, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, and a bigly number of other allies.

  • Zenber1 (Zenber1)

    jbarro washingtonpost Before long Trump is going to have every country in the world coming after the U.S. this is not funny. He is insane.

  • Michael Grubbs (StealthyMG)

    jbarro I hope one of these berated allies releases a tape someday.

  • Matt Taylor (mit54321)

    jbarro washingtonpost File under unforced error.

  • Jim Kearney (JimboDKearney)

    jbarro "Americo-Australianian relations are at an all-time low."

  • . jbarro rpb washingtonpost I have this weird feeling your tweet time-traveled from 2027.

  • Seth Trueger (MDaware)

    jbarro MarcGoldwein washingtonpost link

  • Earl Smith (nippononly)

    jbarro washingtonpost Trump's temperament combined with his incessant lying is taking us into dark and dangerous territory.

  • Brendan Gill (scribeteach)

    jbarro washingtonpost Trump still unhappy with "Crocodile Dundee 2"

Unhinged megalomaniacal madman Trump badgers, brags, accuses Australian PM of trying to export 'next Boston bombers' link
  • Rick Williams (Rickwwnavyvet)

    activist360 BadASSSery washingtonpost Australia PM should tell #Trump to go F--K himself! !

  • Katie Dutch (kitscheart)

    Rickwwnavyvet activist360 BadASSSery washingtonpost PM Malcolm is being spineless as there's so many racist idiots here too. Gutless

  • Katie Dutch (kitscheart)

    Rickwwnavyvet activist360 BadASSSery washingtonpost plus no one wants to upset the giant toddler Don, for fear of unhinged retaliation

  • CBQUE94 (CBOD14)

    activist360 washingtonpost His ignorance is amazing. It's embarrassing.

  • Erika Cubik (arika_brochu)

    CBOD14 activist360 washingtonpost and really fucking scary

  • RubyMoon (MoonVeils)

    activist360 washingtonpost His mental health issues are thru to roof! College psych professors are going to devout a semester just on him

  • Robert Frost (nobodythtyuknow)

    activist360 washingtonpost oh, Trump is just mad he lost the court case today, he's taking it out on Aus and Mex: link

  • νεяσ (veronicauranga)

    nobodythtyuknow activist360 washingtonpost NBCNews like the grandiose #narcissisticbigot he is!

  • activist360 washingtonpost thanks again small town america! Give us a shout when your realize he aint gonna keep the plant in town

  • Katie Dutch (kitscheart)

    activist360 washingtonpost Don's a fast mover & there appears to be NO one coming to save any of us from him & Bannon. Greetings from Oz

  • activist360 washingtonpost he's fucking nuts!!

  • (((CAT))) (OneCopaceticCAT)

    activist360 washingtonpost He's a straight up jackass.

  • DocBarrister (DocBarrister)

    . activist360 washingtonpost Trump is clearly mentally ill. Some have speculated that his angry outbursts are early signs of dementia.

  • jack jones (jackjonesbabe)

    activist360 lady_scribbler washingtonpost he must be removed from office. Period. Deal with pence after

  • News View (NewsView100)

    activist360 washingtonpost #ImpeachTrump He's treating our allies like enemies. Congress needs to begin impeachment proceedings NOW!

  • Foresight (calisota91)

    activist360 AllLeftNews washingtonpost He represents a clear and present danger, unfit for office he holds. We must push harder-Impeach!

  • matt (M2324M)

    activist360 washingtonpost What the fuck is he doing!? Jesus!

  • Dawn Howard (realdawnhoward)

    activist360 RayPegPhoto washingtonpost Boston Bombers...those two Russian guys?

In what NOW passes for diplomacy, trump brags on phone for 25 mins, HANGS UP on Australian PM. 11 days of shame. link
  • mmpadellan follow MarcusC22973194 RT Trump's ties to Russia

  • nasser_bovi MarcusC22973194 Roger that, Charlene.

  • Gamer Señora (ezejensen)

    mmpadellan Ego. Sickening. Really.

  • Oust Trump (desjardins7)

    ezejensen mmpadellan #Trump needs to be removed from the WH and institutionalized

  • Gamer Señora (ezejensen)

    desjardins7 mmpadellan What are we gonna do? He's fighting with everyone but Russia. SenDems Congress ACT ON 25th Amendment NOW.

  • kelley davis (shampoovta)

    ezejensen desjardins7 mmpadellan sendems congress The dip shit is fighting with Australia now... AUSTRALIA!

  • Gamer Señora (ezejensen)

    shampoovta congress desjardins7 mmpadellan sendems He's gonna pick a fight with Hawaii next! Lol

  • DIGGER (puckofff)

    mmpadellan link

  • Bill Ernst (ijustaBill)

    puckofff mmpadellan Doesn't that guy know I'm the faux king! I'm the faux king, guy! Doesn't anyone know it!

  • mmpadellan 2 all Aussies who didn't vote for Turnbull and think this is a good thing, DT wasn't hurling abuse at Turnbull but at Australia

  • unclepaula (UnclePaula)

    mmpadellan the World is repulsed by trump, but trumptards still feasting on Bullshit being spoon fed to them.

  • LogicRules (2beachgirls)

    UnclePaula mmpadellan he intentionally appealed to the not-so-bright to get in the white house. They're easy to dupe & are very loyal

  • Dustin Hines (dustinhines)

    mmpadellan He's past his expiration date. It's time to toss him out.

  • Michael Barlow (mikeaecons)

    mmpadellan one good thing in all of this! He's gathering all of the richest together so when we start eating them! We won't have to chase m link

  • mmpadellan Days since last major administrative fuckup: 0

  • WorldCitizen (NYwonk)

    mmpadellan The once most powerful nation on earth will end up begging the world for protection from its own tyrant. A sobering experience.

  • OldWhiteWoman (melishill)

    mmpadellan mmpadellan we need to write apology notes to the Australian PM. Just like all grownups do when their children act like little

  • NotMyPresident (GibsieGirl)

    mmpadellan when the fuck is the GOP going to step in and do something? I hope they're all comfortable with their bloody hands.

Wow... #Australia fights America's wars & hosts its troops. This is pretty humiliating link
  • Shel Holtz (shelholtz)

    Believe me, Sophiemcneill, there is no shortage of we Americans who are equally humiliated and mortified.

  • kenamundsen (kenamundsen)

    Sophiemcneill washingtonpost As United States Navy Veteran frm 1966-1970,Please,accept my apologies for the boorishness of President Trump

  • (((TigerMom))) (Sabertrooth)

    kenamundsen Thank you for your service

  • John D (Johnd27D)

    Sophiemcneill washingtonpost Trump is the worst of all 325 million of us. Please accept our apologies #Australia

  • Stevie Z (Stevie_Z)

    Sophiemcneill washingtonpost I feel like a kid who just watched his evil drunken idiot stepdad punch his favorite aunt Sorry from Brooklyn

  • April Rain (sugarmag418)

    Sophiemcneill washingtonpost we apologize for the unqualified, ignorant, rude, and insane orange egomaniac running our country.

  • john veach (tobyveach)

    Sophiemcneill washingtonpost Sorry rest of the World. Trump is a fucking disgrace. The MAJORITY of Americans can't stand him. #shame

  • Sophiemcneill washingtonpost The only way to treat the POTUS is with contempt. Continuously.

  • John Drake (TheRealNumber6)

    kevinodoherty Sophiemcneill washingtonpost We've tried that. Do you have anything stronger.

  • TheRealNumber6 Sophiemcneill washingtonpost I think that there's.... the less said the better.

  • Lisa (StarTrekWreck)

    Sophiemcneill washingtonpost I apologize on behalf of the people of the United States that didn't vote for this banana. We love Oz.

  • Tina B (tina_beeee)

    Sophiemcneill Most of us are properly mortified by our incompetent "leader". I'm so sorry for his tactless, infantile behavior.

  • Dean Holmes (DeanH2014)

    Sophiemcneill He's a disgrace and an embarrassment and I apologize to Australia and the world that half of my country was so foolish!!

  • (((TigerMom))) (Sabertrooth)

    Sophiemcneill washingtonpost MOST OF US DESPISE HIM & ARE EMBARRASSED!!! So horribly sorry!!

  • Jed Dolbeer (jdolbeer)

    Sophiemcneill washingtonpost Can promise you that a large majority of the population does not agree with him and wants him removed.

  • Ringuette (Ringuette)

    Sophiemcneill PhilipRucker important: realDonaldTrump lost popular vote & we don't support him or his ugly, hate-fueled agenda. (Sorry)

  • Fay Murphy (murfdawgie)

    Sophiemcneill washingtonpost We are so fuckng sorry and mortified.

  • Fay Murphy (murfdawgie)

    Sophiemcneill washingtonpost Also please excuse the typo but I'm drunk as fuck bcuz fascism.

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