92% of left-wing activists live with their parents, Berlin study finds

The vast majority of left-wing protesters arrested on suspicion of politically-fuelled offences in Berlin are young men who live with their parents, a new report found.

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92% of left-wing activists live with their parents, Berlin study finds link
  • Ziga Turk (ZigaTurk)

    MailOnline antigravitypill 8% pa z mačkami?

  • Čričo Anžlovar (crico111)

    MailOnline KogojSlavko It is to blame teachers on all levels of education for their cultural-marxist indoctrination savagery!

  • Slavko Kogoj (KogojSlavko)

    crico111 MailOnline it has been done by purpose

  • Čričo Anžlovar (crico111)

    KogojSlavko MailOnline It is a world conspiracy to create NewWorld (dis)Order.They are creating zombies!Feminists&LGBT supporting Muslim!

  • Evolved Legal (EvolvedLegal)

    MailOnline no surprise, lack of life experience and grossly naiive.

  • Harrison Barron (Harrison_TN)

    . MailOnline link

  • ElatedinAZ (lat8370)

    MailOnline MelIsHere1 People that throw temper tantrums are found to be children, so it makes sense that they live with their parents.

  • MailOnline San_Frexit figures - they are people who don't know shit about life

  • Ian (ianberg)

    MailOnline The activists live with their parents yet most of the people who inspire them like Marx, Lenin, Guevera moved out by age 25.

  • DCuz (DCuz1)

    MailOnline Well, they don't have jobs, can't support themselves. This comes as no surprise.

  • JayT (jaytbones)

    MailOnline Gormogons Shouldn't they at least be living in cold-water hovels with multiple roommates?

  • The Gormogons (Gormogons)

    CZ jaytbones That's no way to talk about their parents' houses, Jay!

  • Deplorable Carl (wstaar1)

    MailOnline CassandraRules link

  • Pumba (thegreatpumba1)

    MailOnline CassandraRules #antifa proving that they are worthless.

  • jimmy t (ymmij_t17)

    MailOnline At protests they're yelling "we're the workers, Eff the bourgeois!" And these kids ain't out of school or their parents' homes

  • MailOnline paulwestonlibgb it's no wonder they have so much time to protest. They'll always have daddy to bail them out.

  • Dan Gleeballs (Dan__Gleeballs)

    MailOnline everyone knew this, those bedwetting, soap dodging freeloaders, will grow up one day and realise the error of their ways.

  • billy boy (oken59)

    MailOnline That's why the majority of protests take place during the day. They have to be home by 9.00pm

In news that will surprise no one... link
El 92% de los zurdos vive con sus papis. Madurá marmota. link
92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed, study of Berlin protesters finds link
92% of left-wing activists live with their parents! And 100% still wet the bed I reckon ? link
Ninety-two per cent of hard Left activists live with their parents, a study in Berlin suggests. link
  • citizen (EUbetya)

    DanielJHannan making it almost impossible for anyone (not just the left)to get on the housing ladder, then insult them for it. Well done

  • John Bargh (jfbargh)

    EUbetya DanielJHannan You can rent or house share. 92% is vastly, vastly higher than the average for living with parents.

  • John Bargh (jfbargh)

    EUbetya DanielJHannan About a quarter of 18-34 year olds live with their parents. Not 92%.

  • Sean Biggerstaff (Seanchuckle)

    jfbargh EUbetya DanielJHannan Yes...so the people who are struggling the most are most likely to protest. This isn't difficult to get.

  • John Bargh (jfbargh)

    Seanchuckle EUbetya DanielJHannan When was the last radical left protest against an inability to get on the housing ladder?

  • Sean Biggerstaff (Seanchuckle)

    jfbargh EUbetya DanielJHannan Are you actually serious?

  • John Bargh (jfbargh)

    Seanchuckle EUbetya DanielJHannan Yes. Data in the article refers to those arrested for hard left protests.

  • John Bargh (jfbargh)

    Seanchuckle EUbetya DanielJHannan My contention is that they aren't criminals because they don't own their own homes.

  • Richard Osman (richardosman)

    DanielJHannan That RT should keep you occupied for the next hour or so!

  • richardosman DanielJHannan Don't be silly; they're not up yet...

  • Simon Hedges (Orwell_Fan)

    DanielJHannan haha, losers. How many centrists still live with their mums though? Bet its loads because there's nothing wrong with it.

  • QELD  ? (theqeld)

    So are you now suggesting the Left do represent the marginalised? Or we somehow middle class TOO now? DanielJHannan

  • Andrea Liu (awyliu)

    DanielJHannan No wonder they're too embarrassed to show their faces

  •  ☄ (feeIingmyoats)

    awyliu DanielJHannan what a way to dismiss the poor huh

  • DanielJHannan Suprised its as low as 92% to be honest.

  • DanielJHannan id love to spend my days protesting but uh I have a job?

  • Glenn J Dann (duffgen62)

    DanielJHannan just going to protest mum...what time is tea.

  • . DanielJHannan Relevant because..? Maybe 92% of people without money or prospects are pretty upset.

  • DanielJHannan your point ?

  • richard hunt (bagofcows)

    MistressLuce DanielJHannan A truism: The economically marginalized feel politically marginalized. Real surprise is Hannan' et als surprise

  • bagofcows DanielJHannan strong observation. it smacks of sneering, at those who are not solvent. Those people matter too.

  • richard hunt (bagofcows)

    MistressLuce DanielJHannan I never said they did not. There are winners and losers under every system. Hannan does not care about the 1

  • bagofcows I was pointing my finger at DanielJHannan

92% lewackich chuliganów (tzw. Antifa) mieszka z rodzicami. 1/3 jest na zasiłkach. Ciekawe statystyki z Niemiec link
92% of left-wing activists live w their parents & 1 in 3 is unemployed, study of Berlin protesters finds link
92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed, study of Berlin protesters finds link
  • MailOnline DailyMail Your affair w/the populists is clear. Sell it somewhere else & btw, we're non-partisan in policy. #AnonBarbie

  • RgCh (rguezcheca)

    . MailOnline link

  • Nic Barkdull (NicBarkdull)

    MailOnline Hmm unemployed people are angry about the economy. Who would have guessed?

  • Nic Barkdull (NicBarkdull)

    MailOnline And people who have jobs don't have the time or energy to protest things? The revelations keep coming.

  • Pan (pannyb)

    NicBarkdull MailOnline People protesting for the state to give them free shit & listen to them cause of their tantrums live with mummy Hmm

  • axel (axelmojave)

    MailOnline PresWallace 92% of all GER live with their parents!

  • axelmojave MailOnline 92% of all Germans live with their parents? Are you serious? Wives? Families?

  • axel (axelmojave)

    PresWallace MailOnline No.. it's not 92% but pretty high. I lived there for a while and had to deal with GER employees.

  • axel (axelmojave)

    PresWallace MailOnline Most lived with their parents. 30-40year old men! Most were single but many even with their wives.

  • axel (axelmojave)

    PresWallace MailOnline I guess that is one reason why GER has the lowest birthrate in the world. GER = over 100 years of socialism.

  • axel (axelmojave)

    PresWallace MailOnline No more personal responsibility there. GER are toddlers in adult bodies.

  • axel (axelmojave)

    PresWallace MailOnline BTW remember that Germanwings suicide Pilot? I not quite sure but I think he still lived with his parents.

  • File 28 (FileSEE28)

    MailOnline hahaha check the butthurt on this thread. All the lefty antifa crowd raging everyone now knows.

  • 5p0093r (5p0093r)

    MailOnline DailyMailUK Is whythey wear hoodies.If their parents catch them they'll get grounded.

  • Adrian Darmon (artcultfr)

    MailOnline Losers finally

  • Luiz Cerveira (luiz_cerveira)

    MailOnline 92% of Left activists live with moms and Dads!!! Easy when Daddy finance your globalist revolution...hypocrites!

  • PLEE (budlad69)

    luiz_cerveira MailOnline cost countries a fortune not just their mummy & daddy

  • Luiz Cerveira (luiz_cerveira)

    budlad69 MailOnline exactly, that's why they are lefties as they want the State to replace mummy & daddy!

  • colin (wbbcln)

    MailOnline Do they get taxed on their SOROS earnings

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