A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media

Watching Trump’s presser, I had a feeling I’d seen it all before — while covering Vladimir Putin’s annual news conferences.

A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media from someone who's been covering Putin's pressers for years: link
  • Roisin Ingle (roisiningle)

    Alexey__Kovalev Medium Brilliant - scary - piece.

  • Rachel McGovern (Leicheru)

    Nice job Alexey__Kovalev your piece has been circulated by someone in our newsroom and we're now all nearly as worried as we should be.

  • Leicheru I really didn't expect this to take off!

  • Rachel McGovern (Leicheru)

    Alexey__Kovalev I'm really glad it did. The parallels are astounding.

  • Alexey__Kovalev MalcolmNance Medium Good article but USA didn't start as an authoritarian country. Vast majority of citizens will rebel

  • Dana deschamp (Danadeschamp1)

    CherylS76557921 Alexey__Kovalev MalcolmNance Medium maybe, maybe not. Many folks condemning Acosta for "disrespect" at Presser

  • Danadeschamp1 Alexey__Kovalev MalcolmNance Medium PEOTUS has demonstrated repeatedly lack of respect for everyone. Respect is earned.

  • Dana deschamp (Danadeschamp1)

    CherylS76557921 Alexey__Kovalev MalcolmNance I agree but many don't, aren't defending free press, like they don't get how important it is

  • He is not seriously comparing dictator Putin with democratically elected president Trump is he? Alexey__Kovalev Medium

  • krokhobornikov Alexey__Kovalev Medium Yes he is comparing Putin and Trump. Trump is a Putin wannabe. Luckily Trump is incompetent.

  • U seem very knowledgeable about Trump. Must've done your research using Buzzfeed articles? Professing_Prof Alexey__Kovalev Medium

  • Jada Marne (JadaMarne)

    krokhobornikov link

  • Gary Forman (GaryForman)

    Alexey__Kovalev vanderbraak Thanks for the message. I'm betting that we're better prepared as a nation than Russia was. We'll see...

  • Edward Kibirige (EdKibirige)

    GaryForman Alexey__Kovalev vanderbraak. No, I don't think we're better prepared. How mny journalsts backed up CNN whn Trump atacked him?

  • Gary Forman (GaryForman)

    EdKibirige Alexey__Kovalev vanderbraak CNN Okay, so I'm betting on long odds...! I have faith that we will find a way to stop #PEEOTUS

  • GaryForman EdKibirige Alexey__Kovalev We've got same shit over here (EU) but there's too many kind people to give up. #Peace #Resist

  • CatherineFitz (catfitz)

    Alexey__Kovalev We missed your complaints about Obama not holding press conferences at all, and having adoring scribes do features of him.

  • Jada Marne (JadaMarne)

    catfitz We miss you living in the same reality as the rest of us. Oh, wait, no we don't. linkAlexey__Kovalev

  • thebrunomarsvolta (thebrunomv)

    JadaMarne catfitz Alexey__Kovalev JadaMarne You know Trump's supporters are immune to facts that prove them wrong, right? Still, I admire your perseverance. We have to try.

  • CatherineFitz (catfitz)

    thebrunomv JadaMarne Alexey__Kovalev No, I don't believe blanket things like that.

“A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media” by Alexey__Kovalev link
  • wilw Alexey__Kovalev Medium US media has chance to learn from Russian press b4 hope lost. Come together. Strategize. Expose shell games.

  • Laura J. Mixon (LauraJMG)

    scorrice wilw Alexey__Kovalev Medium Try flock/social swarm. Trump ignores Q; other journos repeat. Don't be played. a la nicolaz

  • Laura J. Mixon (LauraJMG)

    . scorrice wilw Alexey__Kovalev Medium here is nicolaz's essay on the phenom. link

  • Laura J. Mixon (LauraJMG)

    scorrice wilw Alexey__Kovalev Medium here's an Army ppr on social swarms; sim phenom nicolaz link

  • Nicola Griffith (nicolaz)

    LauraJMG Slightly different ethos: overwhelming/overthrowing rather than standing against. scorrice wilw Alexey__Kovalev Medium

  • Justin Weaver (ivesjar)

    . wilw : I'm hoping for Impeachment + President Pence (a.k.a., PP) and VP Paul Ryan. Anything better than Twitler. Alexey__Kovalev

  • Tatiana Ventura (TatxVentura)

    wilw Alexey__Kovalev this is scary but very insightful. Thank you for sharing...

  • Kristine (kkrystyne28)

    wilw Alexey__Kovalev Medium that is so spot on its frightening.

  • wilw Alexey__Kovalev Thanks for sharing Wil.

  • 丸茎イエミナ (Jemppu)

    wilw I say. One thing the Trump administration seems to inadvertently be accomplishing is comradery between Russian and American masses

  • wilw Alexey__Kovalev yeah we get bitched slapped by our govemenmt, we need little rays of sunshine to mask the pain

  • Just Some Guy (NevinStoltz)

    wilw Alexey__Kovalev Pretty much spot on.

  • wilw Alexey__Kovalev Medium can we all agree that Trump wouldn't be standing where he is now if it weren't for the media on him 24/7

  • Chloe Brooks (BrooksChloe732)

    wilw Alexey__Kovalev The American people are screwed, we know

  • Amanda (Mayafan2014)

    wilw Alexey__Kovalev We cannot allow a dictator to take over our country Trump has already referred to his "term" as 8 years ...repeatedly

  • John Tailby (kargandemonclaw)

    wilw TestSheepNZ are the die Wesley die sites still running? I reckon a vote on whether Wesley or Anakin was the more annoying would vote

  • Amanda Hatch (gbmHopper)

    wilw Alexey__Kovalev Medium I've been trying to learn Russian so I can better understand my family. This might be a good way to do it.

  • john bender (wheels3314john)

    wilw Alexey__Kovalev Medium still wonder what the press were told in The Drumph mtgs post "election" of DictatorTrump

“A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media” by Alexey__Kovalev link
  • sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev This is next emmaogreen - link

  • sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev emmaogreen This would make PPact LGBTQ rights, ACLU struggles, #BLM on fence for 20+years

  • sarahkendzior After that article this video was shown in 1000s of evang churches week before election. link

  • sarahkendzior I had heard from kids of a rumored secret video and blew it off. Direct Johnson violation FROM pence campaign.

  • sarahkendzior emmaogreen THIS is why the Christian community is so silent. They're crossing fingers to get past inauguration day.

  • sarahkendzior emmaogreen #JohnsonAmendment

  • sarahkendzior emmaogreen Let's just say #JohnsonAmendment and #NoTrumpMeansNoPence

  • Serial Trader (Serial_Trader_)

    sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev How Russia's independent media was dismantled piece by piece link

  • Adin of Crimea (RealCrimea)

    sarahkendzior fulelo Alexey__Kovalev Medium Seems a lot of Russians, Ukrainians and Crimeans have messages for Americans. Waking up yet?

  • Dash Bandy (dash_bandy)

    sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev Sad reality. Press got cute, then got played. Now only a tool of the government & industry too. Slimy swamp link

  • mary zook (purmurrie)

    sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev Medium All American journalists must read this & vow NOT to stoop to these tactics! Make YOUR voices heard!

  • Lina (LAwomaniac)

    sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev Medium CNN politico this should be required reading for all journalists

  • navgirl63 (navgirl63)

    sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev chilling

  • sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev Medium "This man owns u. He understands perfectly well that he is t news...You’re always playing by his rules — which he can change at any time.."

  • JC (notladymary)

    sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev Medium davebernstein ezlusztig summerbrennan AC360 FYI. Can only say told you so many times

  • Disillusioned (Disilliusa)

    sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev Medium how to deal with BS artist, when I jurno asks a question that doesn't get answered the next journo

  • Disillusioned (Disilliusa)

    sarahkendzior Alexey__Kovalev Medium called should ask the exact same question & so on until it gets answered. Wash rinse repeat.

A dire warning from someone who has seen what Putin does to suppress media. We aren't there yet, but close. link
  • scott (Desertweet33)

    ResistanceParty Silencing of media is a sign of a corrupt regime.I shudder to think how it could get worse.

  • Linda Marie (adnilxa)

    ResistanceParty Agree, If we lose our free press, we will lose our Democracy #Resist


    ResistanceParty Medium Just because U have balls doesn't make U a man. A real man would confront the Press"s ?s and not be a coward

  • Mike (007Rukdme)

    ResistanceParty Somehow all of America needs to recognize this and act No longer a Republican vs Democrat argument Trumps is a Putin puppet

  • Danhob (danhob1)

    ResistanceParty E2NZ Medium sounds like NZ last 8 years

  • Sharon_Brown (Sharon_Brown)

    ResistanceParty Medium Is that what "Make America Great Again" means?

  • Georgia (im2b4u2)

    ResistanceParty Medium Holy Cow . What a read.

  • Lucy (lucyjbri)

    ResistanceParty Medium scary as hell this is what's happening here now!!!

  • Triumph (ozzybeagle)

    ResistanceParty Alexey__Kovalev A free and open press has always been the backbone of America A subverted press, a dictatorship

  • ResistanceParty WOW. CNN MSNBC JoyAnnReid ABCNetwork CBSNews Based on this information your services will no longer be necessary.

"A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media" from Russian journalist Alexey Kovalev link
  • Matthew Gertz (MattGertz)

    Journalists will need solidarity amidst a collapsing industry to hold this back. link

  • Matthew Gertz (MattGertz)

    Things aren't going well on that front so far, as Trump begins to pit outlets against each other link

  • Nate (pepperdarkly)

    MattGertz HannahMiyamoto Medium Will be reposting this wherever I can - scary how much of this is already true.

  • MattGertz mmfa Medium Why can't you all just boycott the pressers?

  • Patty Caldwell (tiredofgop)

    MattGertz Medium In Nutshell...After the weak and pathetic "Journalism" in the Election/Primary, Many people have stopped watching News... link

  • nancy barber (Nanbar95Barber)

    MattGertz Excellent cautionary tale!! A must read for ANY patriot!!!

  • Katpra (kathrynpra)

    MattGertz SheilaToomey Medium Some crazy shit. realDonaldTrump will go down in history as the man who ruined the world.

  • MattGertz mmfa Horrifying in its reality

  • encognitto (ENCOGNITTO_)

    MattGertz mmfa Medium Press/Media must stand together. Re-ask the question not answered, defer to fellow journalist being ignored NVR STP

  • Patty Caldwell (tiredofgop)

    MattGertz Medium Excellent Article!! link

  • ShelaghFogarty 4yr(34th?)b'day, article abt Berwick&Crimean War,w/Beatles ref(pls ignore headless photo) linkMattGertz

  • somhrd50 (somhrd50)

    MattGertz Medium they deserve continuous pain and suffering

  • GSpot (GGG19)

    MattGertz mmfa The Liberals have always loved Socialists/Commies. They should be happy that they are getting what they have always wanted.

  • Patty Caldwell (tiredofgop)

    GGG19 MattGertz mmfa Twitter mixed with "Alcohol" doesn't work well Matt... Your Tweet read like "The Drunken Uncle" we all avoid!!

“A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media” by Alexey__Kovalev link
Thanks,but I think the media got the message yesterday.Time will tell who is going to cave and who is going to fight link
  • sjredmond Medium the tone of interviews has already changed. KellyAnns spin getting pushback and DJTs lies getting labeled. cnn maddow

  • sjredmond Medium They caved when they didn't stand up for Acosta

  • sjredmond We American people need you ALL to fight!!

  • PegC (PegC80882981)

    sjredmond Medium Apollo era they said "failure is not an option." Today "we're in uncharted territory" excuse. Get to work Americans!

  • sjredmond In USA, caving for access to the circus is rewarded with the highest viewer share & most clicks. How does it work in Russia?

"These people are not your partners or brothers in arms." link
A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media link
  • Morris (JonesinForTruth)

    ReformedBroker Medium We now have a very flawed president to match our very flawed media. Getting what we deserve? Maybe...

  • john kelley (kells2656)

    ReformedBroker Poor media, poor snowflakes. They treat people horribly all the time and when a leader won't stand for it, he's a Bad guy!

  • ReformedBroker they're not even trying to pretend anymore.

  • Jay (RedStateMojo)

    ReformedBroker I’m not afraid of someone calling out #FakeNews. That’s a good thing.

  • ReformedBroker “…straight undiluted bullshit…” pretty much sums it up

  • reformedbroker Or, they should just learn to tell the truth and provide unbiased problem attack. HRC broke the law. Where’s the outrage?

  • Ted Jackson (TedJackson1)

    ReformedBroker I'm nearly as concerned by the replies to your post as I was by the press conference itself.

  • ReformedBroker Medium sounds about right. Maybe the yellow golden man is gonna be president for life. Sure looks like that's the plan.

  • angela (a_lilley)

    ReformedBroker Time for a Russian online language course! (Putin also speaks excellent German.)

  • World (JamesFree52)

    ReformedBroker Medium facts left POTUS press conferences a long time ago.

  • John Gleason (JohnG_Arch)

    ReformedBroker this.....after the media has kissed barracks ass for 8yrs and never questioned him and Hillary. C mon ....

  • Jesus Castro (jcomex)

    ReformedBroker Medium also, Trump knows you need your paycheck.

A message to my doomed colleagues in the American #media, from a journalist covering #Putin link
  • eaglebuck (Eaglebuck69)

    abramowitz neeratanden Medium major difference. In the USA the liberal media chose a political side and printed false stories.

  • Marcus Cassius (ba1202)

    abramowitz peterbakernyt Medium You sound like one of the global elite puppet who should be locked up!! The press is only free when they are not pushing one agenda! Asshole

  • janet l (winojanet)

    abramowitz GlennKesslerWP Medium Remind me when Obama went after Fox reporter Rosen And his parents? That's scary.

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