All new police officers in England and Wales to have degrees - BBC News

Every new recruit in England and Wales will need a degree from 2020, the College of Policing says.

This is to ensure that every single police officer has been thoroughly indoctrinated with Political Correctness link
  • Lynette (TitanicQueen)

    pmclauth JamesDelingpole University graduates don't always make the best candidates. Oh well. let them find out the hard way. >_<

  • Peter McLoughlin (pmclauth)

    TitanicQueen I quit being a university teacher 20 years ago. It's indoctrination not education. JamesDelingpole

  • Lynette (TitanicQueen)

    pmclauth JamesDelingpole That's because the education system has been totally infiltrated by the Socialist Left. It's tragic.

  • Peter McLoughlin (pmclauth)

    TitanicQueen I studied/worked at 6 different UK unis. Everywhere at least 30% of academics were avowed communists. JamesDelingpole

  • Ian Stapleton (whleroy)

    pmclauth JamesDelingpole And keep the universities nice and full and the student loan money flowing #kerching

  • Peter McLoughlin (pmclauth)

    whleroy Yes. University expansion + student loans is a Ponzi scheme. JamesDelingpole

  • Jeremy Farage (jeremy_farage)

    pmclauth JamesDelingpole Got any more feeble cliches to deploy. Let's move on to post truth legal system, its all the Muslims fault.

  • Peter McLoughlin (pmclauth)

    jeremy_farage No point arguing with people who approve of little girls being raped and/or having their genitals mutilated JamesDelingpole

  • Jeremy Farage (jeremy_farage)

    pmclauth JamesDelingpole What, you mean someone who does not hate all Muslims. I really hope your not in teaching any more.

  • Roger Thornhill (rogthornhill)

    pmclauth BBCNews will they retreat to a safe space if someone commits microaggression?

  • Andy KP (ASKirkpatrick)

    pmclauth Be positive. It worked wonders for nursing ... wait.

  • Pumpwater (Pumpwater1)

    pmclauth BBCNews Social sciences & media studies I guess, holders of worthless degrees that won't get jobs anywhere else

  • pmclauth JamesDelingpole All they need is a one-night course in "applying batons to skulls".

  • pmclauth JamesDelingpole I feel safer already knowing that fat women & Sikhs stand between me and criminal savagery.

  • Jeremy Farage (jeremy_farage)

    _Emperor_Ming_ pmclauth JamesDelingpole We could ask them to step aside in your case.

  • jeremy_farage pmclauth JamesDelingpole Fine with me. I don't rely on police protection anyway.

  • getwatyawant (getwatyawant)

    pmclauth PrincessofWails BBCNews To omit a very important part of being a policemen...well done Number10gov big mistake

  • James Y (jameshenryyates)

    pmclauth BBCNews A degree in what? I've one in economics from a top ten uni and I'd be a dreadful copper! Scared of my own shadow!

  • Mr Fat Head. (FatHead156)

    pmclauth and can follow orders without question. TrueblueBritish BBCNews

  • Andysroom (andysrooms)

    pmclauth I'd rather a tighter fitness test.

All new police officers in England and Wales to have degrees. Utterly pointless- I want a common sense bobby! link
Bad move! Things degrees don't measure: Courage, Passion, Leadership, Endurance, Reliability, Compassion, Empathy link
  • Copy McCopface (RichKen2006)

    KernowKop BBCNews integrity, honesty...

  • Alice (KernowKop)

    RichKen2006 BBCNews I ran out of space. The list is endless...

  • Pc Probie (PCprobie999)

    KernowKop BBCNews You do realise that the degree is the exact same training as the IPLDP just longer and more intense due to essays etc.That not test courage?

  • PCprobie999 KernowKop Training time is too valuable to be wasted on pointless essay writing

  • Alice (KernowKop)

    west_response PCprobie999 I ended up having to be taken off patrol to complete it.It was one of the best but it didn't make me a good cop

  • IrvoAM (irvoam)

    KernowKop BBCNews don't forget 'common sense'

  • Quikstu (quikstu)

    KernowKop BBCNews You forgot common sense Alice.

  • Spike (olddaddy123)

    KernowKop BBCNews Awful move. So short sighted and snob like it's bordering on the ridiculous.

  • David's (dfriel1980)

    KernowKop so more cops of the streets as they study for their degree... lol... it's comical...

  • Graham Giles (GrahamGiles7)

    KernowKop I agree, this is crazy. Policing (if done well) needs a lot of common sense and you can't teach that.

  • Graham Giles (GrahamGiles7)

    KernowKop Put it another way; I do have a degree and I couldn't do it.

  • KernowKop pbutler66 Presumably so they can spell better when they write false accounts ?

  • Auld Boab (AgedBobby)

    geoffscameras KernowKop pbutler66 As directed by corrupt Governments? #Westminster

  • Dean H David (DEANHDAVID)

    KernowKop saddetective can get a 'degree' very easily these days - how is 'degree' defined? University or a 2-day a week tin pot outfit?

  • Caroline Carmichael (carmic3)

    KernowKop This is a crazy move. Rank and file officers don't need degrees they need common sense; compassion and understanding

  • rhinojewelly (IainJewell)

    KernowKop totally agree. We have the same problem in the ambulance service

Peel will be spinning in his grave. Whatever happened to "Policing of the people, by the people"? Utterly wrong. link
  • CommissariSalvo Hence he becomes a spinning peel! Stupid by govt. police to become less reflective of those we police - sorry you police!

  • Eric Wood (ericwood1914)

    CommissariSalvo BBCNews A focus on improving and expanding professional in service training would be much better.

  • CommissariSalvo Never mind Peel....we need to stand up to cousin works for the EPA his cabinet has ARE fucking deniers #scary

  • Jeremy Howes (jeremyjhowes)

    CommissariSalvo PennyMidasRollo Just a way of creating a dumb, left wing, like minded force.

  • CommissariSalvo APSUConsultancy BBCNews "The Police are the public and the public are the Police" #yeahright link

The rationale that cops should be online/cyber savvy is interesting, as most 10 year olds are too, without degrees. link
  • UFFA!s (Uffas7)

    SimonJGuilfoyle BBCNews you're either saying 10 yr olds can be cops or that cops have the ability of a 10 yr old! He he he #windinguup

  • Uffas7 BBCNews you're just being deliberately troublesome again..

  • UFFA!s (Uffas7)

    SimonJGuilfoyle BBCNews deliberately, that is a big word. You must have gone to #university

  • Uffas7 BBCNews not until recently.

  • UFFA!s (Uffas7)

    SimonJGuilfoyle BBCNews Next you'll tell me they've promoted you!!! #chiefsuper

  • Uffas7 BBCNews they'll never promote me again mate!

  • UFFA!s (Uffas7)

    SimonJGuilfoyle BBCNews did you email them a copy of your degree?

  • Uffas7 BBCNews no...I only got it after 16 years as a GCSE-level cop so I'd have been too late..

  • MPS(n)P (MPS_n_P)

    SimonJGuilfoyle College-supplied degrees were a done deal looking for a rationale, rather than a considered response to X,Y or Z

  • MPS_n_P you mean like policy-based evidence?

  • MPS(n)P (MPS_n_P)

    SimonJGuilfoyle there's probably a target for it somewhere!

  • MPS_n_P #OperationFacePalm

  • Ian Gilson (AngryofAlton)

    SimonJGuilfoyle "The nature of police work is GETTING quite complex" Presume it was dead easy before computers Simon?!

  • AngryofAlton must have been..although I was a decent copper & got promoted twice in 1st 16 years, before I attained a degree.. #thicko

  • Ian Gilson (AngryofAlton)

    SimonJGuilfoyle Obviously there weren't any complex problems to solve back then and the baddies all carried swag bags #easy

  • Janice Ward (1JaniceWard)

    SimonJGuilfoyle stella_coppard BBCNews some Degree Nurses think they are above wiping bums & feeding the I'll. Not a good move 4 Police.

  • ColinMThomas (colinmthomas)

    SimonJGuilfoyle Degrees for employment is a racket, not everyone needs a degree to be competent!

  • Gina Whitaker (southycomfort1)

    SimonJGuilfoyle seen it too many times, a degree being valued over common sense and experience.

  • cheryl (cherylabberz)

    SimonJGuilfoyle BBCNews Does this include special constables??

  • Spike (olddaddy123)

    SimonJGuilfoyle BBCNews Fingers crossed they only have to deal with irate lap tops and armed X Boxes.

Just what we need to fight rising violent crime on the street.. more academic qualifications! ??? - link
  • Jack Of Hearts (JackovHearts)

    InspGadgetBlogs BBCNews who would want to do a degree level job for mcdonalds wages?

  • InspGadgetBlogs michaelbate23 What's a degree got to do with it....y dont these people who made the suggestion come on a shift with u guys

  • JP (jrparkes)

    InspGadgetBlogs Family member in danger? Please send a big lump with common sense and as many tattoos as they want...!!

  • Kenny (Snickerless)

    InspGadgetBlogs BBCNews I have a degree I took part time whilst policing... I took the degree to get OUT of policing!

  • Wibble (Special_Dibble)

    InspGadgetBlogs CollegeofPolice and only white middle class kids have the resources to do it.... great news for BME people

  • Martin Barrett (mrgb63)

    InspGadgetBlogs BBCNews Don't they have anything better to do than have dumb ideas, I thought. Then I remembered it's the CoP & they don't

  • Neil McLanco (neillancaster66)

    InspGadgetBlogs BBCNews this would have stopped me from joining in 1990 when I left the Military. I had 2 kids, no chance of doing this

  • TrapperJon (trapperjon)

    InspGadgetBlogs BBCNews And no life experience

  • InspGadgetBlogs change it all they want. The customers will never change and these are the ones we must serve.

  • JP (jrparkes)

    InspGadgetBlogs BBCNews I'd prefer my recognition stuck in the bank on 20th please...

  • Manin Black (TheOp3r4tor)

    InspGadgetBlogs BBCNews Training on the cheap. The new students pay for their degrees therefore their training. Cheaper for forces.

  • InspGadgetBlogs BBCNews nursing does this. Why leave with nothing when u realise it's not worth being held hostage for a poxy pension.

  • Doorbundle (Doorbundle)

    InspGadgetBlogs Titter........

  • Anonymouse (Cooper_UK)

    InspGadgetBlogs BBCNews Perhaps replace truncheons / asps with a nicely ribboned scroll.

  • Kevin Wilson (wilsonituk)

    InspGadgetBlogs BBCNews do they do a degree in common sense?

All new police officers in England and Wales to have degrees . Policing is about people. Wrong move. IMHO link
  • Dr Richie Adams (Richie3466)

    JohnCarnochan it will be interesting to see what effect and/or influence this has in Scotland

  • Richie3466 I think this is more about the needs of HE than the needs of Policing.

  • JohnCarnochan AyrshireSpeaker - I agree - totally misguided - I've known great cops who would now be excluded on academic grounds

  • Niven Rennie (AyrshireSpeaker)

    alistair_lawson JohnCarnochan I would have been excluded on these grounds and many senior officers in Scotland #educationalsnobery

  • AyrshireSpeaker JohnCarnochan - I would have been excluded too (some might say that would've been a good thing!!!!)

  • alistair_lawson AyrshireSpeaker Me too.

  • JohnCarnochan AyrshireSpeaker - it worries me that #NPCC #CoP & many aspiring leaders spend so much time navel gazing rather than policing

  • JohnCarnochan BBCNews Degree only Policing like nursing,teaching etc (politics?)will become distant and need "assistants" to do the real/human work #alienation

  • JohnCarnochan AyrshireSpeaker police are the public & the public are the police - this excludes large parts of the less advantaged public

  • Niven Rennie (AyrshireSpeaker)

    alistair_lawson JohnCarnochan flies in the face of their diversity policies

  • M_VSc_tl_nd (MAVscotland)

    JohnCarnochan just thinking this morning about all the great cops I know who don't have one- what a loss that would have been

  • JohnCarnochan AyrshireSpeaker BBCNews Many of the best officers I worked with didn't have degrees some of the poorest did. Enough said.

  • YOLO (nina_mrs_mummy)

    JohnCarnochan sandogirl68 a degree is so much more than just education. I'm not convinced its a bad move, will read tho

  • Susan Mooney (SusanJMooney)

    JohnCarnochan BBCNews all I can say is this makes me sad.

Degrees don't measure intelligence but rather how confirmed a group of people are! Next move: Robots on patrol! link
  • Gobby Probby (GobbyProbby)

    KernowKop BBCNews best frontline coppers I've ever served alongside haven't been academic in the slightest. People skills more important.

  • Andy Nixon (nickouk1)

    KernowKop a massive worry is the section of the population excluded from joining. Can't represent the people u police without variety

  • Jon the rascal (giftedrascal)

    KernowKop reading more stories like this shows you definitely made the right decision. X

  • KernowKop BBCNews police are supposed to be a cross section of society. Not everyone has a degree ergo not all police need one. #elitist

  • SWT WIRRAL (marksmurthwaite)

    KernowKop BBCNews awful idea.

  • KernowKop BBCNews a decent degree should promote critical thinking and self discipline. Definitely shouldn't be compulsory, but an option

  • Dancing Bear (Gwinster11)

    KernowKop BBCNews i aint not got a degre and iv don alrite

  • Higgsie (Higgsie62Higgs)

    KernowKop BBCNews they dont measure common sense or confidence either. A graduate on their first night dealing with a fight!! Pffffft

  • Dangeruss (RussellGoodban)

    KernowKop BBCNews stupid idea. Missing out on a lot of dare i say it, talent.

All new police officers in England and Wales to have degrees. Shame you can't get a degree in common sense. link
  • Martin (morepasswords)

    BryanEastwood2 BBCNews Tough on crime...sorry, the theory of crime. As for actual villains, they'll run rings around anyone not streetwise

  • Ali (WadeyLady001)

    BryanEastwood2 BBCNews At least there's an apprenticeship option in there

  • Trevor Chenery (Krisp06)

    BryanEastwood2 Will there also be a maximum waist size & BMI ?

  • BryanEastwood2 Stupid idea. Its takes a 'rough' person to deal with the crap they encounter. Salaries will also have to increase.

  • BryanEastwood2 BBCNews absolutely mate No room for US Uneducated Working Class anymore, But were Educated in survival & Common-sense

This is to ensure that every single police officer has been thoroughly indoctrinated with Political Correctness link

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