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I am happy to be #2 to 1984. It feels very right that it's at #1 right now. link
John Lewis now has the #1, #2 & #3 bestsellers on Amazon. link
  • Georgia Davis (georgid63)

    imillhiser TwiHusband Getting people to explore true history that Trump's self absorption is blurring is a positive in this whole debacle.

  • saisjo (saisjo1_saisjo)

    imillhiser link

  • Mary Mauro (CitizenMauro)

    imillhiser Many book authors now adding "speak truth to Trump" to their marketing plans...

  • Timothy C. (Granitepolitics)

    imillhiser Phenomenal blockbuster bestseller The Art Of The Deal is doing so good, doing terrific, absolutely incredible numbers, at #2080.

  • Yankeedoodler (yankeedoodler2)

    . imillhiser shout out to realDonaldTrump for boosting john lewis' book sales.

  • DeeCeeYen (Hopheadgirl)

    yankeedoodler2 imillhiser realDonaldTrump Thanks for helping to promote civility and equality, Trump, even if by accident!

  • Gary Figg (gfigg42)

    imillhiser That's really great! Has he announced what charitable organization he is donating the profit to yet?

  • gfigg42 imillhiser I hope he puts it in his damn pocket. He earned it.

  • Gary Figg (gfigg42)

    GillianHorvath imillhiser but what about the children?

  • imillhiser What a great gift to America on #MLKDAY & an awesome diss to #IllegitimatePresident #Blotus realDonaldTrump #HappyMartinLutherKingDay

  • Craig Nash (BigCraigNash)

    imillhiser turns out people wanted to hear all that "talk, talk, talk"

  • KMG365 (starbucksgirl51)

    . imillhiser Hey realDonaldTrump, as PEEOTUS, it'd be nice if you publicly congratulated John Lewis.

  • 1bitchinmom (pvc122266)

    imillhiser power of the consumers and their wallets!

  • Mary Anne Royal (MaineMary3)

    imillhiser You made that happen. Great idea. Awaiting my copy from Barnes and Noble.

  • Brian Hoyt (BrianHoyt3)

    imillhiser - I'm sure realDonaldTrump is willing to take credit for the sales.

  • Don Greenwood (DonByTheRiver)

    imillhiser So, how long b4 realdonaldtrump takes credit?

  • Altha Cravey (LocoCravey)

    imillhiser DKThomp opposite impact on Mexican peso it keeps FALLING - went to 22 per dollar a week ago responding to tRump tweet

  • Michelegab (MicheleGabay)

    imillhiser I hope donny bought a copy. But can he read?

  • Dark Moe (DarkMoe3)

    imillhiser Maggyw519 This is because you never make yourself look good by trying to make someone else look bad. Lewis is a gentleman.

John Lewis now has the #1 and the #4 book on Amazon. link
Wow… George Orwell’s “1984” is now the bestselling book on Amazon. It was written in 1948 link
  • politicalwire Unfortunately all of the damn fool leftists won't realize it's describing them, not Trump.

  • M (TisdaleDr1978)

    Melvin_Udall_ politicalwire Read the book, numbnut.

  • TisdaleDr1978 Condescension cliche from a leftist sockpuppet. Leftism is an Orwellian religion: delusional, totalitarian. politicalwire

  • M (TisdaleDr1978)

    Melvin_Udall_ politicalwire Trump is a fascist and an idiot.

  • pmesthos TisdaleDr1978 Dueling sockpuppet accounts. How many leftists get paid to do this crap? bye. politicalwire

  • SuzyQRoot (SuzyQRoot)

    politicalwire for those who haven't read it or haven't read it in years, I just did and it gave me nightmares with the relativity to today.

  • FFFFrench (FFFFFrench)

    politicalwire I've been meaning 2 get my digital copy of this classic.I've been quoting it 4 days.Just bought it now, thanks 4 the reminder

  • politicalwire Good! People need to recognize what can happen if we don't speak up!

  • politicalwire I know Trump doesn't read more than 140 characters at a time but someone should read it to him (slowly).

  • Earnesta Taylor (etlaw)

    politicalwire George got the date wrong everything about right.

  • ScrabbleAnn (scrabbleann70)

    politicalwire PaulBegala no kidding, mine came from Amazon today!

  • Rask (Rask65)

    politicalwire PaulBegala its no longer a work of fiction, its been renamed reclassified under self help. "How to be a Fascist for Dummies"

  • Profk (profkaupert)

    politicalwire I said it would be on Sunday!


    politicalwire LeaBlackMiami thank you teachers for keeping 1984 in your lesson plans! I read it in 1983. Never imagined this shitshow.

  • 91slimgraham (kelliegraham91)

    politicalwire PaulBegala The Handmaids Tale is a good read too...

  • Gra'ma Banana (eclairevoyant)

    politicalwire PaulBegala Isn't 1984 required reading in school anymore? I read it back in high school in 1963.

  • rob grant (rrhgrant)

    politicalwire PaulBegala Caine Mutiny #1 movie on Netflix

  • (((Bobby Salvin))) (Bobby2626)

    politicalwire PaulBegala Great book.

Top two books on link right now: 1) 1984 2) Hillbilly Elegy link
John Lewis currently has the #1, #3, #4, #15 & #17 book on Amazon. link
1984 is a bestseller in the US too on Amazon! link
  • (APBahls)

    jordanbpeterson After seeing many ppl point out that we are much closer to BNW than we are to 1984 I even changed my name - your thoughts?

  • Jonathan Russell (JonJacobRus)

    APBahls jordanbpeterson You didn't ask me but personally I think BNW was right about us designing our own persecution and 1984 was right about how we use language.

  • (APBahls)

    JonJacobRus jordanbpeterson i.e.: BNW mindset but 1984 methods? Yeah, pretty close. Case in point: we´re doing it to ourselves.

  • (APBahls)

    JonJacobRus jordanbpeterson go check link if you havent seen it - even tho it was made by some EVIL JOO!! imnotloren

  • Jonathan Russell (JonJacobRus)

    jordanbpeterson After I first read 1984 I immediately ran for 45 minutes across town to tell my girlfriend I loved her simply because I could.

  • Good. Maybe more people will realize TransCult demanding cross-sex pronouns & words for males & females is #Newspeak! jordanbpeterson link

  • Daniel Puiatti (Dpuiatti)

    jordanbpeterson Yep. Homer called it. link

  • Anonymous (_AnonymousBot_)

    jordanbpeterson link

  • Roy Hinojosa (brewrhino)

    jordanbpeterson Still have my copy from high school, dusting it off. link

  • Brandon (bmgillies)

    jordanbpeterson perhaps then everyone will be fine with being simply called "friendo"

  • Brandon (bmgillies)

    jordanbpeterson I say we make this a thing. All whom are awoken buy a copy of 1984. The volume sold'll show the 1% that their time is up

  • Tony Costa (tmcos_tony)

    jordanbpeterson a very prophetic book

  • jordanbpeterson Still my #1 favorite book of all time, no other book affected my perception of the world as dramatically as 1984, I leave copies everywhere!

  • Jesse White (tachyonstarship)

    jordanbpeterson free here as well in txt format link

  • Sampson (NoAngryChicken)

    jordanbpeterson For those who bought it: I'd also recommend Rousseau's "The Social Contract" to go with it

  • Daniel Jo (Ostsol)

    jordanbpeterson Do you think that Trump displays any fascist characteristics in any significant fashion?

  • Andrew Boÿe (ElectricSh1t)

    jordanbpeterson Good. Maybe leftists will read it and start valuing free speech again.

  • Andrea Piccolo (Thatcheesycat)

    jordanbpeterson Very telling.

Wow, very nice! ainsleyearhardt's kids' book "Take Heart My Child" remains #1 at Amazon! link
Wow! ainsleyearhardt's book is STILL #1 on Amazon! So popular it's "temporarily out of stock" but more on the way! link
  • TatteredDawn (dawnb4618)

    HeyTammyBruce ainsleyearhardt Congrats Ainsley! Didn't know you wrote a book, I don't watch Fox any more. But I like you, and willitout

  • steve holmes (smholmesma1)

    HeyTammyBruce ainsleyearhardt Congrats on the book!!!

  • Sara (satin_silkn)

    HeyTammyBruce mimimayesTN ainsleyearhardt Gee wonder how skank Kelly book is selling?

  • David Ekaitis (DEkaitis)

    HeyTammyBruce ainsleyearhardt Is anyone else getting tired of Fox News people pushing books. Very tired of Jasper the dog.

  • Brenda Foisy (retirement08)

    HeyTammyBruce ainsleyearhardt She is a real sweet person Ainsley...however hope Fox News host With that other book flops.

  • moho123 (moho123)

    HeyTammyBruce ainsleyearhardt ...and several ticks above Megyn K...

הספר "1984" של ג'ורג' אורוול נמצא כרגע בראש רשימת רבי-המכר של אמאזון, למרות שפורסם לראשונה ב-1949. link
  • shibelKM ללא קשר, מישהו רוצה לנחש באיזו שנה נולד מארק צוקרברג?

  • Yaara Barak (YaaraBarak)

    shibelKM עוד שלוש שנים יפקעו זכויות היוצרים. מבדיקה מהירה נראה שכבר עכשיו קל להשיג בחינם באינטרנט

  • YaaraBarak בהרבה מדינות זה כבר קרה (אוסטרליה). אבל לפעמים הנוחות (במקרה הזה האפשרות לסמן פרקים, להוסיף הערות באפ׳ של אמזון) שווה את העלות.

  • Ido Solomon (IdoSolomon)

    shibelKM אז זה היה מד״ב. היום זה ריאליטי

  • David Bental (dabental)

    shibelKM ו'האיש במצודה הרמה' של פיליפ ק' דיק הוא כרגע הספר הנמכר ביותר ב GetBooksIL. רנסנס link

  • GetBooks (GetBooksIL)

    dabental shibelKM הי, לזכותנו יאמר שאנחנו מקדמים מבצע קלאסיקות לטובת הרנסנס! מה התירוץ של אמזון? אה? (טוב, נו, טראמפ וכאלה, בסדר).

  • David Bental (dabental)

    GetBooksIL shibelKM אגב, האיש במצודה הרמה הוא ספר ממש גרוע. הפך לקלאסיקה רק בגלל הקונספט הגאוני

  • GetBooks (GetBooksIL)

    dabental shibelKM נסכים שלא להסכים... הוא כתוב בצורה, איך לומר, פיליפ-ק-דיקית משהו, אבל אנחנו אוהבים אותו עד אמריקה ובחזרה.

  • shibelKM דווקא אני יותר מתחבר בימים האלה לחוות החיות

  • Jekichan (Jekichan18)

    shibelKM AmichaiStein1 אני חושב שזה קשור למחקר האחרון שפורסם בנוגע לקריאת הספר במהופך כאשר אתה בגילופין יש תובנות אחרות לגמרי מ..שמועה

  • YaronR (yaronriko)

    shibelKM AmichaiStein1 השמאל האמריקאי היסטרי יותר מהשמאל הישראלי

  • Ori Baram (ori_baram)

    shibelKM ההסבר פשוט. אנשים רוצים להבין את המשטר ששלט בהם בשמונה השנים האחרונות.

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