Sony PlayStation 4 Pro - 1TB: Video Games

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Get a PlayStation 4 Pro for only $339.99 (regular price: $399.99) at Amazon: link
WTF PS4 Pro already dropped in price. I haven’t even unboxed mine yet! link
  • Noctis (Jonathanpwi)

    iTwe4kz I'd use thing SS and get away with the price at Walmart xD link

  • Noctis (Jonathanpwi)

    iTwe4kz I suggest taking a screenshot and price match it with Walmart so they'll be like ok $339

سريع سريع الحق ياكابتن قبل ينتهي العرض تخفيض على البلايستيشن 4 PRO والشحن المباشر متاح السعر بعد الخصم 339$ link
  • امازون (Shopper_ar)

    Shopper_ar الكهرب يدعم 220 و 110

  • امازون (Shopper_ar)

    Shopper_ar لأول مرة توصل لهذا السعر صراحة عرض ممتاز جدا

  • m (hannen811)

    Shopper_ar amazongames 220 او 110

  • امازون (Shopper_ar)

    hannen811 amazongames تدعم كهرب 220 و 110

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  • Abdurrahman (almuaiaa)

    Shopper_ar الجهاز امريكي مو مخصص لألعاب الشرق الاوسط بعض الالعاب تجي ريقن 1 و 2 ومثل كذا وبعض الالعاب ريقن فري و هذا الافضل ،،، مجرد معلومه

  • Abdulrahman Ali (D7me3li)

    Shopper_ar abdoh4magic amazongames AssemIbrhim

  • D10S  ? (3rrbo)

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  • Reem1410 (reem111222333)

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  • Captin_Zero (Captin_Zero)

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  • Abu Dahem ? (i_D7mi)

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  • Mohammed Almutawa (MALMU6AWA)

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  • up (iiGam3rx)

    Shopper_ar بس قيمه الشحن 41$

  • عزالدين (azaldeen25)

    iiGam3rx كيف اعرف كم شحن المنتج؟

  • up (iiGam3rx)

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  • Tota (e0t00)

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Xbox One S $212 and Wow $60 off PS4 PRO ? $339 link
Get the new PS4 Pro console today for $340 ($60 off) link
  • KD (skd215)

    pastapadre went to Amazon right after seeing this. Thanks for making me spend money!

  • #GoDucks (mbressler13)

    pastapadre amazongames I'm surprised you didn't already have one.

The PS4 Pro is $339 on Amazon right now. Thanks for the tip Wuvein link
  • Dmitry Novoselov (Dimitry49)

    killyourfm wuvein amazongames actually an amazing deal.

  • Dimitry49 wuvein amazongames Yea man, I pulled the trigger today. Have a curved 4K HDR tv coming too. FINALLY LIVING IN THE FUTURE AGAIN!

  • Lisa T (Vooness)

    killyourfm Target is doing it at $399.99 plus 15% off and free shipping or pick-up.

  • The Scrubfather™ (Metalloud)

    killyourfm wuvein also target as well, if you're a red card holder it's even less

PS4 Pro 1TB marked down to $339 link
1TB PS4 Pro right now $359 link
Wow, PS4 Pro already discounted… link hopefully early adopters can get that price match.
#PS4Pro while supplies last. $399 + FREE SHIPPING with Amazon Prime #BlackFriday #BlackFridayDEALS link

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