Austria far-right candidate Norbert Hofer defeated in presidential poll

Far-right Norbert Hofer loses to environmentalist Alexander Van der Bellen in Austria's presidential election.

Far-right Austrian presidential candidate Norbert Hofer admits defeat to independent Van der Bellen link
  • Josh x (Dreamphoria)

    BBCBreaking Austria you had your chance... And you blew it

  • Dreamphoria BBCBreaking Austria opts for Economic security over xenophobic rhetoric...

  • Jim King (MidhurstRhino)

    AndyCavster Dreamphoria BBCBreaking yaaaaaaayy, another remoaner calling people who voted leave racist.

  • (((AJ))) (Lad87Red)

    MidhurstRhino AndyCavster Dreamphoria BBCBreaking all Leave voters aren't racists, but all racists are Leave voters - just a fact

  • (((AJ))) (Lad87Red)

    MidhurstRhino AndyCavster Dreamphoria BBCBreaking people voted Leave for many reasons but the campaign was racist - that's undeniable

  • Squirrel (Squirrel3218)

    BBCBreaking Apparently, Austrians have learned something from watching the US elections.

  • Jim Karna (jim_karna)

    Squirrel3218 BBCBreaking Yes, how to bury their heads in the sand. Rank stupidity !

  • Roger Barrett (rogerkb2012)

    BBCBreaking BBCNews Lets hope this is the start of the end for the far right & silence the divisiveness of the likes of nigel_farage

  • Jim Karna (jim_karna)

    rogerkb2012 BBCBreaking BB Social justice for all, ay ? As long as they're left, liberal or from the 3rd world. You people make me puke !

  • Roger Barrett (rogerkb2012)

    jim_karna Drawing your own narrow conclusions; hope you'll recover from your self imposed bout of illness soon. Bye BBCBreaking bb

  • Jim Karna (jim_karna)

    rogerkb2012 BBCBreaking bb And of course, your conclusions are not narrow at all ! May you stew in your self-made liberal-lefty tosh

  • Anonsy (anons_y)

    BBCBreaking RIP Austria, not going back there again anytime soon.

  • Lorena (infanta_lorena)

    anons_y BBCBreaking and we don't want to see you... bye

  • Anonsy (anons_y)

    infanta_lorena BBCBreaking We? Your location says British Columbia, not Austria.

  • Lorena (infanta_lorena)

    anons_y BBCBreaking my background says otherwise...

  • BBCBreaking Austria, one of the few still sane countries

  • Marie-Eve Mongrain (mariem201)

    damnthatvalley BBCBreaking hmm 46% of people voted for the far right. That is a lot of people

  • Hannah (hannahstweeets)

    mariem201 damnthatvalley that's about 2 mio people ... we have almost 9 mio inhabitants, so it's not as much as you might think it is

  • Marie-Eve Mongrain (mariem201)

    hannahstweeets damnthatvalley ah ok. Sounded a lot to me.

  • mariem201 hannahstweeets damnthatvalley right wing media is a thing here and rural people read that urban areas are so bad(they arent)

  • Hannah (hannahstweeets)

    Freizeitrobin mariem201 damnthatvalley exactly! Plus, people here just love to be pessimistic about everything

A sign of the times that we are celebrating the fascists coming second rather than first in a Presidential election link
  • #BrexitWatch (Brexitcountdown)

    MrBrendanCox I really wish you wouldn't imply Brexit was extremism. Vast majority of Brexiteers are decent folk who believe in democracy

  • Brexitcountdown MrBrendanCox The problem is that the EU is comprised of elected representatives. Hard to reconcile that with your statment

  • Brexitcountdown MrBrendanCox For a lot of Rmainrs, statements like that feed the narrative that you didn't know what you were voting for.

  • Brexitcountdown MrBrendanCox I suspect it's more complex than that, but phrases like "democracy" and "sovereignty" w/o context sound naive

  • Brexitcountdown MrBrendanCox Because both are just as strong if not stronger within the EU.

  • MrBrendanCox More relief than anything after what's gone on in this crazy year

  • ideas whittler (IdeasWhittler)

    MrBrendanCox PaulDBrant it's a sign of how many people the so-called centre of politics has utterly failed.

  • Cllr Brant (PaulDBrant)

    IdeasWhittler MrBrendanCox gentle reminder that 1bn people have been lifted out of absolute poverty in last decade.

  • ideas whittler (IdeasWhittler)

    PaulDBrant MrBrendanCox at the expense of lying to the working classes of developed nations about what was happening to them.

  • ideas whittler (IdeasWhittler)

    PaulDBrant MrBrendanCox which is absolutely poisonous in a democracy and out leaders should've damned well known better.

  • Cllr Brant (PaulDBrant)

    IdeasWhittler MrBrendanCox we shall shortly see if protectionism works, or just increases costs for poorest & repeats 1930s - via Trump

  • ideas whittler (IdeasWhittler)

    PaulDBrant MrBrendanCox protectionism does work. if the us hadn't instituted tarrifs it'd never have had any factories at all.

  • Cllr Brant (PaulDBrant)

    IdeasWhittler I'm not sure you can point to a protectionist economy which has thrived?

  • ideas whittler (IdeasWhittler)

    PaulDBrant the usa. if it hadn't erected trade barriers between it and europe it would've remained an agrarian economy.

  • Vicky Mumby (VictoriaMumby)

    MrBrendanCox BBCNews I'm so sorry you have some of these replies, please remember that we stand in solidarity with you and your children.

  • Neil Gardner (outsider63)

    MrBrendanCox MarcusVanHalen Anti-establishment candidates are now called fascist, while corporate globalists are called "independent".

  • Stuart Dillon (StuartDillon1)

    MrBrendanCox BBCNews whilst they are coming second and not winning there is still hope in the world

Excellent news from Austria where people have voted for hope over hate. Congratulations VanDerBellen #VanDerBellen link
Excellent news. Well done Austria. link
Spurs win 5-0 and the fascist candidate loses in Austria. Thank God. Good news has been hard to come by this year. link
  • RS Flash (rsflash1)

    DavidLammy BBCNews no need to ruin this news by mentioning Spurs.

  • DipCrew (DipCrew)

    DavidLammy BBCNews David careful now arsenal supporters online..Faso the to hell lol

  • DavidLammy Your forgot about Arsenal winning 5-1 ;-)

  • WhiteHartLady (AmandaSeager)

    DavidLammy LouJayne1882 I missed this!!! (Not the Spurs win obviously) Good news indeed!!

  • Finbar Anderson (andfinbar)

    DavidLammy one of those made me very happy. I'm a gooner so no prizes for guessing which

  • Ian Goosey (iangoose44)

    DavidLammy BBCNews I see which one was important to you to mention first.

  • Rico (Rico89z)

    DavidLammy BBCNews Too "right".. or should I say, just enough "left".

  • al (AlexGardnerkh)

    DavidLammy tshep42 BBCNews you should thanks #nigelfarage for that, he was thinking if #uk #TheresaMay support nazi gov in Kiev ,it's ok link

  • David Long (SwanseaLong)

    DavidLammy BBCNews great result in Austria, can't agree with you about the Footie though!

  • Chris23 (flemoil)

    DavidLammy BBCNews seem to remember June 23rd was pretty good

  • TimmyTwatFace (timmytwatface)

    DavidLammy BBCNews place won 3-0 too, hopefully Italy goes well too, please god we're on the mend

  • Jack Mead (JackWMead)

    DavidLammy BBCNews couldn't say it any better!

  • DavidLammy BBCNews slim pickings if that makes you happy!

  • BillFrown (Bill_Phrown87)

    DavidLammy don't forget #WHUvAFC 1-5

  • Dan Gleeballs (Dan__Gleeballs)

    DavidLammy seeing as you now represent a communist party, do you now how many people have been killed by communism?

Austrian far-right candidate Norbert Hofer concedes defeat in presidential race - BBC News link
Da iawn pobl Awstria / well done & a massive thank you to people in Austria. You have given us great hope. Diolch. link
Independent 'leads' in Austrian poll link
Bloody EXCELLENT news!!! Austria presidential election: Far-right's Hofer defeated link
  • Duncan Chriscoli (DChriscoli)

    diponte almost the same % voted for Hofer as for Remain. Should they be listened to as much as Remain voters are demanding to be in the UK?

  • Dr Alan Firth (diponte)

    DChriscoli If his opponent's victory was achieved by lying on industrial scale & already seen to cause massive damage to Austria, yes

  • Duncan Chriscoli (DChriscoli)

    diponte considering ALL politicians lie then u hav answered the question well....

  • Dr Alan Firth (diponte)

    DChriscoli Cheer up, Dunc - let's celebrate what we can hope is a turning point for progressive, left-wing, tolerant politics

  • Duncan Chriscoli (DChriscoli)

    diponte does only the left do progressive & tolerant? An interesting view....

  • Dr Alan Firth (diponte)

    DChriscoli Is the Pope a Catholic, Dunc?

  • Duncan Chriscoli (DChriscoli)

    diponte I guess we hav differing opinions on what progressive & tolerant actually is?...

  • Nigel Bailey (NigeBailey)

    diponte jane_fieldsend Excellent news? This wouldn't have even been on the radar if our political leaders weren't failing us.

  • Dr Alan Firth (diponte)

    NigeBailey jane_fieldsend Yes, excellent news when a Fascist doesn't get elected as Austria's head of state. I'm sure you agree

  • Nigel Bailey (NigeBailey)

    diponte jane_fieldsend Yes of course, but do we now just move on and ignore the problem. EU will need to wake up soon or it is over.

  • Dr Alan Firth (diponte)

    NigeBailey jane_fieldsend Who in their right mind would ever say the recent rise of populism & hard-right politics should be ignored?

  • Nigel Bailey (NigeBailey)

    diponte jane_fieldsend EU politicians - Brexit, punish them, no negotiation before notification. Head in sand approach - avoid the issue

  • Dr Alan Firth (diponte)

    NigeBailey jane_fieldsend EU is following rules UK signed up to. Worth remembering that EU enjoys wide support across European countries

  • Nigel Bailey (NigeBailey)

    diponte jane_fieldsend EU support is at its lowest in years ask JunckerEU he is trying to ban referendums. Head in sand politics.

  • Dr Alan Firth (diponte)

    NigeBailey jane_fieldsend JunckerEU Just not true. Raft of polls showing public support for EU is high link

  • Acehart (Acehart)

    diponte BBCNews At last 2016 fights back!

  • Dr Alan Firth (diponte)

    Acehart BBCNews Yes!! In coming week, let's see UK Supreme Court spank Torykip with a 11-0 defeat & things will start looking up

  • diponte Acehart BBCNews Sadly, Government already have the bill which both Tory and Labour party will nod through. So then the Lords...

  • Dr Alan Firth (diponte)

    stephenpackeruk Acehart BBCNews There will be many more hurdles, not only Lords. & some may very well be insurmountable. Fingers crossed

  • Gill (Fancyflorals)

    diponte stephenpackeruk Acehart BBCNews Personally I prefer democracy...following what the majority voted for.

  • Fancyflorals diponte Acehart BBCNews If it isn't massively damaging, or based on lies I'd agree. Plus a view at a snapshot isn't static.

But on the bright side, it looks like the fascist lost today. link

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