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John Kerry: What We Got Right - link Uh...pretty much nothing. #zero link
Hello?? ANYONE?? Wanted: One Republican With Integrity, to Defeat Betsy DeVos - link link
THIS. THIS. Obama Orders Intelligence Report on Russian Election Hacking - link link
Wanted: One Republican With Integrity, to Defeat Betsy DeVos - link link
  • Shawn Johnson (40_jeny)

    ninaturner nytimes hey everyone Nina Turner for president !!!

  • Shawn Johnson (40_jeny)

    ninaturner nytimes get it started Nina Turner the time is now , WE HAVE NO TIME TO WAIT. WE PROGRESSIVES WILL FOLLOW YOU TO VICTORY !

  • Josh Bergens (Josh_Interested)

    40_jeny ninaturner nytimes Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, Cornel West. Revolution starts now!

  • nutzforart (nutzforart2)

    ninaturner nytimes There are none. They wouldn't be Republican if they had integrity.

  • chattyG (katywh20)

    ninaturner nytimes DeVos will limit parental choice by ending public school option. That is her goal. Outrageous.

  • Laura St Denis (thenurse75)

    ninaturner robsaxan they don't exist and never have in my lifetime. Money drives their souls. She donated big.

  • Jim (Landorcan)

    ninaturner IntricateKnot1 nytimes better chance of finding a Yeti or a Clinton supporter that does not think she was robbed by Russia

  • Kathy Luthy (LuthyKl)

    ninaturner bherylann nytimes We don't care what you think traitor!!!!+

  • Brooks Rathet (brathet)

    ninaturner justinhendrix nytimes Good luck, Diogenes

  • ninaturner That's like looking for one virgin in a bordello.

  • ninaturner nytimes - alas they showed us (again) who they really work for...and so many of them will suffer.

  • ZenFromChaos (ZenFromChaos)

    ninaturner A_Real_MSmith #Republican & #integrity ? in the same sentence? Now you're just having fun with us! #humor

  • Jerry Harris (JerrybHarris)

    ninaturner nytimes there are very few Republicans with integrity...!!

  • Lydia Bransten (Lydia150Lydia)

    ninaturner nytimes one more - let's remember the two who have stepped out of the GOP rank and file

  • ninaturner nytimes A GOP w/integrity??!! Good luck w/that!

  • Michael (michelediaf)

    ninaturner Good Luck with that!

  • Claudia (CMarPA)

    ninaturner nytimes republicans with integrity don't exist

  • Larry Hinkle (larryhinkle)

    ninaturner I'd suggest Joe Manchin but he fails to meet the integrity criteria.

Headlines you didn't see on link in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012? "The Electoral College Meets Monday. Here’s What to Expect."
  • Patrick LaForge (palafo)

    brianstelter malachybrowne link

  • The East Shores (TheEastShore)

    brianstelter in 2000 and 2004 libs had other issues with elections, that's what they do, they're not mature enough to accept their defeat

  • Joe Gardner (QuockerJoe)

    TheEastShore brianstelter Thank God we're getting a mature leader who truly respects the electoral process. link

  • The East Shores (TheEastShore)

    QuockerJoe brianstelter I don't think he's ever sent death mails to electors! anyways,at that time he was becoming a republican = sanity

  • Joe Gardner (QuockerJoe)

    TheEastShore brianstelter He's still not a Republican;, you all became Trumpists. & GOPers sending death threats if they don't vote Trump

  • The East Shores (TheEastShore)

    QuockerJoe brianstelter yeah, he's beholden to no body, it's all america first and it's killing libs

  • Joe Gardner (QuockerJoe)

    TheEastShore brianstelter Sometimes I envy people like you who can live in your own bubble of reality. Then I get back to the real world.

  • The East Shores (TheEastShore)

    QuockerJoe brianstelter if i lived in my own bubble how come that it was you and your friends who were shocked by election results.

  • Pampaw (pampaw327)

    brianstelter Been on Earth since 1948, 1st time I even knew which day the Electoral College met.

  • Jon Schwenzer (UncJonny)

    brianstelter O come all ye faithless...

  • Steve Carfagno  ? (SCarfagno)

    brianstelter The party of sore losers tried to flip Bush electors into voting for Gore in 2000 too.

  • Joe Gardner (QuockerJoe)

    SCarfagno brianstelter W. explicitly planned to fight if situation reversed; Gore by contrast was a statesman link

  • Steve Carfagno  ? (SCarfagno)

    QuockerJoe brianstelter NYDailyNews Gore was not a statesman, he retracted his concession.

  • Joe Gardner (QuockerJoe)

    SCarfagno brianstelter NYDailyNews While the recount was going on. Meanwhile, he didn't campaign for Electors, which Bush would have

  • Steve Carfagno  ? (SCarfagno)

    QuockerJoe brianstelter NYDailyNews Yes he was. Not hypothetically, The Democrats were doing it.

  • Jon Shiffman (JonShiffman)

    brianstelter I would bet there were similar headlines in 2000 (bush v gore)

  • brianstelter that's because the GOP didn't nominate someone totally unfit to lead and then events happened to elect said someone.

  • Rick (Rick60174)

    brianstelter Most (99%) don't care nor do we believe anything you have to say. link

  • Lisa 2016 (13JustAFan)

    brianstelter a nation in crisis with no leadership. So much respect for journalist like yourself for trying to keep up & keep real.

Trump Strategist Steve Bannon Says Media Should ‘Keep Its Mouth Shut’ - link link
  • Jennifer Rubin (JRubinBlogger)

    jaketapper nytimes Putinism personified. The thugocracy on the Potomac

  • JRubinBlogger jaketapper nytimes "The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,”

  • FloralColony JRubinBlogger jaketapper nytimes Anyone who has a problem with this comment is being ridiculous. It is excellent advice.

  • FloralColony Media ignoring the listening part of the statement! Says everything thats wrong w/media JRubinBlogger jaketapper nytimes

  • JR (JRNOVA2012)

    jaketapper nytimes Old fashioned idea but it means you all should simply report the news rather than trying to make or create the news.

  • Jake Tapper (jaketapper)

    JRNOVA2012 nytimes "shut up" doesn't mean "report the news."

  • jaketapper that's a deceptive headline by NYT & you know it Jake. Here is the context of what he said. Y have lost credibility w/ many pple link

  • Kimberly Link (kimberly_link)

    sweetatertot2 jaketapper he's famous for that. He doesn't care.

  • Dan De Luce (dandeluce)

    jaketapper nytimes what country is this again?

  • dandeluce YOU'RE NOT LISTENING DAN jaketapper nytimes

  • Randy Baumann (DVERandy)

    jaketapper nytimes He's such a pussy. Honestly I didn't think authoritarianism would look so incredibly silly.

  • jaketapper nytimes This is intentional. Creating this "war" serves Bannon's evil plans. Do you really think he would go on record like this carelessly?

  • Aprillia (Aprillia)

    SuisanSusan1 jaketapper nytimes Bannon is the scariest mofo in the WH. He is the Hitler. Trump is a flunky.

  • Aprillia jaketapper nytimes Bannon and Conway are fanatic true believers. Not much scarier than that.

‘So-Called’ Judge Criticized by Trump Is Known as a Mainstream Republican - link link
  • Whitelash Wally G (Zoomm01)

    maggieNYT Yeah so ? Does he have more information than the President ? Who the hell is he to put Immigrant lives above American Citizens.

  • mank singh (dwash34)

    Zoomm01 maggieNYT trump didn't even consult Dhs before his ban, so where is he getting his info from?

  • Chris Wilson (riverinechop)

    dwash34 Zoomm01 maggieNYT actually T did, but who needs facts right? Gen. K dispeled this misreported fact or fake news.

  • mank singh (dwash34)

    riverinechop Zoomm01 maggieNYT dhs never advised this was needed for security

  • Whitelash Wally G (Zoomm01)

    dwash34 riverinechop maggieNYT Presidents discretion and has the right to do so. Bottom line.

  • Have you tracked with his recent rulings? Full of judicial activism. Mainstream Republican my butt maggieNYT

  • Casey Parker (CaseyParksIt)

    Mainstream Republican = RINO, which is what we are fighting to clean the party of, maggieNYT. Keep up. nytimes

  • emmalu (emmalu)

    maggieNYT nytimes mainstream Repub which is pretty much a dem now.

  • Mark Matranga (mark_matranga)

    maggieNYT Deplorables hate "mainstream Republicans" as much as they hate "liberals" and the mainstream press !

  • eve (evegpt)

    mark_matranga maggieNYT Hate is such a harsh word. We despise them but hate is for liberals

  • And a constitutional officer doing what Trump won't: Upholding his Oath of Office. maggieNYT

  • Jack (cossa68)

    . maggieNYT marypgkeating the New York Times told the lies that led to the destruction of Iraq. Your thoughts?

  • Bradley Duke (wombatkidd)

    cossa68 maggieNYT marypgkeating You told lies that that girl wasn't your sister so you could marry her. Thoughts?

  • Bradley Duke (wombatkidd)

    cossa68 maggieNYT marypgkeating You should stop doing meth with your sister/wife.

  • Jack (cossa68)

    wombatkidd maggieNYT marypgkeating you should go fuck yourself

  • Bradley Duke (wombatkidd)

    cossa68 maggieNYT marypgkeating Better myself then my sister. Like you.

  • Jack (cossa68)

    wombatkidd maggieNYT marypgkeating how old are you, 12?

  • Bradley Duke (wombatkidd)

    cossa68 maggieNYT marypgkeating How old was your sister the first time you fucked her? 5?

To Stop Trump, Democrats Can Learn From the Tea Party - link link
  • MikeyOranje (mikeyoranje88)

    JoyAnnReid To stop Trump we must learn from Spanish party Podemos. They upended politics in Spain by following Occupy Wall St.'s tactics.

  • Joy Reid (JoyAnnReid)

    mikeyoranje88 Occupy failed beyond getting the term "99 percent" in the political bloodstream. They didn't even keep an email list.

  • MikeyOranje (mikeyoranje88)

    JoyAnnReid Podemos took their idea a step forward and formed a political party which managed to stop the Spanish right amid austerity craze

  • jan (freespeak3)

    JoyAnnReid Good info but... Sadly, we don't value teamwork. Bernie hurt Hillary intentionally. smh

  • MikeyOranje (mikeyoranje88)

    JoyAnnReid The Tea Party had a TV channel blasting out propaganda 24/7 and the backing from Billionaires like the Kochs.

  • Andrue (JaJahIrie)

    JoyAnnReid nytimes this might work if the Democratic Party and its base weren't so, for the lack of a better word, lazy.

  • Joan Petell (JoPetell)

    JoyAnnReid Have Dems met yet to do as the R's did to Obama & decide to obstruct everything & make Trump a 1 term Pres?

  • Lina P (linaolight)

    JoPetell JoyAnnReid it cones down to comedians and celebrities to lead coffing out party

  • JoyAnnReid our newly formed PAC is using this. if you can't beat, then use their own tricks.

  • Josh Stevens (Leonightis)

    DeburghValerie JoyAnnReid Tricks?? It's called freedom of speech. Lol

  • Leonightis JoyAnnReid maybe tricks was the wrong word for you. I will use their own plan to beat them

  • librarian09 (ocean_view)

    JoyAnnReid this is a must read article; need to contact your elected official, bookmark this url: link

  • Victor Luebker (VictorLuebker)

    JoyAnnReid Stopping Trump means more years of victim politics from alt left, gang violence in Chicago and hurting minority AMERICAN voters!

  • Tess Deco (TessDeco)

    VictorLuebker JoyAnnReid Supporting Trump means years of promoting more racism sexism bigotry by entitle, ignorant white men. #WillFail

  • JoyAnnReid Let's do this. We need to take action, not just whine. We need to do this for all.

  • incubus  ?? ?? (rudimuss)

    JoyAnnReid nytimes they won't bcuz their worried about perception. #riseupDNC

Katie Rich of ‘S.N.L.’ Is Suspended for Tweet Mocking Barron Trump - link link
  • jaketapper nytimes Minors always off limits.

  • Christine Cullen (bitterflie)

    JeffreyGuterman jaketapper nytimes Agree. Minors should be off limits. That kid did not sign up for this.

  • bitterflie jaketapper nytimes Exactly.

  • . JeffreyGuterman bitterflie jaketapper nytimes It's her *personal* account. Doesn't that matter here?

  • Christine Cullen (bitterflie)

    notoralhistory JeffreyGuterman jaketapper nytimes Ok via 1st Amendment, the judgement is social. I see the slippery slope though.

  • jaketapper If only the POTUS can be suspended when he tweets out mocking tweets of people.

  • Notmy_grabber (Notmy_grabber)

    jessicajohn911 jaketapper I agree, kids should be off limits but what about disabled reporters, women,muslims. Mexican immigrants, POC?

  • Notmy_grabber (Notmy_grabber)

    jaketapper jessicajohn911 B Bush and now this woman are punished while Putins Puppet becomes president after dissing everyone but Ivanka.

  • Don Cheeto (DonaldCheeto)

    jaketapper nytimes good thing we are really holding our elected officials... I mean late night comedians accountable...

  • Putin Puppet (POTUStupid)

    DonaldCheeto jaketapper nytimes SHE apologized, HE brought #cheerleaders to the #CIA. Gravitas?

  • Eric Demamp (ericdemamp)

    jaketapper nytimes Will the Democrats disavow Katie Rich?

  • Miriam Heddy (miri_iron)

    ericdemamp jaketapper nytimes I don't even know who she is much less who she votes for. Why would Dems be responsible for disavowing her?

  • Eric Demamp (ericdemamp)

    miri_iron jaketapper nytimes Why do Republicans have to disavow everything a Nazi says?

  • Miriam Heddy (miri_iron)

    ericdemamp jaketapper nytimes If the Nazi is a member of Trump's cabinet or an invited guest to the WH, or is someone he's retweeting...

  • MaryAnnNotGinger (MAnotGinger)

    jaketapper nytimes she should be fired.

  • maraschino (maraschino)

    MAnotGinger jaketapper nytimes Agree. She should be fired and black-listed.

  • GOP2018 (VoteGOP2018)

    jaketapper nytimes Good. Hopefully the rest of the liberal celebrity snowflakes take note. Kids always off limits.

  • VoteGOP2018 Yes, kids are off limits ! If only she'd targeted a handicapped person -she could be president

Off Broadway Equity Actors and Stage Managers Win Pay Increase - link link

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