Buckingham Palace to get £369m refurbishment - BBC News

Buckingham Palace is to undergo a 10-year refurbishment costing the taxpayer £369m, the Treasury announces.

Buckingham Palace to get £369m makeover over 10 years, with urgent work starting in April and Queen not moving out link
  • Ian Skinner (Isky11)

    BBCBreaking BBCNews Q a whole bunch of moaners criticising this decision

  • Astrid Windrunner (starcrow)

    Isky11 BBCBreaking BBCNews just what I was about to comment with :D

  • starcrow Isky11 BBCBreaking BBCNews the Queen is the nations biggest Dole Dosser

  • Astrid Windrunner (starcrow)

    TheRealPiss Isky11 BBCBreaking BBCNews Except she's not. I don't see people coming from China, etc, to see the people on JSA.

  • starcrow Isky11 BBCBreaking BBCNews irrelevant, she's earned NOTHING. Kick them out and make it a homeless and needy shelter, or library

  • Ian Skinner (Isky11)

    TheRealPiss starcrow BBCBreaking BBCNews the Royal Family generate £500m in revenues each year. Fact. Deal with it

  • MartinW (MoonspangleW)

    Isky11 No they don't, it's a myth and France is the the most visited country in Europe by tourists and they have no Royalty

  • Ian Skinner (Isky11)

    MoonspangleW Not my words Mart, or made up facts like the #Brexit politicians, but facts from VisitBritain. Royals are good VFM

  • bakey (voncakey)

    BBCBreaking BBCNews ha ha and our roads are shit schools are shit but ok for the biggest benefit claimants in the world

  • voncakey BBCBreaking BBCNews Buckingham palace brings in 1/2 a billion pounds of tourism to the uk each year!

  • Sam (samellaihtayml1)

    varuprole voncakey BBCBreaking BBCNews let's close down something that generates millions of pounds for the uk economy! Clueless people!

  • samellaihtayml1 varuprole voncakey BBCBreaking BBCNews people would still visit the palace without us having a monarchy idiots

  • ThomasSimpson01 samellaihtayml1 BBCBreaking BBCNews idiot? Whats the monarchy got to do with it, the moneys going on the palace repairs

  • ThomasSimpson01 samellaihtayml1 BBCBreaking BBCNews it's owned by the state so the state should pay for the repairs

  • Ben Burchell (PaleBlueDotBen)

    BBCBreaking BBCNews I see the moaners are here whining. £36.9mil a year ain't bad for a historial building and tourist attraction.

  • Al Scott (scott_al)

    PaleBlueDotBen BBCBreaking BBCNews Normal people have to either go bust or downsize.

  • BBCBreaking BBCNews how many hardworking families homeless. How much wealth do the Royals have ?

  • Lump (lump86)

    tourandting BBCBreaking BBCNews How much do they bring into the economy every year through tourism? Shit-tons. Don't be so shortsighted

  • lump86 BBCBreaking BBCNews ridiculous argument nearly as outdated as royalty itself.

  • Lump (lump86)

    tourandting BBCBreaking BBCNews Outdated how? Ridiculous how? Did maths, economics and.... facts suddenly become redundant post Trump?

  • lump86 BBCBreaking BBCNews you a trump fan boy as well ? Figures.

  • Lump (lump86)

    tourandting BBCBreaking BBCNews Reading as well as maths. Christ.

  • lump86 BBCBreaking BBCNews you really should think before you type. Feed the poor , house the homeless or repair a palace ? Really ?

  • Lump (lump86)

    tourandting BBCBreaking BBCNews sure. Keep agreeing with ur self. Don't read or research or think. God speed.

Having a bit of work done. #cheap link
  • Ryanair (Ryanair)

    . Queen_UK Got the builders in? Looking for a place to stay? Look no further #RyanairRooms link #BuckinghamPalace

  • David Hudson (PvtParty)

    Queen_UK Ma'am, why not see if the BBC's DIY SOS build team can help? #diysos

  • peterherrick (leedsboy56)

    Queen_UK Could be a shortage of Polish builders, best get a wriggle on

  • Ecosquirrel (ecosquirrel)

    Queen_UK BBCNews Is this where the £350 million that was promised to the NHS is going? #Brexitbus

  • RiflemanRGJ (Riflemanrgj)

    ecosquirrel Queen_UK BBCNews the monarchy bring enough money into the country without touching tax payers money

  • Queen_UK never mind that can you get Eddie off his arse and tell him to look for a job

  • Susan Ward (SusanWa07981141)

    Queen_UK BBCNews magnolia, so practical and easy to touch up.

  • Andy (Wroe_Tweet)

    Queen_UK BBCNews #BuckinghamPalace #RoyalsInNeed link

  • Mr J (MrJ_1stClass)

    Wroe_Tweet Queen_UK BBCNews lol I want to donate but the contact number doesn't work

  • OldHack (Atlas_Features)

    Queen_UK Don't tell me, they knocked on the door, said you had some loose tiles,then took you to a cashpoint before you changed your mind?

  • Mark (Club_Zombie)

    Queen_UK BBCNews increase the areas the public can have access too foreign tourists love all that,the taxpayer doesn't get the repair bill

  • Darren Gavillet (dash_gav)

    Queen_UK BBCNews you should get the #diysos team in to do it for you.

  • John M Knox (johnmknox)

    Queen_UK You're worth it Ma'am.

  • Gav (Gavlarr78)

    Queen_UK ASK_des BBCNews To those who are questioning the need to spend that much money on our Royal Residences: Up yours!

  • Barfette (Barfette)

    Queen_UK waste of MY money. HIDEOUS building, far 2 big, demolish and build something worthwhile.

  • george (Geo77ge)

    Queen_UK Monty Python Builders will do it at a knock down price. Plain sailing from now on! link

  • Maggy (maggymooo)

    Queen_UK Couldn't one buy a new palace?

  • Eleanor (EleanorCozens)

    Queen_UK BBCNews caileigh_troup

All in this together? Austerity isn't hitting everyone, obviously. link
  • Ben (benstrat98)

    LeanneWood Ffionmckayevans BBCNews bet you forget to mention the billions of pounds of tourism revenue it generates

  • LeanneWood (LeanneWood)

    . benstrat98 Ffionmckayevans BBCNews Yes, of course, because no one visits countries which are republics, do they? No one visits France?

  • Nic James (nicfromwales)

    hayleyj67296570 LeanneWood 30% of kids in Wales are growing up in poverty, while Westminster prioritises a refurbishment of a palace.

  • LondonOut (Newsbot9)

    nicfromwales hayleyj67296570 LeanneWood The entire "this or that" narrative is very helpful for austerity pushers :/

  • LeanneWood (LeanneWood)

    . Newsbot9 nicfromwales hayleyj67296570 Some cuts I'll take. This, £7.5bn Wstminster repairs, trident. Austerity = burden falling on poor.

  • LondonOut (Newsbot9)

    LeanneWood I also don't see why letting historic buildings get into a state where they can't be saved...

  • Siôn Jobbins (MarchGlas)

    LeanneWood BBCNews support independence for Wales, #indyWales eallu, 12.00 tmrow Sat 19/11, Castle Gdns Swansea. YesCymru YesAbertawe.

  • William Brown (Brown666W)

    LeanneWood I mean, have they not been budgeting? What have they been spending their benefits on? link

  • neil wyn jones (neilwyn)

    LeanneWood fasai'n bosibl prynu byngalo i Liz a Phil yn Abersoch am ychydig llai na hynny, a chwt ar y traeth efo'r newid!

  • Joe (jannerjoseph)

    LeanneWood BBCNews but you are happy to sit in the Welsh assembly building that cost 70m which doesn't bring millions in tourism per year!

  • jannerjoseph Hardly comparable.

  • David Lewis (dlewiswriter)

    LeanneWood Penbedw BBCNews This money would need spending whoever lived there - like the president of the British Republic

  • Penbedw (Penbedw)

    . dlewiswriter LeanneWood No need for President to live there. Unimpressive building but would have new life as affordable housing

  • FlagArmada (FlagArmada)

    Penbedw dlewiswriter LeanneWood wouldn't the president just live where the PM currently is?

  • Penbedw (Penbedw)

    No: two very different roles. You need somewhere for formal occasions but plenty of choice FlagArmada dlewiswriter LeanneWood

  • LeanneWood BBCNews There are three Palaces in this area.....Buckingham Palace....St. James' Palace and Clarence house

  • Charlotte Evans (Charlee_earl)

    LeanneWood gwenlli14 I am completely outraged at this! Taxpayer being asked to help both ends of the spectrum & this lot just keep taking

  • LeanneWood BBCNews RepublicStaff NHS £648m debt. Queen to get £370m of our money to renovate her home. Need I say more?

Can't stand dodgy builders who overcharge pensioners. Can someone make sure she gets a second quote for this work? link
  • Brian Toller (Envizage)

    Halcruttenden BBCNews The pensioner's not paying for it, it's a council house.

  • Halcruttenden ......if called to quote for Buckhouse you Up the price! Easier to move the monarch out & hv the place empty.

  • Ken Phillips (VicusScurra)

    Halcruttenden I have had a whip round in our street, and have raised enough money to buy a couple of brushes and 10litres of emulsion. DIY

  • Charlie Holt (CharlieAHolt)

    Halcruttenden BBCNews You're right, it has got a better response on Twitter than with the audience

  • Jane (LadybirdJa)

    Halcruttenden KachelaMurray BBCNews

  • (((Mike Linwood))) (mikelinny)

    Halcruttenden BBCNews maybe we should send Dom Littlewood round?

  • Tomas Ahlbeck (TomasAhlbeck)

    Halcruttenden Well, asphalt is quite expensive nowadays. And then there's all that concrete. BBCNews

  • Andy (Kel2708)

    Halcruttenden BBCNews to be fair once Brexit kicks in the price will go through the roof

  • Emma Smith (vlbemma)

    Halcruttenden BBCNews is she having her bathroom done?

  • Anchor (burjorji)

    Halcruttenden BBCNews Justified! Being Royal Queen Elizabeth II of the World! Gracious, Dignified & Elegant! Makes Britain look Great !

  • James Dyer (GoldCampRobot)

    Halcruttenden BBCNews she has already been hammered by the flipping bedroom tax poor woman

  • Halcruttenden madeinholmfirth BBCNews

  • Halcruttenden BBCNews this money seems to be unused? link

  • angel (angel61k)

    Halcruttenden shame she can't get an EU grant, or maybe she can, we're still a member atm

Buckingham Palace to get £369m refurbishment. I'm sure it needs it but so do our schools,hospitals and homeless link
  • . (___Q__)

    Fern_Britton Hear flipping hear! x

  • Eddy Franklin (Franklinstweet)

    Fern_Britton think we could all do with £369m ,, just think ? it would give me 2 weeks without paying my wonga debt ,oo, ) Charles_HRH

  • connie (41connie)

    Fern_Britton Yes very true big money which could be spent elsewhere x

  • Jane Gordon (Foodiejane)

    Fern_Britton Doesn't it open its doors to the public each year to fund such refurbs?

  • Vicky Coxhead (vickser22)

    Fern_Britton BBCNews I'm with you! Schools and hospitals are far more important!

  • Vicky Coxhead (vickser22)

    Fern_Britton BBCNews Cornwall needs more schools for SEN children there are so many out of school!

  • amanda waters (amandaNo1BandB)

    Fern_Britton Number1BandB BBCNews exactly and let's be honest the Royal family can easily afford it themselves.....

  • Katie Clarke (KatieTraining)

    Fern_Britton The Queen is one of the richest people in the world why doesn't she offer to pay for it herself? #everymanforhimself #poverty

  • LCurtis (curtislauraj)

    Fern_Britton DominicWilliams BBCNews we'll be paying £4 billion for doing up parliament too - no money for NHS though despite brexit lies

  • Rod Smith (pompeyrod)

    Fern_Britton GerrysClub BBCNews but you can't deny how much tourism pounds the royal family bring in, vet good value in my book

  • christine bagot (cm_bagot)

    Fern_Britton I know makes it hard to approve. not to mention me wanting new patio doors!

  • LyndaKoala (LyndaKoala)

    Fern_Britton BBCNews I totally agree with you Fern.

  • ian chapman (ianchapman1)

    Fern_Britton BBCNews never a true word spoken and we can't even look after our old people! ian torquay

  • Mark James (markstuartjames)

    Fern_Britton BBCNews QUITE RIGHT! It's hardly a high priority! Sure they wouldn't let me in, but they force Us all to pay for it!

  • Fern_Britton BBCNews it needs it to prevent it costing much more in the future, it's quite tatty inside! Agree no one should be homeless!

  • Derek Smith (voicetravels)

    Fern_Britton BBCNews Could they maybe compromise and have a 60 Minute Makeover.

  • Chris Pascoe (StAMusicTeacher)

    Fern_Britton AND my bathroom needs a makeover

  • Amanda (amandajlh)

    Fern_Britton BBCNews so agree with you.

  • Sarah Chapple (sarahchapple1)

    Fern_Britton well put Fern X

  • kirsty m (kirstyswm)

    Fern_Britton BBCNews totally agree fern hospitals are pushed to the max.. 15 month waiting list for my son to have assessment on nhs

No wonder people are so against immigrants getting hand outs when this is the amount they can expect - link
  • Paul (wicksta)

    Herring1967 it makes more than that in tourism by far doesn't it? I don't get the issue here.

  • . wicksta but the point was it's weird that we don't mind spending that amount of money on 1 family (who could pay for themselves)

  • Paul (wicksta)

    Herring1967 I don't think they even live there do they? It's just a place they go to, like I do, for work purposes.

  • Paul (wicksta)

    Herring1967 I don't mean I go there, I go to an office every day haha

  • . wicksta they live there, amongst many other massive palaces. That we pay for.

  • Paul (wicksta)

    Herring1967 the Crown Estate is a business though, they are just the figureheads, it would be like Lenny Henry staying in a Premier Inn.

  • wicksta if it's a business then they should pay for themselves out of the money they earn

  • Pliny (plinytweet)

    Herring1967 Clucking-hen palace!

  • Herring1967 and we all get to scrape a few quid together tonight for children in need.

  • Herring1967 same week as this was announced of course... link

  • Herring1967 It's ok. We can fund it using the NHS money that the bus promised us.

  • andy (Lawnordermobile)

    Herring1967 BBCNews announced on Children In Need day is extra galling.

  • ben millard (benmillard2)

    Herring1967 BBCNews That's the first 1.05 weeks' worth of NHS money taken care of! Buck Palace would make a lovely block of flats ;)

  • Dorian Leakey (dorianleakey)

    Herring1967 More right wing nonsense from Herring, they came here generations yet that is not long enough for you, how far back do we go?

  • Dorian Leakey (dorianleakey)

    Herring1967 The Normans? The Vikings? this send them all back rhetoric has got to stop! Give Migrant families a chance Richard

  • Herring1967 BBCNews These immigrants are taking advantage of our traditional British generosity.

  • Andrew Howard (Andrew004567)

    Herring1967 BBCNews glad to see a council house getting a facelift but unfortunately it's just one.

  • Ryan Evans (DoNothing69)

    Herring1967 the lead pipes they'll be replacing explain a lot.

  • PMA (Grebo31)

    Herring1967 A good point to let them go their own way maybe. Like dumping your partner a week before their birthday.

Still people on my timeline complaining about the huge £6m cost of baby boxes. Seems comparatively cheap to me... link
Daddy. Why is there no money for life saving medicine? I don't know son. #ChildrenInNeed link
  • alanknox BBCNews Why can't the Queen and family pay for it?

  • Alan Knox (alanknox)

    MoragSievwright BBCNews I think they might be selfish, bad people.

  • alanknox BBCNews Seems quite like that, eh? If Queen is that 'sensitive' she's put her hand in her own pocket instead of picking ours?

  • Sticky Beast (BeastofBacton)

    alanknox BBCNews A snip compared to overseas aid to Nigerian dictators or HS2.

  • Alan Knox (alanknox)

    BeastofBacton BBCNews Imagine if we stopped paying for all three?

  • Stephen Morgan (Fenderaddict2)

    alanknox Don't like paying for the Queen and the tourist dollars that generates, move to a Republic. And let's see what health care costs.

  • Alan Knox (alanknox)

    Fenderaddict2 I don't like paying for any wealthy aristocrats. There are plenty of royalists. They should be paying for her. Not me.

  • I VotedYes (votingyes)

    alanknox ChildOfAlba Knock it down and put her on the council waithing list.

  • rosemary clancy (rosy26051980)

    votingyes alanknox ChildOfAlba council waiting list?? No, she's had enough state handouts!

  • Richard No2Austerity (19rbw17)

    alanknox BBCNews #ChildrenInNeed #BBC link

  • Ron Ox (mincheryfarmer)

    alanknox BBCNews my local GP surgery isn't full of the Royal family it's full of low life lazy local scum and foreign dross

Announced on #ChildrenInNeed day, of all days... link
  • Jake Dudman (Jake_Dudman_)

    Isn't this the amount the NHS is supposed to be getting daily, after Brexit?

  • Angie Meader (AngieMeader)

    Jake_Dudman_ BBCNews Obscene #WelfareReform #Homelessness #Poverty #OpSafeWinter

  • Jake_Dudman_ maxelltrotter The Windsors are the greatest benefit scroungers on the planet. Money for them, but not for the needy.

  • Kerryann Hartley (Lassx)

    Jake_Dudman_ Dtrainger BBCNews day after be more acceptable ?!

  • Deb (Dtrainger)

    Lassx Jake_Dudman_ BBCNews I'm a fan of the royals but I don't think this is acceptable do you?

  • Kerryann Hartley (Lassx)

    Dtrainger what the day it's announced? Don't see that as a problem.... needs doing I'm guessing...

  • Deb (Dtrainger)

    Lassx does seem daft to announce it today, but the amount seems excessive!

  • Kerryann Hartley (Lassx)

    Dtrainger folk just like to rant I think, they always will with the royals ..it's not like they've only come up with the number today...

  • Steve Hibbert (hibby20873)

    Jake_Dudman_ BBCNews biggest council house ever!!!

  • Christina (55krissi55)

    Jake_Dudman_ Let out some rooms 2pay4renovation works. I.e. Make it profitable. We all have2live within our means as Tories keep telling us

  • Christina (55krissi55)

    Jake_Dudman_ Queen is one of the wealthiest in world. Why can't renovation work be funded by gains from Tourism/a contribution from Queen?

  • Pauline McCarthy (Pauline55Mc)

    Jake_Dudman_ BBCNews Quite agree...bad timing.

  • Jake_Dudman_ its almost like you're being programmed to think a certain way

  • Jake_Dudman_ BBCNews absolutely disgraceful let them pay for it themselves, and I mean with their own money. Sell their fake medals....

Friend of mine was told to sell his belongings if he couldn't pay his bills. Ever think someone is taking the piss? link
  • Andi (TiresiasGreen)

    RonMooreMoreRon PoliticalNigel crowdfund the royals - simple solution you want em - you pay for em

  • Paul Stuart (paulpau1968)

    TiresiasGreen RonMooreMoreRon PoliticalNigel We should call it 'Royal Aid' where Unionists & Royalists can drop their spare change

  • RonMooreMoreRon royal family don't help ppl like me, disabled and struggling, they should earn the money,sell other properties to pay! X

  • Golden Gordon (theaceofspuds)

    RonMooreMoreRon there not hers to sell.there ours, bagsy the Caravagio.

  • Awatha (Mudjokivis)

    RonMooreMoreRon AngrybriTony I bet he's hoarding a spare kidney he could do without :-/

  • What's going on (TerieHopkins)

    RonMooreMoreRon BBCNews downsize, royals should be paying bedroom tax as it's the biggest council house

  • Viv Thomas (veetee49)

    RonMooreMoreRon BBCNews I sold my furniture then my clothes. Just like the 30's

  • Arthur Tweet (Arfatweet)

    Monarchies have been extracting the proverbial since immemorial RonMooreMoreRon It's why the masochists love em soo much BBCNews

  • Paul Edwards (Ty_Dyfrdwy)

    RonMooreMoreRon elliemc42 I’m already doing it.


    RonMooreMoreRon the Crown Estate has loads of empty properties it could sell, it sold Brighton Pavilion to pay for repairs years ago.

  • Gerry Bennison (AlresfordBear)

    RonMooreMoreRon mainlymum Everyone.

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