Cambridge Rainbow vegetarian cafe refuses new £5 note - BBC News

A vegetarian cafe refuses to accept the new £5 note after it emerged the currency contains animal products.

Considering a cup of their lemongrass and spelt infused tea costs £10 I'm sure it won't make much of a difference. link
  • Deathtape (death_tape)

    GodfreyElfwick BBCNews can't wait for the news that plants feel pain. These people will be monsters #vegetablerights

  • Don't they have to accept legal tender? GodfreyElfwick

  • Revenant (RevenantFox)

    RektRolfe GodfreyElfwick It's alright, just rub the other notes with your animal fivers, and hand 'em contaminated notes. #EvilBastard

  • Bob Spokes (SpokesBob)

    GodfreyElfwick BBCNews I'm going to go in there and piss on everything

  • Bob Spokes (SpokesBob)

    GodfreyElfwick BBCNews they have a guard protecting the cakes. There's a gap. I'll piss through that

  • GodfreyElfwick somersetlevel BBCNews The world has truly gone mad!

  • PonteJack (somersetlevel)

    JanetEBaldwin GodfreyElfwick BBCNews they get all their deliveries on carts with wooden wheels and refuse customers in leather shoes !

  • somersetlevel GodfreyElfwick BBCNews Oh my word!

  • Rab (pandjraybould)

    GodfreyElfwick BBCNews when the "modified" note comes in how will they tell the difference? "no pigs" type roadsign emblem in the corner?

  • GodfreyElfwick I going to start a petition to have the new $5 Bill made with bacon.

  • S-M Robinson (sunoxen)

    GodfreyElfwick Is spelt tax deductible if I claim it as a donation to a religious group?

  • Dave Lacan (MrSubversive999)

    GodfreyElfwick BBCNews don't £5 notes rub against £10 and £20 notes? All cash is basically meat now.

  • GodsThirdTesticle (Karn33333)

    GodfreyElfwick what animal products are they talking about?

  • Karn33333 GodfreyElfwick There's traces of tallow in the base of a polymer in the note.

  • GodsThirdTesticle (Karn33333)

    RationaIJustice GodfreyElfwick eww. what the hell is wrong with just using cotton? you brits are weird.

  • Karn33333 GodfreyElfwick Plastic banknotes now, last longer.

  • GodsThirdTesticle (Karn33333)

    RationaIJustice GodfreyElfwick I use to make plastic. we didn't need beef fat. lol

  • Karn33333 GodfreyElfwick It's not a field I'm knowledgeable in :) Not, tbh, care much about?

  • Thought Weasel (ThoughtWeasel)

    GodfreyElfwick Why did the government think they could get away with that? link

  • GodfreyElfwick davyjo2111 BBCNews What would you expect in a place like Cambridge? I would rub a £10 in meat and tell them upon leaving.

They wouldn't accept my £5 note so I paid with a £10 note that had been rubbed on a smoking beagle. link
I know the Rainbow Cafe and I approve. Cambridge Rainbow vegetarian cafe refuses new £5 note - link
  • CowFace (KnightSpike)

    DTraynier you know anything with solder in it also has tallow, like your phone, their till, any electronic device really

  • KnightSpike Have you heard the expression, 'don't make the great the enemy of the good'?

  • CowFace (KnightSpike)

    DTraynier so you're willing to make the replacement of £5 notes but can't give up your phone?

  • KnightSpike So, you're saying anyone who advocates animal rights should immediately give up all electronic equipment. Innovative tactic

  • CowFace (KnightSpike)

    DTraynier well if they refuse to use and accept legal tender for use of tallow, they should not use electronic equipment for use of tallow

  • KnightSpike They're using a topical issue to draw attention to a popularly unfamiliar aspect of animal exploitation. They're not obliged

  • KnightSpike to cease using any product or item containing animal substances because they're almost everywhere. I assume you oppose slavery

  • KnightSpike and exploitation of child labour, both of which are involved in the production of a large amount of electronics. Campaigners

  • Liz (Gwladruns)

    DTraynier what on earth do they think all the dairy on their menu is?

  • Gwladruns Well, I'm a vegan so you're pushing at an open door there - but at least they're drawing publicity to the issue.

  • Liz (Gwladruns)

    DTraynier by making themselves look like hypocrites and us look like idiots.

  • Gwladruns If you think vegetarianism is inherently hypocritical, yes - but then this act wouldnt affect that.

  • Liz (Gwladruns)

    DTraynier of course it would. They say they don't accept animal by products whilst selling them

  • Gwladruns But they're vegetarians so they'd distinguish between products that require the death of an animal and those that don't.

  • Gwladruns So this doesn't make them any +more+ hypocritical than they already were (if you think vegetarianism is hypocritical)

  • DTraynier You do understand almost everything does including most plastics in: iPhones, iPad, Mac Book... they are recycled waste parts

  • the_generalcrow Yes. You do understand that it's not possible to change everything immediately?

  • DTraynier Yes but animal waste products are greener to use than landing filling them to use oil? Sometimes you have to take lesser evil

  • the_generalcrow Tallow is not a waste product of animals. It's a byproduct of killing billions of animals. The market for those by-products

  • the_generalcrow helps sustain that industry so eliminating support for them is an effective tool to gradually remove the industry.

  • the_generalcrow As animal production is massively destructive and wasteful, it's also the green thing to do.

What do they do about customers with leather shoes? Cambridge Rainbow vegetarian cafe refuses new £5 note - link
  • DrAndrewGreen frozenwarning not much, since I've eaten there several times and paid with money kept in a leather wallet

  • Paul (somersetpaul)

    DrAndrewGreen BBCNews assume that they have no man made plastic items either as these r made from crude oil which comes from dead animals

  • Simon (SimonDC_8)

    DrAndrewGreen Guessing they don't accept them as payment eitherThey're not ejecting ppl with fivers on them just they won't take them

  • SJ (BurtandHal)

    DrAndrewGreen my thoughts exactly. What I despise about our culture: the god given right to exercise earth shattering pettiness

  • Gailas (GailaSmith)

    DrAndrewGreen I think this cafe contains nuts

  • B. Nice (BloodyPolitics)

    DrAndrewGreen LaizyDaizey were they accepting shoes as payment?

  • Peter Heler (PeterHeler)

    DrAndrewGreen People wearing makeup?

  • PCA... (PCA1974)

    DrAndrewGreen agriculturallaw BBCNews I typed the same thoughts as you then realised!!! Maybe leave shoes outside ?

  • Jack Slipper (JackSlipper10)

    DrAndrewGreen BBCNews Customers shud pay with nothing but 1p coins!That'd soon bring the sweat on!They end up with arm muscles like Popeye

  • Ken C (sadmanonthehill)

    DrAndrewGreen BBCNews presumably they will now demand that customers leave their shoes, belts, handbags and wallets outside?!

  • Michael/Mike Saunby (msaunby)

    DrAndrewGreen BBCNews or paying with plastic? Credit cards surely contain tallow too.

  • Paul Morgan (drpaulmorgan)

    DrAndrewGreen frozenwarning Also, there’s the tyres on the vehicles that deliver the produce to the cafe. Daft!

  • Just Paul (S1R1USme)

    DrAndrewGreen They serve cheese. Tallow is a byproduct of the dairy industry

  • DrAndrewGreen BBCNews Vegetarianism should be regarded as a mental illness....they need our help and sympathy, poor buggers :(

  • DrAndrewGreen They don't have to handle the shoes or give them to other customers. Their customer base approve of their £5 note policy.

  • (kuiash)

    DrAndrewGreen I don't think you can pay them with shoes. Especially leather ones.

  • Kelly Smith (Kellyplanet)

    DrAndrewGreen BBCNews took the words right out my mouth x

  • DickieH (DickieH_45)

    DrAndrewGreen BBCNews There are apparently 24 other countries including Canada & Australia that use tallow in their notes.

  • Tota Gualion (TotaGualion)

    DrAndrewGreen Veggies generally don't throw away animal products when they become veggie - it creates more waste.

So customers must be served with cake promoting illegal gay marriage, but may be declined for offering legal tender? link
  • ManninJC ❗ (ManninJC)

    His_Grace BruvverEccles Please can I have the orphaned fivers?

  • Eccles (BruvverEccles)

    ManninJC His_Grace They should be very nice if lightly fried in butter.

  • Young Fogey (1youngfogey)

    BruvverEccles ManninJC His_Grace what if one was to use gloves

  • Gracey_Knoll (gracey_knoll)

    His_Grace AntoniaScribe Don't you know that homo-fascists are privileged people who can impose their will on everybody else?

  • gracey_knoll His_Grace Looks like vegans might fit that description too, going off the photograph.

  • His_Grace PeterOuld vegetarianism isn't a protected characteristic.

  • Fr Chris Phillips (phillipsc)

    thechurchmouse His_Grace PeterOuld as a vegetarian, my feelings are very hurt by this. I demand protection!

  • Dino Fancellu (DinoFancellu)

    His_Grace Rub your normal £5 in lard. Problem solved.

  • Arthur_S (allanholloway)

    His_Grace English_Woman Do you have to take your shoes off before entering the store too?

  • Just Paul (S1R1USme)

    His_Grace errr illegal gay marriage? Or "marriage" as its known.

  • S1R1USme His_Grace - sadly not in Northern Ireland where the case was heard.

  • Just Paul (S1R1USme)

    churchnw6 His_Grace the marriage is not illegal.

  • S1R1USme His_Grace - interesting point. Are all UK marriages recognised in the Province? I don't know the answer to that.

  • Just Paul (S1R1USme)

    churchnw6 His_Grace the marriage status is recognised, so for example I believe issues like next of kin, would be respected.

  • His_Grace You can't make it up. Well, actually you can. Morals on the hoof (pardon the pun)

  • Farhad (courajus)

    His_Grace BBCNews I thought it was illegal to refuse legal tender.

  • Fr. SJM-C+ (FatherSJMC)

    courajus His_Grace BBCNews cafe can be a grey area. Depends if you pay before or after food is received

  • Farhad (courajus)

    FatherSJMC His_Grace BBCNews yh I've never been to sure. Just remember reading it years back. They can always refuse after I eat

Cambridge Rainbow vegetarian cafe refuses new £5 note - link ☺☺☺☺ Good advert for their restaurant
  • RubiconReaper (cheeki_vimto)

    Muralee_005 I spent an old £5 note there... It was splashed with pig fat. They didn't know. Power to the people!

  • Muralee (Muralee_005)

    cheeki_vimto this is the best five pound note we ever had and people already complaining surged over 120K what a beautiful world we live

  • RubiconReaper (cheeki_vimto)

    Muralee_005 surprised they don't check peoples teeth at the door for bits of meat caught in-between.

  • Muralee_005 Yeoldetripnott BBCNews It should read we will not accept. A business/personal decision. Personally I would shop elsewhere.

  • Hugo Uber Cat (hugo_uber)

    Muralee_005 BBCNews neither will I

Snowflake of the week award: link
  • Patrick O'Flynn (oflynnmep)

    andrewlawrence BBCNews also, brilliant marketing idea of the week award.

  • Nigel Trump (mongoslaststand)

    andrewlawrence BBCNews There is no legal reason to refuse legal tender. Order, eat, offer new £5 note, if not accepted, leave.

  • Nigel Trump (mongoslaststand)

    andrewlawrence BBCNews that's if you can face eating their pretentious shite in the first place, of course.

  • David Shipley (DavidCShipley)

    andrewlawrence BBCNews someone should tell them that bank cards have tallow in too.

  • Chris Smith (cmsdrums)

    andrewlawrence BBCNews link

  • Frederick James (FredJ1958)

    andrewlawrence Bruciebabe Best of all as it's legal tender you can let them accept it or go & f**k themselves. But who'd eat there anyhow?

  • Bruce Everiss (Bruciebabe)

    FredJ1958 andrewlawrence Precisely so.

  • andrewlawrence Vegetarians . Please put your £5 notes in here. I will take care of them for you . link

  • Chris Smith (cmsdrums)

    andrewlawrence BBCNews I think they mean 'will not' rather than 'cannot'

  • klywilen (klywilen)

    andrewlawrence There's more animal product traces on an old fiver that's been handled by someone that has just eaten a burger.

  • Joe K (TrollhunterX)

    andrewlawrence Wonder if they'll accept a cheque written on a cabbage (or does it have to be organic?)

  • Mark Griffin (MarkGriffin59)

    andrewlawrence HarleyTales BBCNews When their business takes a downturn, see how long their distaste lasts before filthy lucre wins!!!

  • andrewlawrence Engrugger interesting by law they have to or the goods are free

  • SadButMadLad (SadButMadLad)

    andrewlawrence Wouldn't want to use them, they're smelly. They never brush their teeth as toothbrushes are made with Tallow too.

  • the big ragu (thebigragoo666)

    andrewlawrence BBCNews then go bust

  • James Evans (Oliversarmy)

    With the amount of things that upsets andrewlawrence he appears to be a snowflake that he accuses everyone else to be

BBC News - Cambridge's Rainbow vegetarian cafe refuses new £5 note link - I wish they would also stop selling dairy
  • Shambhu's (Shambhusvegan)

    I hope people start making the connection of the cruelty and death involved in milk production #£5notes LondonVegan

  • Stacy (stacybynature)

    LondonVegan BBCNews Haha, you have a good point. Where do you draw the line? Surely at dairy before money? Interesting discussion! #vegan

  • LondonVegan It's a shame that they have to rely on the dairy industry for ingredients. And we all know what that involves. #DitchDairy

  • Stuart Smith (Stuart_JSmith)

    LondonVegan It's a silly move that will backfire on them. What next leather shoes? Your money was in a leather wallet cannot accept that.

Millions die of starvation, homeless freezing to death and you're worrying about what a £5 note is made of! FFS!! link
  • Collette D'Arcy (coldarcy)

    DegsyHatton Those who care about animals re £5 are also the ones likely to actually do something to help those less fortunate!

  • Nick Armitage (NickArmitag5)

    DegsyHatton BBCNews People have principles Degsy, plenty didn't agree with yours but you were allowed to express them.

  • Steven Connor (connstevie)

    DegsyHatton BBCNews know where to go next time I'm in Cambridge for free scran then, pockets loaded only with new fivers.

  • DegsyHatton its because of people standing up to dictators home and abroad that these people have freedom of choice . Now they're dictators

  • William Carruthers (willsca2)

    DegsyHatton johnmyersteam BBCNews Assuming you pay for meal after eating it, the shop can't refuse legal tender IMHO

  • Paul Woodhouse (hut20081)

    DegsyHatton BBCNews some people are total wankers.

  • foz (juelfozfoster)

    DegsyHatton sure you would have accepted a few leather suitcases full ? #backhanders

  • tommy diesel (tommydiesel1)


Any ban on leather shoes or belts being taken in there? link

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