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Russia to US: Prove election meddling claims or shut up - link link
  • Redeemed Marsha (marsialynn86)

    mitchellvii I'll bet Putin is as glad as the rest of us Obama is gone. NOT becos Obama made us safer, he's just divisive as hell.

  • marsialynn86 mitchellvii A weak America destabilizes the whole world.

  • mitchellvii link

  • Kevin Dahl (kevinsmazda)

    jd_Constitution MichaelRayAdam2 mitchellvii Evil evil Russians don't care who they hurt!

  • Sam L (Southpaw246)

    mitchellvii yes, FINALLY!!

  • Sam L (Southpaw246)

    jamiebrown999 mitchellvii That would be an incredible thing to watch. Putin would drop that bum on his head. big difference between the 2

  • patriot (jamiebrown999)

    Southpaw246 mitchellvii Obama is a pussy, Putin is a strong man.. I'll put my money on Putin . For sure !

  • vt16 (real_vt16)

    jamiebrown999 Southpaw246 mitchellvii link

  • Robert (robertrobq)

    mitchellvii Just a few more days and we will all enjoy the peace and quiet as the real President takes over and the magpie gets shooed away

  • Redeemed Marsha (marsialynn86)

    mitchellvii HELL YEAH!

  • grant (impercipient)

    marsialynn86 Yeah! Yeah! Mother Russia is the best. yeah, screw my fellow countrymen b/c the disagree with me. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Redeemed Marsha (marsialynn86)

    impercipient You're putting words in my mouth. I think ur smart enough 2get what I was saying or r u just another koolaid gulper? ️BLOCK.

  • Serenitypleaz (Serenitypleaz1)

    mitchellvii Obama trying to stand up to Russia a joke-Putin will checkmate every time! He knows exactly what Obama/Soros up to w games!

  • concetta (RETTinol)

    mitchellvii honestly Putin needs to kick Obamas A$$! Russia did not hack this election! Americans showed up 4TRUMPS rally & Americans voted

  • Deplorable-T-HILL1 (tytsr722)

    mitchellvii Obama is nothing more than a complete failure whom after being told to leave the pool is trying to foul it on his way out!

  • Bengie Barin (bengie_barin)

    mitchellvii That's how a true leader talks! Prove it or shut up

  • bandit (bandit301)

    mitchellvii the world is laughing

  • Sampson (NoAngryChicken)

    mitchellvii Even Russia can see past this crap. Evidence? Just trust us. Does the CIA expect we're all that brain dead?

  • The American Race (0516_864)

    mitchellvii THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!! Democrats are embarrassing the he'll out of us. Making us look week and divided.

  • 0516_864 if Dems can't win they will continue 2 destroy the US.They only thrive if they have us under their thumb/cant handle our rejection

  • David Lann (ShoeKat)

    DeirdreSargen14 0516_864 The Progressives have destroyed the Democratic Party. ^..^

a crass message got on here some how and im trying to debug it. in the meantime please check out link
Los portales estadounidenses, desde link link link destacan la iniciativa.
Penn Jillette: Why we burned the flag for freedom - link - oh dear. link
  • matt fitch (mfmf100)

    pennjillette you're wrong. The government shouldn't stop you but you shouldn't do it. You should have the decency to stop yourself.

  • Penn Jillette (pennjillette)

    mfmf100 I suggest you see the bit. I think you would cheer.

  • matt fitch (mfmf100)

    pennjillette yes, very clever indeed.

  • Liam Tyr (alpinweiss07m)

    pennjillette As a Vet I saw not the restoration of our flag, but the metaphoric reemergence of the American Spirit. Indestructible and Free

  • Penn Jillette (pennjillette)

    alpinweiss07m Wow, man. Thanks. And thanks for your service.

  • Liam Tyr (alpinweiss07m)

    pennjillette You are very welcome. Magic makes us think, ponder, wonder, examine the possibilities of our actions. This thread is evidence.

  • Clif Carlson (cliftonmcarlson)

    pennjillette in a certain sense burning the flag is the most patriotic thing you can do.

  • Schlanker Warhall (flubby)

    . pennjillette link

  • Wendy (WendyBirdOZ)

    pennjillette MrTeller Put it back in the show January 21st and I hope you guys get a standing ovation for freedom!

  • Walter Fletcher (gamerwalterf)

    pennjillette MrTeller This is the only magic show that has brought me to tears. It's one of the most moving performances I've ever seen.

  • Alan Scott (AlanScott707)

    pennjillette thats so weird you just posted this because we just watched you on the West wing about a hour ago . Spooky timing

  • Michael Berres (mikeberres77)

    pennjillette It should be considered treason.

  • chad t. miller (chadmusicman)

    mikeberres77 I mean this without insult: are you being serious right now?

  • Gary B (Thebrick57)

    pennjillette Code Black great job dude

  • pennjillette Great article. The freedom to say and do controversial things is what makes this country great.

  • Kelly McDougal (Rosenbriar)

    pennjillette This is the difference between freedom and fascism. Thank you for being bold enough to make this point.

  • j. pridmore (streetmedic63)

    pennjillette you sir just got a new follower. Thks for understanding what freedom REALLY means.

  • JBJ (lancesquire)

    pennjillette neilhimself The flag will be fine. THAT is what is most magical about it.

  • annie armes (anniearmes)

    pennjillette you've opened my mind in so many ways. I like you.

  • Andrew Sagan (andrew_sagan)

    pennjillette We love you both Penn and Teller! Never stop being you!!!

Oil does a body good #alternativefacts #NoDAPL Up to 50,400 gallons in Yellowstone River - link link
At this moment, there is not a single mention of the election hacking story on link Despite a major development from NBC
  • peterdaou Bet they're working hard on another email story. Or maybe a hard hitting piece on the designer Ivanka will wear Jan. 20.

  • KimmieLou (jmanandmegzmom)

    peterdaou I haven't watched a single moment of cable news since election night.

  • Georgia Davis (georgid63)

    peterdaou TwiHusband Noticed that too. They were talking 'old' news. Romney. Obvious avoidance. CNN is no longer worth my time.

  • (((Stargazer))) (TwiHusband)

    georgid63 I blocked CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS today. They have zero credibility with me. I subscribed to the Washington Post. peterdaou CNN

  • (((Stargazer))) (TwiHusband)

    georgid63 Let them fight with Faux Noise for the Knucklehead Demographic. They lost my business. peterdaou CNN

  • Marcus S. (goodwillfiction)

    peterdaou They're awful. The last time I checked, I saw that detestable man Jeffrey Lord on the panel talking about conflicts of interest.

  • Diana's 2 Sense (DianaHollins)

    peterdaou Typical. What are they covering? What color drapes Ivanka chooses for "her" office?

  • M Coleen Barker (MColeen75)

    peterdaou allinwithchris covered the #RussianHacks & #Putin

  • colorado kid (YesMrGilbert)

    peterdaou cattleranch1 Why is this brianstelter ? Does CNN play favorites?

  • #DoTheMostGood (Hillaryevents)

    peterdaou BactiveorBquiet don't let them get away with it. Tweet away

  • peterdaou #BoycottCNN

  • Shane (safarishane)

    peterdaou so much for being the "Clinton" news network huh.

  • Glaze my donut (NHTC)

    peterdaou TammaraMaiden1 Search "hacking" and all you get is blah Yahoo hack blah. How convenient! Too convenient! Who hacked yahoo & why?

  • peterdaou AEM1954 I noticed that too. Even the conservative AOL has it

  • Jack Stone (Jack_Stone_818)

    peterdaou CFraase Even NBC spent less time on the story than on hacked email news. This should be the only story of the year. #mediafail

  • Fran Pagliaro (Heypag)

    peterdaou Timewarner, owner CNN, wants federally approved $85Billion buyout from At&t & continuation of Citizens United. He's shiting pants

  • peterdaou CNN <-- CHICKENSHIT

  • Luke (bizwiz1980)

    peterdaou was wondering about that I just turned on CNN and they haven't mentioned. Should be lead story

William J. Bennett and John P. Walters: "Why Sessions is right pick for attorney general - link link
  • Ronald Gerdes (RonGerdes)

    JasonMillerinDC SarahJRossiter2 All of Trump's picks are perfect. America Will Be Great Again.

  • GinJen (GinJen0)

    JasonMillerinDC Are you kidding? Sessions is one of the worst Cabinet picks.


    GinJen0 JasonMillerinDC Why, Dikhead?

  • Jim Murray (jimmurrayii)

    JasonMillerinDC Wow can't help yourself you are out. Unless you are backdoor now with Russia? Maybe or did they shed light on affair?

  • Cathy Locke (CathyLocke911)

    JasonMillerinDC Let's get this cabinet going! His picks are GREAT! Come on DEMS stop the sore loser crap. I ban CNN! Did they write this?

  • Anna G (ProudDeplorble)

    JasonMillerinDC LindaSuhler I'm really shocked. 2 spot on pieces coming from CNN in 1 day. Late wisdom, or sucker us back?

  • Poseyjt (poseyjt)

    JasonMillerinDC Italians4Trump can't be worse than Loretta meets with snakes on a plane Lynch but I'm sure Dems will throw a fit.

  • J DURANTE (jodel933)

    JasonMillerinDC Italians4Trump no. Why would CNN says yes. Can't trust them

  • JasonMillerinDC RACIAL BIAS?

  • j sasseen (seniorchief76)

    JasonMillerinDC Sessions Confirmation, America will be able get Rule of Law on Track & Make America Safe Again! #"Hail to the Chief" 45

  • imnoonespecial (upserny)

    JasonMillerinDC Who's signing your checks these days?

Teen hits back at ISIS by sculpting Nimrud's ruined artifacts - link link
While we're all in reflection mode, let's take this in. Imagine a world without giraffes - link link
Clemency seeker to Obama: don't leave us behind (Opinion) - link JessyMichele link

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