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Trump quickly condemns Louvre attack, still quiet on Quebec - link link
  • Don Moynihan (donmoyn)

    jaketapper on the other hand, this is the most interest he has ever shown in a Museum

  • Chris Lloyd (chrisrlloyd)

    jaketapper How many liberal politicians have not condemned Berkeley?

  • Skyler! (SkylerFoxy)

    chrisrlloyd jaketapper So, care to refresh me on how many people died at Berkeley vs in the Quebec attack?

  • Chris Lloyd (chrisrlloyd)

    SkylerFoxy Care to refresh me on how many liberals celebrated Berkeley violence vs anyone celebrating Quebec violence?

  • Skyler! (SkylerFoxy)

    chrisrlloyd I saw a lot of crowing about the Quebec attack on Twitter and r/the_donald -- until the identify of the attacker was revealed.

  • Chris Fulaytar (ChrisFulaytar)

    SkylerFoxy chrisrlloyd you going to answer his question or not?

  • Skyler! (SkylerFoxy)

    ChrisFulaytar chrisrlloyd He never answered mine. And are you equating what happened at Berkeley to what happened in Quebec?

  • Chris Lloyd (chrisrlloyd)

    SkylerFoxy ChrisFulaytar They were both violent. Not seen anyone celebrate Quebec. I've seen prominent liberals celebrate Berkeley.

  • Skyler! (SkylerFoxy)

    chrisrlloyd ChrisFulaytar Wow, so you ARE equating them.

  • karen munro (BaileyPittipat)

    jaketapper Not a word of condolence. What more proof is needed that Trump despises muslims. That his motivation is bigotry.

  • Kevin Everett (kevcol12)

    BaileyPittipat jaketapper u r being played. Trump called Trudeau same night. White House released statement

  • karen munro (BaileyPittipat)

    kevcol12 jaketapper He used it to justify his policy banning muslims. Nothing since clarified the shooter wasn't muslim but white.

  • Alex Pierson (AlexpiersonAMP)

    jaketapper he called our PM JustinTrudeau almost immediately. That's better than a silly tweet.

  • Julio Arruda (YouNicks)

    AlexpiersonAMP jaketapper JustinTrudeau let's be realistic, he was calling because Fox was saying it was a guy from Morocco..

  • Ali Zaidi (altoidsjedi)

    . jaketapper realDonaldTrump is too politically correct, he can't say it: "Radical... ...Christian... ...Terrorism."

  • jus (washedupjustin)

    jaketapper We appreciate your reporting here in Canada. The misrepresentations by Fox and trump has been pretty insulting.

Franken calls Trump's 'Pocahontas' remark 'racist' - link link
  • Ian Boothby (IanBoothby)

    jaketapper Trump can fuck off with all the colours of the wind.

  • Ian Boothby (IanBoothby)

    jaketapper Trump has a shameful history of doing this kind of thing... link

  • Daniel (Spradlinn)

    jaketapper Trump is as much a racist as Senator Warren is Cherokee Indian

  • Jesse Bo (MacEnvy)

    Spradlinn jaketapper So like 1/32? That's racist enough to be scorned

  • Daniel (Spradlinn)

    MacEnvy jaketapper yeah the 1/32 that's not even verified - link

  • Spradlinn MacEnvy jaketapper BostonGlobe but she has high cheek bones or something.

  • Mujahed Kobbe (Moj_kobe)

    jaketapper It's not.

  • Bee (infobee)

    Moj_kobe jaketapper Agreed. He's making a joke, highlighting that she was the one who lied about A Indian heritage.

  • Mujahed Kobbe (Moj_kobe)

    infobee jaketapper Of course, they have diluted the word it has no real power When said by them anyways.

  • Bee (infobee)

    Moj_kobe jaketapper Agreed. Everyone is a racist, everyone is a nazi. It's toothless, empty rhetoric right now.

  • Rachel Ann (rachelapolitics)

    infobee Moj_kobe jaketapper Racist jokes are still racist.

  • John Burley (burlyg8r)

    rachelapolitics infobee Moj_kobe jaketapper if we have to explain it to you, well... You know.

  • jaketapper We have a racist president. The danger is that this will be tolerated more and more. He's normalizing societies demons.

  • jaketapper wow. A liberal calling a republican a racist. Ouch. That would have been damaging before the word dissolved to mean nothing.

  • Sara (FreemarketSara)

    jaketapper The Democrat Party are the racist, party of the KKK & the so called ¨switch¨ is one big lie...UR broken record BS will NOT work

  • marshall (fir_eel)

    FreemarketSara jaketapper yo sara--chill out on that KKK business. times change. they obviously support the current Republican president.

First on CNN: Condoleezza Rice endorses Sessions for attorney general - link link
  • Jazcox (jaz2cox)

    JasonMillerinDC CondoleezzaRice Ms. Rice is a class - act!

  • Dani (LivNow)

    RT JasonMillerinDC: First on CNN: Condoleezza Rice endorses Sessions for attorney general - linklink

  • Tempest Storm (tempteststorm2)

    JasonMillerinDC TeamTrump tempteststorm2 I have boycotted CNN but it's nice to hear. I admire Rice. She is brilliant.

  • Duke9555 (duke9555)

    JasonMillerinDC link

  • JasonMillerinDC he will be put through - media just needs something to talk about

  • Paul Stevenson (plstevenson09)

    JasonMillerinDC TeamTrump Condoleezza Rice, Now, That's a Smart woman indeed, If your on the same page as ,Her, Your on the right Road .

  • greentacos4me (greentacos4me)

    JasonMillerinDC @ Good move by Rice. We need and want Sessions confirmed.

  • David Harwell (David_Harwell)

    JasonMillerinDC Roll Tide baby. Sessions is going to lock her up and strengthen the weakened justice system.

  • J Kyle (JmfKyle)

    JasonMillerinDC Jason - The uneducated flaming Liberal Clown won't like this, good stuff.

  • Arum Fox (ArumFox)

    JasonMillerinDC uh oh a black woman has endorsed AG Session what will the liberals do

  • ArumFox JasonMillerinDC I'm sorry, when did tht black woman who has been in govt forever stop being republican? Glad you noticed her race.

  • Arum Fox (ArumFox)

    NSendUBckCryin JasonMillerinDC You tweet has tinges of racism, must have been raised in the deep South. Release the hate from your heart

  • Sarah Redd (trthseeker6)

    ArumFox NSendUBckCryin JasonMillerinDC I was raised in the South and my best friend is black; listen to yourself; HYPOCRITE!

  • We The People Won (hugva3)

    JasonMillerinDC os4185 so glad she did ! I pray for god to watch over Sessions tomorrow as he goes through confirmation process !

  • Al Melvin (alsferb)

    JasonMillerinDC TeamTrump Sessions deserves endorsement. He will make a definitely needed change.

  • Independant (abbaeema41)


  • John Smith (JSmithpolitics1)

    JasonMillerinDC but wait I thought he was racist?

  • Trevor Dale (trevormdale)

    JasonMillerinDC Watch the libtards come out and call her a hater now.

WH: No mention of Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day because others were killed too - link link
  • Nano (IlyasStefoglo1)

    jaketapper What the hell is your problem jake? Your reporting is becoming borderline treason. You obviously hate the new admin and cherrypick negatives

  • WJ Bentley (youdictategood)

    IlyasStefoglo1 jaketapper Reporting a direct quote from an administration official is "borderline treason?" That' interesting take.

  • Nano (IlyasStefoglo1)

    youdictategood jaketapper If you follow him it should be clear that he likes to slander trump and his team

  • IlyasStefoglo1 He's QUOTING him, you dipshit.

  • Nano (IlyasStefoglo1)

    NickdeSemlyen Im not saying he didnt say it. Im pointing that he filters everything about the us govt negatively even statements to remember the victims

  • IlyasStefoglo1 That's because your govt is currently being run by lunatics. Even in the UK we can see it. Why can't you?

  • Nano (IlyasStefoglo1)

    NickdeSemlyen Im canadian dummy. Lolol

  • David Bluefeather (Plumazul)

    IlyasStefoglo1 Did you mean to say that you're a Canadian dummy?? NickdeSemlyen

  • MountianofW (Triangleraider)

    jaketapper I'm sorry, fucking what? WhiteHouse

  • Casual Observer (apartment_2f)

    Triangleraider jaketapper WhiteHouse I mean holy shit

  • Casual Observer (apartment_2f)

    Triangleraider "other people died too" is straight out of the holocaust denier playbook

  • MountianofW (Triangleraider)

    apartment_2f can't remember Pearl Harbor, some Japanese died that day? WTF is wrong with these people?

  • Casual Observer (apartment_2f)

    Triangleraider the GOP is supposed to be the "pro israel" party. I mean that's a pretty core thing.

  • MountianofW (Triangleraider)

    apartment_2f this is the more interesting aspect for sure.

  • Frida Ghitis (FridaGhitis)

    . jaketapper So, White House position on Holocaust is same as Mel Gibson and his antisemitic dad's: Lots of people killed, some were Jews

  • E deplorabus unum (DWSalts)

    FridaGhitis jaketapper 5 million others were killed, should they not be mentioned?

  • Frida Ghitis (FridaGhitis)

    DWSalts jaketapper the Holocaust was above all a planned effort to exterminate every single Jew in Europe. It almost succeeded.

  • E deplorabus unum (DWSalts)

    FridaGhitis jaketapper Yes, 6 Million jews were murdered, that doesn't explain why they get to overshadow the 5 million non jews

  • Angelina (slopringly)

    DWSalts FridaGhitis jaketapper Overfuckingshadow? Are you for real?

  • E deplorabus unum (DWSalts)

    slopringly FridaGhitis jaketapper No, I take the eradication of millions of gypsies and gays seriously

  • DWSalts slopringly FridaGhitis jaketapper ironically enough, the statement doesn't mention the slaughter of gays during the holocaust...

  • E deplorabus unum (DWSalts)

    StephanieMEF slopringly FridaGhitis jaketapper covers everyone so no one is left out

Trump to Dems: 'Pocahontas is now the face of your party' - link link
  • James Taranto (jamestaranto)

    . jaketapper How come CNN doesn't follow its Trump style and note Warren's claim is false? link

  • Jon Mexico (JonMexico6)

    jamestaranto jaketapper Yesterday JTap praised Blumenthal for no Vietnam deferments. Linked to article that said Blum had 5 deferments!

  • Jake Tapper (jaketapper)

    JonMexico6 jamestaranto he had deferments and then enlisted in Marine Reserves. Others sought deferments in perpetuity

  • Jon Mexico (JonMexico6)

    jaketapper jamestaranto I think what you meant to say is he had RUN OUT OF deferments and then enlisted in reserves. Why so generous?

  • "Pocahontas?" I was disabused of the notion of the dignity of the Oval Office when Monica walked out of there splattered with it. jaketapper

  • N.G.McClernan (ngmcclernan)

    KurtSchlichter jaketapper And yet you evil freaks hated Obama too and his personal conduct was stellar. Nobody falls for your bullshit.

  • Since we're evil, I guess you're released from any moral restrictions when trying to do something about us. ngmcclernan jaketapper

  • N.G.McClernan (ngmcclernan)

    KurtSchlichter jaketapper obviously not - moral restrictions is why we are not evil - unlike you.

  • N.G.McClernan (ngmcclernan)

    KurtSchlichter jaketapper the main issue is your shameless hypocrisy - pretending to care about personal morality when you obviously don't

  • VK Rural FlyOver (vjeannek)

    ngmcclernan KurtSchlichter jaketapper We are done having our morality used against us by Libs who possess no morals. We play ur game now

  • N.G.McClernan (ngmcclernan)

    vjeannek KurtSchlichter jaketapper your "morals" consist of supporting a vicious ignorant Putin-loving traitor as POTUS - not impressed!

  • Dan Schmitt (Coach_Schmitt1)

    jaketapper and who is the face of the GOP? Putin or Duke?

  • racefan (Harrietcreigh)

    Coach_Schmitt1 jaketapper bannon

  • V P L (questions846)

    Harrietcreigh Coach_Schmitt1 jaketapper oompah loompahs

  • sunchick  ? (sunchick8)

    questions846 Harrietcreigh Coach_Schmitt1 jaketapper That's an insult to Oompa Loompas

  • jaketapper Can we start talking about how racist it is to call her that yet?

  • ManMo (manar0808)

    WhatMyWifeYells jaketapper he doesn't care. And neither do most of his racist supporters

  • FrostRyan (TheFrostRyan)

    manar0808 WhatMyWifeYells jaketapper I'm confused as to why she is called Pocahontas....

  • TheFrostRyan manar0808 WhatMyWifeYells jaketapper She claimed Native American ancestry at some point and they suck at insults

  • LauraJean1005 TheFrostRyan manar0808 WhatMyWifeYells jaketapper Did you mean to type Fauxahontas? U is pretty far from T on the keypad

  • supermcallister LauraJean1005 TheFrostRyan manar0808 WhatMyWifeYells jaketapper The right always sucks at humor.

  • (((SJ B))) (SJB_in_NDG)

    ScottValentine9 supermcallister LauraJean1005 TheFrostRyan manar0808 WhatMyWifeYells jaketapper & spelling, ethics, truth, morality.

Eli Broad, a charter school advocate, pens letter against DeVos - link link
Carl Bernstein on covering Trump: Follow the money - link #AxeFiles link
  • davidaxelrod marybschneider Follow the money was advice from Deep Throat to Bob Woodward in late-night meetings in that DC parking garage.

  • NancyCatLover davidaxelrod We know.

  • marybschneider davidaxelrod I was in college during Watergate. You'd be surprised how many young people don't know a lot about Watergate.

  • robbiese7en (robbiese7en)

    davidaxelrod whoever leaks the tax returns will be a national hero.

  • TheBarrilla (beartastic45)

    davidaxelrod sick em carl team up with Woodward again & bring down that bastard and all of his cronies

  • Graple (graple12)

    davidaxelrod Is somebody going to follow the damned money any time soon? Or wait until it is covered up?

  • Teresa (dearmrfantasy41)

    davidaxelrod carlbernstein Then get on it Mr. Bernstein. No one is better at uncovering the truth.

  • Janet (almost_jane)

    davidaxelrod "Follow the money" - ALWAYS wise words.

  • urt (TpsRapport)

    davidaxelrod all roads lead back to Russian mafia

  • Will Harte (willharte)

    davidaxelrod Listened to conversation driving to work this morning. Stopped at library on way home to grab DVD of All the President's Men.

  • Anne Everett (ace572013)

    davidaxelrod Carl Bernstein needs to investigate Trump - another Nixon in the making.

  • Ayesha Mir (thenorthrmembrs)

    davidaxelrod this inspired me to pick up All the President's Men, which has been awesome so far!

  • davidaxelrod And billionaire backer of POTUS, Breitbart, Kellyanne Conway, and Steve Bannon, etc.: Bob Mercer. What are his motivations?

  • AMG (ymasumac)

    davidaxelrod I hope there's a reporter out there right now following the money.

  • Neil (NeilGetReal)

    davidaxelrod Somewhere Mark Felt and Hal Holbrook are smiling.

  • Rae (RachaelMulholla)

    davidaxelrod great episode! Have now added to my ever growing list of books to read thanks to Carl Bernstein.

  • vonceyb (vonceyb)

    davidaxelrod Honestly the financial corruption seems like the least of our worries at the moment.

  • AZC (azc107)

    vonceyb davidaxelrod but thats how they can be brought down

Democratic Indiana senator praises Trump on Carrier deal: 'Keep this up' - link link
  • Duke9555 (duke9555)

    JasonMillerinDC Romney Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  • DURTY (durtyshotz)

    JasonMillerinDC finally someone that realizes it's a step by step process

  • @egoyibonwaiwu (egoyibo55)

    JasonMillerinDC Unity is all #Trump wants from everyone regardless of our differences to build and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

  • Billy Vaughn (BillyVaughn4)

    JasonMillerinDC let's see the results!!

  • Lucia A BirgÀmok (AmokBsy)

    JasonMillerinDC TeamTrump Something that Obama didn't do for the American workers he did not participate at all the companies moving out

  • JasonMillerinDC TeamTrump Yes please keep it up. We'll all be looking for jobs. realDonaldTrump = total stupidity.

  • Dorothy Szymanski (BSuenjon)

    JasonMillerinDC The deal was 1.65 Billion. Trump inflated the numbers and will later say that he negotiated the price down.

  • BSuenjon JasonMillerinDC source?

  • Dorothy Szymanski (BSuenjon)

    RaTicanD This tweet was about the Air Force One deal. Those sources were all of the news networks plus Boeing.

  • Lionsforce (newsfactcheck)

    JasonMillerinDC Have you eaten at Carls Jr and Hardees? Didn't you notice that there are hardly any blacks working there? #NeverPuzder

  • Mariae nicolao (elenanicolao)

    JasonMillerinDC TeamTrump One gratefull Democrat ...about time!

  • Jim ji (Jimbo07104)

    JasonMillerinDC TeamTrump listen you left liberals your own party knows he will be better than our stooge in the Oval Office

  • The Watching Cat (twstaton)

    JasonMillerinDC they are coming around now....good.

  • Russell (IKnowrealnews)

    JasonMillerinDC 16,000,000 they're investing in to the plant is for automation so will cost more jobs in the long run.

  • debdas (debdasp)

    JasonMillerinDC will hillary love this democrat?

  • Foxxita (Foxxita)

    JasonMillerinDC TeamTrump yup great deal: $7 milltax payer & for 1000, oops 800, jobs. Idiots.

  • JasonMillerinDC

  • JasonMillerinDC TeamTrump Common ground on good and beneficial ideals! #MAGA

Cory Booker to testify against Jeff Sessions in unprecedented move - link link
  • Aurora lights (nikki199x)

    jaketapper the dems are desperate.

  • nikki199x jaketapper Sessions is awful.

  • Aurora lights (nikki199x)

    WearingWelcome jaketapper sure go ahead and ignore the last 15 years of him helping the American American community.

  • Steve (IamGnosis)

    Which reality do you live in ? nikki199x WearingWelcome jaketapper

  • Aurora lights (nikki199x)

    IamGnosis If the best evidence the Left can concoct against Sessions relies on discredited allegations more than three decades old

  • Pat Ryan (Raytap1)

    nikki199x "Past is Prologue" would be the GOP anthem folks. Garland didn't even get acknowledged y'all. Dems grow a spine. IamGnosis

  • Steve (IamGnosis)

    They are spineless. They should just give up. Raytap1 nikki199x

  • Pat Ryan (Raytap1)

    IamGnosis because you are scares of the obstruction coming? Gird your loins...its gonna be a long 4yrs. nikki199x

  • JCJones (mrsjcjones)

    jaketapper So it's okay 2 forgive a former member of KKK Sen. Byrd but lets witch hunt an honorable man b/c of rumor? This is why Trump Won

  • We R Network (We_R_Network)

    jaketapper That's sad for Corey Booker political future. Sessions has enviable civil rights record. Were going to remember who maligns him.

  • susan opihoryhttp (rusynka)

    We_R_Network hollybmartinusa jaketapper - booker left newark almost as bad as chicago

  • Connie C. Keys (hotelkeys)

    jaketapper Senator Booker.

  • JWF (JammieWF)

    jaketapper Pathetic.

  • JammieWF jaketapper Booker, Sharpton, Black Caucus are racists. See? This works both ways.

  • Karen Boyce (karenboyce39)

    jaketapper Cory Booker speaks truth to power. What more can we ask of our elected officials? Thank you, Cory for your moral compass

  • Carl (Huntsalone1)

    jaketapper Democrat hypocrisy goes to new heights. Where was fake concern when L Lynch was made AG?

  • Jean Pennie (jeanpennie)

    Huntsalone1 jaketapper how about Holder? He was an extremely dangerous AG who selectively prosecuted according to his/obama's agenda

  • Carl (Huntsalone1)

    jeanpennie jaketapper Excellent point.

Lindsey Graham blasts Donald Trump after latest voter fraud false claim - link link
  • Albert Leppo (albert_leppo)

    jaketapper no one gives a shit about this nonstory

  • Elle710 (DemocratElle)

    albert_leppo jaketapper More than half of America does.

  • Albert Leppo (albert_leppo)

    DemocratElle jaketapper more than 163 million people care about this story?

  • Elle710 (DemocratElle)

    albert_leppo jaketapper Most people understand me. More than 65 million care. I would hope some Republicans care too. Happy now.

  • Albert Leppo (albert_leppo)

    DemocratElle jaketapper I doubt anyone REALLY cares about a one-off remark Trump made, even if it he was wrong about it.

  • J. B. (Brocktooon)

    albert_leppo DemocratElle jaketapper people should care that president lies about easily disprove Stuff. It is telling for the big stuff.

  • Rosemary crabill (Thelast_try)

    Brocktooon albert_leppo DemocratElle jaketapper True. This means Trump can lie about anything. Demand and investigation.

  • Janet Webb (JanetETennessee)

    jaketapper The same #LindseyGraham who's voting for a good friend of Putin to become Sec of State #alltalknovote

  • shanaban (shanaban52)

    JanetETennessee jaketapper Yes the one who pretends to have principles in order to get coverage

  • Janet Webb (JanetETennessee)

    shanaban52 jaketapper He's part of the Sounds Good Trio including McCain and Rubio: all their principles evaporate when it comes to a vote

  • Jamie Glackin (JamieGlackin1)

    jaketapper I love CNN Jake, but you guys have to stop referring to POTUS as leader of the free world. That's Angela Merkel now.

  • But #FakeNews #CNN said it was Lowest number ever! America First! Jobs Jobs! No More TPP #Maga #trump jaketapper link

  • immigrant4trump jaketapper That's #fakenews, it's 107% as of 3:75 this morning!

  • **** (Lilyofthenile)

    Humanitarian66 immigrant4trump jaketapper if they polled "illegals" &"dead people voting' it would be even higher.Highest ever.Tremendous

  • CaveBearPicker (CaveBear561)

    Lilyofthenile Humanitarian66 immigrant4trump jaketapper So literally fake news? Did you create this newsletter?

  • **** (Lilyofthenile)

    CaveBear561 Humanitarian66 immigrant4trump jaketapper Hello; #Sarcasm

  • CaveBearPicker (CaveBear561)

    Lilyofthenile Humanitarian66 immigrant4trump jaketapper Not you Lily, I got it. Talking about "americafirst" article & Rasmussen poll.

  • **** (Lilyofthenile)

    CaveBear561 Humanitarian66 immigrant4trump jaketapper oops

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