Congress moves to give away national lands, discounting billions in revenue and millions of jobs

Though recreation on public lands creates $646bn in economic stimulus and 6.1m jobs, Republicans are setting in motion a giveaway of Americans’ birthright

Protect Our Parks! Prevent Congress from selling our public land for corporate profits. #Resist link
  • Christoph Baaden (CBaaden)

    Unreal. AltNatParkSer: Protect Our Parks! Prevent Congress from selling our public land for corp. profits #Resist link

  • Jim Sylvester (JVSylvester)

    CBaaden Not really "selling" public lands but falsely deeming it worthless so they can give it away. AltNatParkSer BI_contributors

  • Christoph Baaden (CBaaden)

    JVSylvester AltNatParkSer BI_contributors which is even worse.

  • AltMountRainier (AltMtRainier)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors We don't want Mt. Trump here...please contact your local congress members and voice your concern!

  • AltNatParkSer BI_contributors this is #oursnottheirs link

  • Sher (Sher_Patrick)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors Our national parks are a treasure to be protected and enjoyed for generations of Americans to come.

  • AltNatParkSer BI_contributors These actions are the very reason the national parks were created in the first place. We MUST protect them!

  • Rita Bartley (bartley_rita)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors Trump and GOP intent on destroying this country just to spite Obama.

  • Spider Joe (JosephTLapp)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors Please don't sell the land of the many for the profits of a few.

  • Nick (Irishteach85)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors Teddy Roosevelt is currently rolling over in his grade. #resist

  • Nick (Irishteach85)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors damn you autocorrect!!!

  • Bill Oates (wjoates)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors I'm betting they'll be drilling in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge by this summer.

  • ImTrackinMan (MarkTMancini)

    AltNatParkSer I think that Washington bureaucrat Rob Bishop (R-UT) needs to hear from some people! Call 202-225-0453 and tell him no sale! link

  • J (NonnaSJF)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors This is disgusting

  • Maddie (MaddieMontana05)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors this is a national nightmare

  • Ms. Hart (hartsigns)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors I LOVE YOU!!! <3

  • Christina (Ayubec)

    AltNatParkSer BI_contributors can we sell the home of these politician!?

GOP changes budget rules to declare federal public lands worthless, staging mass giveaway of nature to corporations link
  • AbbyMartin machin3gir1 guardian I'm going to throw up

  • AbbyMartin machin3gir1 guardian I've been working w lush and friends of nv wilderness for 2 years to protect gold butte!!!

  • AbbyMartin machin3gir1 guardian then Obama finally protects it and now POOF gone

  • lilhoneyb abbymartin guardian machin3gir1 Suspicious of Obama's motive.Since when did Govt do right by indigenous ppl?Obama ws corporate

  • NotMyPresident (marcboss6)

    ganais_anais lilhoneyb AbbyMartin guardian machin3gir1 dude u haven't seen corporate yet

  • marcboss6 abbymartin guardian lilhoneyb machin3gir1 Seen Corporate for ecades, leading to low employment & forced down wages,Govt led.

  • abbymartin guardian lilhoneyb machin3gir1 marcboss6 Obama's timing, stopping drilling in last gasp moment of Presidency? Game player!

  • J DURANTE (jodel933)

    AbbyMartin ThisIsWhyTrump guardian they are giving the lands to states. Why is this a problem?

  • Rick Adcock (spock4444)

    jodel933 AbbyMartin ThisIsWhyTrump guardian The public lands belong to all of us. They do not belong to politicians, not theirs to give!

  • J DURANTE (jodel933)

    spock4444 AbbyMartin ThisIsWhyTrump guardian ok then. So moving from one "section" that doesn't own them to another shdnt matter.

  • jodel933 spock4444 AbbyMartin ThisIsWhyTrump guardian it actually gives people living in the state MORE say in how lands are used.

  • J DURANTE (jodel933)

    MichellDbriand spock4444 AbbyMartin ThisIsWhyTrump guardian less both federal & state gov oversight watch. Saves time and $$$.

  • Mike Hawes (MikeHawesQPR)

    jodel933 MichellDbriand spock4444 AbbyMartin ThisIsWhyTrump guardian nothing but silence about Clinton and her shady uranium one deal

  • J DURANTE (jodel933)

    MikeHawesQPR MichellDbriand spock4444 AbbyMartin ThisIsWhyTrump or her shady Haiti deals.

  • rosariojoel (teslaVSeinstein)

    AbbyMartin guardian i think its time to overthrow trump and his cabinet

  • Brian T Simmons (BTSimmons65)

    teslaVSeinstein AbbyMartin guardian its way, way bigger than #Trump. Follow the arm extended up the ass. U have to start there.

  • AbbyMartin harikunzru guardian The Federal government shouldn't own so much land anyway.

  • Alex (alexriesart)

    leftfootjustice AbbyMartin harikunzru guardian the people own the government. So you are saying the people shouldnt, just rich people

  • alexriesart AbbyMartin harikunzru guardian But I would prefer to see it sold and that money used to forgive debt or pay reparations.

  • Alex (alexriesart)

    leftfootjustice AbbyMartin harikunzru guardian sold to who?

  • alexriesart AbbyMartin harikunzru guardian Whoever benefits the nation most as purchaser. Some corps, some private citizens etc.

  • Alex (alexriesart)

    leftfootjustice AbbyMartin harikunzru guardian Why wouldnt public ownership benefit the nation more?

  • Medium-sized Nobody (natewags)

    alexriesart leftfootjustice AbbyMartin harikunzru guardian Cuz we don't need trees. We can just make oxygen from our money.

  • natewags alexriesart AbbyMartin harikunzru guardian You realize that the American timber industry is the most sustainable in the world?

Congress just made it easier to sell off federal land, including national parks link via bi_contributors
  • joerogan BI_contributors the news isn't making this out to be as incredibly terrible as it is. monumental fuck up.

  • johnnypemberton joerogan BI_contributors a 7-Eleven would be good in the Grand Canyon though

  • James (looper__joe)

    joerogan Remember how Trump and CLinton are the same? Remember you saying that JOE!

  • Never ClinTrump (MKEBeerMan)

    looper__joe joerogan They are 99% the same. Focusing on the 1% diff while their IDENTICAL foreign policy kills millions makes u SELFISH AF

  • Samsam (samshanghai)

    MKEBeerMan looper__joe joerogan they are similar- but let's me honest, hil won't have done this. She would have fought it.

  • Adam Buening (hausmaus07)

    samshanghai MKEBeerMan looper__joe joerogan if nothing else...she probably would have LISTENED to opposing ideas.

  • James (jaa6312)

    hausmaus07 samshanghai MKEBeerMan looper__joe joerogan by "LISTENED", you mean to the highest bidder?

  • Samsam (samshanghai)

    jaa6312 hausmaus07 MKEBeerMan looper__joe joerogan I doubt she would have done this. Whole she do other shady shit? Sure, not this tho

  • Adam Buening (hausmaus07)

    samshanghai jaa6312 MKEBeerMan looper__joe joerogan yup. It isn't about doing damage, but how much damage. And she would have been okay

  • Saadat Ali Zia (my69cents)

    joerogan Americans are undoing one of the greatest things about America BI_contributors

  • joerogan janemarielynch BI_contributors We can't allow this. It is protected land set aside for wild horses, bison, wolves, etc. This has to stop

  • rhonda66powell joerogan janemarielynch BI_contributors lol, Joe may primarily be concerned cuz it means less land 4 him 2 murder animals

  • Jonathon Hanson (JRH_97309)

    joerogan BI_contributors This is great, there is way too much federal land.

  • JRH_97309 joerogan BI_contributors Tell that to the federally protected wild horses, bison, wolves, eagles, etc that call it home. It is their land. Not humans.

  • Jonathon Hanson (JRH_97309)

    rhonda66powell joerogan BI_contributors it is owned by humans right now

  • JRH_97309 joerogan BI_contributors No it is federally protected land set aside to preserve the habitat of the wild horses, bison, and other wildlife.

  • Jonathon Hanson (JRH_97309)

    rhonda66powell joerogan BI_contributors not all of it is even for that purpose and if it is federally protected then it's owned by humans

  • JRH_97309 joerogan BI_contributors The land was set aside through a treaty with the Native American tribes. People who think like Trump are parasites.

  • Jonathon Hanson (JRH_97309)

    rhonda66powell joerogan BI_contributors and then calling people parasites

  • JRH_97309 joerogan BI_contributors Donald Trump is a parasite. He destroys everything in his path like a termite. He hurts children, old people, and animals.

:( link #JustSad NotAltWorld NatlParkService #NationalTreasure #NationalForest #blmland #wildliferefuge
  • ruth lambert (rutlamb11)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. What can we do to stop this???

  • Daisy (dyrdaisy)

    rutlamb11 TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian link

  • Amanda Batty (theamandabatty)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian link

  • TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian Febuary 17th NATIONAL STRIKE! We stand up now or we lay down and die.

  • Cara McAine (CaraMcAine)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian IF Congress succeeds they'll be damned 2 hell f/all time SenateMajLdr SpeakerRyan

  • Beatle Maniac (More_BRB_Songs)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian Work to commence immediately on "Gift" from Trump "Foundation" to "America": link

  • Mikie (MikieFan2013)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService is there not meant to be a link between 'conservative' & 'conservation' ? #NationalTreasure

  • TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian a travesty for the wildlife and the environment we need sane minds to stop this now!

  • truthtrumps (truthtrumps1)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian These GOP environmental attacks are the worst because so hard to reverse

  • truthtrumps (truthtrumps1)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian And I think we know at least one buyer already. Starts with KO, ends with CH

  • h2o_engineer (MC_OG)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian Is this how Trump shows us he is such a good negotiator? Sad, very sad.

  • Jane Marching (MarchingJane)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian turning the US into an old trash pit. They really hate the US and it's people.

  • Old Surfer (WelshOld)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian Republicans will give away our land to their wealthy friends to turn easy profits.

  • Betty Boogaloo (BettyBoogaloo)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian Just wait till the Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, etc sport NASCAR stickers

  • Ashley White (AshesTV)

    BettyBoogaloo TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian no

  • phoebe (tuneuncle)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian this can't actually happen... right?????

  • PerryAnderson (pandreasson)

    TheKarthikRaja NotAltWorld NatlParkService guardian terrible. Another foundation aspect of or country and history becoming a dinosaur.

House GOP changes budget rules to claim federal public lands are worthless, setting stage for transfer link
  • David Beard (dabeard)

    fordm Thanks for tweeting this. Hadn't known at all before.

  • RSB (sanfrancali)

    fordm just undoing all land obama grabbed

  • Brian Fleetwood (BrianJCFleet)

    sanfrancali fordm Grabbed from who sir?

  • RSB (sanfrancali)

    BrianJCFleet fordm many states he took more Area than the size of Texas, I thought you knew

  • Brian Fleetwood (BrianJCFleet)

    sanfrancali fordm Can you freely still go to these places?

  • BrianJCFleet sanfrancali fordm the silence is deafening.

  • Internet of Frings (pieist)

    GeorgeM51741419 BrianJCFleet sanfrancali Obama actually "took more Area than the size of Texas" from Texas alone. He's magic that way.

  • pieist BrianJCFleet sanfrancali for National Parks, which can now still be used for recreation, mining, logging,etc but 4 public access.

  • RSB (sanfrancali)

    GeorgeM51741419 pieist BrianJCFleet wrong the land was designated for conservation and that is not the will of the people in Utah

  • Calvin (Blalest_Blal)

    fordm When the GOP tells you they're good for the economy, remember they don't know what the economy is.

  • PapaSwamp (PapaSwamp)

    Blalest_Blal fordm Good for the oligarchist part of the economy... which has been the case of last several admins. They just tripled down

  • Calvin (Blalest_Blal)

    PapaSwamp fordm I don't really think they're particularly good for the oligarchs either.

  • PapaSwamp (PapaSwamp)

    Blalest_Blal fordm ...considering congress has most millionaires ever...I'd say they are doing ok. Wealth of top % has > dramatically.

  • Calvin (Blalest_Blal)

    PapaSwamp fordm And I think that's what they perceive as success criteria but I think they're capturing monetary value of stability poorly

  • PapaSwamp (PapaSwamp)

    Blalest_Blal fordm well a stable economy is a whole different ball game. Goal seems make as much $ as possible while the music still plays

  • Danael Black (danaelblack)

    PapaSwamp Blalest_Blal fordm they're GREAT at destabilizing the economy, then giving themselves bailouts consequence free

  • Jacob Leon (manurespreader)

    fordm They are confusing worthless with priceless.

  • Jacob Leon (manurespreader)

    fordm link

  • James White (happycowtwit)

    fordm Unlike a lot of their plans, this is one where the toothpaste would be impossible to put back in the tube.

  • An Elk (A_n_Elk)

    happycowtwit fordm Eminent Domain them back.

  • A_n_Elk happycowtwit fordm Our next president will have so much to fix, I wonder if we could even start to do this.

Congress moves to give away national lands, discounting billions in revenue and millions of jobs link
Congress moves to give away national lands, discounting billions in revenue and millions of jobs link
  • Tracey Beall (TraceyBeall)

    sarahkendzior guardian As bad as that is, it doesn't begin to cover it. This is the heritage of future generations. It's priceless.

  • BoffleSpoffle (BoffleSpoffle)

    sarahkendzior guardian Looks like they plan to ram through every damage possible in a blitz of heinous legislative spurts.

  • sarahkendzior guardian transferring land to the states is a good thing, geniuses

  • Echo_L (Echo_L)

    ArtrexisLives sarahkendzior guardian Not for me- I'm in Michigan. Our Governor (also a business man) is not kind to water.

  • Richard Yanda (RayDustin66)

    Echo_L ArtrexisLives sarahkendzior guardian Not in WI where GovWalker gave away state land to a wealthy donor. They win. We lose.

  • Echo_L (Echo_L)

    RayDustin66 ArtrexisLives sarahkendzior guardian GovWalker Good God! Are you guys fighting pipe lines there?

  • Richard Yanda (RayDustin66)

    Echo_L ArtrexisLives sarahkendzior GovWalker Many fought natural gas lines but lost. Mining, too. Now more public lands at risk.

  • Echo_L (Echo_L)

    RayDustin66 ArtrexisLives sarahkendzior GovWalker Drive through WI on way to Yellowstone. Pretty pretty! Want to go further North in WI

  • Richard Yanda (RayDustin66)

    Echo_L ArtrexisLives sarahkendzior GovWalker Some beautiful National forests that mining companies and loggers would love to rape

  • Echo_L (Echo_L)

    RayDustin66 ArtrexisLives sarahkendzior GovWalker yep. Same as UP. So sad. Good time to start thinking Yosemite for summer vacation

  • sarahkendzior EllenDatlow guardian All of this makes me unutterably sad and angry as hell

  • Ellen Datlow (EllenDatlow)

    GallopinDragons sarahkendzior guardian You're not alone.

  • EllenDatlow sarahkendzior guardian That really is my only comfort. Well, that and my pups link

  • sarahkendzior The smash-and-grab of republican kleptocrats is going to irreparably hurt our national heritage.

  • Tap Schu (myownschu)

    sarahkendzior guardian isn't this theft of the country's assets? Can't citizens sue? tribelaw NormEisen

  • DeeDeeTx1953 (Deborah15072506)

    myownschu sarahkendzior guardian tribelaw NormEisen Excellent question. I have no money and don't know a lawyer, but I will do whatever

  • Dave (davidwsapp)

    sarahkendzior the trumpian fleecing of America is getting underway

  • Beth (CountBeth921)

    sarahkendzior LAKeegs guardian Protect our National Parks and BLM. STOP GOP from selling off and dividing our free land.

  • Pesky Leftist (ResistanceRat)

    sarahkendzior THEY'RE GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE! THIS IS INSANE. They're businessmen too so you KNOW it's a scam if they're giving up $$

  • CaliFutbol420 (futbol420)

    sarahkendzior Richard_Schiff guardian They want to give our lands to rich assholes so they can drill and build shitty houses on it.

.AltNatParkSer how do we resist THIS? who do we call to apply pressure? link
  • JMeaks (j_meaks)

    allimaloney rtraister AltNatParkSer guardian call your rep!! UT cong deleg are leading the charge. Support sen like MartinHeinrich

  • JMeaks (j_meaks)

    allimaloney rtraister AltNatParkSer guardian just to clarify that the UTAH deleg wants to steal public lands

  • TimberGhost (TimberGhost7)

    j_meaks allimaloney rtraister AltNatParkSer guardian Another area under consideration for sale is Boundary Waters Canoe Area in MN.

  • JMeaks (j_meaks)

    TimberGhost7 allimaloney rtraister AltNatParkSer guardian #

  • Ponzi'..d (NONOTAGAIN)

    allimaloney TomWellborn AltNatParkSer Now you can understand why Obama designated new Federal land before he left .

  • Maxine69 (maxxxxine55)

    allimaloney rtraister AltNatParkSer guardian omg I cannot believe any of this anymore just so sick

  • maxxxxine55 allimaloney rtraister AltNatParkSer guardian And this is ONLY DAY4 of hisEVIL PLANS TO DESTROY OUR ALREADY GREAT NATION

  • Kim Cavill (sexposparenting)

    allimaloney rtraister AltNatParkSer guardian Exon owns congress.

  • Juno (sollisol)

    sexposparenting allimaloney rtraister AltNatParkSer guardian #Koch owns Congress

  • trudy gonzales (trudygonzales)

    allimaloney LatinosMatter AltNatParkSer guardian Dept of Interior Sec sets policy for NPS pay attention to who Trump nominates. Protest

  • Andrei Tuch (Flasher_T)

    allimaloney AltNatParkSer You don't call. You drive. Camp on the Natl Mall. Stand in front of bulldozers. Surgery, not medicine, required.

  • André Vermeij (vermeij_)

    allimaloney AltNatParkSer Such proposals show disrespect for America. Abusing the God-given nature for the short-time gains of a few men.

  • Eric Anderson (ericelement)

    allimaloney Go here for everything needed to contact your rep link

  • allimaloney AltNatParkSer where do you live? Call your Member of Congress.

  • Nathan Turner (nathanT1970)

    MonicaGoldberg AmorGaia allimaloney AltNatParkSer I do every day at 9:00 am

  • word (66bike)

    allimaloney OMAHAGEMGIRL AltNatParkSer guardian This is BS. You can't say public land is worthless when it generates billions$. LiesLies

  • Sonya Baker (SonyaBaker2)

    allimaloney PrincessBravato AltNatParkSer guardian Privatization of public lands turns into trillions for the Republican.

  • André Vermeij (vermeij_)

    allimaloney AltNatParkSer America first, but not for: Abortion rights, mortgage insurance, ACA, nature protection, Indian lands, etc.

  • André Vermeij (vermeij_)

    allimaloney AltNatParkSer America's million years old nature is too important to let it be squandered by a maybe 4-year government.

Guys, this isn't partisan -- this impacts everyone: hunters, ranchers, the REI crowd, we cannot let this happen. link
  • David Goldfarb (locust9)

    vanaman chetfaliszek time to buy some guns and see how that shakes out.

  • Chet Faliszek (chetfaliszek)

    locust9 vanaman there is no resolution that plays in my mind out that is peaceful. Will he really "allow" an election in 4 years?

  • Caryn Vainio (Hellchick)

    chetfaliszek locust9 vanaman He's already setting the stage for saying, "we can't have an election until we figure this fraud out."

  • Chet Faliszek (chetfaliszek)

    Hellchick locust9 vanaman exactly!

  • mike vettese (man_daddio)

    vanaman chetfaliszek What did you think was going to happen in a country run by billionaires and multimillionaires now? Our USA is gone.

  • Chet Faliszek (chetfaliszek)

    man_daddio vanaman that last line... that last line.

  • mike vettese (man_daddio)

    chetfaliszek vanaman This country will never be the same after 2016..World fascism is in now.Religion and money rule.The worst two to mix.

  • Ben Visscher (whirlworld)

    vanaman guardian Once they're gone, they're gone. Why would ANYONE be ok with giving away our public lands?

  • angel ? (angel_airplanes)

    vanaman themackenzilee guardian WHY IS CONGRESS DOING ALL THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT NOW

  • irreverent nickname (goalcam)

    angel_airplanes vanaman themackenzilee guardian Because now they have a president that won't veto their garbage.

  • Jody Wallace (jodywallace)

    vanaman red3blog But some rich white guy isn't as rich as he could be!

  • Charlie Cleveland (Flayra)

    vanaman What. The. Fuck.

  • Alex Lewis (moondoggy_dogg)

    vanaman That 'presented by disney' sign is gonna look real good above the grand canyon.

  • vanaman that's what the Native Americans said 200 years ago and it never stopped our forefathers.

  • Eric Caugh (ecaughlaw)

    vanaman EllieMargolis guardian Am I reading this correctly? Did House GOP make up alternative facts to set up a federal lands giveaway?

  • Ellie Margolis (EllieMargolis)

    ecaughlaw vanaman guardian It would appear. I'm too tired now but I'm looking into it first thing in the morning.

  • TehZerp (TehZerp)

    vanaman guardian it's time for the Uber rich to step up and buy these lands for conservation. Put them in trusts and preserve them

  • Kazumi Chin (kazumiochin)

    vanaman guardian ew but why is it Americans' birthright? That's some fucked up colonial ass shit lol

  • Sindre O Skaare (SindreOpsahl)

    vanaman who in the FUCK aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrg

  • vanaman ollymoss guardian According to the article it already has happened. The Earth is going to die, soon.

"Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?... Oh will they ever learn?" link
  • (((sarah))) (schubie71)

    JMunozActor guardian this hurts my heart.

  • Lisa A. (Mijitalisa)

    JMunozActor guardian I'm disgusted, but not surprised by this.

  • Kimberley (KimbaLeeAnn)

    Mijitalisa JMunozActor guardian had the same (unfortunate) reaction

  • Lisa A. (Mijitalisa)

    KimbaLeeAnn JMunozActor guardian they're so damn greedy that they'd fill the Grand Canyon in with cement 2 build a monument 2 themselves

  • Darlene I. Aigen (dardar1126)

    JMunozActor Don't it always seem to go That you don't know what you've got Till it's gone They paved paradise And put up a parking lot

  • (((Mimi Lynne ))) (LynneAvVer)

    JMunozActor guardian …they've paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

  • JMunozActor If more state governments were controlled by democrats, I doubt the GOP would be so eager to cede these lands. #LocalPolitics

  • Maureen Johnson (laviemaureen)

    unfettered_muse JMunozActor Therein lies the problem. Vote local and RUN local everyone. We Dems need to get on that!

  • laviemaureen JMunozActor no one can say the GOP doesn't have a great ground game in state legislatures. Dems gotta take the midterms.

  • Maureen Johnson (laviemaureen)

    unfettered_muse JMunozActor 100% accurate.

  • Judy N (gizmocha)

    JMunozActor guardian BarackObama MichelleObama KristenTullo:Intent on destroying his legacy they don't care if they destroy US w it!

  • Dena Trask (greekdena54)

    JMunozActor link #ResistTrump link #NotOnMyWatch

  • geetch (gratedchezz)

    JMunozActor guardian i love you even more for quoting peter paul and mary

  • Rosie. (wordsinbetween)

    JMunozActor I'll be real upset if that happens. It really surprised me when I moved here how anti-public-lands many people are.

  • Rosie. (wordsinbetween)

    JMunozActor like... Utah is gorgeous, and it's every person's right to witness the beauty in the lands here. They shouldn't be fenced off.

  • Laura Dorfman (laura_dorfman)

    JMunozActor guardian my favorite camp song.

  • Shauni (Oh4amuseoffire)

    . JMunozActor guardian Seriously! Where are the GOP heads!? Clearly not in the public good! Oh America, what is happening to you

  • Erika Ann Wert (erikaannwert)

    jmunozactor Tis a song I hold dear as my Dad did, God rest him. Tears in my eyes dear Javier I can't help it but know must be strong.

  • D.LeeArt (DLeeStudio)

    JMunozActor Having lived most of my life in the west, this has been one of my biggest fears.

  • Kimberley (KimbaLeeAnn)

    JMunozActor guardian link

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