Corbyn on Brexit: UK can be better off out of the EU

First speech of 2017 will make clear that Labour is not wedded to free movement and supports ‘repatriating powers’ from Brussels

Corbyn is useless, reactionary & uncomprehending. His purpose (& effect) is to destroy Labour electorally & morally. link
  • oliverkamm mapduliand That’s what I’m seeing too, yes. Wage cap is Spartacists ca. 1977.

  • Stefan Cross QC (StefanCross1)

    OliverKamm all of that is true but party members know this and don't care. This is only electorate JC cares about. Political selfimmolation

  • Sue Jameson (English_Woman)

    OliverKamm jeremybrier Great! While Corbyns in charge, they don't have a hope in hell of getting into power, couldn't be more thrilled.

  • Simon Worrall (sworrall)

    unojen_wood OliverKamm Always measure a person by the quality of their contenders. Looking good right now Mr. Kamm.

  • joyce miller (agapanthus49)

    OliverKamm 1st_bn_glosters guardian ....always against the EU until it suited him to flip-flop.

  • Ian (ianbarton241021)

    OliverKamm NiceEtoile he is vile...promoting southernstrike #southernstrike

  • Diane Messias (NiceEtoile)

    ianbarton241021 OliverKamm Can't see how he supports 10-month strike which is ruining so many lives and killing the SE economy.

  • OliverKamm I'm not in love with the LibDems, but aren't they now the only halfway-sane UK-wide party. Why aren't they doing better?

  • Gary Bickmore (AVF_Scooby2000)

    colinrosenthal OliverKamm Um because they supported 5 years of Tory cuts, said they will back Tories again and are being opportunist.

  • JSkiScotland??#63% (JWils60)

    OliverKamm VeroVero777 obviously not the party of workers as so many jobs now dependent on single market access & many UK workers r in EU!

  • OliverKamm EuEthnic and to support May in pushing the country off a cliff.

  • The Walrus (RebetikoWalrus)

    OliverKamm londonyc It's a pity, but UKLabour appears to be beyond repair.

  • Adam (adamwatt74)

    OliverKamm mwarne guardian Easy to attack when you've nothing better to offer.

  • Ed Whitfield (edwhitfield)

    OliverKamm Surely just his effect rather than a conscious decision on his part?

  • Isolated Brit (IsolatedBrit)

    OliverKamm londonmandy1 On Corbyn, Momentum, UKIP, #Brexit & Russian interests. Video from 24 mins in. link

  • OliverKamm guardian Interestingly enough the electorate put him in charge. So electorate gets what they deserve, as in #brexit

  • Steve (twitsplatt)

    OliverKamm guardian Not his purpose because that implies it is his aim. But he may well so that

Excellent and sincerely felt from Jeremy Corbyn: UK can be better off out of the EU | Politics | The Guardian link
  • Rory Wood (TheLateHarambe)

    georgegalloway Wish he had the balls to maintain this stance during the referendum campaign rather than watering it down for Blairites

  • lee g (leesomerset)

    georgegalloway guardian UK in EU has racist immigration policy. Black commonwealth not allowed, white east euros can do as they plse .sick

  • Leanne jones (Likklechick2003)

    georgegalloway guardian why don't they wait until he's actually spoken and report on that instead of "he will say"..?

  • Andy Watson (andywattoes)

    georgegalloway Jeremy begins his long overdue journey back to where he was when he was persuaded that the future lay with the #EU project..

  • John Leng (john_leng)

    georgegalloway He's doing ok, but wish you were going on DP later today as a shadow minister to back it up

  • georgegalloway I can hear the centrists and liberals screaming with rage already...

  • RightJudgeIam (RightJudgeIam)

    georgegalloway way too late, could have ridden the Leave horse to poiwer by NOW had they gone that way, missed penalty kick

  • Adam Eccles (Xaizeo)

    georgegalloway If he really feels the UK is better off out the EU then why did he campaign for a remain vote? I thought he was principled.

  • Xaizeo georgegalloway He campaigned to stay but reform.

  • Joe Emersberger (rosendo_joe)

    georgegalloway What are the key powers you think UK must repatriate from Brussells to allow more governmnet intervention in the economy?

  • georgegalloway guardian Jeremy Cobyn is a very honest politician & that's his crime with the British Main Street media.

  • georgegalloway guardian did you not see his interviews? He's about as flaky as a Cornish pasty, I'm more confused then ever

  • Max (MaxJones_34)

    georgegalloway ...which he then backtracked on on live TV this morning. There AREN'T ENOUGH EYEROLLS. link

  • pearsisido (PearsiSido)

    georgegalloway guardian Weak.

  • Basil Bushel (lazyfayre)

    georgegalloway But didn't Jeremy say he voted to remain?

  • georgegalloway Better to go with the flow than fight against the tide..

  • RK (UtopiaLibera)

    georgegalloway guardian Not Labour trait turn back on common society,not to mention benefits from EU stance on Labor & Human Rights laws?

You getting it now, Corbyn supporting Remainers? And this is why I cancelled my membership. link
  • Stefania Barutta (SBarutta)

    damocrat guardian the sole opposition to Brexit are the LibDems all 9 of them! Don't think the country will forget or forgive UKLabour

  • Damon (damocrat)

    SBarutta guardian UKLabour Don't forget theSNP!

  • Stefania Barutta (SBarutta)

    damocrat guardian UKLabour theSNP sure but I can't vote for them I don't live in Scotland

  • Damon (damocrat)

    SBarutta guardian UKLabour theSNP Same here. If only they'd become the British National Party... oh, hang on, forget that one...

  • Scarlet Wilde (wilde)

    damocrat DavidHeadViews guardian He campaigned for Remain and reform. Did you miss that bit?

  • Damon (damocrat)

    wilde DavidHeadViews Is this what you call campaigning 'for'? link

  • Scarlet Wilde (wilde)

    damocrat DavidHeadViews Remain and reform. Honesty. EU is far from perfect.

  • Damon (damocrat)

    wilde DavidHeadViews No one thinks it's perfect. But he shouldn't have allowed himself to be led to 7/10 statement. It resonated.

  • Daniel Blake (Mungo_5)

    damocrat the headline is not supported by any of the quotes, the guardian is treating you like a mug #fakenews

  • Damon (damocrat)

    Mungo_5 We shall see.

  • damocrat Stop voting for both Labour and Conservatives. They caused all the problems we have today. I'd vote UKIP instead.

  • Damon (damocrat)

    ThomasEngland18 Nah, I have a brain.

  • Stefania Barutta (SBarutta)

    damocrat yes I did the right thing cutting up my membership.

  • Jim Roberts (cjdroberts)

    SBarutta damocrat The Labour Party shd be renamed "Momentum" and score zero seats at next general election. Let Corbyn lose his deposit.

  • chiller ★ (chiller)

    damocrat guardian ... except it seems it's bollocks. Like much of the guardian's reporting on Corbyn. link

  • Peter Owen (peteo48)

    damocrat MargaretRHallid extraordinary on so many levels. Won't bring back UKIP voters but will drive remainers towards Lib dems & Greens

  • Bernie Torme (Bernie_Torme)

    damocrat DavidHeadViews just about to cancel mine.

  • Oxted Man (panamadip)

    damocrat guardian But so long as e don't have a viable opposition, there is only the EU to defend the people.

  • oh! oh! (0H_N0)

    damocrat guardian yep! Same here, his feckless referendum campaign and subsequent capitulation to #Brexit lost my Labour subscription too

Corbyn's new year gift to Tim Farron given that 68% of current LAB voters think BREXIT wrong (YouGov) link
  • Viv Pointon (VPointon)

    MSmithsonPB guardian I don't want to join the Lib Dems but, by god, he's pushing me there!

  • jon tolley (JonTolleyTweets)

    VPointon MSmithsonPB guardian come on board

  • Viv Pointon (VPointon)

    JonTolleyTweets MSmithsonPB guardian I voted Lib Dem in 1990s when I lived in New Malden! Ed Davey was a great MP.


    MSmithsonPB Yes but 70% of Labour seats voted Leave

  • nigelpm (nigelpm_uk)

    . MSmithsonPB hardly, very few ppl in UK believe in freedom of movement - will help labour in polls.

  • nigelpm_uk MSmithsonPB I do Nige. I think you will find your definition of "very little means" slightly less than 50%. hth

  • nigelpm (nigelpm_uk)

    Alexvanwrinkled MSmithsonPB no, not at all!! Single market/economy/stability was main thrust behind remain vote. much smaller % free move

  • nigelpm_uk Alexvanwrinkled MSmithsonPB The one doesn't go without the other one...

  • nigelpm (nigelpm_uk)

    sebziegler1986 Alexvanwrinkled MSmithsonPB not currently no but doesn't see why it has to - FOM for workers/students - could work

  • nigelpm_uk Alexvanwrinkled MSmithsonPB That's FoL; if they abolish benefits they'd basically have FoL.

  • nigelpm (nigelpm_uk)

    sebziegler1986 Alexvanwrinkled MSmithsonPB Free labour/study is what the EU should have always been - reckon that's what happens.

  • MSmithsonPB he is just not listening to what's going on outside Islington bubble. Most Labour voters voted Brexit bcoz of free movement

  • Rascal (Russ12189)

    NigelSheppard7 MSmithsonPB not if immigration no 1 issue with voters all colours, was SM and Economy

  • Russ12189 MSmithsonPB knocking doors in my and two other constituencies migration WAS No1 issue

  • Rascal (Russ12189)

    NigelSheppard7 MSmithsonPB surely labour can push for immigration sensible controls and SM - free movement for workers.

  • Russ12189 MSmithsonPB I don't think the electorate trusts Labour on either the economy or migration too much PC in the Party

  • Rascal (Russ12189)

    NigelSheppard7 MSmithsonPB leader is hated by electorate policy second fiddle

  • Matt Thomas (Trickyjabs)

    MSmithsonPB are you suggesting that you think every single Labour stance should be primarily staked to stand in the way of Brexit?

  • wagwan (dejavousagain)

    MSmithsonPB anti business trot labour says we're better off outside the EU. Venezuela is Corbyn's idea of better

  • Dr Speedy (DrSpeedyandME)

    msmithsonpb herbiv4 Corbyn who=pro #brexit =LosingFullAccess logic "nor can we afford to lose full access to the European single market"

Both sad & angry at this monumental betrayal of people & principle...Jeremy Corbyn: UK better off out of the EU link
  • Steve Webster (croft1a)

    Feorlean MareeToddSNP guardian Spare a thought too for other recent immigrants who will usually be the first to find their jobs undercut.

  • Michael Russell (Feorlean)

    croft1a MareeToddSNP guardian no evidence your assertions - and plenty of positive experiences such as Rothesay recently.

  • Steve Webster (croft1a)

    Feorlean MareeToddSNP guardian I also agree Scotland should not much longer be governed by Corbyn, or anyone else in Westminster.

  • Feorlean T_Socialist guardian The man is an idiot and a coward.

  • Pray For Tommy (T_Socialist)

    Lt_Woodpigeon Feorlean guardian I fear you're correct

  • T_Socialist Feorlean guardian The way he's going, Blair will rise out of his sarcophagus.

  • Helen Ross (Tighnacoille)

    Feorlean As the Express swallows the Mirror, so UKIP has swallowed Jeremy. England is sinking.

  • Ian McGeechan (Ianmac1959)

    Feorlean HumzaYousaf And yet again the labour party spoons with the tories

  • Jan Culik (JanCulik)

    Feorlean HumzaYousaf Indeed. Corbyn is disgraceful. England is hurtling towards an abyss. Can you save Scotland, though?

  • Professeur Pastis (cyrus2psx)

    JanCulik Feorlean HumzaYousaf Yes, we believe we can.

  • Steve Webster (croft1a)

    Feorlean MareeToddSNP guardian Spare a thought for people already living in poor stressed neighbourhoods where new immigrants get dumped.

  • Steve Webster (croft1a)

    Feorlean MareeToddSNP guardian Any political platform which proposes no control on immigration or population is a boat that won't float.

  • Col. (AngelicNat38)

    Feorlean EastLothianSNP guardian the day that labour in Scotland died.

  • Norman Phipps (Tagoroman)

    Feorlean The snake slithered foreword and at last expressed his true position as a red tory

  • Cruithintuait (Cruithintuait)

    Feorlean craigbradley5 guardian in fairness, corbyn is not betraying his principles. Just admitting to them.

  • Dredd Kennedy (dredd2011)

    Feorlean PeterMurrell guardian well that's the set then. Better Together indeed. To the 55% - you were telt

  • kieren mchale (KierenMchale)

    Feorlean guardian Can you not see this is the people higher up at labour trying his "rebrand". I hope Jeremy sticks to his principles

  • Feorlean This is not what the article says! Damaging headline from the Guardian.

  • Feorlean JohnStanners guardian You can always count on Labour to let you down

  • Professeur Pastis (cyrus2psx)

    Feorlean 0604Arb1320 Any thoughts on why Labour aren't going after the 11M in England who didn't vote at all in the GE?

Remember when Corbyn's leadership was going to move the Overton Window? link
Jeremy Corbyn: UK is better off out of EU with 'managed migration' link
Corbyn revives Vote Leave campaign - promising Brexit, single market access without Free Movement and NHS £ms/week. link
  • Scientists4EU Corbyn finally showing he has a talent: he's basically able to alienate everyone regardless of class or nationality

  • robinkellett (robinkellett)

    SMerlChest Scientists4EU bloody useless. Farron is a dampish blanket but at least he knows what he stands for and has some principles.

  • robinkellett Scientists4EU exactly. Corbyn kept moving goalposts to see which is the one that fits. He's a court jester now....

  • Derek Taylor (DMTEnergy)

    Scientists4EU " Single Market access" is a meaningless phrase. All the world has "access". The amount of "access" is what is important.

  • Graeme Burrell (Cadoret)

    Scientists4EU All of which is against Labour Brexit policy & its Brexit bargaining stance. Corbyn should resign. guardian

  • ali catterall (AliCatterall)

    Scientists4EU guardian Fuck this dude.

  • Joshua Silver (eyejosh)

    Scientists4EU Well done Jeremy, you have lost the support of many,many more Labour voters with this astonishing nonsense

  • cocknee (cocknee1)

    Scientists4EU as Tony Benn would have said; he's not a signpost, he's a weathercock. Showing his true colours now, wanted Brexit all along.

  • . Scientists4EU Corbyn has pissed away the greatest opportunity to destroy the Tories since the Poll Tax!

  • George Berger (Georgeberger)

    Scientists4EU guardian Bloody turncoat. Same crap in the Netherlands.

  • Knotweed Rail (KnotweedRail)

    Scientists4EU if you read the full quote the message is quite different.

  • Mike George (ourMikeGeorge)

    KnotweedRail I would have expected Scientists4EU to look beyond the selectively quoted soundbites, but apparently not.

  • UKopencall (UKopencall)

    Scientists4EU Jeremy Corbyn has finally given me the push I needed to rejoin the Lib Dems...

  • Derrick Everett (wagners_ring)

    Scientists4EU guardian Also a free unicorn for each and every citizen.

  • Laura Hughes (laura278hughes)

    Scientists4EU guardian Lost my vote. Voted for him in leadership race, wish I hadnt now. Thought he was meant to be an inclusive leader??

  • Michael S (mjs64)

    Scientists4EU Anything there about free magical unicorns?

  • Scientists4EU I am lost what Corbyn stands for now.... no wonder the UK operates in a One Party State...

  • Kyle (KyleDeano96)

    Scientists4EU of course corbyn wanted us to leave a capitalist trading block, I thought this was obvious

  • NancyandAdam (nancyandadam)

    Scientists4EU guardian Greatest secret weapon Tories have in their bid to destroy UK... Jeremy Corbyn

If you view working class as romantic victims waiting for you to rescue them you'll never stand up to the bigots. link
  • sean jones (seany180)

    eddiemarsan I wish you would spend more time attacking conservative policies rather than embracing an infight that has been lost

  • eddiemarsan I don't care who comes here or where they're from but I do care about how they behave Bad behaviour caused a lot of anger here

  • RobbyBobby (Robbiebobby1)

    GreenfordBlog eddiemarsan completely agree there's lots of English bad behaviour, see it everyday.there's some good behaviour as well tho.

  • Robbiebobby1 eddiemarsan link

  • RobbyBobby (Robbiebobby1)

    GreenfordBlog eddiemarsan I noticed something similar about ex pats in Spain and France. Bad is bad. Race, colour or creed has no bearing link

  • Robbiebobby1 Glad you noticed No one even wants to look where I live let alone act eddiemarsan

  • Jackie Williams (jarob58)

    eddiemarsan guardian Exactly. I'm sick of being patronised by middle class twonks.

  • JustMandyH (ImAD3rByGirl)

    eddiemarsan guardian Corbyn wants Labour to become UKIP-Lite. If he succeeds they've lost my vote.

  • Andrew Baillie (ABaillie64)

    eddiemarsan guardian is this labour's attempt to gain voters by embracing populist views?

  • Neil Burley (neilburley78)

    eddiemarsan guardian that's the way Eddie keep attacking the democratically elected leader!! That'll show them Tories!!

  • jocky wilson (jocky_wilson)

    eddiemarsan guardian stick to acting son

So Corbyn is now pro #Brexit and anti freedom of movement? Labour are all over the place on this. link
  • Peter Grant MP (PeterGrantMP)

    TasminaSheikh guardian I think Corbyn said "Second World War" when he meant "Iraq War".

  • Wilbur Munch (wilbur_munch)

    TasminaSheikh Why not wait for his actual speech and hear what he has to say before snipeing. Doesn't do the SNP any good. Cheap politics

  • Jim Kelly (jimkelly07)

    TasminaSheikh thomaspotter021 corbyn is a nightmare hasn't a clue what he's doing and todays events prove it. Time for him to go

  • TasminaSheikh guardian he always was, he just couldn't admit it because his young fan base are all massively pro EU

  • John Lower (DaleRC75)

    TasminaSheikh TerryAnn_G guardian LABOUR ARE FINISHED. FACT.

  • Keyser Soze (vowwasalie)

    TasminaSheikh CYBERSCOT Hey Tasmina, Keep up the good work pal...alex and Evelyn

  • Jim Kelly (jimkelly07)

    TasminaSheikh thomaspotter021 corbyn now supporting the Tories on brexit!

  • Ecky Thump (BillOddiesBeard)

    TasminaSheikh guardian he always was. Labour don't stand for socialism anymore & haven't since SCOTTISH OIL was discovered

  • TasminaSheikh Before the Referendum all the major parties were for staying in the EU. Now most of them are for leaving. Integrity?

  • Denzil Dexter (YerBard67)

    TasminaSheikh Apprently the ahem "pro Corbyn" Guardian have his speech to hand and have given a thoroughly unbiased opinion on it? Aye ok

  • TasminaSheikh guardian You don't like those principles? I have others.........

  • TasminaSheikh 135192peter guardian Why we have learnt is that Labour and the Tories tool for Brexit is a white tick n a Labrador

  • TasminaSheikh guardian I suspect Corbyn was always pro #brexit.

  • TasminaSheikh Haha and in the mean time I'll be voting UKIP, 21 years old and I'll be voting for them until migration is under control.

  • ThomasEngland18 TasminaSheikh Thanks for telling us your egg... sorry, age... it explains a lot...

  • C Mann (CmannCmann)

    TasminaSheikh Despite looking like a skanky old tramp at least he believes in democracy, unlike the Scotch BNP.

  • TasminaSheikh too simplistic Tazzi ! HenryCPorter

  • McGlashan (de_generated)

    TasminaSheikh 1GKh just this? they're all over the place on everything except their blind defence of the union

  • Jock Quixote (BigPoppaTotoro)

    TasminaSheikh 1GKh Arse elbow comes to mind Miss Arse elbow!

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