Corbyn to order Labour MPs to vote for article 50 trigger

Leader signals his MPs will be instructed to vote to start EU divorce after expected loss of government’s supreme court challenge

MPs should be able to make their own principled decision on one of most important issues in UK recent history link
  • Reinhard Bütikofer (bueti)

    . CarolineLucas How are you going to vote on triggering article 50? guardian

  • Ben G Smith (benjo_1997)

    CarolineLucas guardian MPs should respect the democratic voice of the people, even if they don't like the outcome. Just as I didn't

  • James (J3Lyon)

    benjo_1997 CarolineLucas guardian MPs should vote the way their constituency voted, that's only democratic way to do it.

  • Ben G Smith (benjo_1997)

    J3Lyon CarolineLucas no they shouldn't Referenda go above constituency politics The nation decided National representatives should respect

  • James (J3Lyon)

    benjo_1997 CarolineLucas MPs represent their constituency in the commons, not the nation.

  • Ben G Smith (benjo_1997)

    J3Lyon CarolineLucas if that was the case we wouldn't have had the referendum and it would've solely been a vote in parliament

  • James (J3Lyon)

    benjo_1997 CarolineLucas it was, MPs voted for a referendum. MPs should respect and REFLECT their constituency's view on future votes.

  • Ben G Smith (benjo_1997)

    J3Lyon CarolineLucas if that was the case, given the chance the SNP would've taken us Scots out the union in your way of doing things

  • James (J3Lyon)

    benjo_1997 CarolineLucas What Scotland does is Scotland's business. To do it your way referendums would need to be legally binding first.

  • CarolineLucas Defiaye Lab MPs were allowed to "vote their conscience" for #Trident. Why not #Brexit? Especially after Tories lose appeal.

  • Fenburg (FennaLouise)

    AntiAusterityUK CarolineLucas Defiaye There is no 3 line whip. Read the wording of the article. It's all guess work dressed up as facts

  • CarolineLucas Shame on jeremycorbyn for imposing 3line whip to force through Murdoch n Media billionaires Brexit coup. We demand 2nd vote

  • John (DoSACExile)

    DonnachadhMc CarolineLucas jeremycorbyn Shame on you for not reading the story. He isn't imposing anything, he's *asking*

  • OffCentreNews (offcentrenews)

    DoSACExile DonnachadhMc CarolineLucas jeremycorbyn link

  • Mel Li (Robotmeile)

    CarolineLucas This has been the final straw to make me leave Labour and join TheGreenParty

  • John Robb (johnthegasrobb)

    Robotmeile CarolineLucas TheGreenParty don't leave the party based on a misleading headline.

  • amusebarf (amusebarf)

    . CarolineLucas This is good, except Corbyn hasn't said he'll impose a three-line whip. Important to get facts right and not join MSM frenzy

  • spideyjonesy (spideyjonesy)

    CarolineLucas JamesMelville guardian So thats 1 green mp in total?

  • Dewi Asianab (UnrelentingEgo)

    spideyjonesy CarolineLucas JamesMelville Tories have a majority, they shouldn't need any other MP to ratify their manifesto pledges.

  • Dewi Asianab (UnrelentingEgo)

    spideyjonesy CarolineLucas JamesMelville Completely understand if MPs want to vote leave, but shouldn't be asked to vote with the Tories.

I suggest Labour MPs show the same loyalty to the party whip as Corbyn did for all those years link
  • Aiden Kirkpatrick (Aiden5350)

    eddiemarsan He opposed the Iraq war, privatisation and tuition fees etc. ya dipstick.

  • Sean Held (seanheld)

    Aiden5350 eddiemarsan He opposed the Labour leadership over 400 times ya dipstick. A career malcontent.

  • Aiden Kirkpatrick (Aiden5350)

    seanheld eddiemarsan On what issues? or is that not relevant?

  • Sean Held (seanheld)

    Aiden5350 eddiemarsan Not 400 times. In the end he just opposed them for the sake of opposing. He can't now demand loyalty. All the best

  • Aiden Kirkpatrick (Aiden5350)

    seanheld eddiemarsan out of 400 then very easy for you to find one where he was wrong, so go on, give one.

  • Sean Held (seanheld)

    Aiden5350 eddiemarsan link… Full list is here. Right and wrong? Just opinion, no? Guessing St Jez can do no wrong.

  • Aiden Kirkpatrick (Aiden5350)

    seanheld He did wrong by backing Remain project lie, threat, fear etc and still losing. Without looking yes I prob agree 99% v PLP

  • Big Rob (RobSkilbeck)

    eddiemarsan guardian he can vote with the Tories if he likes, ordering the rest of the PLP to do so must finish him, surely?

  • Daniel Blake (LouiseH29349614)

    RobSkilbeck eddiemarsan guardian not him, them, they have constituents to think off, most voted out

  • Dav1212 (Vad002)

    eddiemarsan chalimangp guardian Its a pity that the 'journalist' who wrote this piece has admitted that she added the 3 line whip bit

  • rob jones (robwxm)

    eddiemarsan guardian they've got to take this opportunity to save the nation

  • Sam Daly (Giesabrek)

    eddiemarsan Drop the whip and simply ask them to vote as their constituency did whether they like it or not.

  • Williamos (SinceWilliamos)

    eddiemarsan Corbyn was voting FOR labour all those times and AGAINST the Blair Rich Project

  • Mark Jones (MarkJones48)

    eddiemarsan Supporting A50 under PM's plans could cost some Labour M.P's their seats come the next election.

  •  ? (FrankieFforde)

    eddiemarsan yeah because loyalty to party is more important than to country and the ppl in it? How sweet of you to believe the headline..

  •  ? (FrankieFforde)

    eddiemarsan be nice if those of you that always use the (fluctuating) number of times JC voted against the whip could list what they were

  • Adrian Taylor (adream608)

    eddiemarsan Eddie I think the tally was 428 votes against the leadership by Corbyn, beaten only by McDonnell

  • Adrian Taylor (adream608)

    eddiemarsan I can't verify the source but looks like the correct ballpark link

  • eddiemarsan we all know that it's not going to happen, right? Politicians will find a way to justify all this and to pretend to be right..

  • Ben McConaghy (McConaghyBen)

    eddiemarsan guardian Did you object to him going against the whip at the time? More importantly do you know on what issues? Probably not.

Utterly wrong. MPs whose constituents voted overwhelmingly to remain have a duty to stand up for them. link
  • Liam Delaney (liamdelaney1)

    EmmaKennedy guardian he's 100% right

  • Emma Kennedy (EmmaKennedy)

    liamdelaney1 guardian When only 16% of Lab voters want Art 50 triggered, no he’s not.

  • EmmaKennedy if that was the action of ALL MPs than Parliament would support Art50 52% is larger than 48%

  • Emma Kennedy (EmmaKennedy)

    IanColey2112 Exactly. MPs for constituents who voted Leave should absolutely vote for it to be triggered. Same for Remain.

  • EmmaKennedy happy with that, majority voted to leave, would b pointless exercise, many remoaners delude themselves MPs should block art50

  • Jo Hayes (JoHayesLibDem)

    EmmaKennedy eyejosh guardian The MPs' code of conduct requires them to act in the best interests of Britain as a whole, not be puppets of their constituents

  • Bee Grieving (BeaumontBee)

    EmmaKennedy eyejosh guardian Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner is sticking with #Remain #Labour.

  • Joshua Silver (eyejosh)

    BeaumontBee EmmaKennedy guardian Good to hear !

  • Bee Grieving (BeaumontBee)

    eyejosh EmmaKennedy guardian 73.8% voted to #Remain in Cambridge.

  • Joshua Silver (eyejosh)

    katherine60000 EmmaKennedy Sadly yes

  • Joshua Silver (eyejosh)

    katherine60000 EmmaKennedy Actually, there was NEVER a majority of all voting age British citizens wishing to leave the EU - that's a myth

  • Joshua Silver (eyejosh)

    EmmaKennedy xraypat So Mr Corbyn wants to make Britain much poorer and much weaker to please Mr Putin - what a surprise !

  • Ruth Rosselson (RuthRosselson)

    EmmaKennedy I give in (I know you already gave in a while ago). I voted for Remain. Who's representing me?

  • Openly David (theboywhoslept)

    EmmaKennedy but Article 50 is being invoked whether we like it or not. Attempting to obstruct that makes a hard Brexit more likely.

  • Fiona Sothcott (Zwoddergirl)

    EmmaKennedy This is an absolute betrayal of the vast majority of Labour voters who wish to remain in the EU. What the hell is he thinking?

  • Welshboy Mark (Welshboy_Mark)

    EmmaKennedy Not to mention Labour supporters voted 63% to remain.We deserve better.

  • David James (DavidJames2100)

    Welshboy_Mark EmmaKennedy N.ireland as a whole voted to remain, yet out MPs are busy selling us down the river for tory favours

I think this is it, for me. I can't defend that on the doorsteps or on the ballot. I'm off. link
  • Susan_Wilde g_m_hodgson give him a chance the people did vote for this which I totally disagreed with but Labour will disagree with terms

  • Susan Wilde (Susan_Wilde)

    . frederickJWill1 g_m_hodgson there isn't time to give him a chance. Why does he deserve my sons' citizenship of the world?

  • Susan_Wilde g_m_hodgson I think corbyn is playing a very shrewd hand wait and see

  • Hoopsdips (Hoopsdips)

    frederickJWill1 Susan_Wilde g_m_hodgson and what do you think that "shrewd hand" is?

  • Susan Wilde (Susan_Wilde)

    Hoopsdips frederickJWill1 g_m_hodgson I see a hand that touched a mighty power. link

  • Susan Wilde (Susan_Wilde)

    Hoopsdips frederickJWill1 g_m_hodgson It was a privileged day for God.

  • Is this ironic Susan_Wilde? UK voted leave EU, vote has to stand if this is a democracy. Bt Leave campaign shld be in court for lying

  • Susan Wilde (Susan_Wilde)

    Bertajorob In my view, since they lied, we have every right to use our constitution to force the deal they promised - or no deal at all.

  • Susan_Wilde YsabelleStewart Bertajorob Corby voted Remain? I have my doubts

  • Corbyn voted remain & campaigned for it but there you go, the power of TheSun to change reality UnitedArabist Susan_Wilde YsabelleStewart

  • Susan Wilde (Susan_Wilde)

    Bertajorob UnitedArabist YsabelleStewart I watched him say he was maybe 7/10 in favour. Lukewarm & useless. But it's not why I'm leaving.

  • Just don't understand. Because we can't get justice for Brexit liars we shoot anyone else, oh JC will do? Susan_Wilde YsabelleStewart

  • Susan Wilde (Susan_Wilde)

    Bertajorob Brexit YsabelleStewart nope. Just won't support a party that supports the Tories. Ever.

  • But it's not just Tories who voted to leave EU. The vote's been had. Now we need a Labour Gov. Susan_Wilde Brexit YsabelleStewart

  • Susan_Wilde Please think about joining LibDems Sue. Happy to discuss.

  • Susan Wilde (Susan_Wilde)

    g_m_hodgson LibDems I'm thinking about it.

  • Caroline Williams (caro20005)

    Susan_Wilde g_m_hodgson LibDems hi Susan - I've dithered for weeks but joined LibDems this week. So glad: feel I am DOING something again

  • caro20005 Susan_Wilde LibDems Welcome to LibDems Caroline

  • Elaine (lainey184)

    Susan_Wilde guardian and the 48% that were Labour voters will go with you. Final days of Labour.

  • Susan Wilde (Susan_Wilde)

    lainey184 guardian I think 63% of Labour supporters are opposed to Brexit. Everyone's scrabbling for the 52%; Labour has abandoned us.

  • Elaine (lainey184)

    Susan_Wilde guardian it's time to act by resigning from Labour and sign up to other parties. Breaks my heart.

Didn't impose a 3 line whip on Trident Vote or Welfare Reform vote or austerity vote but does this with? link
  • Peter Grant MP (PeterGrantMP)

    ChristinaSNP JNHanvey guardian He didn't impose a whip to vote against bombing Syria either.

  • John Robb (johnthegasrobb)

    ChristinaSNP chunkymark misleading headline by Guardian. Corbyn said no such thing, as read of article shows. #fakenews

  • david sharp (davidsharp27)

    ChristinaSNP bigbuachaille guardian this is the thing that should annoy people the most. use of the whip on this, but not other issues

  • davidsharp27 ChristinaSNP bigbuachaille guardian no opposition to Brexit, but he's up to trash snp budget?

  • david sharp (davidsharp27)

    WeeScottishMamm ChristinaSNP bigbuachaille guardian the mans leadership is a mess

  • Andro Siller (Andydsilver)

    ChristinaSNP guardian Corbyn is trying to prevent what's left of the Lab vote deserting it for Ukip, esp in N England.

  • Helen Ross (Tighnacoille)

    Andydsilver ChristinaSNP guardian And hang on Scotland, imprisoned in the new UK single market and shorn of devolved power.

  • Andro Siller (Andydsilver)

    Tighnacoille ChristinaSNP guardian Think that would probably increase the SNP vote if anything!!

  • Helen Ross (Tighnacoille)

    Andydsilver ChristinaSNP guardian It's do or die now. May will strangle our autonomy.

  • ChristinaSNP Sorry but I do not care what he says he has been for Brexit since day 1, His half lustre campaign for remain showed that

  • ChristinaSNP - Struggling to find evidence that Corbyn has "imposed a three-line whip". Seems like the media are telling fibs.

  • James Ferguson (LucioFulciFan)

    ChristinaSNP Corbie is a no-user in general. He's Kezia (only with a beard). Both of them got their political diploma's from a Lucky Bag.

  • Steve Orr (StephenAPOrr)

    ChristinaSNP guardian where in the article does it say he will impose a 3 line whip? Just says MPs will be asked to vote in favour of A50

  • ChristinaSNP why bother with principles when you can try and be populist and even screw that up too

  • David (davrwu)

    ChristinaSNP lizzjones18 Wish team corbyn would get their act together. Seen tweets today saying he isn't. Given his own poor record good.

  • VLM (_Veeloo_)

    ChristinaSNP Just shows you, even with Corbyn, principles be damned when trying to prevent further haemorrhaging of Labour voters.

  • Chris Hayden (Chris4Corbyn)

    ChristinaSNP He has always been against nukes, austerity and attacking the poorest. He has always been for democracy. What's your point?

  • Owain Gardner (Odbe34)

    ChristinaSNP evertonfc2 mainly because the Headline is inaccurate - but heigh ho!

  • Fiona Kabuki (FionaKabuki)

    ChristinaSNP article doesn't say he will impose 3 line whip. But hey ho

  • Fiona Halloran (FiHalloran)

    FionaKabuki ChristinaSNP it does further down the page Fiona

  • Fiona Kabuki (FionaKabuki)

    FiHalloran ChristinaSNP Not that I can see,

  • Pwyll Pendefig Dyfed (PwyllPD)

    FionaKabuki FiHalloran ChristinaSNP he neither confirms nor denies it link

  • Fiona Kabuki (FionaKabuki)

    PwyllPD FiHalloran ChristinaSNP Also says no decision has been taken, from a spokesman. Claim just isn't true.

2/3 of Labour voters supported remain. But Jeremy will support the Tories. He's signed his party's death warrant. link
  • Christina (55krissi55)

    weegingerdug suzannenw1962 Guardian has admitted that it misrepresented Corbyn. #FakeNewsMedia

  • Christina (55krissi55)

    weegingerdug suzannenw1962 I would refer to: Last thing people need is Guardian misrepresenting Corbyn on #Brexit Unfair #FakeNewsMedia link

  • Suzanne (suzannenw1962)

    55krissi55 weegingerdug guardian hope youre right Christina however guardiannews still running it on website

  • Christina (55krissi55)

    suzannenw1962 guardian guardiannews I've given up trusting most #journalists , I like to listen to jeremycorbyn himself #brexit

  • Suzanne (suzannenw1962)

    55krissi55 guardian guardiannews jeremycorbyn In Scotland we gave up trusting MSM during #indyref developed new media eg ScotNational

  • FireStarter (psychodamage)

    weegingerdug jbwhitesnake He's finally flipped. Bound to happen eventually.

  • Scaramouche73 (Scaramouche73)

    weegingerdug guardian Doesn't matter what the MP's supported, they should represent what their constituents have voted for.

  • Wulls (wullsg)

    weegingerdug Surely this is a piss take ?????? No-one can be that stupid. Well........maybe Kezia

  • weegingerdug guardian Labour died telling Tory lies.

  • Jonathan Bowden (joniebee)

    weegingerdug So eager are you to throw our democracy down the toilet

  • September Rising (JmJohnpj)

    weegingerdug guardian He was always a blairite, will support Scotlands demise at every opportunity just like his Scottish branch secretary

  • Free Gaza (Palestineseora)

    weegingerdug guardian smart move by Jeremy Corbyn brexit denial will cost labour dearly

  • Tim Paramour (timparamour)

    Palestineseora weegingerdug guardian so will this. Both options split Labour vote fatally.

  • Free Gaza (Palestineseora)

    timparamour weegingerdug guardian don't understimate the voters. Trump is now the president of murica

  • Danielxander (Danielxander)

    weegingerdug no they didnt. Brexit won because the labour vote voted for it.

  • Tim Paramour (timparamour)

    Danielxander weegingerdug maybe people who voted Labour a long time ago but 60-70% of 2015 Labour voters voted remain.

  • Danielxander (Danielxander)

    timparamour The tories sweeper a majority in 2015 and I still think you are talking bs

  • Tim Paramour (timparamour)

    Danielxander link

  • Danielxander (Danielxander)

    timparamour I don't find such polls informative given polls that are peddled are wrong. The polls of 2015 elections were BULLSHIT

  • Tim Paramour (timparamour)

    Danielxander think of all the Labour places that voted remain: not just London but Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, Norwich, Bristol etc.

  • Danielxander (Danielxander)

    timparamour England OVERWHELMINGLY voted Leave.

  • Tim Paramour (timparamour)

    Danielxander 53.4% is hardly overwhelming. And Tories and UKIP are already squabbling over them. Labour can't leave 46.6% to the Lib Dems.

An EU 'triangulation' Blair would never contemplate. As I keep saying, the far left has no policies, only postures link
  • Scandifriend (scandifriend)

    NickCohen4 except Dan Hodges has reported that Corbyn is apparently rowing back from three-line whip implication

  • Nick Cohen (NickCohen4)

    scandifriend Fucking hell. My cat would make a better leader of the Labour Party and I don't even have a cat

  • NickCohen4 byjamescraig scandifriend You can have my cat, Pindar. He's as lively as Corbyn... old, sleepy and unassertive.

  • Nick Cohen (NickCohen4)

    ShelleyInstone byjamescraig scandifriend I'm voting Pindar, early and often

  • NickCohen4 byjamescraig scandifriend I think he could do it. He'd get the votes then piss all over his party. Ring any bells?

  • NickCohen4 byjamescraig scandifriend He's his own cat... link

  • Scandifriend (scandifriend)

    shelleyinstone byjamescraig nickcohen4 a miaowier, furrier politics

  • Tris Bayliff (trisbayliff)

    NickCohen4 guardian he really can't see where this is going, can he? Labour will be as culpable as the tories if this goes very wrong.

  • Nick Cohen (NickCohen4)

    trisbayliff guardian That's exactly what the Tories want them to be

  • ernie burns (ernestoprotesto)

    NickCohen4 guardian If the present position of Gov had been the leave agenda the referendum result completely reversed.60/40 remain.

  • Nick Cohen (NickCohen4)

    ernestoprotesto guardian well quite.

  • Alexander Kasbohm (akasbohm)

    NickCohen4 sturdyAlex guardian Corbyn is a disaster. But calling him "far left" is ridiculous.

  • Nick Cohen (NickCohen4)

    akasbohm sturdyAlex guardian well he's from the very strange far left that came after the collapse of communism

  • Alexander Kasbohm (akasbohm)

    NickCohen4 sturdyAlex guardian Rather "weird left" than "far left" I would say. There are people much further left but less weird.

  • Greg Herriett (greg_herriett)

    NickCohen4 guardian the journalist says '3 line whip' not jeremycorbyn Very misleading headline - should be changed.

  • Greg Herriett (greg_herriett)

    NickCohen4 guardian jeremycorbyn and now it has been - after lots of retweets taking it at face value. Don't be the Mail please.

  • Robin Wilton (futureidentity)

    NickCohen4 keithfrankish guardian Continued portrayal of #EURef as "the decision of the people" is inaccurate; it was, at most, advice.

  • new_number_2 (new_number_2)

    futureidentity NickCohen4 keithfrankish guardian The Remain campaign acknowledged the UK was leaving the EU the day after the referendum

  • Robin Wilton (futureidentity)

    new_number_2 nickcohen4 keithfrankish It’s not a question of the campaigners’ opinion; it’s a matter of legal status of the referendum.

  • paul hughes (paulhughes0)

    NickCohen4 you and Blair were never socialists, destroyed Labour.

I❤Jeremy! Look how valiantly he fights for #HardBrexit! I wish it was possible to cancel my membership 500k times link
  • susan mckenzie (susan_250)

    damocrat it is not what he said at all - they twisted his words

  • Damon (damocrat)

    susan_250 All I know is that Labour will vote against 65% of their voters' wishes, for something that will wreck our country.

  • damocrat aev1609 guardian how the hell can this guy continue as leader of the opposition? I hope half the party rebel jeremycorbyn

  • Damon (damocrat)

    Horatios_Gunner aev1609 guardian jeremycorbyn I hope they all do. (Although JC fans will call them Blairite traitors.. zzzzz)

  • damocrat aev1609 guardian jeremycorbyn what I wouldn't give for blairite traitors/ a viable opposition

  • pinga (Pingachoo)

    damocrat solange_lebourg Fakenews

  • Damon (damocrat)

    Pingachoo solange_lebourg link

  • Joe Byrd (Joe90kerrByrd)

    damocrat dji45 some people have very short memories...

  • Damon (damocrat)

    Joe90kerrByrd dji45 Don't be vague, it doesn't work on Twitter.

  • Joe Byrd (Joe90kerrByrd)

    damocrat dji45 wrong!

  • Damon (damocrat)

    Joe90kerrByrd dji45 OK. Sorry.

  • Daniel Blake (Mungo_5)

    damocrat guardian up to its usual bullshit. "Corbyn will not impose three line whip" just as accurate a headline.

  • Damon (damocrat)

    Mungo_5 I'm sorry, but given all the evidence, Corbyn should be standing up and saying "this will be a disaster and history will judge us"

  • Daniel Blake (Mungo_5)

    damocrat I agree, but A50 is inevitable, & maj of public still support it. Should be free vote, but it's really just positioning either way

  • Werewolf of London (wwol2015)

    damocrat guardian If he sees this tweet he'll cancel it for you as part of a new #purge.

  • Nanna Selkie (NSelkie)

    damocrat guardian Look, this man is NOT Labour-Jeremy. It's Theresa May after having drunk polyjuice potion!

  • Pól Curley (PlCurley)

    damocrat guardian sadly sarcasm appears to be wasted on the poxridden retromingent twatjangling cumgargling wankspangle

  • damocrat I wish your 500K could be channeled to Parties that oppose #brexitshambles

  • JoJo M (coolmenorca)

    damocrat guardian and how democratic the whole thing is! It should be a free vote. I Jeremy too. RIP #labour.

  • Ivor Campbell (IvorGCampbell)

    damocrat guardian So all the new members who joined to elect Jeremy are going to leave and vote against him? My head hurts.

We call on Labour to end this madness. History shall judge them for it. And so will the electorate. link
  • Rob (MrMirth)

    marchforeurope RobWilliams100 Brexit will harm the poorest in the UK, yet Corbyn is aiding & abetting a right wing Tory Govt achieve it.

  • marchforeurope tshep42 Why is jeremycorbyn propping up the Tories? If the government loses court case, #Brexit can simply be rejected.

  • Angie Pedley (AngiePedley)

    marchforeurope Rosiecat2 crazy

  • Ian Michael Turner (IanisNYLO)

    marchforeurope guardian Corbyn is a failure! He must go!

  • vicky richards (ceurosado)

    marchforeurope AngiePedley incredible!

  • Angie Pedley (AngiePedley)

    ceurosado marchforeurope what a mess Labour is in!

  • Steven Tew (stevenpt1)

    marchforeurope OK that's it - don't know when I'll ever vote Labour again.

  • Graeme Ellis (here2supportall)

    marchforeurope Rosiecat2 guardian Please Jeremy save our future

  • Euroit01 (Euroit01)

    marchforeurope guardian I thought this man was bad. I was wrong. He's even worse than I thought

  • atlas darwin (ad981051)

    marchforeurope guardian have ya'all afforded him his tree-lined streets in islington? it's a good job, that.

  • Jhiaxus (Jhiaxus_Prime)

    marchforeurope AntiAusterityUK I dont support it but im pretty sure if he didnt do it theyd crucify him for "betraying" the electorate

  • marchforeurope He must know lot of PLP will defy That will both hinder & hilight Art 50 Reverse psychology? Dunno Just throwin it out there

  • Gabi Tait (39_gmt)

    marchforeurope guardian I agree Corbin is a disgrace. I urge DavidLammy and ChukaUmunna and Keir_Starmer to unite and vote against

  • marchforeurope - I've seen no evidence that Corbyn will "impose three-line whip" so far. Just saying.

  • Gabi Tait (39_gmt)

    RadarNvrSleeps marchforeurope it's an article in the guardian

  • 39_gmt marchforeurope - I know, and I've read it. That's how I know that the supposed imposition of the whip is entirely their invention.

  • S.Nicholson (sunick51)

    marchforeurope Given that the ref decision was to leave I don't see why Labour,being a democratic party,could possibly vote against A50

  • Maureen Nicholson (vicbecmum)

    sunick51 marchforeurope Who changed corbyns mind then could it be Diane Abbot who phoned him to change his mind last week on immegration

  • S.Nicholson (sunick51)

    vicbecmum marchforeurope Should think Abbott is pro EU,remember the leave voters racist gibe?Belief in democracy or fear of losing voters?

  • Maureen Nicholson (vicbecmum)

    sunick51 marchforeurope Just had a go at the Green Party I emailed her never got a reply arrogant politician

  • S.Nicholson (sunick51)

    vicbecmum marchforeurope Don't understand why the Green Party would support EU given overpopulation & business impact on the environment

  • Maureen Nicholson (vicbecmum)

    sunick51 marchforeurope Caroline Lucas is critical of Mays speech on Tuesday

  • S.Nicholson (sunick51)

    vicbecmum She is just opposed to Brexit and May is backing it so obviously Lucas will attack her. She's still in denial, like Farron

  • Maureen Nicholson (vicbecmum)

    sunick51 oh I know who do these people think they are two insignificant small party leaders who don't understand our parliamentary system

It doesn't even make electoral sense. Party is being squeezed by Ukip & Lib Dems so it tacks to the right. Absurd. link
  • Brita Hirsch (BritaHirsch)

    . OliverKamm Electoral sense has no meaning to the leader of UKLabour guardian

  • Anthony Veitch (tonyveitchuk)

    OliverKamm DenisMacShane Genuinely thought for a second you meant a quite different party until I spotted ‘he’ nor ‘she’.

  • d.nancy (dnancy1)

    OliverKamm guardian hopeless amateurs, no integrity Mrs May's little helpers

  • Tom Brannoc (TBrannoc1453)

    OliverKamm Lol. Corbyn isn't "tacking to the right". He has always opposed the EU for old-fashioned socialist reasons.

  • Luke Senior (lukebsenior)

    TBrannoc1453 OliverKamm I agree, but most don't see the correlation. Or don't want to admit it, and prefer to blame the 'Farage version'

  • Jeff Gazzard (JeffGazzard)

    OliverKamm guardian Don't forget, Corbyn has always viewed the EU as an anti-worker capitalist plot. He hasn't changed his mind.

  • OliverKamm guardian right is the only way it can go from where it is!

  • David Carslaw (Davedaveydave)

    OliverKamm johnsweeneyroar guardian I had such high hopes for jeremycorbyn but he's taken the wrong option almost every time.

  • Dara Miah (DaraMiah786)

    OliverKamm johnsweeneyroar #NoMoreLies Oliver Do U condemn Zionist Terrorist who murdered 3 British National Miller Hurndall n Hook.

  • Aiden Kirkpatrick (Aiden5350)

    OliverKamm On what planet is being pro-EU left-wing?

  • OliverKamm It makes total sense if one starts having dark thoughts about Corbyn, a few of his fellow travelers & Putins Euro objectives.

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