Dentists call to end 'workplace cake culture' - BBC News

The sharing of sweet snacks at work is adding to the obesity problem and bad oral health in the UK, say dentists

Jog on, dentists. It's all we've got left. link
  • juliefurnell (juliefurnell1)

    TheMichaelMoran MalcontentSays cake is sometimes the only reason to go to work.

  • Yesenia (rodyes)

    TheMichaelMoran BBCNews Most UK dentists are horrible I lost my tooth thanks to one & sweets played no part

  • TheMichaelMoran BBCNews given the racket they're involved in, dentists can take a hike. In their solid gold cars

Whoa hold on there Sheriff ... what is this witchery you bring forth ?? Call to end 'workplace cake culture' link
  • Dr Rashid Ali (58R)

    ConstableChaos Well well well they want us to die of High Blood Pressure ... excessive salty/savoury snacks!!! hmmm

  • Lorna Cox (Darkangelwitch1)

    ConstableChaos BBCNews ain't gonna happen, cake at work are compulsory

  • Karen The Red  ? (DominoDuke)

    ConstableChaos say it isn't so. They'll be civil unrest. I will be found throwing a tantrum and not being very civil!

  • Archie & William (ASBO_twins)

    ConstableChaos BBCNews but how will people get punished for being late???

  • Me_just_me (ajs_1962)

    ConstableChaos BBCNews How else are colleagues to be fined for indiscretions? #ThinBlueLine

  • Lindsay Roberts (LindzRoberts)

    ConstableChaos BBCNews Eating sweet treats in our office is the only thing to look forward to in an otherwise dull day.

  • I am Adam (RaymondsMate)

    ConstableChaos if it's going to be a cake offence to eat cake at work how do you now pay for said cake offence?

  • Coley Parker (facaldaqui)

    ConstableChaos A rare piece of sense from the dental industry, considering that mass sugar consumption keeps them in work.

  • chris (Mrchrisc23)

    ConstableChaos if that's the case why do dentist hand out whistle lollys after a check up full of sugar step away from the cake dentists

  • VegasBroad (vegasbroad)

    ConstableChaos BBCNews link

Dentists call to end 'workplace cake culture' link
How about we let adults make their own goddamn choices? BBC News - Dentists call to end 'workplace cake culture' link
Well this is an unpleasant start to 2017! link
We've had gang culture, gun culture, knife culture, lad culture... and now cake culture! Miserabilism on the march. link
Dentists call to end 'Police culture' link
As if one didn't hate the dentist enough already link
I mean, I can't think of any other work based cultures that need to be stopped ahead of sharing cakes, can you? link
Dentists call to end 'workplace cake culture'. FFS! link
  • Markgsparrow BBCNews It's because cake culture has been ruthlessly appropriated from the W.I. by cis-het gendernormative corporate shills.

  • Mark Sparrow (MarkGSparrow)

    Montybrerbeario BBCNews As soon as medics or finger-waggers get a sniff that someone is having some pleasure someshere, they try to ban it

  • GJC (enoch_macdhu)

    Markgsparrow They'll be associating masturbation with blindness again soon. That reminds me I must get my eyes tested. Montybrerbeario

  • GJC (enoch_macdhu)

    Termagant78 ...and repetitive strain injury Markgsparrow Montybrerbeario

  • Heidi (heidiponyrider)

    Markgsparrow Pleeeeeaze!!!

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