Eric Trump’s business trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers $97,830 in hotel bills

Secret Service and embassy staffers provided security for the “VIP visit” to a coastal resort town.

Hard to tell whether realdonaldtrump became president or the Trump Organization acquired the federal government. link
  • JasonKander girlsreallyrule It was certainly a hostile takeover.

  • Mark Matranga (mark_matranga)

    JasonKander realDonaldTrump outrageous ! and he calls Hillary the "crooked" one ?

  • mark_matranga JasonKander realDonaldTrump didn't you know he is the Entitled One

  • Lisa Gawne (LisaGawne1)

    Wendy_Tobin mark_matranga JasonKander realDonaldTrump Yes.. the Emperor has no cloths.. Prince Fooboon has got to go! IMPEACH NOW!!

  • Melieka Lewis (MeliekaL)

    JasonKander Ducey55 realDonaldTrump washingtonpost Eric's business trip then Eric Trump should pay 4 it.He may need 2 show his taxes2

  • A-A-Ron It Out (cvpumpjockey)

    MeliekaL JasonKander Ducey55 realDonaldTrump washingtonpost He's releasing them with his Dad's. Stay tuned.

  • stacey clarfield (rteest)

    cvpumpjockey MeliekaL JasonKander Ducey55 realDonaldTrump washingtonpost we need 1 rogue IRS hacker to leak his #TaxReturns #treason

  • Sarah (Plasticdoe)

    JasonKander realDonaldTrump washingtonpost This picture makes me want to punch something

  • Heather S (remysmom44)

    Plasticdoe JasonKander realDonaldTrump washingtonpost EricTrump has a very punchable face, unfortunately for him.

  • Jennifer Hall (therealjenhall)

    JasonKander realDonaldTrump washingtonpost It's a coup. We are watching it with our own eyes.

  • Lisa Gawne (LisaGawne1)

    therealjenhall JasonKander realDonaldTrump washingtonpost Agree saw it coming.. I was upset 4 weeks after election I'm fired up again!

  • David Xo (FreehFan)

    JasonKander washingtonpost Great line! I already made this bumper sticker. link

  • Don Jo Trump (don_jo_trump)

    JasonKander farandwee realDonaldTrump Well, Eric's such a fuckup he was never going to become dictator on his own, had to buy him a gov't

  • Tyler Gething (tgeth)

    JasonKander realDonaldTrump washingtonpost it's a hostile takeover for sure!

  • Brett (brettinkc)

    JasonKander realDonaldTrump washingtonpost He's certaining trying to #DrainTheSwamp, of money at least.

Taxpayers are super-honored to contribute $100,000 to the costs of Eric Trump’s trip to sell Trump condos in Uruguay link
  • linc2016 (linc20161)

    davidfrum i get the optics but what's the alternative? private security force? or don't give him sufficient security? what's your idea

  • Genevieve (GenDesignInc)

    linc20161 davidfrum he can stay home or hire his own security Problem solved... Not a tax payers responsibility to pay for grown children

  • Genevieve (GenDesignInc)

    linc20161 davidfrum additionally this is not a state related trip Eric Trump is not employeed by the US tax payers This is a conflict

  • GenDesignInc linc20161 davidfrum seems like Eric's "billionaire" father could have paid for this.

  • Kathy Chelsen  ♥ ♫ (KEC9)

    NatsBandwagon GenDesignInc linc20161 davidfrum likely a conflict of interest.

  • KEC9 GenDesignInc linc20161 davidfrum Trump's continued involvement in his businesses is a HUGE conflict of interest.

  • Kathy Chelsen  ♥ ♫ (KEC9)

    NatsBandwagon GenDesignInc linc20161 davidfrum yes it is.

  • WasAToonie (02129toonie)

    davidfrum washingtonpost yet ok to dress michelle in $10k dresses. Over 8yrs. Not including $100MM in vacations for Prez Obama's kids.

  • 02129toonie davidfrum washingtonpost you know now taxpayers don't pay for her dresses, right?

  • WasAToonie (02129toonie)

    BeeTraven davidfrum washingtonpost Keep believing #taxpayers didn't pay for her/their lifestyle. Where did this wealth come from?

  • Shari Perkins (shariperkins)

    02129toonie BeeTraven davidfrum washingtonpost Fashion designers loan their clothes to celebrities for publicity. Most don't buy.

  • shariperkins 02129toonie davidfrum washingtonpost jewelry too.

  • Darlene Mears (sweebabypeach)

    BeeTraven shariperkins 02129toonie davidfrum washingtonpost she also mostly wore clothes from the local mall type store

  • Cristian ? (cristianafarias)

    davidfrum What's your take on him carrying his wallet in his front pockets? I find it worrisome.

  • davidfrum it's a khakis-tocracy!

  • T (TALacharite)

    davidfrum washingtonpost imagine if Chelsea used 100k to raise money for her dad/mom while in office. Impeachment hearing would startAsap

  • SkidRowe (Cannettedecoke)

    TALacharite davidfrum washingtonpost didnt chelsea get a free wedding from the "Foundation"?

  • Kae Purbeck (KaePurbeck)

    Cannettedecoke TALacharite davidfrum washingtonpost prob true, but has no relevance to this. Clinton foundation is private co- not Gov $

  • SkidRowe (Cannettedecoke)

    KaePurbeck TALacharite davidfrum washingtonpost so you are saying trumps foundation was funded by fed gov.?

  • Jeremi I.B. (JEB123B)

    Cannettedecoke KaePurbeck TALacharite davidfrum washingtonpost lol that came out of left field.

  • Kae Purbeck (KaePurbeck)

    JEB123B Cannettedecoke TALacharite davidfrum washingtonpost I know, right?! I was like wtf is this dude talking about #RepubLogic

  • Jeremi I.B. (JEB123B)

    KaePurbeck Cannettedecoke TALacharite davidfrum washingtonpost I guess it's an early April fools play. Must be a classic prankster.

  • Kae Purbeck (KaePurbeck)

    JEB123B Cannettedecoke TALacharite davidfrum washingtonpost lol if only that were the real explanation...I know I'd sleep easier ;)

Eric Trump's promotional junket for the Trump organization cost American taxpayers nearly $100,000. #draintheswamp link
  • Matt Stallone (StalloneMatt)

    stevesilberman washingtonpost Obamas golf trips cost how much? Report the same.....

  • Krystal (Kriscental)

    StalloneMatt stevesilberman washingtonpost so now that your guy is doing it, you're ok with it? Pathetic.

  • Matt Stallone (StalloneMatt)

    Kriscental stevesilberman washingtonpost so now that he does it you have a problem with it?

  • Krystal (Kriscental)

    StalloneMatt stevesilberman washingtonpost I don't. Didn't care then, don't care now. I'm upset because cons are now changing their views

  • Adam (adamcolejones97)

    stevesilberman washingtonpost don't worry guys. He only used my taxes. I'm cool with it. Obama made me pay more last 8 years.

  • Hello (WrdsChngeLves)

    adamcolejones97 stevesilberman All presidents vacation and golf. Obama did so much less than any other president in recent history.

  • Adam (adamcolejones97)

    WrdsChngeLves stevesilberman Eric Trump isn't the president

  • Sarge (SGTROCKUSMC82)

    stevesilberman washingtonpost Call me up when they $8 million in vacations

  • Hello (WrdsChngeLves)

    SGTROCKUSMC82 stevesilberman All presidents vacation & golf. Obama did so much less than any other president in recent history

  • Sarge (SGTROCKUSMC82)

    WrdsChngeLves stevesilberman You are not serious are you?

  • Ty (BrdsOnBat)

    SGTROCKUSMC82 WrdsChngeLves stevesilberman link

  • Sarge (SGTROCKUSMC82)

    BrdsOnBat WrdsChngeLves stevesilberman Gee I wonder which costs more a flight to Dallas TX or Oahu Hawaii from DC for the President?

  • SGTROCKUSMC82 BrdsOnBat WrdsChngeLves stevesilberman when you go to TX that many times, ALOT! You see what you want to see! #hypocrite

  • Sarge (SGTROCKUSMC82)

    AndreasOpinions BrdsOnBat WrdsChngeLves stevesilberman place in TX Obama didn't #HypocriteLibs

  • MM (creekbear)

    stevesilberman BillionairesNo washingtonpost when Drumpf is finally impeached, the American people want this money repaid

  • creekbear BillionairesNo stevesilberman washingtonpost ALL OF IT! EVERY DIME!

  • MM (creekbear)

    508gloryFelix BillionairesNo stevesilberman washingtonpost this is why there are rules against conflict of interest

  • creekbear BillionairesNo stevesilberman washingtonpost Which the trump clan routinely violates! Somebody needs to grow some balls fast!

  • MM (creekbear)

    508gloryFelix BillionairesNo stevesilberman washingtonpost I agree 100%; Drumpf should've been impeached on day 2

  • creekbear BillionairesNo stevesilberman washingtonpost It still might happen, and more evidence piles in each day! Pray!

  • MM (creekbear)

    508gloryFelix BillionairesNo stevesilberman washingtonpost that word needs to be out there every day in the halls of Congress

Eric Trump’s business trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers $97,830 in hotel bills link
Taxpayers footed a bill of nearly $100K when Eric Trump jetted to Uruguay in Jan. for a Trump Org. promotional trip link
  • Trump Win Nov8 (RayofHopeNov8)

    kylegriffin1 ewstephe Hey DOLT, did you report on the 100 million dollars the Obama's spent on vacations??? Of course not.

  • Jeanette (mjem77)

    RayofHopeNov8 The Obamas were the First Family. Eric Trump was doing Trump Organization business. Surely even you can see the difference.

  • Acid Grave (grave_acid)

    mjem77 RayofHopeNov8 You are a toon. That article is a joke. I wonder what secret service would of cost if he stayed home? Close to same.

  • Trump Win Nov8 (RayofHopeNov8)

    grave_acid mjem77 Obummer wasn't a president, he was a vacationer spending as little time as possible in the WH.

  • Acid Grave (grave_acid)

    RayofHopeNov8 mjem77 The left never squeaked when Michelle and Barrack rode on separate planes to go to the same place.

  • Trump Win Nov8 (RayofHopeNov8)

    grave_acid mjem77 The left is in a complete state of devolution, circling the drain. The odor of "loser" permeates the air!!

  • James (jayshi69)

    kylegriffin1 washingtonpost I'd object to the cost of the return journey

  • Elena R (ElenaFR)

    jayshi69 kylegriffin1 washingtonpost That made me chuckle. Thank you.

  • kylegriffin1 spulliam washingtonpost oh NOW liberals want to be fiscally aware?!?!?!

  • porkroll (porkroll)

    LeeWayneRyder kylegriffin1 spulliam The greatest trick the GOP ever played was convincing anyone liberals were the fiscally challenged.

  • Donna Comer (Djc12491)

    kylegriffin1 noellekompa washingtonpost Why isn't Congress screaming about this!! Christ, conflicts of interest!

  • DebbCheyne (CheyneBopp)

    Djc12491 kylegriffin1 noellekompa washingtonpost This is OUTRAGEOUS!

  • Donna Comer (Djc12491)

    CheyneBopp kylegriffin1 noellekompa washingtonpost Completely outrageous! I am so LIVID!

  • Beth Cone Kramer (bck27)

    kylegriffin1 Fahrenthold How's that #blindtrust thing working out?

  • Paul Caplan (Paul_Caplan)

    kylegriffin1 MrMurder37 Err, now about that "Wall" between the family business and the government...

  • Paul_Caplan kylegriffin1 MrMurder37 Obama spent $80mil flying his family around...What wall started 2 weeks ago?

  • Paul Caplan (Paul_Caplan)

    Angry_Man_69 kylegriffin1 MrMurder37 Well,Trump will be spending 1/20th of that just the weekend.So, it's ok to pay for Eric to promote?

  • Paul_Caplan kylegriffin1 MrMurder37 We payed for The older slutty Obama daughter to smoke weed and twerk around Mexico, so why not?

Eric Trump traveled to Uruguay last month, solely to promote the family business. Cost to taxpayers? Almost $100K. link
  • Adam Turkel (aturkel)

    AlecMacGillis I think working class folks in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania feel pretty good about financing Trump family vacations

  • aturkel AlecMacGillis then they're stupid and hypocrites

  • Bebe Capone (CaponeBebe)

    StephDVaughan aturkel AlecMacGillis stop believing the commie leftist lies

  • The True Patriots (Jane53718)

    CaponeBebe StephDVaughan aturkel AlecMacGillis All billionaires in his regime. What...a....dump.

  • Bebe Capone (CaponeBebe)

    Jane53718 StephDVaughan aturkel AlecMacGillis link

  • The True Patriots (Jane53718)

    CaponeBebe StephDVaughan aturkel AlecMacGillis Dismantling & silencing EPA like putin would. This is your children's future. Criminals.

  • Bebe Capone (CaponeBebe)

    Jane53718 StephDVaughan aturkel AlecMacGillis my childrens future is better because seahag isnt appt judges

  • The True Patriots (Jane53718)

    CaponeBebe StephDVaughan aturkel AlecMacGillis Wow. You don't know either history OR science. Sad! Also...blocked.

  • Jeff (Vivalawino)

    AlecMacGillis washingtonpost Gross. Kleptocracy in action. jasoninthehouse when will you hold them accountable? tedlieu Youre my rep...

  • Nobody (xebeche914)

    Vivalawino all children of all presidents are protected by the secret service. I can't see why this is a story.

  • Jeff (Vivalawino)

    xebeche914 he was on Trump family business and taxpayers (like me) are paying for him to enrich the Trump family.

  • Nobody (xebeche914)

    Vivalawino there are enough real things to get upset with Trump about without inventing reasons. I.e. Things all presidents get.

  • Jeff (Vivalawino)

    xebeche914 Oh, please. The corruption is blatant. Every instance like this should be a scandal. The Trump's are just out for themselves.

  • Nobody (xebeche914)

    Vivalawino how is getting Secret Service protection corruption? It's the law that all family members be protected.

  • Jeff (Vivalawino)

    xebeche914 It's corrupt because he's using US govt funds to profit for HIMSELF. Exactly why he's supposed to divest to blind trust. Corrupt

  • Nobody (xebeche914)

    Vivalawino he didn't use US funds. He went on a trip and the Secret Service HAD to follow him and HAD to pay their hotel bill.

  • Amanda (amandawilson123)

    AlecMacGillis washingtonpost can we start a spreadsheet of the expenses they're racking up in one column and one column for self dealing?

  • Debra Meis (debjynne)

    amandawilson123 AlecMacGillis washingtonpost whatever it is it'll be less than Obama spent

  • Jojo (Jojo04554640)

    debjynne amandawilson123 AlecMacGillis washingtonpost they've already outspent Presidrnt. Obama. There is no limit to the Trump greed

  • debbie (scoootchover)

    AlecMacGillis joanwalsh So we're just supposed to accept this??? $100K when that money could go to teachers, police, fire depts? WTF?

  • Debra Meis (debjynne)

    scoootchover AlecMacGillis joanwalsh grow up snowflake

  • debbie (scoootchover)

    debjynne Honey, condolences. You've beenby toxic trump koolaid. Snowflakes care. Plz C a dr STAT. Meanwhile, #blockparty in your honor

Trump & Co managed to violate BOTH Emoluments Clauses (foreign & domestic) in one Uruguay trip last month by Eric: link
  • tribelaw Are these violates enough 2 pursue impeachment? Better yet, what will it take 2 have a serious attempt of impeaching him?

  • δίανέ (7diane)

    jreginalombardo tribelaw This is what I keep asking. It's already too much. But how much is enough to impeach.

  • 7diane tribelaw Reading this now..... link

  • δίανέ (7diane)

    jreginalombardo tribelaw POLITICOMag TY. Sinking approval ratings are the prerequisite,.." “Look at the Gallup polls,...”  We're there.

  • Deborah Keene (DebKeene)

    tribelaw Trumps exposed as a clan of common grifters. FlimFlam men and women. Disgusting. They've taken common con schemes to WH.

  • Judy (jmd3kids)

    DebKeene tribelaw said all along.. only in it for themselves. Scammed millions into buying g ugly hats and believing every lie

  • Deborah Keene (DebKeene)

    jmd3kids tribelaw You're right. They're the Kardashians of politics.

  • tribelaw Need #TrumpTaxReturns to see full extent of conflicts

  • Ron (RonClandon)

    PivotAndDodge Trump can't show us tax returns. It would show his conflicts of interest.

  • richard (drrickg)

    tribelaw starrhaus washingtonpost consider it a cheap vacation. Obamas was much more expensive. But since he had 0 biz no problem

  • LindaMilazzo (LindaMilazzo)

    drrickg tribelaw starrhaus washingtonpost Obamas paid their own housing & personal costs. Do ur research. Do u want to pay Eric's hotel?

  • richard (drrickg)

    LindaMilazzo tribelaw starrhaus washingtonpost not true. They paid for their toothbrushes. Trips cost up to a billion at the end

  • drrickg this figure is false

  • Jon (Jon_PharmD)

    tribelaw washingtonpost Eric Trump is a bologna sandwich. Always looks constipated. Sad.

  • IterAndEra (IterAndEra)

    tribelaw Can a person sue, just any tax paying person, arguing that their tax dollars essentially favored a company without their consent?

  • IterAndEra tribelaw I've been asking this question of many and have yet to get a response

  • John Mashey (JohnMashey)

    tribelaw DrRimmer washingtonpost 1/ By law Eric is entitled to SS protection, although we've not before seen adult children like this

  • John Mashey (JohnMashey)

    tribelaw DrRimmer washingtonpost 2/ However, unlike Donald, Eric, Don Jr & Ivanka are allowed to reject SS protection and...

  • John Mashey (JohnMashey)

    tribelaw DrRimmer washingtonpost 3/ Donald uses private security link… who sign NDAs & need not follow same rules as SS

  • John Mashey (JohnMashey)

    tribelaw DrRimmer washingtonpost politico 4/ So adult Trump children may want to think about constant accompanyment by SS

  • John Mashey (JohnMashey)

    tribelaw DrRimmer washingtonpost politico 5/ Entirely separate from extent to which USG owes Trump family blank check.

  • John Mashey (JohnMashey)

    tribelaw DrRimmer washingtonpost politico 6/ For example, if Eric visits some Trump hotel, do SS agents stay for free, or does USG pay?

  • 17DISH (17DISH)

    JohnMashey tribelaw DrRimmer washingtonpost politico Remember they are charging Sec Service. for 2 floors in tower & it's top dollar.

  • John Mashey (JohnMashey)

    17DISH tribelaw DrRimmer washingtonpost politico Yes, but in some sense it's in a different category, more directly related to Donald.

Really? - Eric Trump’s business trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers $97,830 in hotel bills - The Washington Post link
  • Jack Cowden (jackieboy2292)

    realronhoward oh because the Washington Post says it it's true! #fakenews how much did Obama's mother in law rack up livin in the w. house?

  • Jack Cowden (jackieboy2292)

    realronhoward not to mention what she's gettin now outta tax payer dollars!! 160k a year! Why doesn't the W. Post report that?

  • Ron Howard (RealRonHoward)

    jackieboy2292 where did those facts come from? fake news

  • Jack Cowden (jackieboy2292)

    realronhoward it was reported in the Boston Tribune she would recieve 160k for life for her care taking duties while in the W.H....

  • Jack Cowden (jackieboy2292)

    realronhoward but after I did more research it was proven to be fake news, I apologize, I can admit when I'm wrong.

  • Ron Howard (RealRonHoward)

    jackieboy2292 thanks for double checking and tweeting

  • RealRonHoward You need to make a movie about this whole con game #tRumping (Having one's head up one's arse whilst shitting on twitter)

  • Daniel F Sheehy (DfSheehy)

    ClassicDeepCuts RealRonHoward Working Title Ron "The Accidental President" I don't think he ever really wanted it

  • DfSheehy RealRonHoward "Un-Presidented: America's Precedent, #PutinsPuppet or #BannonsBitch? "

  • Daniel F Sheehy (DfSheehy)

    ClassicDeepCuts RealRonHoward Ha! Love it!

  • Tammy (Tammy1010101010)

    RealRonHoward washingtonpost , did you tally up Obama n his family every Lil trip? Now that bill was way to big for only 4 people

  • Tammy1010101010, President Obama took fewer vacations than Reagan, Clinton, and both Bushes.

  • JMillhouse Tammy1010101010 His entire presidency was a vacation: endless rounds of golf, parties with Hollywood stars, feet up on desk.

  • TheResistance (ActDontReact)

    RealRonHoward washingtonpost He is a non-elected adult! Why are we paying his hotel bills?

  • CTown1 (phishhead9698)

    RealRonHoward washingtonpost how much did the Obama's spend of our countries money going to Hawaii?

  • kittrell cotman (c_cotman)

    phishhead9698 RealRonHoward washingtonpost every president that our country has ever had took vacations not just President Obama geez

  • RealRonHoward washingtonpost and flint still doesnt have clean water

Taxpayers paid nearly $100K for a trip to Uruguay for Trump's son to promote the Trump Organization. link
  • Jonah Newman (jonahshai)

    dataeditor washingtonpost Is it standard for adult children of presidents to get secret service protection?

  • Steven Rich (dataeditor)

    jonahshai For all immediate family members, yes.

  • Jonah Newman (jonahshai)

    dataeditor Makes sense. Just hadn't thought about it before.

  • Steven Rich (dataeditor)

    jonahshai me neither.

  • tjk5243 (watson5243)

    dataeditor jbarro washingtonpost but he's also promoting the USA brand (best said aloud in aloof New York accent)

  • Steven Rich (dataeditor)

    watson5243 jbarro washingtonpost with all due respect, the best way to promote the USA brand is with a thick Boston accent.

  • Zhon Shotir (ZhonShotir)

    dataeditor and? Michelle Obama spent $10 million in tax payer dollars in one year on booze and travel.

  • Valerie Marcelli (missoni25)

    ZhonShotir dataeditor Where did ya get those facts.... info wars?

  • Liz Massi (massiliz)

    missoni25 #altfacts. Must have been KellyAnne, along with Bowling Green Massacre.

  • Valerie Marcelli (missoni25)

    massiliz Lol! Of course, along with the 3-5 million illegal voters

  •  ?? (IamKerryLove)

    missoni25 massiliz and the pic of Eric walking along side the car with Uruguay plates

  • Valerie Marcelli (missoni25)

    iamkerrylove massiliz yeah, but that video though..

  •  ?? (IamKerryLove)

    missoni25 massiliz link

  • Valerie Marcelli (missoni25)

    iamkerrylove massiliz Not surprised. He's doing this to make as much money for him and his racist elite friends.

  • Jody Ŧ Madding (maddhombre)

    dataeditor medenix washingtonpost hopefully you printed Michelle's tallies too. #probablynot

  • Mede Nix (medenix)

    maddhombre dataeditor washingtonpost A "Trump Organization promotional trip.

  • Jody Ŧ Madding (maddhombre)

    medenix doesn't matter. Costs are mainly security related which would happen if he's in NYC on Trump Org biz. Same as Michelle.

  • JoAnn Nyfors (JoannNyfors)

    dataeditor jbarro erictrump realDonaldTrump What? That is a private enterprise. Not US responsibility. Pay it back!

  • Kate G (kgal1298)

    JoannNyfors dataeditor jbarro EricTrump realDonaldTrump Can they pay back for the secret service though?

  • kgal1298 JoannNyfors dataeditor jbarro VicenteFoxQue EricTrump realDonaldTrump They're gonna make Mexico pay for it.

  • Kate G (kgal1298)

    captainsuburbia JoannNyfors dataeditor jbarro VicenteFoxQue EricTrump realDonaldTrump Mexico Americas' new pocket book.

Thank goodness Hillary Clinton, who commingled her family's interest with the national interest, isn't in power. link
  • Mikel Jollett (Mikel_Jollett)

    dandrezner DavidCornDC It wasn't "her family's" interest. It was her foundation's interest in children with AIDS. Big difference.

  • Gator Beau (BeauLaVergne)

    Mikel_Jollett dandrezner DavidCornDC I think he was being facetious

  • Mikel Jollett (Mikel_Jollett)

    BeauLaVergne dandrezner DavidCornDC I see. Fair.

  • Olivia (OliviaDAHLING)

    dandrezner I find it very interesting that Eric was quoted as saying the Trump Org and Admin would be as separate as "Church and State."

  • Kerry Camille (wineandjazz72)

    OliviaDAHLING dandrezner Eric Trump comes off as wanna be Pimp in Power to me. He thinks he is all of that and some.

  • dandrezner washingtonpost Ok, but what does this Men's Wearhouse ad have to do with the issue?

  • Laurel Fee (katznfl)

    Runningman429 dandrezner washingtonpost ??? That is eric drumpf in the picture.

  • katznfl dandrezner washingtonpost He's a catalog model now??? Multitalented fellow!

  • The Holocron (The_Holocron)

    dandrezner DavidCornDC But, EMAILS! #Resist #TheResistance

  • Rob Perks (rmperks)

    dandrezner DavidCornDC washingtonpost Entourage III looks extra douchey.

  • Chance (1ChanceNow)

    dandrezner DavidCornDC Amazing. Pres Obama took time to golf it was exploited by the GOP. But Don Jrs biz trip costs US 100k and silence.

  • Jackie Graves (jjgraves1227)

    dandrezner DavidCornDC This man became President so he could bilk the tax payers to support his family fun

  • Chuck Ovits (ChuckOvits)

    dandrezner DavidCornDC If by family interest that means obtaining donations to help millions of people with AIDS,etc, good for her

  • dandrezner but emails!

  • LDM (lucy_lee243)

    dandrezner washingtonpost This article alone should get him impeached! Think of how fast the money will add up people! #ImpeachSoon

  • dandrezner DavidCornDC washingtonpost is the "but Hillary" defense even still a thing?

  • Man of Bronze (GeoffUtley)

    dandrezner DavidCornDC washingtonpost They're scouting out for where the Trumps will live after exile.

  • El Harro (elharroo)

    dandrezner DavidCornDC But you both voted for hillary so corruption doesn't bother you at all.

  • oregonsophie (oregonsophie)

    elharroo dandrezner DavidCornDC being against this administration does not mean someone voted for Hillary. Open your eyes!

  • El Harro (elharroo)

    oregonsophie dandrezner DavidCornDC Hahaha. Of course it does. Unless you're so faaaar left that hill and Obama are Corp sellouts. Riot!

  • oregonsophie (oregonsophie)

    elharroo dandrezner DavidCornDC Believe it or not, there are some people out here who actually think for themselves. Try it!

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