Ex-CIA operative: We may need a new vote - CNN Video

Former CIA Operative Robert Baer says if the CIA can prove that Russia interfered with the 2016 election then the US should vote again.

If this is proven true as it's seeming to look then a re-vote is the only America-loving choice. link
  • David Mack (DavidAlanMack)

    SarahKSilverman - If by some miracle we get a revote, it needs to be done on paper ballots marked in ink, hand counted, w/ no voter purges.

  • Robert Duval (Cessnadriver50)

    SarahKSilverman Ridiculous hypocrisy from the Democrats. Just stop. Now.

  • Mean Tangerine (MeanTangerin3)

    Cessnadriver50 SarahKSilverman Nope, you all yammered on about Hillary's email server for over a year. Now it's our turn. #LockHimUp

  • Sherry Lucich (Comixgrrl)

    MeanTangerin3 Cessnadriver50 SarahKSilverman McConnell made the call in Congress. It should be on the record. #LockHimUp

  • Joseph Godfrey (j0eg0d)

    SarahKSilverman After Harry Reid stated his suspicions, I notice a lot of gossip websites have reported it as fact.

  • Joseph Godfrey (j0eg0d)

    SarahKSilverman The problem is, is that this started with Hillary's emails and the reaction to discredit Wiikileaks.

  • Joseph Godfrey (j0eg0d)

    SarahKSilverman I say take it to trial and uncover the truth. You won't like what they find, but at least this BS story will go away.

  • j0eg0d SarahKSilverman I love how people are so quick to discredit this w an abundance of caution, but pizzagate is clearly legit.


    cheryltalarczyk j0eg0d SarahKSilverman #PizzaGate came from their own DNC emails dumb dumb... Wheres the hard evidence on Russia? #MAGA

  • Mr Fox (dont_be_dumb_)

    SarahKSilverman link

  • #NastyWoman (Magdalena0113)

    dont_be_dumb_ don't you have to concentrate on looking for Obama's birth certificate? SarahKSilverman

  • Mr Fox (dont_be_dumb_)

    Magdalena0113 SarahKSilverman is that the best you've got? No wonder your party lost at every level of government...

  • #NastyWoman (Magdalena0113)

    dont_be_dumb_ SarahKSilverman yes sweetie, since red states love to keep people dumb so you vote for birthers and pedophiles.

  • Mr Fox (dont_be_dumb_)

    Magdalena0113 SarahKSilverman thanks hun, for letting me in on the red states. Was that cnn's talking point today? So naive & gullible

  • #NastyWoman (Magdalena0113)

    dont_be_dumb_ SarahKSilverman no sweetie, red states ranking poorly in education is not a new thing but how would you know that?

  • xnx (xnx_lee)

    Magdalena0113 dont_be_dumb_ SarahKSilverman ahem, California?

  • #NastyWoman (Magdalena0113)

    xnx_lee dont_be_dumb_ SarahKSilverman ahem, is California #50?

Ex Agent: If CIA proves Russian interference-US should hold new elections #TrumpLeaks #RussianHackers #msnbc #amjoy link
  • Laraine Newman (larainenewman)

    funder JuddApatow We are experiencing the Chinese Curse: May you live in interesting times."

  • funder if the shoe was on the other foot they'd be screaming bloody fucking murder to have it all released! We do the same!

  • kushkandy95 funder No,we dealt w/ Obamas ass for 8 very LONG years now u have to do the same! hillary did it 2 herself by corruption&lies!

  • Laure (Lor_blueeyes)

    BrandyLuvsTrump kushkandy95 funder oh. It's not going to be 8 years &you think Trump is not corrupt? Or doesn't lie? You've been duped

  • Lor_blueeyes BrandyLuvsTrump funder He lies more than any politician ever, most of the crap he spews are lies and verifiable. BrandyHim

  • kushkandy95 Lor_blueeyes funder nope, that would be Obama&Hillary! If anything,Trump is2honest! Venture out from the Clinton News Network

  • BrandyLuvsTrump kushkandy95 Lor_blueeyes funder link

  • Becky Young (BeckyYo00780925)

    perkandgrumpus BrandyLuvsTrump kushkandy95 Lor_blueeyes funder Trump too honest... OMG I'm dying

  • BeckyYo00780925 perkandgrumpus kushkandy95 Lor_blueeyes funder oh yes cause ur girl hillary is queen of honesty, right?

  • #ReVote2016 USA election was tampered with by Russia & head of FBI, Comey. Should be declared INVALID & demand new vote. funder

  • Trumpnado2016 funder no. This is a diversion from the crummy campaign Hillary lost. It's a revolving door of blame.

  • cheryl shaver (rghtr56)

    shekissesfrogs Trumpnado2016 funder this makes Watergate look like a speeding ticket!

  • rghtr56 Trumpnado2016 funder there was no bug planted, podesta clicked on a phishing link. link

  • rghtr56 Trumpnado2016 funder none of leaks were false. We saw how they fucked Bernie over, then gaslighted us. Now screaming abt the same

  • cheryl shaver (rghtr56)

    shekissesfrogs Trumpnado2016 funder I believe the RNC was always in control, even with Bernie.

  • rghtr56 Trumpnado2016 funder so you think the RNC fucked over Bernie, not the Clinton machine and the DNC?

  • cheryl shaver (rghtr56)

    shekissesfrogs Trumpnado2016 funder I think they manipulated from the beginning.

  • Chrissy R (rnchrissy25)

    funder Arianna8927 Why did we allow ourselves to get here?

  • Utalkin2me? (cisanchez16)

    rnchrissy25 funder Arianna8927 Especially since we suspected this BEFORE elections! WHY DID NO ONE INVESTIGATE THEN? I forgot. MSM too busy chasing email ghosts!

Ex CIA Agent: If #Russians interfered-US should hold new elections?? AND ITS WHAT AMERICANS DESERVE! ?? #TrumpLeaks link
  • The Humblebee (HumblestBee)

    funder AdiyaLuv It would b better 2 impeach P & VP, EXCEPT we'd get Pres. Ryan & he's a limp dicked piece of shit. Horrible situation.

  • Adiya (AdiyaLuv)

    HumblestBee funder it's a no win for country unless we hold a new vote.

  • Adiya (AdiyaLuv)

    HumblestBee funder Agreed! But wish the pit in my stomach would go away.

  • The Humblebee (HumblestBee)

    AdiyaLuv I'm still hopeful. I'm a thick headed, stubborn mother fucker like that. :-)

  • Ron Von Ehmsen (vonehmsen57)

    funder I completely without hesitation agree.

  • vonehmsen57 funder Or just give the Presidency to the candidate with more votes.

  • Rock Golem (rock_golem)

    PodcastObsessed vonehmsen57 funder That would be unconstitutional and would result in civil war

  • rock_golem vonehmsen57 funder Sounds like a broken system to me.

  • (((Frank R))) (FReaderman)

    PodcastObsessed rock_golem vonehmsen57 funder sounds like the Constitution worked perfectly, libtard

  • Ron Von Ehmsen (vonehmsen57)

    FReaderman PodcastObsessed rock_golem funder Your mind must be as small as DJT's hands wing boy.

  • (((Frank R))) (FReaderman)

    vonehmsen57 PodcastObsessed rock_golem funder since you only offer insults, and no answers. how small are YOUR hands, libtard?

  • SophieCT (SophieInCT)

    funder Why a new vote? Everyone already knows who really won.

  • R. Remington (nelinel526)

    SophieInCT MissVociferous funder Sophie! are you so dense or filled with Breitbart Kool-Aid that something doesn't stink reg the DT win?

  • SophieCT (SophieInCT)

    nelinel526 MissVociferous funder Are you so dense?

  • R. Remington (nelinel526)

    SophieInCT MissVociferous funder "Why a new vote" resonated as if you accepted the results.

  • SophieCT (SophieInCT)

    nelinel526 MissVociferous funder Look at my pic, my profile and my timeline. I support the #PeoplesPresident

  • R. Remington (nelinel526)

    SophieInCT MissVociferous funder Fine. Be well.

  • SophieCT (SophieInCT)

    nelinel526 Point being, you could have checked my timeline before freaking out. Don't be like them,.

Breaking! Crisis of Democracy. Ex-CIA operative: We may need a new vote CNNPolitics link
  • Retta (unfoRETTAble)

    MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics Please dear God. Let it happen.

  • gracepamelaMUA (designergrace)

    MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics the Avengers need to come back with a bigger bad ass bribe. Get Trump out!

  • stephen baker (bakerhalf)

    designergrace MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics best comment ever

  • gracepamelaMUA (designergrace)

    bakerhalf MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics thank you!!!

  • stephen baker (bakerhalf)

    designergrace MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics I'm just scared if he gets into the white house, very scared

  • gracepamelaMUA (designergrace)

    bakerhalf MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics I hear you! As a woman I prefer to stay inside. A sexual assaulter should not be president.

  • stephen baker (bakerhalf)

    designergrace MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics It's not safe for women, gays, trasn ect

  • gracepamelaMUA (designergrace)

    bakerhalf MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics for sure. I consider myself the low man on the totem pole of who has been targeted #badhombrepresident

  • stephen baker (bakerhalf)

    designergrace MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics same here since I;m a blond, straight and white male, but yet with the way I think I'm not safe lol

  • Dennis S Brotman (DenbrotS)

    MarkRuffalo JoanneCangal CNNPolitics Not getting new vote.It's in hands of electors.Otherwise,straight to impeachment.Constit crisis.

  • S Puryear (smp0312)

    MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics Same day registration. Paper ballots. Military supervision, transport and counting of ballots. -2

  • S Puryear (smp0312)

    MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics Interim emergency gov't headed by current admin: last legit elected gov't in existence. -3

  • ResistTheCon (InfoPasser)

    smp0312 MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics retina scans..aura imprinters...voice stress detectors...kidding.

  • S Puryear (smp0312)

    InfoPasser MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics I'd laugh but the security state is frightening.

  • MarkRuffalo EX-CIA on CIA-controlled CNNPolitics spreading #fakenews on nonexistent #Russia hacking? link

  • Cindi Stallard (Cindiluuwhoo)

    katrinkristiina MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics Are you informed enough to call this fake news? I need facts proof Russia didn't hack our systems

  • Anahit (Iwantitalll)

    Cindiluuwhoo katrinkristiina MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics we also don't have any proof there was a hacking it's just their word.

  • Cindi Stallard (Cindiluuwhoo)

    Iwantitalll katrinkristiina MarkRuffalo CNNPolitics The CIA just released info about Russian hacking. How do you know it's not true??

  • Cindiluuwhoo CIA? A bunch of criminals raping the world for corporate buddies. Iwantitalll MarkRuffalo link

  • Cindi Stallard (Cindiluuwhoo)

    katrinkristiina Are those CIA corporate buddies Trumps buddies toooo? TRUMPS buddies are corporate thugs also. New cabinet filling up fast

  • Cindiluuwhoo There is a difference between doing doing business and raping societies under the mask of doing business.

  • Cindiluuwhoo #MAGA is trying to #draintheswamp from #ClintonforPrison organized crime and #PedoGate'rs link

"Those countries would call for new elections. Any democracy would." link
  • David Torske (DavidTorske)

    Reason POTUS, HRC & responsible Dems advocating this: (a) it makes no sense & (b) likely would trigger civil war. summerbrennan

  • NeverEverTrump (orangedouche)

    DavidTorske POTUS summerbrennan When/IF they release the definitive proof Russia put Trump in, THAT WILL trigger civil war 65MM voters

  • Josh (JoshAaronJones)

    orangedouche DavidTorske POTUS summerbrennan link

  • rst (rsthau)

    summerbrennan skry Parliamentary systems have legal mechanisms to call for new elections at unscheduled intervals. We don't.

  • summerbrennan TimBrellow If this were a healthy democracy, we would have democratic elections w/ paper ballots that are hand-counted.

  • Coretta (MizCoretta)

    summerbrennan NikitaKitty Yup

  • Dwayne Murphy (revdjmurphy)

    summerbrennan marcylauren Why a new vote if Hillary's already received nearly 3 million more votes than Trump. The ppl spoke already.

  • @flyingpig1033 (FlyingPig1033)

    summerbrennan DebraMessing link

  • De Bot (ZanyCountryGeek)

    From RT RUSSIA TODAY #UrDONE #TraitorTrump FlyingPig1033 summerbrennan DebraMessing #NoDAPL #SheWON #ThePeoplesPresident #AuditTheVote

  • @flyingpig1033 (FlyingPig1033)

    ZanyCountryGeek summerbrennan DebraMessing Or libtards or any leftist commie group here in the US. link

  • Kreimhild (Kreimhild)

    FlyingPig1033 ZanyCountryGeek summerbrennan DebraMessing If Obama interfered in Israel's elections, it could only have done some good.

  • Duncan Luciak (DuncLuciak)

    summerbrennan theradardude America is a republic, not a democracy, as we have been reminded recently.

  • Josh (JoshAaronJones)

    summerbrennan AndreaChalupa Like a good liberal... If you don't win, make your own rules, and do-over. Just like elementary school kids.

  • C V (cherylviolette)

    summerbrennan we don't need a new election.We voted for a president and she won the popular vote by over 2.5 million votes.HRC is president

  • Sonya Baker (SonyaBaker2)

    summerbrennan Hillary Clinton was elected d by the people and she should be our next president.

  • David Foyn (DavidFoyn)

    summerbrennan DebraMessing Send the bill to Trump.

  • summerbrennan DebraMessing May? May need a new vote? I'd say we definitely need a new vote, by the electorate. Popular vote is ok.

  • Mark von Wahlde (schlockdaddy)

    summerbrennan morgfair We will get past this. Nuttiness only plays to the authoritarians.

  • Marsha Iverson (BookPitcher)

    The UN would at least demand a recount under supervision. Can we at least demand one ourselves? This is NOT a casino game. summerbrennan

Ex-CIA operative: We may need a new vote CNNPolitics link
  • Cary Urso (cary_urso)

    Truth_Wins CNNPolitics paulbegala Wow. How would another vote even be possible? This is unprecedented.

  • Sophia (Truth_Wins)

    cary_urso CNNPolitics PaulBegala So is the situation we're in. The corruption alone is breathtaking. But Russia deciding election? Hello?

  • Cary Urso (cary_urso)

    Truth_Wins CNNPolitics PaulBegala Russia deciding election is completely unacceptable. Reprehensible. How on Earth does this get fixed?

  • Sophia (Truth_Wins)

    cary_urso Maybe it's enough if we just call WH, DOJ, Reps and ask for revote. They can figure out HOW - they have the resources to find out

  • Truth_Wins PaulBegala CNNPolitics yeah & trump should be made release his taxes only fair now that the truth about his foundation is out

  • Sophia (Truth_Wins)

    Maryannepaulso3 PaulBegala CNNPolitics Probably he could be tried for treason

  • Truth_Wins PaulBegala CNNPolitics should be disqualified if this was Clinton doing all this republicans would be calling for recite

  • Truth_Wins PaulBegala CNNPolitics revote stupid spell check

  • Sophia (Truth_Wins)

    Maryannepaulso3 PaulBegala CNNPolitics Yes, 150% they would. And I would agree with them as well, it's not a partisan issue.

  • Truth_Wins docrocktex26 CNNPolitics Wow. All I can say is wow. This could be biggest Constitutional Crisis ever faced.

  • marie mann (mariebayarea4)

    Professing_Prof Truth_Wins docrocktex26 CNNPolitics We are in uncharted territory

  • Sophia (Truth_Wins)

    mariebayarea4 Yes - and if it were any other country, the US would 100% ask for a revote - or, alternatively, not accept the result.

  • Marie Ramsey (Scairp114)

    Truth_Wins CNNPolitics But how realistic is it to call for a "do-over"? Not very, IMHO

  • Sophia (Truth_Wins)

    Scairp114 CNNPolitics The situation we're in is also not very likely to happen... Also, if this was another country, US wd DEMAND new vote

  • stork (astorkinhand)

    Truth_Wins docrocktex26 CNNPolitics Everyone should be demanding this action NOW, before it's too late

  • astorkinhand docrocktex26 Truth_Wins CNNPolitics Where? When? How? People have been running in place ready to go, for crissakes!

  • Sophia (Truth_Wins)

    frlgibson Phone calls to WH, DOJ, reps 24/7...

  • Truth_Wins Will continue. Thanks.

  • Kw (n2xs)

    Truth_Wins PaulBegala CNNPolitics another vote thats not going to happen Trump won!

  • Sophia (Truth_Wins)

    n2xs PaulBegala CNNPolitics Putin won and it should concern everyone. This is not a partisan issue.

Ex-CIA operative: If the CIA can prove that Russia interfered with the 2016 election — then the US should vote again link
  • David Topp (DavidTopp)

    activist360 MarkPlackett1 This + #censusfail here in #auspol proves the many inherent dangers of e-voting. Old-school paper is foolproof

  • RiskyLiberal (RiskyLiberal)

    activist360 plantflowes No need for a re-vote. We have a CLEAR, DEFINITIVE popular vote winner. We need an Electoral College action

  • Molly (Plantflowes)

    RiskyLiberal activist360 'But, if they don't and I don't think they will. Hell John Lewis has called for a revote

  • Lisa Charlanza (LisaCharlanza)

    activist360 YES. This is the ONLY fair way to deal with this. Why would we trust down ballot votes?? Plus organized voter suppression.

  • Barbara Stiles (Dovewoman1)

    activist360 barbaraJean1980 Need 2nd vote if proven

  • Sunny (sunnyngalveston)

    activist360 how interesting would that b? Exec order 2 hold revote before electoral college decides? Trumpers vote same after DT actions?

  • lizzie (lizardbe)

    activist360 note :EX

  • activist360 How in heck do you accomplish that?

  • Kim Allyn (Venicebeachwinr)

    activist360 typical Trump style. He understands a concept it's hard to dislike a person when getting a pat on the head! He suckered Romney

  • Rhys (Rhys604)

    activist360 Very sad that so many Trumpsters feel we're just "sore losers". Has nothing to do w/that. US election was hijacked by Russia/JA

  • Eric Moore (NijimaSan)

    Rhys604 activist360 That's why they're traitors to our nation.

  • MooStache (Moostached)

    activist360 Laughable. If we vote again, can we demand PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP...oh wait, that would be too hard.


  • Vicky Durieux (VickyDurieux)

    activist360 MAY NEED A NEW VOTE??? No two ways about it!!!! #DumpTrump #NotMyPresident

  • Samara (lionessmom76)

    activist360 Yes we should and deploy military to protect all polling places this time without voter intimidation. All paper ballots.

  • marcia kingsley (marcianhgirl)

    activist360 peterdaou jmpalmieri brianefallon benensonj Could this ever in our wildest dreams happen????

  • Paul Albhouse (phouse123)

    activist360 I don't know how America could possibly be comfortable with an election result that gave them a president chosen by Russia.

  • phouse123 We hated Clinton before Wikileaks... We voted. So give the Putin theory a rest, crybaby. lol

  • Paul Albhouse (phouse123)

    Martinez4Trump If there is truth to the Russia story, don't you think it is in the best interests of the USA to find out?

  • phouse123 The Democrats were exposed for the snakes they are through Wiki. Doesn't matter who exposed them. Wouldn't have changed my vote.

If Russia had helped CLINTON win, can you imagine the GOP just quietly accepting it?!?!?!? link
  • Rama Dey-Rao (ramadeyrao)

    sallykohn amoine why are democrats accepting it ? Dont they love the country or the people?

  • NY Rangers Fan (DarakNy)

    ramadeyrao sallykohn amoine nobody is "accepting" it. But we don't have the power to prevent it. What do you suggest?

  • Rama Dey-Rao (ramadeyrao)

    DarakNy sallykohn amoine if i knew i wud b politician or leader. ready to wht leaders we trust suggest Now signing all petitions ready..

  • NY Rangers Fan (DarakNy)

    ramadeyrao sallykohn amoine I hear you. Trump will be president. We have to fight him every day to limit the damage.

  • Rama Dey-Rao (ramadeyrao)

    DarakNy find it hard to blv that the checks n balances can fail so easily! We shud keep striving to nix such dictators now and always! SMH

  • Chris Tsotsoros (ctsotsoros)

    sallykohn Yes. Imagine foreign countries trying to influence us? link

  • Ben Crystal (Bennettruth)

    sallykohn snowflake who was ANTI-fake news and PRO-accepting election results refuses to accept election results b/c of fake news.

  • John Dove (jdove2223)

    sallykohn they released true and accurate information about liberals? How dare they!

  • Lisa Ann (lisaspeltz4)

    sallykohn you guys are the ones that want computer voting and no ID and then complain and invent hacking stories

  • Judi Acre (AcreJudi)

    sallykohn MelindaHoder Dems find your backbone

  • StanleyFosha (stanleyfosha)

    sallykohn How did Russia help Trump exactly?

  • Becky (beckyh4dem)

    sallykohn MattMurph24 ...their heads would literally explode!!

  • Al (AmrcnGngstr1776)

    sallykohn how'd they help Trump? By showing us what HRC really thought? OK. Lol.

  • Debbie B. (SmartBlondiey)

    sallykohn Their hair would be on fire!

  • Nathan (NateDog_LA)

    sallykohn Of course not. I'm very doubtful, however, of any actual Russian interference.

  • sallykohn whaaaaa! No one likes your agenda of lies and hate speech... whaaàa it's Russia that made people find out about your lies whaaaa.

  • Deacon Blues (mork1215)

    sallykohn MalcolmNance Civil War II

  • sallykohn You folks sound like loons, going on and on about Russia. Anonymous sources notwithstanding. #VastRightWingConspiracy

  • OhReally (OhReally22)

    sallykohn Could you please rewrite the Constitution Dumbazz

Ex-CIA operative: We may need a new vote CNNPolitics link
  • Sarah Lerner (SarahLerner)

    grantmaxwell CNNPolitics whoa

  • Grant Maxwell (grantmaxwell)

    SarahLerner CNNPolitics A new vote may be the only way we can ensure the integrity of this election. We have to ratchet up the pressure.

  • Sarah Lerner (SarahLerner)

    grantmaxwell CNNPolitics I mean, I am all for this. But is it possible?

  • Grant Maxwell (grantmaxwell)

    SarahLerner CNNPolitics I think anything is possible at this point. This is an unprecedented situation and it may require extreme measures

  • Sarah Lerner (SarahLerner)

    grantmaxwell Agreed. I fear & foresee violence either way, but our democratic institutions are worth protecting.

  • Grant Maxwell (grantmaxwell)

    SarahLerner Thankfully President Obama is still Commander-in-Chief so he can contain violence. I think Trump supporters are mostly cowards.


    grantmaxwell SarahLerner yes because far right white nationalist are never violent.

  • Grant Maxwell (grantmaxwell)

    1WMCSC SarahLerner They're vastly outnumbered. They'll crawl back into their holes.

  • LuC4zNytMare (LuC4zNytMare)

    grantmaxwell CNNPolitics ColMorrisDavis How would we deal with the clueless Trumpsters if a new vote were to happen?

  • Grant Maxwell (grantmaxwell)

    LuC4zNytMare CNNPolitics ColMorrisDavis Thankfully Obama is still Commander-in-Chief.


    grantmaxwell LuC4zNytMare CNNPolitics ColMorrisDavis yes because he did bang up job on letting this happen while he new about it

  • Grant Maxwell (grantmaxwell)

    1WMCSC LuC4zNytMare CNNPolitics ColMorrisDavis Please see my previous tweets right before the initial post for a response to this.

  • Robyn Grant (robynagrant)

    grantmaxwell PaulBegala CNNPolitics This is silly. Who's going to enforce this? Senate? House? SCOTUS? SMFH

  • Grant Maxwell (grantmaxwell)

    robynagrant PaulBegala CNNPolitics Stop naysaying. Come up with a proposal that will work.

  • Robyn Grant (robynagrant)

    grantmaxwell PaulBegala CNNPolitics Sadly, there is none. We have to wait for Trump to get 1)bored, 2)impeached, 3) quit, 4)get defeated.

  • Grant Maxwell (grantmaxwell)

    robynagrant PaulBegala CNNPolitics Well, that's simply not true. For instance, Lessig's argument for using the equal protection clause.

  • grantmaxwell CNNPolitics new vote. Paper ballots only.

  • Laurie Barrera (lauriebidaho)

    Kcrawfo90933541 grantmaxwell CNNPolitics Actually, it has been proven electronic voting is more secure. The interference was fake news

  • Grant Maxwell (grantmaxwell)

    lauriebidaho Kcrawfo90933541 CNNPolitics That's simply not true. rel="nofollow" target="_blank">link

  • Laurie Barrera (lauriebidaho)

    grantmaxwell Shoot, I read an article the other day, can't remember the source. I'm all for a new election day, black out ads, no BS

Former CIA spooks running to CNN to demand "a new election" ... nothing to see here, folks link

See also on www.cnn.com