FBI in agreement with CIA that Russia aimed to help Trump win White House

Obama defended his response to cyber-intrusions as Clinton accused Putin of having a personal grudge against her.

Breaking: FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win election link
  • Parker Molloy (ParkerMolloy)

    " washingtonpost: Breaking: FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win election link…" link

  • Parker Molloy (ParkerMolloy)

    BTW, POTUS's press conference will be livestreaming here: link

  • Parker Molloy (ParkerMolloy)

    Which reminds me, it's been 142 days since Trump's last press conference... the one where he asked Russia to hack Clinton's e-mail...

  • Parker Molloy (ParkerMolloy)

    From Trump's last press conference: link

  • 360Guy (BradsSanders)

    washingtonpost Can someone please explain to me how the Russians got me to vote for Trump?

  • Sharra J (sharraj)

    BradsSanders washingtonpost Can I try? 1st why did you vote for Trump.

  • 360Guy (BradsSanders)

    sharraj washingtonpost Because he wasn't Hillary Clinton.

  • Sharra J (sharraj)

    BradsSanders washingtonpost Okay I get it, BUT if before the election, you new the truth, that Russia was interfering in the election -1

  • Sharra J (sharraj)

    BradsSanders washingtonpost and they wanted trump for their benefit . And you knew Trump knew but LIED and said it was all fake. -2

  • Sharra J (sharraj)

    BradsSanders washingtonpost would that have changed anything? I understand Hillary Hate, but what about HELPING RUSSIA. & the fact DT lies

  • tori (ToriUptown)

    sharraj BradsSanders washingtonpost lmao I'm waiting for his reply, too

  • ToriUptown sharraj BradsSanders washingtonpost 9minutes. IDK if he is not coming back or watching Fox News for his follow up

  • SteveWulfeck (SteveWulfeck)

    washingtonpost total fake news. You should be shut down for this lie, you are harming Americans.

  • Sam Hulick (SamHulick)

    SteveWulfeck Your English is really good, comrade.

  • SteveWulfeck (SteveWulfeck)

    SamHulick nwo hack

  • Sam Hulick (SamHulick)

    SteveWulfeck Shh, I'm on a conference call with all the world banks, deciding your fate.

Someone realizes that they've been used link
#FBI backs #CIA view that #Russia intervened to help Trump win #USelection washingtonpost link … #TheResistance #hacking
  • Timo Maas (Melodic_prog)

    jalloyd4 washingtonpost it's a 'view' lol... We need proofs

  • RCD (AlvinOscarSam)

    jalloyd4 TheAdvocateMag washingtonpost link

  • Dona (mommadukes924)

    jalloyd4 washingtonpost So why would we let him in White House? The electoral ppl need to do their jobs!DT is involved with many bad thng

  • jalloyd4 washingtonpost remember Hamid Karzai a paid CIA operative made leader of Afghanistan?

  • jalloyd4 washingtonpost Hmm that tune changed fast, they said the OPPOSITE of that not long ago

  • Floyd Whiteside (WOW_Skylox)

    jalloyd4 washingtonpost Podesta was hacked back in March 2016. 4 months before Trump even become the republican nominee. Let it go.

  • RealMeee (meeereal650)

    jalloyd4 washingtonpost according to a left wing #fakenews organization known to slant articles towards the left. Pathetic & sad

  • cris levin (crislevin)

    jalloyd4 washingtonpost #FBI has any credibility left? #FBI works for Putin.

  • jalloyd4 washingtonpost the #FBI would like to hack the #Democratic party computers

By denying Russian interference in the election, Trump is siding with Putin over the U.S. intelligence community: link
  • Veterans Take (VeteransTake)

    TheDemocrats washingtonpost where's the evidence? Americans no longer believe the Democrats fake news!

  • VeteransTake TheDemocrats washingtonpost "Interfere?" Meaningless. Hillary won popular vote & Trump crushed blue wall b/c of his message

  • Anyim Moore (AnyimMoore)

    larryhinkle TheDemocrats donnabrazile exactly!they don't deny the truth contained in the leaks only the fact that we got to see the truth

  • Currie Dobson (Ventuckyspaz)

    AnyimMoore larryhinkle TheDemocrats Us peasants aren't supposed to see the inner workings on how the establishment works against us.

  • Anyim Moore (AnyimMoore)

    Ventuckyspaz larryhinkle TheDemocrats what is worse is that many of these people don't seem to care that their party is corrupt

  • Currie Dobson (Ventuckyspaz)

    AnyimMoore larryhinkle TheDemocrats This is where party politics blind people from what is really going on with their candidates.

  • Anyim Moore (AnyimMoore)

    Ventuckyspaz larryhinkle TheDemocrats when I #DemExited the scales fell from my eyes!

  • TheDemocrats I would have won anyway! With or without Putin!

  • John Hall (JohnTimothyHall)

    realTonaldTrump TheDemocrats link

  • Matthew Appel (rugbyscrum99)

    TheDemocrats washingtonpost Do any of you Trump supporters feel troubled that Trump denies Russian hacking at a point where all

  • Gary Felde (GaryFelde1)

    TheDemocrats washingtonpost Trump in fact won because we found out the truth.

  • Dottiemae (DotmaeR)

    GaryFelde1 TheDemocrats washingtonpost I think you're missing the point. Not who won but WE WERE HACKED to purposely sway it. Next time?

  • Anyim Moore (AnyimMoore)

    DotmaeR GaryFelde1 TheDemocrats washingtonpost the truth generally does sway ppl what should bother you is that what was leaked was true

  • Gary Felde (GaryFelde1)

    AnyimMoore DotmaeR TheDemocrats washingtonpost there are numerous ongoing investigations what bothers me is if Obama covers them in bs

  • Anyim Moore (AnyimMoore)

    GaryFelde1 DotmaeR whats to investigate? hacking is commonplace! great video on this BS link

  • SynPerez (Cynperez23)

    TheDemocrats washingtonpost He is betraying his own country & somehow, people elected him as president? It doesn't make sense to me

  • Ivy Rivello (IRivello)

    TheDemocrats washingtonpost a sad time in American history starts, even prior to his inauguration

  • Tippery (rwtippery)

    TheDemocrats washingtonpost realDonaldTrump and the GOP will betray us all in the end and poison the air, water and earth.

WOW. FBI now backing CIA assessment that Russia was doing it to elect Trump link
  • Sue (scnyny)

    samsteinhp washingtonpost Too late for mea culpa- Comey WAS and still may be a useful idiot for Putin-FBI doomed us to authoritarian rule

  • Sue (scnyny)

    samsteinhp washingtonpost PS to my tweet above-notice that the Trump media-tipster & Putin useful-idiot Giuliani has disappeared from view

  • KeyserSozeBro (KeyserSozeBro1)

    samsteinhp This is going to make Watergate look like a joke by compare.

  • Adam (GreenMachine13)

    samsteinhp washingtonpost 38 days too late!

  • samsteinhp so they knew but released the emails letter? That would push me to violation of Hatch Act.

  • Vic Livingston (scrivener50)

    samsteinhp Look for #HamiltonElectors to throw prez vote to House-only legal way to neutralize Trump NOW-UNLESS sedition charges pending...

  • (((Grumpy))) (Grumpyolddog1)

    scrivener50 samsteinhp Not going to happen. All will put party before country.

  • Vic Livingston (scrivener50)

    Grumpyolddog1 samsteinhp Who said electors would abandon party? They'll make Paul SpeakerRyan POTUS.

  • Amber (onion_amber)

    scrivener50 Grumpyolddog1 samsteinhp SpeakerRyan fuck that, Clinton won popular vote by over 2.5M. Tons of Qs re: Russa & swing states

  • Vic Livingston (scrivener50)

    onion_amber Grumpyolddog1 samsteinhp SpeakerRyan I agree. But GOP House majority will toss Trump for Ryan if electors revolt-THE PLAN?

  • Amber (onion_amber)

    scrivener50 Grumpyolddog1 samsteinhp SpeakerRyan swapping Trump for Ryan is no win. Give it to Biden

  • (((Grumpy))) (Grumpyolddog1)

    onion_amber scrivener50 samsteinhp SpeakerRyan GOP Controls the House; they won't pick a Dem.

  • Amber (onion_amber)

    Grumpyolddog1 scrivener50 samsteinhp SpeakerRyan This election proves Trump right, elections are rigged and mean nothing

  • Ann Cali (AnnCali)

    samsteinhp CandaceTX This seems really confusing. It sounds a big but half the stories I hear play it down.Really not sure who to believe

  • kwtalk (kwtalk)

    AnnCali samsteinhp CandaceTX 'Half the stories' are trying to delegitimize our government institutions. It's by design.

  • CandaceTX (CandaceTX)

    kwtalk the fact she AnnCali says that she doesnt know who to believe means: it is working... samsteinhp

  • kwtalk (kwtalk)

    CandaceTX AnnCali samsteinhp The best thing for our democracy at the moment is to believe our institutions. 1/2

  • Ben Salazar (jeanlucpeakhard)

    samsteinhp there goes one more "Well no one really knows" talking point.

  • charcoaljar (charcoaljar)

    samsteinhp washingtonpost Russia hacking the us elections is an act of war.

  • Whatwasthat (imthetwitor)

    charcoaljar samsteinhp washingtonpost This is the new form of War #cyberwarfare

FBI agree with CIA that Russia helped Trump win. This is not just a trial balloon for a coup; this *is* a coup. link
  • April (FibonacciNum)

    SheWhoVotes washingtonpost So now what? Will it take actual civil war to remove him?

  • Laura Voted (SheWhoVotes)

    FibonacciNum washingtonpost I certainly hope not; I hope that congress will get its act together and impeach him

  • SheWhoVotes washingtonpost Why are we not having a new election? It doesn't make sense that a rigged election doesn't have a do over?

  • Laura Voted (SheWhoVotes)

    Pammie3333 washingtonpost there is no procedure for it; our constitution is woefully inadequate to deal with this situation

  • nasty woman (AirborneChick)

    SheWhoVotes trcfwtt washingtonpost too bad electoral college was a complete and utter failure at doing its job as it was meant tobdo

  • Raymond (YarmondShore)

    SheWhoVotes washingtonpost Mass demonstrations against Trump when he leaves for the G20. It's in July so imagine how bad things will be

  • Raymond (YarmondShore)

    YarmondShore SheWhoVotes Easiest to depose dictators when they're out of the country.

  • nasty woman (AirborneChick)

    SheWhoVotes trcfwtt washingtonpost I'll be impressed when FBI admits they turned into partisan slimepit and helped trump get elected too

  • SheWhoVotes Newyorker2212 sorry but Russia helping Trump win is not the story, what Trump owes them, what they have on him IS THE STORY!!!

  • MMwritescanada Newyorker2212 SheWhoVotes SHOW US YOUR TAXES realDonaldTrump

  • Wendy (Wendys_Garden)

    SheWhoVotes so are people just letting this slide? I keep wondering what anyone is gonna do about all that protesting2016 washingtonpost

  • AMERICA IS GREAT (1099rock)

    SheWhoVotes washingtonpost Time 2 remove him & get the true winner into the White House w/ 2.8 mil votes. This is what we have to fight 4

  • James Vavrek (vavrek_james)

    SheWhoVotes hmmm could this be an impeachable act

  • SheWhoVotes washingtonpost Trump , Pence and team all should be gone, illegal election, just say it. Hillary is TRUE AMERICAN PRESIDENT

  • SheWhoVotes washingtonpost Putin watching America slowly implode without using nukes. Evil mother fucker but genius as a geopolitical strategist. link

  • ((BJ Starr2)) (BJStarr2)

    SheWhoVotes ginag63 washingtonpost EXACTLY! Don't be distracted by the Muslim ban, what about FBI investigation of POTUS RUSSIAN TIES?

  • Donna Vogel (Uofm77)

    SheWhoVotes FBI collaborated.

Total BS from Wapo - who in their right mind would believe the FBI OR the CIA in the Obama Administration? link
  • RogerJStoneJr catoletters wapo washingtonpost no one would believe you or DT either.. Major national credibility problems

  • RealPCDonaldT RogerJStoneJr catoletters wapo washingtonpost only ones with no credibility left us the msm, Hillary Clinton and libtard

  • Val Farrelly  ? (valfarly)

    Bellis2488My RealPCDonaldT RogerJStoneJr catoletters wapo washingtonpost Was that even English?

  • Phlegm Findingo (phlubup)

    valfarly Bellis2488My RealPCDonaldT RogerJStoneJr catoletters wapo washingtonpost Think he's playing "Alex Jones Buzzword Bingo".

  • Val Farrelly  ? (valfarly)

    phlubup Bellis2488My RealPCDonaldT RogerJStoneJr catoletters wapo washingtonpost BINGO! link

  • RogerJStoneJr You're a traitor. Trump & conspirators (i.e. Flynn) are also traitors. You all betrayed OUR country. We won't soon forget. link

  • RogerJStoneJr wapo any patriotic American. Who would believe you?

  • Trump Force 1 (trump20164prez)

    RogerJStoneJr wapo washingtonpost nobody is buying this other than heart broken liberals and the media

  • trump20164prez RogerJStoneJr wapo washingtonpost the media ARE liberals!!

  • Resist Fuhrer Trump (madusher)

    Bellis2488My trump20164prez RogerJStoneJr wapo washingtonpost No rational argument, so scream libtard over and over . link

  • Trump Force 1 (trump20164prez)

    madusher such nonsense - Americans voted - Final Score: 306 - 232 - That's it, see you in 2020

  • Resist Fuhrer Trump (madusher)

    trump20164prez Trump got 3 million fewer votes with Putin's help. Your a traitor. link

  • RogerJStoneJr wapo washingtonpost Who would believe you? You're in a picture with Alex Jones. Says a lot.

  • RogerJStoneJr wapo washingtonpost people who aren't fucked in the head and people who don't have their head shoved up trumps ass

  • Bob Hengen (BobBobr53)

    RogerJStoneJr wapo Believe Trump instead of the FBI, CIA, DNI, and other intelligence agencies? You've got to be out of your mind.

  • BobBobr53 Run_IsHere RogerJStoneJr wapo Believing Putin, ignoring Briefing's, putting pro-Russia cabinet together makes you traitors.

FBI now backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win election link
We still don't see evidence—just proclamations. #FakeNews link
  • sunshine916 (sunshine916)

    DrJillStein What are you talking about Ms. Stein? This is real news about the Russian hacking! President Obama is now discussing it!

  • russian (jess_larosee)

    sunshine916 DrJillStein just because he's discussing it, doesn't mean it happened.

  • Jessie Jones (tharealDJAkuma)

    jess_larosee sunshine916 DrJillStein Jess...speak slowly...logic is new to her...she may get confused.

  • russian (jess_larosee)

    tharealDJAkuma sunshine916 DrJillStein haha right? Obama just said they handled the situation appropriately...so why confusion?

  • Jessie Jones (tharealDJAkuma)

    jess_larosee sunshine916 DrJillStein I know right...how dare u seditiously imply that the gov is lying...sedition is still illegal right?

  • russian (jess_larosee)

    tharealDJAkuma sunshine916 DrJillStein haha like we didn't learn our lesson from Me. George W. and Iraq.

  • Jessie Jones (tharealDJAkuma)

    jess_larosee sunshine916 DrJillStein looks like sunshine deleted her tweet

  • Cally Carswell (callycarswell)

    DrJillStein Critique the reporting w/ specifics. Perfectly valid. Calling it "fake news" is irresponsible, and without basis.

  • Jessie Jones (tharealDJAkuma)

    callycarswell DrJillStein Calling it real news (btw I hate this hegelian dialetic) is also irresponsible simply b/c it's released as such

  • Cally Carswell (callycarswell)

    tharealDJAkuma Sorry, real new organizations are a real thing.

  • Jessie Jones (tharealDJAkuma)

    callycarswell define Hegelian dialectic for me please dumb dumb...I'll wait...lol...

  • Cally Carswell (callycarswell)

    hillsy1143 1. The WaPo is owned by an American 2. Yes, people lie sometimes. When journalists lie, they lose their jobs.

  • WeirdReport (WeirdReport)

    callycarswell hillsy1143 LOL! Hell, if they fired every journalist that lied this year only a couple would be left.

  • Enzo (EnzoEdmonton)

    DrJillStein Delete your account. Your posts are irresponsible and mostly nonsense.

  • PAttyconservatopia (WTPatty)

    EnzoEdmonton Why is DrJillStein campaigning for clinton? The election is over. Campaign ended, let hillary know too.

  • Miracle Brown (lawyergirl2006)

    WTPatty EnzoEdmonton DrJillStein no, she was campaigning for trump and false hope to people stupid enough to think she was viable

  • james cortigene (jimmythec1)

    lawyergirl2006 WTPatty EnzoEdmonton DrJillStein get a mirror. Stupid people don't question. Enjoy trump you deserve him

  • PAttyconservatopia (WTPatty)

    jimmythec1 lawyergirl2006 EnzoEdmonton DrJillStein THanks, I'm already enjoying the winning!

  • Enzo (EnzoEdmonton)

    WTPatty Enjoy it while you can! jimmythec1 lawyergirl2006 DrJillStein

  • james cortigene (jimmythec1)

    EnzoEdmonton WTPatty lawyergirl2006 DrJillStein luckily when the draft comes girls can be on the front lines

  • PAttyconservatopia (WTPatty)

    jimmythec1 EnzoEdmonton lawyergirl2006 What are you implying james?

FBI Director backs CIA finding that Russia interfered in 2016 US election in part to help Trump - Washington Post link
  • James Dore (cinnibob01)

    BreakingNews bit provides no evidence at all Narrative and agenda Fake news

  • cinnibob01 BreakingNews Its called OPSEC, Bubba

  • James Dore (cinnibob01)

    California_C00L BreakingNews That'sConvenient, legit and totally bollocks But hey, whatever makes you feel warm inside , Shirley

  • cinnibob01 BreakingNews Yes,because news that could cast a shadow on guy u voted for must be fake. Intel community is just making it up

  • James Dore (cinnibob01)

    California_C00L BreakingNews all those Russian pens in the voting booths Shocking, I tell ya.. shocking

  • cinnibob01 BreakingNews Um no.The Russians hacked both DNC/RNC emails.Only released DNC, to negatively influence voters. This is espionage

  • James Dore (cinnibob01)

    California_C00L BreakingNews Mate, seriously - Tin foil hats are so 1990’s

  • cinnibob01 BreakingNews Ok, I can only assume this narrow mindedness must come from being a troll,a bot ,or a propagandous shill. Troll on

  • Old Holborn ✘ (Holbornlolz)

    BreakingNews Here's the President of the US telling Britain that Brexit won't happen link

  • Holbornlolz BreakingNews obama interfered in the UK EU referendum. I guess that time was okay

  • Veritas (BUCKS4REAL)

    BreakingNews washingtonpost how exactly did they help? Wikileaks? Still doesnt change content of emails! This is total BS

  • Ron DiBona (evildeadron)

    BreakingNews Delete your account

  • Chris Beggs (chrisbeggs)

    BreakingNews washingtonpost unixrab still fabricated?

  • unixrab (unixrab)

    chrisbeggs BreakingNews washingtonpost YES! What part of "unnamed sources" do you not understand! WAPO is still driving this narrative link

  • Chris Beggs (chrisbeggs)

    unixrab So you're telling me, you'll only by this story if the American officials who oversee issues of natl security blow cover?

  • unixrab (unixrab)

    chrisbeggs AND it's hypocritical to trust washingtonpost "sources" AND be hard on WikiLeaks at the same time

  • Chris Beggs (chrisbeggs)

    unixrab washingtonpost I never questioned the legitimacy of the documents leaked. I questioned motives of "patriots" who welcomed it

  • Chris Beggs (chrisbeggs)

    unixrab washingtonpost it was a short term foolish decision and all who bought it got played by Putin like I got played by polls

  • unixrab (unixrab)

    chrisbeggs washingtonpost at this point if it's not corroborated by #WikiLeaks I don't consider it reliable-the #media has soiled itself

  • Chris Beggs (chrisbeggs)

    unixrab here's what I think. Trump took a hit not winning pop vote. Bothers him and his supporters. So any perceived slight smarts.

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