Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states

The raids mark the first large-scale immigration action since President Trump’s Jan. 25 order to crack down on the estimated 11 million immigrants living here illegally.

It's About Time: Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states link
  • Ms W Allen (wallen48)

    IngrahamAngle brigethemidget Yes..it's about time they start doing their jobs instead of babysitting Obamas illegal Latinos on the border.

  • Charlie-Brown (brigethemidget)

    wallen48 IngrahamAngle illegals think they have rights in some one else's country. When they had no rights in their own country go figure

  • Ms W Allen (wallen48)

    brigethemidget It's craz & American liberal politicians want to extend American rights to foreigners of other countries..its frickin nuts.

  • Charlie-Brown (brigethemidget)

    wallen48 yes it is nuts. Deliberate to make you take your Eyes off the ball.

  • IngrahamAngle Men hired to do a job - now doing the job they were hired to do - because it is now allowed to do the job - go figure.

  • Debbie Davis (DD8328)

    PoeticPastries IngrahamAngle Agree!

  • DD8328 IngrahamAngle

  • ONE NATION (zanechaffins)

    IngrahamAngle washingtonpost Footing the Bill for Trumps enforcing the law!! #MAGA

  • Jennie Koo (JennieKoo)

    zanechaffins IngrahamAngle washingtonpost POTUS MikePenceVP GOPLeader newtgingrich LouDobbs seanhannity SpeakerRyan POTUS ROCKS !

  • smgcc (Corbett8Susan)

    IngrahamAngle washingtonpost Wow...we actually got a President who does what he says. Such a pleasant surprise.

  • TomPadavan (corsavert1)

    Corbett8Susan IngrahamAngle washingtonpost true definition of the word president DJT

  • Raylan West (RaylanWest)

    IngrahamAngle You know things are bad when we're actually surprised the law gets enforced.

  • RightAsRain (RightAsRain7)

    RaylanWest IngrahamAngle Especially, when we have "judges" fighting against our laws! Eight years of corruption makes one forget the laws.

  • Don't Tax Me Bro! (AMTvictim)

    IngrahamAngle washingtonpost I had to produce a driver's license to sign my kid up for T Ball. Fact.

  • Another Deplorable (fedupinor)

    AMTsufferer IngrahamAngle washingtonpost They give driver's licenses to illegals in many states and then they are auto registered to vote

  • K9-Commander (Patriot_in_CA)

    IngrahamAngle gosouthterry Just noticed ICE Checkpoints in and around Los Angeles last few days. Cost of housekeeping just went up

  • K9-Commander (Patriot_in_CA)

    IngrahamAngle gosouthterry Need to arrest the politicians, Democrats, for harboring these ILLEGALS. Listening LA Mayor ericgarcetti?

  • Patriot_in_CA IngrahamAngle gosouthterry ericgarcetti stand up for America & our laws

Raids underway in Calif.; Texas; Northern Va.; N.C.; Fla.; Hudson Valley region of New York; Kan. link
  • Kristin (Kristin_wh22)

    edatpost washingtonpost This is going to get really bad really fast

  • Kerry Camille (wineandjazz72)

    Kristin_wh22 edatpost washingtonpost I agree. There is this sense of urgency with everything for some reason.

  • Kristin (Kristin_wh22)

    wineandjazz72 edatpost washingtonpost He's playing to his base because he is screwing everything else up. And wants distractions

  • Kristin (Kristin_wh22)

    wineandjazz72 edatpost washingtonpost Russia is going to sink him

  • Lauren (mslauren2930)

    Kristin_wh22 wineandjazz72 edatpost washingtonpost if only...

  • mslauren2930 Kristin_wh22 wineandjazz72 edatpost washingtonpost Shock&Awe chaos,once roots grow deep,it will be harder n harder to stop

  • Kristin (Kristin_wh22)

    Joycelou71 mslauren2930 wineandjazz72 edatpost washingtonpost That's my greatest fear

  • Lauren (mslauren2930)

    Kristin_wh22 Joycelou71 wineandjazz72 edatpost washingtonpost mine too.

  • Not My President (schwanderer)

    edatpost washingtonpost remember when SpeakerRyan said NO deportation raids? another lie

  • Rickie (BubsinBaltimore)

    schwanderer edatpost washingtonpost SpeakerRyan Ryan lies for a living. Does he teach his children that lying is bad? #hypocrite

  • nippysweetie (mtfhayes)

    nancyleeny BubsinBaltimore schwanderer edatpost washingtonpost SpeakerRyan Ryan is no Christian let alone catholic

  • Megan 4Freedom (meganhswanson)

    edatpost missLtoe washingtonpost wait until the grocery shelves are empty because these may be the people that bring in the harvest

  • Jeanne Hospod (jeannehospod)

    meganhswanson edatpost missLtoe washingtonpost I think 45 will create a whole economy on indentured slave prisoner labor2fill the gap.

  • catmcateer (catmcateer)

    jeannehospod meganhswanson edatpost missLtoe this already exists. It's called the prison industrial complex. #13thfilm #avaduvarnay

  • Jeanne Hospod (jeannehospod)

    catmcateer meganhswanson edatpost missLtoe oh I know, but I imagine this monster growing exponentially

  • catmcateer (catmcateer)

    jeannehospod meganhswanson edatpost missLtoe my god we have a lot of work to do

  • Michael Lowe (mic_lowe)

    edatpost maggieNYT Shameful. All of this suffering because a minority of angry white people are afraid of people they don't know.

  • mic_lowe edatpost maggieNYT Keep thinking it's only a minority of white people if you like.

  • JCar (jcartwit)

    edwardharris251 mic_lowe edatpost maggieNYT We'll see. I know there is a White backlash, but don't think many Trump voters wanted THIS.

  • JCar (jcartwit)

    edwardharris251 mic_lowe edatpost maggieNYT To most, seeing people rounded up & families separated will feel un-american, I think.

  • jcartwit mic_lowe edatpost maggieNYT Even if the family member is a felon?

  • edwardharris251 jcartwit mic_lowe Her felony stems from trying to get a job at an amusement park after being brought here at age 14..

  • Pasco Princess (pascopr)

    YoLarryJohnson edwardharris251 jcartwit mic_lowe Her felony is Identity Theft. It is a felony for a reason. It can ruin people.

  • JCar (jcartwit)

    pascopr YoLarryJohnson edwardharris251 mic_lowe Poor excuse. That was 10 years ago and she did it so she could work.

Federal agents conducted immigration raids in at least six states, causing panic in some immigrant communities link
  • Fedup (FEDUP8444)

    CatLovesUSA liamstack washingtonpost POTUS realDonaldTrump, and sleep well knowing children will be separated from parents...souless

  • Skad Skillons (quadfather_)

    FEDUP8444 Don't come here illegally and you want have to worry about it. Pretty simple

  • quadfather_ FEDUP8444 Basic common sense. NOT ONE LIBERAL HAS!

  • alfredo cordoves (alfred1224)

    liamstack RobbinSimmons7 washingtonpost why I never saw a post like this when Obama admin did a raid.

  • Yes, stories of President Obama's raids. U do know some called him the 'Deporter-in-Chief', alfred1224? Maybe Trump's campaigning cd b Y?

  • liamstack washingtonpost coming from a Hispanic American, good.

  • Eclectic Door (eclecticdoor)

    PAFPC1776 liamstack washingtonpost Selfish?

  • eclecticdoor liamstack washingtonpost life experiences. Having lived in Latino communities my whole life, illegals bring their crime.

  • PAFPC1776 eclecticdoor liamstack washingtonpost Thank you for verifying!

  • Eclectic Door (eclecticdoor)

    MAGATrumpUSA PAFPC1776 liamstack washingtonpost Can't let your verification stop there, life is deep and dynamic. Happy trails

  • James Greuber (jamiegreuber)

    liamstack washingtonpost It is about time. Illegals should be rounded up and arrested. They broke the law by being here, illegally!

  • Texas Darling (TexitDarling)

    Jesse_sDad Austin gets raided because they are openly advocating as sanctuary city. liamstack washingtonpost

  • Texas Darling (TexitDarling)

    Jesse_sDad liamstack washingtonpost Yep.

  • Gladits Over (nfojunkey)

    liamstack washingtonpost About time that the lawless that have entered my country illegally pay for their criminal acts. Not your land.

Raids & roundups that instill fear in immigrant communities will hinder, not help, public safety. Heartbreaking. link
  • Vesvelha (Vesvelha)

    mayaharris_ washingtonpost Tons of kids didn't have parents to pick them up at school today... will the Republicans raise those kids?

  • Truckin' (c) (Bulldogg444)

    Vesvelha mayaharris_ washingtonpost Should have thought of that before they broke the law

  • Vesvelha (Vesvelha)

    Bulldogg444 mayaharris_ washingtonpost you mean the kids should have? How is any of this their fault?

  • Truckin' (c) (Bulldogg444)

    Vesvelha mayaharris_ washingtonpost they need to go with their parents don't you think?

  • Vesvelha (Vesvelha)

    Bulldogg444 mayaharris_ washingtonpost most of those kids are American. Are you advocating for kicking citizens out of the country?

  • Truckin' (c) (Bulldogg444)

    Vesvelha mayaharris_ washingtonpost Well it is really to bad that their parents are criminals. A lot of kids have fuck up parents.

  • Vesvelha (Vesvelha)

    Bulldogg444 mayaharris_ washingtonpost but they are American citizens that just became homeless nonetheless.

  • Truckin' (c) (Bulldogg444)

    Vesvelha mayaharris_ washingtonpost I am sure they can go with their parents

  • mayaharris_ WomenNMedia washingtonpost all non native Americans here should go back to their countries! Since they are immigrants as well

  • Desmond Johnson (Gr8Db8_truth)

    marlina_quiroz mayaharris_ WomenNMedia washingtonpost The key word is ILLEGAL immigrants. That's what's missing.

  • Gr8Db8_truth mayaharris_ WomenNMedia washingtonpost yeah like all your ancestors came here legally to legally take the natives land

  • Desmond Johnson (Gr8Db8_truth)

    marlina_quiroz tariqnasheed washingtonpost Actually my ancestors were dragged here. If anyone has a right we do. #BlackHistoryMonth

  • Angelbabies7 (Angelswait4ever)

    mayaharris_ MadJewessWoman [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]_GOP♡BREAKING! link

  • Hayd (daaahayden)

    mayaharris_ washingtonpost the heartbreaking part is them believing breaking the law should hold no consequences

  • Larry (crazylary51)

    mayaharris_ Larramarr1980 link WE ARE EVERY WERE #TheTrumpResistance JOIN US! RAISE UP! #RISEUP #TheResistance #RISEUP

  • Who me? (ToscaniNiccolo)

    mayaharris_ This makes me so happy,my tax dollars will no longer support services for criminals.

  • Agi Bergman (AgiBergman)

    mayaharris_ Grumble_pup washingtonpost the UK does it so much better to EU Citizens link

  • libralady ♥ (7misspriss7)

    mayaharris_ washingtonpost ♡breaking!. therealcornett KORANISBURNING Angelswait4ever PrisonPlanet TEN_GOP : link

The Trump raids begin. ICE official calls cities with immigrant populations a "target-rich environment." link
  • Jenn Jen (Niffer120)

    radleybalko MarkRuffalo Some of the 5th grade ESL students I work with discussed their worries about this and were crying on Thursday.

  • Mark Ruffalo (MarkRuffalo)

    Niffer120 radleybalko These are not American Values. It can not be stressed enough to our children.

  • Kenneth Nunn (professornunn)

    radleybalko washingtonpost This is all theatre. Trump knows this is not likely to dent illegal immigration. It's a signal to his base.

  • professornunn radleybalko washingtonpost It's a signal to us who #resist that we should fear him!

  • Kenneth Nunn (professornunn)

    sarahbethsea That goes without saying. But we don't!

  • James (Jimbo_zimbo)

    professornunn sarahbethsea It may be theatre, but there's real people being hurt.

  • Jimbo_zimbo professornunn sarahbethsea Exactly. Not theater to the de-ported woman who was brought here when she was 4.

  • Kenneth Nunn (professornunn)

    DragonTat2 Jimbo_zimbo sarahbethsea it's still theater. Just that Trump & co are heartless & don't care who gets hurt by their games.

  • hugh acheson (HughAcheson)

    radleybalko Laurie_David washingtonpost what the hell? This is gross.

  • radleybalko BuzzFeedBen you mean Illegal aliens.

  • Pjh (pamjoy67)

    Glutton4Pnshmnt radleybalko BuzzFeedBen enjoy your veggies...who do u think picks them

  • pamjoy67 Glutton4Pnshmnt radleybalko BuzzFeedBen And meat. Who does he think works in meat processing? Immigrants, legal & otherwise.

  • DragonTat2 pamjoy67 radleybalko BuzzFeedBen yes, many immigrants work those jobs. Difference between legal and illegal

  • Pjh (pamjoy67)

    Glutton4Pnshmnt DragonTat2 radleybalko BuzzFeedBen sorry sister not true...you will see

  • susan (susaneldridge1)

    pamjoy67 Glutton4Pnshmnt DragonTat2 radleybalko BuzzFeedBen has anyone else noticed that a big majority of haters r women

  • susaneldridge1 pamjoy67 Glutton4Pnshmnt radleybalko BuzzFeedBen Not at all. I see the opposite myself.

  • Pjh (pamjoy67)

    DragonTat2 susaneldridge1 Glutton4Pnshmnt radleybalko BuzzFeedBen right on dragon!!!

When anonymous immigration official describes cities as "a target-rich environment,” reveals just how ugly this is link
  • Monkeyfister (Monkeyfister1)

    JoeSudbay Atrios link

  • JoeSudbay ShaunKing How about going after molesters & abusers? Oh wait...they run the country now...

  • Michele Ahern (micheleahern)

    JoeSudbay ShaunKing washingtonpost families being ripped apart while Trump enjoys another weekend at his winter WH. WTF GOP?

  • John Druva (jdruva41)

    JoeSudbay AmericasVoice sandhyawp If the bully boys want targets, let them go to Afghanistan and defend our freedoms in a real war.

  • grey-sister (grey_sister)

    JoeSudbay AmericasVoice sounds like immigration officials are having way too much fun with this, drunk on their own power!

  • JoeSudbay WindyCityTimes1 washingtonpost maybe they should head down to hmiralago & see how many undocumented immigrants work for Trump

  • JOHN BROWN (4f52de8ce59b4fc)

    BMVthefilm JoeSudbay WindyCityTimes1 washingtonpost hmiralago in DJT voice "they they they're okay. They are the good ones" link

  • John Druva (jdruva41)

    JoeSudbay AmericasVoice sandhyawp Law enforcement officers dressed as military sends the wrong message.

  • Jason Eves (CdnRyeGuy)

    JoeSudbay ShaunKing TonyHinchcliffe Remember when you thought they wouldnt go door to door, city by city?

  • potpourri72 (potpourri72)

    JoeSudbay 1099rock washingtonpost I have never felt so sad and ashamed!

  • i Am u (cynthiarf_says)

    JoeSudbay ShaunKing washingtonpost its the same language they use to describe blk/brown neighborhoods to justify shoot first policies

  • Steve Bloom (stevebloom55)

    JoeSudbay Vote_CNP Ah, "cities." I think that's code for leaving ag areas alone. Farmers are good Trump supporters, after all.

  • Randy Sturgis (raysanran)

    JoeSudbay resisttrump washingtonpost like the gestapo marching in cities with target rich environments ? What country is this?

  • Older Parent (olderparenting)

    JoeSudbay washingtonpost I think we are going to see a Naomi Klein Shock Doctrine thing soon in one of these cities.....

  • lowetom65 (lowetom65)

    JoeSudbay Glad to see the law actually being enforced. Respect our laws, come legally.

  • Mike C Ward (MikeW_CA)

    JoeSudbay Atrios washingtonpost to a hammer, everything looks like a nail. ICE agents get a chance to do what they signed up to do.

  • JoeSudbay washingtonpost time for a new church sanctuary movement like the one in the 1980s protecting Guatemalan &Salvadoran refugees.

Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states link
Raids are happening people! This is real! Sessions is our AG - it's like Trump and Bannon were waiting on him! link
  • Matthew Rex (MatthewRex76)

    Amy_Siskind DebraMessing washingtonpost They are FINALLY upholding by the laws that have been around for years! FINALLY!!!

  • JuanDerful (MrJuanDerful)

    MatthewRex76 Amy_Siskind DebraMessing washingtonpost you should be deported for not having a soul link

  • Matthew Rex (MatthewRex76)

    MrJuanDerful I'm not here ILLEGALLY! My ancestors came here legally, as should everyone!

  • Matt Adams (dawgfanatic)

    MatthewRex76 MrJuanDerful before or after they killed and conquered the original Americans?

  • Matthew Rex (MatthewRex76)

    dawgfanatic MrJuanDerful the original Americans? Please explain that one

  • JuanDerful (MrJuanDerful)

    MatthewRex76 dawgfanatic do u really need explanation? I mean I would say read a history book but DeVos is in charge now so no luck there

  • Matthew Rex (MatthewRex76)

    MrJuanDerful dawgfanatic the original Americans were the white, European immigrants that came here and created this country

  • Claudia Gabel (claudiagabel)

    MatthewRex76 MrJuanDerful dawgfanatic Hmmm...I thought the original Americans were natives? The land wasn't unsettled you know.

  • nancy (funnily22)

    Amy_Siskind Megaera17 washingtonpost is this really what MAGA looks like??

  • Mara McGuire (Megaera17)

    funnily22 Amy_Siskind washingtonpost It is under 45. He doesn't realise it's the people, not him, that makes the US great.

  • nancy (funnily22)

    Megaera17 Amy_Siskind washingtonpost he failed at all else. Wall, Yemen raid, Muslim ban, repeal/replace, figured he'd try this! #failure

  • Mara McGuire (Megaera17)

    funnily22 Amy_Siskind washingtonpost "...for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always."

  • together (kaane217)

    Amy_Siskind washingtonpost how do people not see the parallels? link

  • Amy Austin (Amya5768)

    Amy_Siskind DebraMessing washingtonpost This is breaking my heart!


  • Headerop (Headerop1)

    StevenEhrlich3 Amy_Siskind washingtonpost the worse it gets the faster he will be gone.He will do anything to hold onto power. It wont do


  • Headerop (Headerop1)

    StevenEhrlich3 Amy_Siskind washingtonpost this is true but every day they go along with him hes an anchor around their necks in 2018.

  • Headerop1 Amy_Siskind washingtonpost THEY SEE IT DIFFERENT. THEY R IN PWR. YOUR 100% WRONG. THEY ARE LOVING THIS

  • Headerop (Headerop1)

    StevenEhrlich3 Amy_Siskind washingtonpost their pockets picked. Trump tax cuts ans vouchers and privatization will kill them at the polls

  • Headerop1 Amy_Siskind washingtonpost YOU DONT GET IT. NEVER MIND. YOULL SEE.

  • Headerop (Headerop1)

    StevenEhrlich3 Amy_Siskind washingtonpost i do. Hes bleeding support with his base on broken promises. Has more to break. If we get a.

In some cities ICE agents in unmarked cars have been asking people at random for proof of citizenship or ID link
  • Scott Sleighbells (SSlemmons)

    NatashaBertrand washingtonpost "At random"? Is it random, or is it random brown people?

  • Tuppy (ryeandbitters)

    SSlemmons NatashaBertrand washingtonpost Random people in neighborhoods where everybody is brown. Happening in Austin rn

  • Scott Sleighbells (SSlemmons)

    ryeandbitters NatashaBertrand washingtonpost That's what I suspected. I hear it's going on all over, too. First they came for Latinos...

  • Sox Morgan (sox_morgan)

    NatashaBertrand washingtonpost Do they have the authority to do that? Even in WI, unless it's a Terry stop, you don't have to give them id

  • Matthew Battle (librab103)

    sox_morgan NatashaBertrand washingtonpost cops have been stopping people for years to harass them and run their name through the system.

  • Sox Morgan (sox_morgan)

    librab103 NatashaBertrand washingtonpost I'm some states this is illegal. Hands down. Ppl should learn what the law is reg this

  • AFPiedmont (AFPiedmont)

    sox_morgan Says it is on a Green Card. Law is Federal, not State. Optics not great though.

  • Sox Morgan (sox_morgan)

    AFPiedmont US citizens are not req to do this and since they are literally driving around guessing who's not documented, they r going to

  • Sox Morgan (sox_morgan)

    AFPiedmont to be violating the rights of citizens. What if a citizen refused? Going to haul them in?

  • caffeinespider  ☕ (anjamd)

    sox_morgan AFPiedmont has happened countless times. Citizens have been detained & deported, when they couldnt provide proof of citizenship

  • AFPiedmont (AFPiedmont)

    anjamd sox_morgan Sue.

  • @MandaGator (MandaGator)

    . NatashaBertrand 808s_n_hennessy link

  • MandaGator scary scary scary shit NatashaBertrand 808s_n_hennessy

  • @MandaGator (MandaGator)

    Queerrilla indeed, USA = land of the greedy & afraid NatashaBertrand 808s_n_hennessy

  • MandaGator this is wrong. Hope you stay safe and strong NatashaBertrand 808s_n_hennessy

  • @MandaGator (MandaGator)

    Queerrilla thank you, my personal risk is minimal, my heart aches for my sisters & brothers NatashaBertrand 808s_n_hennessy

  • John W. Baker (bakerjjw)

    NatashaBertrand painter_nancy washingtonpost 44 arrests Austin 48 hrs, warrants??? Kids afraid to go to school Textbook police state

  • Cynthia Roberts (caligirl06)

    bakerjjw jathomas551 NatashaBertrand painter_nancy washingtonpost This is horrible. Families are terrified and this is not America!

  • Deb (croweturtle)

    NatashaBertrand PunkinOnWheels That's a really stupid thing to ask for... considering no one who IS a citizen carries such evidence.

  • Kyle (RealTootrill)

    croweturtle NatashaBertrand PunkinOnWheels This is Trumps version of forcing Jews to identity themselves..We warned folks it would happen

  • Cynthia Roberts (caligirl06)

    jathomas551 RealTootrill croweturtle NatashaBertrand PunkinOnWheels Yes we all need to donate!

Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states Hundreds arrested link

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