Fire - Amazon Official Site - 7" Tablet at an Incredible Price

Back to top New Fire OS 5 features In addition to Alexa, our latest Fire OS update allows you to quickly access great game play directly from the Games tab with Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Fire tablet owners will also have easy access to over 65,000 recommendations from ComiXology, which provides an unrivaled library of comic books, graphic novels, ...

Look at this amazing deal on an Amazon Fire! Only $33.33! Love using mine in the kitchen (affiliate) link #blackfriday
  • J.E.E. (JEE628)

    aSavoryFeast artsavesyou amazon beware! it's a piece of shit! Paid $50-the charge port is shot already had for only 8months

  • Jenna Owens (aSavoryFeast)

    JEE628 amazon you should talk with Amazon, I've had mine for a year and a half and it still works great!

  • J.E.E. (JEE628)

    aSavoryFeast amazon thanks. figured warranty was up but I'll see what they say

Deal: Amazon Fire Tablet for $33 -- link
  • Carrie Gordon (Carelg)

    MattGranite is the other $59 tablet listed on your deals? You said in live video it was a bit better quality.

  • nette32211 (stasiaskye)

    MattGranite amazon I don't need one but I feel like I should get it just b/c of the price

This is your reminder that Amazon Fire tablets are $33 today. Grab a few for Christmas Crazy! Or yourself! link
If you're doing early #CyberMonday shopping, this is pretty hard to beat. The basic Fire tablet for $30. link
  • BJ Armstrong (WWATMD)

    Bought mine last year. If you have Prime, you're almost silly not to grab one. Especially now that it has Alexa software. Bought a cheap...

  • BJ Armstrong (WWATMD)

    ...bluetooth receiver or our old Bose Acoustic Wave CD player and plugged it into the back port and now have a voice activated Bose.

Lowest price ever - $33.33 for the Fire Tablet 7" display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB. link
PSA that the cheapest Kindle is available for just under $34 right now link I have the older version of this & it's great
  • emperor daddy (totesfames)

    I also highly recommend making a to-read list on Goodreads, so that you can get notified when Kindle books are discounted.

  • emperor daddy (totesfames)

    ALSO, get Calibre (it's free) to manage your ebooks link

  • The Rob (retroremakes)

    totesfames Mrs B bought me one for an early birthday present and massive QOL difference just for the weight alone.

  • emperor daddy (totesfames)

    retroremakes It is so much more comfortable than a print book. And readable in the dark!

This Fire Tablet is a great device for super low price. I've had mine since last Black Friday. link
Por si ocupan, esta tableta a 33% menos en amazon, por el Black Friday: link
Fire Tablet, 7' Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includ... by Amazon link via amazon

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