First on CNN: Trump's Cabinet pick invested in company, then introduced a bill to help it

Rep. Tom Price purchased shares in a medical device manufacturer days before introducing legislation that would have directly benefited the company, records show

1. Buy stock in company. 2. Move bill that aids company. 3. Get campaign contribution from company. link
NEWS: Price bought shares in a medical device company less than a week before offering bill helping firm w CMS rule. link
  • mary walker (Flossieorglo)

    mkraju Fahrenthold is there anything we can do about him ?

  • mary walker (Flossieorglo)

    mkraju Fahrenthold sooo worried about our country being taken over by people who just don't care about us

  • The Ms (stedger2)

    Call your Senators & voice your opposition to their support of his nomination Flossieorglo mkraju Fahrenthold

  • Eva Baez (EvaBaez)

    stedger2 Flossieorglo mkraju Fahrenthold That's if you can get through. Heard this morning that SpeakerRyan disconnected his phone!

  • The Ms (stedger2)

    I call his Wisc office after biz hrs & take automated survey EvaBaez Flossieorglo mkraju Fahrenthold SpeakerRyan

  • uosılɐ (digitalnicotine)

    stedger2 EvaBaez Flossieorglo mkraju Fahrenthold SpeakerRyan He's a coward who values his bank account more than America. It seems to be a symptom of having one's lips pressed against Trump's anus.

  • (((Jim F))) (HornintheOzarks)

    mkraju _pascuzzo isn't that really insider trading?

  • Overtouched (Overtouched)

    HornintheOzarks mkraju _pascuzzo It should be, but congress exempted itself through law. There was a law and they rescinded it.

  • Overtouched (Overtouched)

    HornintheOzarks mkraju _pascuzzo My comment isn't correct. It seems it's technically illegal but investigations are easily thwarted.

  • Matt Cheddar (UtterDisgust)

    mkraju You drain the swamp by filling it until it's a lake, right?

  • jessica james (MontaukBuzz)

    UtterDisgust mkraju A lovely lake. A beautiful lake. THE BEST lake!!!

  • The Couch Genius (CouchGenius)

    MontaukBuzz UtterDisgust mkraju HHHHUUUUUUGE LAKE #GINA

  • John (yesman8899)

    CouchGenius MontaukBuzz UtterDisgust mkraju Swamp the Swamp

  • #NotmyPresident (BigLdaGod)

    mkraju link

  • Grady Forrer (GradyForrer)

    mkraju CNNPolitics it only means he can better fight crony capitalism because he has experienced it first hand

  • Marcus Johnson (Que_Peso)

    GradyForrer This is literally the logic that they will use to defend this. 10/10. mkraju CNNPolitics

  • mkraju If I were Martha Stewart his shit would really piss me off. Must be nice being a white conservative male in this country.

  • Kyle  ? (AIFAN1234)

    mkraju Fahrenthold Drain the swamp?

Self enrichment! First on CNN: Trump's cabinet pick invested in company, then introduced a bill to help it - CNN link
  • James Lowrey (verbal87)

    MarkRuffalo The only reason Trump would ever 'drain the swamp' was if he discovered oil beneath it. His presidency is all about enrichment

  • ddsnorth ™ (ddsnorth)

    . MarkRuffalo they don't even try to hide the hubris, greed, nor corruption anymore #Trumpocalypse #TheResistance #resist #Divestment

  • Nina (ninaw15)

    MarkRuffalo you all are so duped by the main stream media. Stick to acting Ruffalo but don't forget middle America buys movie tickets

  • Jeff Barnaby (tripgore)

    ninaw15 MarkRuffalo Donald Trump is popular bc he appeard on one of the biggest networks in the world, what kind of media do you call that

  • Nina (ninaw15)

    tripgore MarkRuffalo Reagan was also In the movies. That doesn't have anything to do with the presidents job!

  • Jeff Barnaby (tripgore)

    ninaw15 MarkRuffalo dood, Reagan is going to be the first corpse out of the ground in the oncoming Apocalypse.

  • NY4Trump (dgreater10)

    tripgore ninaw15 MarkRuffalo dumb statement from lib

  • Nina (ninaw15)

    dgreater10 tripgore MarkRuffalo what's dood? Lib word?

  • janitorial_usa Yes we absolutely can't stand Obama

  • Dale Von Herbulis (dvon104)

    hampalicious24 janitorial_usa they hate him so much that they are blinded by their own contempt and Trump capitalized on it.

  • dvon104 No its the fact that Obama almost destroyed this country and Trump is a man who WANTS to fix it not fill his pockets

  • Michael Carusi (MichaelCarusi)

    hampalicious24 dvon104 If you think Trump cares about America I have some real estate in Narnia to sell you.

  • Dale Von Herbulis (dvon104)

    MichaelCarusi hampalicious24 they would probably buy it. I mean they did buy Trump's BS they will buy anything.

  • dvon104 MichaelCarusi We put up with Obamas bs for 8 years. Trump is your leader now get over it or get a therapist.

  • Michael Carusi (MichaelCarusi)

    hampalicious24 dvon104 You couldn't handle Obama's "BS" but you're willing to swallow Trump's? You're delusional.

  • NY4Trump (dgreater10)

    MarkRuffalo Mark Ruffalo a washed up B rated actor! Trump will be our Pres. so stick to acting that's all you know dumb ass

  • Jeff Barnaby (tripgore)

    dgreater10 MarkRuffalo this guy has 40 followers, he sounds like a man to be taken seriously.

Timeline here via mkraju: Price bought firm's stock. Price intro'd bill that helps firm. Firm donates $ to him. link
This is corruption, plain and simple: link
Is this Price right? link
This level of corruption is disqualifying. Price should withdraw from consideration as HHS secretary. link
  • Paige_Bama22 (Paige_Bama22)

    TopherSpiro neeratanden Hillary's corruption was beyond the realm of anything we've ever seen in a candidate/ should have DQ'd her easily

  • Verity Pace (VerityPace)

    Paige_Bama22 The election is over. HRC is irrelevant. Let it go.

  • Paige_Bama22 (Paige_Bama22)

    VerityPace excuse me? Corruption is what Dems are accusing Trump cabinet nominees of. Where was the concern over HRC's corruption probs?

  • Verity Pace (VerityPace)

    Paige_Bama22 Question is whether Price did something wrong or not. I don't know either way. If he didn't, should be looked at & ruled out.

  • Verity Pace (VerityPace)

    Paige_Bama22 HRC isn't in this administration. The argument about her is over. So let's move on.

  • VerityPace Paige_Bama22 That's right. The issue is ab the new Adm., the Appointees & their qualifications 2 govern America & American politics\policy☆

  • Paige_Bama22 (Paige_Bama22)

    Katherwy VerityPace and they will be awesome

  • Geddy Me (daveblend)

    TopherSpiro Shouldn't this also disqualify him from any housing that doesn't include the word "Federal" in it?

  • Paige_Bama22 (Paige_Bama22)

    TopherSpiro neeratanden Dems will never be able to throw the word corruption around after putting forth #HRC

  • Neri Valara (NeriValara)

    Paige_Bama22 If your only response is whataboutism, you are morally bankrupt. Also disregarding the sizeable base that didn't want her.

  • Paige_Bama22 (Paige_Bama22)

    NeriValara wth are you talking about?

  • mutmoo (nkellanb)

    Paige_Bama22 NeriValara he's talking about you having no argument except "but Hillary," which wasn't even the topic at hand.

  • TopherSpiro Crooked at any Price.

  • TopherSpiro I fear this is the new normal... at least until the Dems take back Congress in 2018.

  • Josh douglas (joshddouglas)

    TopherSpiro these people are not for "us". Follow the money... always

  • TopherSpiro And what about this too? link

  • e monique hall (CorporateDem)

    TopherSpiro neeratanden SEC investigation - where is CREWcrew? Like Bob Corker.

  • sjpd359 (sjpd359)

    TopherSpiro TMDILL1 Frankly, every one of the nominees is dirty in his/her own way. The cabinet noms will destroy their own departments

  • randi wachtel (RandiWachtel)

    TopherSpiro neeratanden " I hire the best pple"

  • BracketMarch (BracketMarch)

    TopherSpiro criminal, possibly, no?

This is inexcusable link
  • Bruce Dugan (bduganjr)

    JHWeissmann AndyRichter if only there was some type of committee that focused on ethics

  • FrostRyan (TheFrostRyan)

    JHWeissmann AndyRichter And this is why tax returns are important...for the billionth time

  • JHWeissmann Ethics aside, why can't he be prosecuted for insider trading? They put Martha Stewart in jail for a much less blatant act.

  • JHWeissmann AndyRichter should be forced to withdrawal due to ethics violations

  • Marcus S. (goodwillfiction)

    JHWeissmann AndyRichter Why does it seem like everyone in the Trump Administration has ethical conflicts?

  • (((drbloor))) (docbloor)

    JHWeissmann AndyRichter Also, "Business as Usual" beginning 1/20.

  • Todd H (JthollandWingo)

    JHWeissmann sure it is! Watch the GOP excuse it....

  • chris (nceng73)

    JHWeissmann AndyRichter an example of another rich white guy sticking us.

  • Zach Redman (ZachRedman)

    JHWeissmann AndyRichter he really drained the swamp....

  • Social Justice (JahSocial)

    JHWeissmann TrenchtownTweet So why is he only tweeted about and not brought to court by a special prosecutor? #CabinetBlock #KKKabinet

  • JHWeissmann AndyRichter Since he already gets how things will work in a Trump White House, Price will be allowed to skip first week orientation and hazing.

  • Mike V (MikeVinDC)

    JHWeissmann AndyRichter you misspelled "unsurprising".

  • Tued Schtreckeen (NeToChiGuy)

    JHWeissmann There are no insider trading prohibitions for Congress. How do you think they ALL get so rich? It's not a coincidence. Crooks

First on CNN: Tom Price introduced a bill that would help a company soon after investing in it. mkraju link
  • Calvin (Blalest_Blal)

    mj_lee mkraju Also, for those following along at home, this is pretty much the textbook definition of evil.

  • Roland Chapman (ineedawinner1)

    Blalest_Blal but still gets confirmed? Or does 2 strikes mean maybe not a good choice?

  • Calvin (Blalest_Blal)

    ineedawinner1 Oh I have no idea on confirmation. He's obviously a terrible a choice but they wouldn't even confirm Garland.

  • mj_lee mkraju jaketapper This will be the most corrupt administration in history! Disgusting!

  • Tom Durff (tdurff)

    mj_lee jaketapper mkraju Trump's reaction will be "that would make him smart".

  • Calvin (Blalest_Blal)

    mj_lee mkraju Oh wow it's almost like it's important to have independent ethics oversight.

  • Gonzo (KanakaRay1)

    mj_lee mkraju We see you corrupt Trumpican piggies grunting at the public trough, defunding the ACA to fill your bloated wallets.

  • Dale Von Herbulis (dvon104)

    mj_lee jaketapper mkraju and those on the right are perfectly ok with this and yet scream that libs are so "corrupt" this is fine to them

  • Panhandle Sydd (PanhandleSydd)

    dvon104 mj_lee jaketapper mkraju cheating is cool. It's the new honest, hard work.

  • Dale Von Herbulis (dvon104)

    PanhandleSydd mj_lee jaketapper mkraju it's the double standard and hypocrisy. If he was lib true credible story

  • Guy Maleman (maleman_guy)

    mj_lee mkraju 'Drain the swamp', suuure.

  • mj_lee jaketapper mkraju shouldn't he be in jail? no wonder Congress wants to change rules and hide their corruption SpeakerRyan

  • John Martin (jmarvelsr)

    mj_lee jaketapper mkraju the swamp is getting swampier

  • Will Korbus (willkorbus)

    mj_lee jaketapper mkraju Got it! Filing under, "Drain the Swamp."

  • Jim Malazita (nauga54)

    mj_lee jaketapper mkraju Lock Him Up !

  • poljunk (poljunk)

    mj_lee jaketapper mkraju And the "Who's Getting Indicted First?" pool gets a new entry!

  • nancy (funnily22)

    mj_lee jaketapper mkraju and this should surprise anyone because...?

  • mj_lee jaketapper mkraju OLIGARCHS are alive and well in America.

  • MauiJoe (joe_maui)

    mj_lee jaketapper mkraju Trump the pres not in office & we have a boatload of scandals ready to rollout 20Jan2017. Priceless pun intended

First on CNN: Trump HHS pick introduced bill aiding company soon after his investment -mkraju link
  • TacoJeter (TacoJeter)

    vplus maggieNYT No ethics. No morals. Government is their oyster. #vile.

  • Sam R (FederalUte)

    vplus EricLiptonNYT mkraju This is only the beginning of true corruption. We must be vigilant in keeping our democracy, freedoms, and nation safe from these traitors.

  • Isaac Muswane (isaac_muswane)

    vplus grifters gonna grift.. the era of the swamp. EricLiptonNYT mkraju

  • emmalu (emmalu)

    vplus maggieNYT illegal

  • Marcus S. (goodwillfiction)

    vplus neeratanden mkraju Does everyone in Trump's cabinet have conflicts? Jeez.

  • goodwillfiction sharon_leff vplus neeratanden mkraju No trump is the conflict

  • A. W. Holotte (uott2doit)

    vplus mkraju What a coinkydink! Actually, several! Seems DT only picks those who've made their bones by ripping pple off 1 way or another.

  • MaggyResistant (Maggyw519)

    vplus neeratanden mkraju #corrupt #kleptocracy

  • leoluminary (leoluminary)

    vplus amprog mkraju Is that now legal for Congress??? Surely any exemption from insider trader prohibition is a invitation for corruption

  • Pete'sTruth (sph_7)

    vplus neeratanden mkraju This is real news. Not the family innauguration feud.

  • U_Hottentot (U_Hottentot)

    vplus ClaraJeffery mkraju Tom Price corruption: where's Chaffetz when we need him? Oh, right, we don't.

  • Merrill Lynch (MerrillLynched)

    vplus maggieNYT mkraju Yes, sounds like he's qualified to join Trump's swamp.

  • Walt Justice (ScanteRen)

    vplus maggieNYT mkraju Drain the swamp? RealDonaldTrump

  • Ken (kenfreeman11)

    vplus maggieNYT mkraju He should go.

  • Ken Schwartz (kjschwartz)

    vplus maggieNYT mkraju Publish it when you find someone from Trumpland who does NOT have moral, ethical or legal problems.

  • Dr. Miriam B. (Jus2SassC)

    vplus EricLiptonNYT mkraju CROOKS, ALREADY!

  • Patricia S (pas89101)

    vplus usesquire18 mkraju Jokes on him. No one will be able to afford the machines because no one can afford the bills!

  • Kirk Nahra (knahra)

    vplus EricLiptonNYT mkraju but drain the swamp, right?

  • Khemraj Singh (khemrajsingh21)

    vplus rezaaslan mkraju what a greedy crooked ass #republican politician. Mofos sure know how to game the system and set themselves up.

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