Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest

A documentary producer, a photojournalist, a live-streamer and a freelance reporter facing up to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine if convicted

New: four more journalists are facing felony charges after being arrested covering Trump inauguration unrest link
  • Jesse Hirsch (Jesse_Hirsch)

    jonswaine AbbyMCarney guardian abby! One of the arrested was aaron cantu, who led that newinquiry panel

  • Downtown Abby (AbbyMCarney)

    Jesse_Hirsch jonswaine guardian newinquiry what? This is crazy

  • Jesse Hirsch (Jesse_Hirsch)

    AbbyMCarney remember who I mean?

  • Downtown Abby (AbbyMCarney)

    Jesse_Hirsch I do, I very much remember. It's just.. a lot, everything.

  • Jesse Hirsch (Jesse_Hirsch)

    AbbyMCarney hi scotteric abby is my gf

  • scotteric (scotteric)

    Jesse_Hirsch AbbyMCarney I spend too much time here, nice to meet you Abby, wish it was in happier threads.

  • Downtown Abby (AbbyMCarney)

    scotteric Jesse_Hirsch same to you, Scott.

  • endure (100Concerned)

    jonswaine DarbyKathleen : Is this an attempt to muffle and intimidate the Press who document truth ???

  • S.K. Elliott (4cce17f08e2449e)

    100Concerned jonswaine DarbyKathleen well he's issued media blackouts for EPA, DOI, and FDA so free press is gonna go away.

  • mr. sensitive (yggsassil)

    4cce17f08e2449e 100Concerned jonswaine DarbyKathleen which im pretty sure violates the first amendment

  • S.K. Elliott (4cce17f08e2449e)

    yggsassil 100Concerned jonswaine DarbyKathleen yep, sure does.

  • mr. sensitive (yggsassil)

    4cce17f08e2449e 100concerned jonswaine darbykathleen so why is he getting away with this shit??

  • S.K. Elliott (4cce17f08e2449e)

    yggsassil 100Concerned jonswaine DarbyKathleen I have no idea. Ethics lawyers are already taking him to court. Maybe impeachment is near

  • mr. sensitive (yggsassil)

    4cce17f08e2449e 100concerned jonswaine darbykathleen we can only hope

  • mr. sensitive (yggsassil)

    4cce17f08e2449e 100concerned jonswaine darbykathleen i mean at first i thought we have to survive trump, pence is worse

  • TED552005 (TED5505)

    jonswaine puppymnkey guardian welcome to Communist America, Comrade Trump welcomes you

  • Nick Murza (StickyDrawer)

    TED5505 jonswaine puppymnkey guardian seriously, you're gonna blame lefties for the Golden Trumpet? He's a fascist dictator in progress.

  • StickyDrawer TED5505 jonswaine puppymnkey guardian if america were communist at all, trump and all his nazi supporters would be dead

  • *Triggered* (KittyLeSiren)

    SpinCircleDance StickyDrawer TED5505 jonswaine puppymnkey guardian well no... that's not how it works when he's the one in charge

  • Nick Murza (StickyDrawer)

    KittyLeSiren SpinCircleDance TED5505 if Trump were communist he'd be nationalising the means of production and outlawing private property

  • Angela Krebs (AngelaKrebs444)

    StickyDrawer KittyLeSiren SpinCircleDance TED5505 give him some time...

  • AngelaKrebs444 StickyDrawer KittyLeSiren TED5505 if he even hinted at doing something like that the CIA would murder him immediately lol

Please maddow Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest | Media | The Guardian link
  • Uberficker (Uberficker)

    MarkRuffalo maddow guardian 5 days! 5 days in office! How the fuck will we last a month? Trump is a fascist, call him what he is!

  • Uberficker (Uberficker)

    MarkRuffalo maddow guardian the longer we wait to fight the harder it gets! Pick up a stick and and get to swinging!

  • MarkRuffalo maddow guardian The sound of tearing up of Constitution there will be nothing left when he is done!

  • Wild Minds (wildmindsuk)

    MarkRuffalo maddow guardian I'm genuinely horrified by a rundown of what Trump's already done. Where does this end?

  • wildmindsuk dirtyhippies567 MarkRuffalo maddow guardian if u voted 4 clinton this is entirely your fault

  • sean kennedy (smkennedy007)

    YardrepShrtFuse wildmindsuk dirtyhippies567 MarkRuffalo maddow guardian Where is the logic in that? How the hell is this the fault of the Clinton voters?!

  • smkennedy007 wildmindsuk dirtyhippies567 MarkRuffalo maddow guardian what balls u have 2 even ask link

  • MarkRuffalo maddow guardian Next : bonfires of books in the streets of America. History repeating itself.

  • MarkRuffalo guardian this world become more and more crazy!! We - humans need a new humanistic and no greedy paradigm shift!!!

  • MarkRuffalo maddow guardian Sounds like Turkey! 3rd world...

  • Max Eggers (realmaxeggers)

    MarkRuffalo please maddow cover it

  • Ivy Shelnutt (ivyshelnuttz)

    MarkRuffalo maddow lol I take it u didn't know that these people were throwing things and participating going after copsoops uleft tht out

  • sean kennedy (smkennedy007)

    ivyshelnuttz MarkRuffalo maddow But not all were involved with the vandalism and destruction of property,the few blamed for the majority is not right!

  • Ivy Shelnutt (ivyshelnuttz)

    smkennedy007 MarkRuffalo maddow i know but some were sad thing is it took away from the peaceful ones that is what sucked.

  • sean kennedy (smkennedy007)

    ivyshelnuttz MarkRuffalo maddow Exactly

  • Ivy Shelnutt (ivyshelnuttz)

    smkennedy007 MarkRuffalo maddow yup there will always b troublemakers the trick is 2try and mk it where they dnt take away frm the good.

  • Robyn Riley Fisher (Ruby_Fish)

    MarkRuffalo maddow guardian and this doesn't bother anyone????

Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest | Media | The Guardian link
  • Tim Pool (Timcast)

    jaketapper Two NBC reporters and I were released shortly after being arrested without being charged or booked.

  • JDP (petee224)

    Timcast do u have a theory as to y u guys weren't charged & those others were? Thx jaketapper

  • Tim Pool (Timcast)

    petee224 jaketapper Cant speak for others but the NBC crew and I calmly informed the Lt. on scene and then kept our mouths shut.

  • JDP (petee224)

    Timcast thx sir. I just can't see those journalists not remaining calm too. I'm thinking your officer was not theirs. Lucky u jaketapper

  • Tim Pool (Timcast)

    petee224 jaketapper there was one Lt. walking around the crowd. NBC crew and I moved out of the group and away from the chanting

  • JDP (petee224)

    Timcast wise decision for sure jaketapper

  • Duane Chez (DuaneChez)

    jaketapper guardian this is what happens with electing someone like Trump. And it is in broad daylight and no one can stop it

  • AliLaurel (AliLaurelG)

    DuaneChez jaketapper guardian Blaming this on Trump, on his Inauguration Day is absurd. This is DC police.

  • Duane Chez (DuaneChez)

    AliLaurelG jaketapper guardian you may be right. Thanks

  • AliLaurel (AliLaurelG)

    DuaneChez jaketapper guardian You know a girl can't hear that enough!

  • Patty Willason (pattywilla)

    jaketapper this is downright scary, people!

  • K®istian (Scy_2K)

    crazyrednovels jaketapper Yes, Trump is clearly to blame for this… he gave advice to the DC cops from the podium, as he was taking over from Obama. #Logic

  • john O'scallen (obpair)

    jaketapper guardian I truly believe Pres.Trump will invite cnn anchors to come visit #GITMO but there would be no return flight

  • peggy peters (peggyp1117)

    jaketapper guardian Great news! If you break the law, you get arrested. What a novel idea

  • Bash Riprock (bash_riprock)

    jaketapper jonswaine if you know a crime is being committed and you don't report it, you're going to also be charged. Not above the law.

  • JAllen (AJIntheWH)

    bash_riprock jaketapper jonswaine Not true in DC. Only crime you are required to report is Child Abuse. link

  • Bash Riprock (bash_riprock)

    AJIntheWH jaketapper jonswaine Maybe you shouldn't grandstand when you don't know the law? link

  • JAllen (AJIntheWH)

    bash_riprock jaketapper jonswaine Come on now, you seem smart enough to know a bystander in a crime isn't a conspirator

  • JAllen (AJIntheWH)

    bash_riprock jaketapper jonswaine You said "if you know a crime is being committed and you don't report it". That's not a co conspirator.

  • JAllen (AJIntheWH)

    bash_riprock jaketapper jonswaine That's a bystander. link

  • Bash Riprock (bash_riprock)

    AJIntheWH jaketapper jonswaine if you're streaming it live or profiting from it, you're a conspirator. Those reporters are fucked.

  • Blake Biller (blake_biller)

    bash_riprock AJIntheWH jaketapper jonswaine I don't think that word means what you think it means.

And so it begins... link
  • ⚅ opusmarta ⚅ (opusmarta)

    larrywilmore guardian come on. Is it really that easy to destroy the US? One demented person? Really?

  • merkinsocks (merkinsocks)

    opusmarta larrywilmore guardian That appears to be the case. Doomed.

  • ⚅ opusmarta ⚅ (opusmarta)

    merkinsocks it's insane. No wonder he wants to build that wall. To keep you there. larrywilmore guardian

  • merkinsocks (merkinsocks)

    opusmarta larrywilmore Eh. At this point I wouldn't mind moving to MX, tho CA is much closer. Not sure Canada is looking to expand, tho.

  • ⚅ opusmarta ⚅ (opusmarta)

    merkinsocks you can come to Norway. We owe the non-nazi Americans a favor ;) larrywilmore

  • larrywilmore jonswaine Larry we need your voice!

  • Stacey Leadbetter (Lead_Sta)

    larrywilmore Actually began day of! :( Need you back on TV calling him on his sh*t! #CanadaLovesLarry

  • Bison Stew (bison_stew)

    larrywilmore Hear that CNN BuzzFeed & other media.Stop talking about DT's stupid tweets & crowd size and start focusing on the real stuff

  • John Creasy ? (CasablancaRic)

    larrywilmore Miss you on TV..Censorship is Unacceptable! that being said 2 of the journalists are from RT America...RUSSIA TODAY AMERICA

  • brwnlady (StrawGirl52)

    CasablancaRic larrywilmore it prob wld've been too obvious to charge 2 w/felony & not the 2 from RT. Watch the deposition of the cases.

  • Thomas Price (usmcprice1990)

    larrywilmore guardian you ever go "wtf white ppl" even tho you is white ppl? Been doing it alot lately

  • allison brizburk (sninalthat)

    larrywilmore guardian the removal of rights. Removal of freedom. If impeached, would he leave office?

  • joe pierson (cpierson8)

    larrywilmore guardian what the actual fuck? Say goodbye to the 1st amendment! We R ALL screwed, and the red party too ignorant to realize.

  • Tony Spumoni (tony_spumoni)

    larrywilmore guardian as FINALLEVEL once rapped. Freedom of speech; just watch what you say!

  • larrywilmore guardian Where's Flat Larry when you need him?

  • Patricia Palermo (ppalermo)

    larrywilmore Turns out the unblackening is actually quite dark. We need your voice more than ever. Come back, Larry! Come back!

  • MetalHead30 (MetalHead305)

    larrywilmore guardian Another step closer to 1984.

  • Michael Wade (Michael_Wade061)

    larrywilmore guardian OMG!! Are you serious?!! I thought white Americans hated dictarors! Make America communist!

It's as bad as we thought it was going to be and it's all happening so fast link
  • Jessica Luther (scATX)

    I feel like I cannot even keep up and I pride myself on my keep-up-ness.

  • John Calafin (JohnCalafin)

    scATX AraynaHG guardian repeat, these are journalists facing jail time for covering the truth. This is not the USA anymore.

  • Get smart (soldierDtruth)

    scATX tmorizot jonswaine the press goes first, they're the ppl's most powerful tool, a spyglass on power. Then...

  • scATX guardian this is terrifying

  • Albrecht Duh (albrecht_duh)

    scATX Not defending it. Charges could dropped. Obama admin are still one of the worst offenders to FOP. link

  • Michael Spector (mnspector)

    scATX kathbarbadoro guardian as bad as this is - you can't really attribute it to Trump can you?

  • MaPetite (petite_darling)

    scATX guardian It's very unfortunate and inconveniencing but they weren't afraid of rioters catching things on fire & destroying stuff.

  • Atlaspuked (nelsoncit)

    scATX digitalgain guardian stop the freak out. reporters got caughtup by the police during a riot.go start a gofundme if you must but just stop adding fuel to the fire

  • scATX guardian why don't we just let the judicial system decide? Or are you superhuman and we should just make you judge and jury??

This is not a test. ??? link
Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest link
  • Cabowabo522 (Cabowabo522)

    guardian AllCharisma Everyone got there copies of Rosetta Stone: Russian edition?

  • DavoNYCee (DavoNyCee)

    Cabowabo522 guardian AllCharisma URGENT: The RUSSIAN THING IS OVER - MOVE ON. link

  • Cabowabo522 (Cabowabo522)

    DavoNyCee AllCharisma I know ur kind would very much like it to be over but much like Trump's illegal voter claim it ain't going away.

  • DavoNYCee (DavoNyCee)

    Cabowabo522 AllCharisma Your stupidity empowers us - KEEP IT UP..!

  • Cabowabo522 (Cabowabo522)

    DavoNyCee AllCharisma Dude, you debate with meme's you didn't create. Tell me more of this "stupidly" you speak of.

  • DavoNYCee (DavoNyCee)

    Cabowabo522 AllCharisma Life is too short to argue with deluded Leftists; sorry chump. Enjoy the next 8 years of Trump!

  • Cabowabo522 (Cabowabo522)

    DavoNyCee AllCharisma I love it when a Trumpette troll rage quits. It's like Christmas morning.

  • DavoNYCee (DavoNyCee)

    Cabowabo522 AllCharisma The Trump Train is just getting warmed-up buttercup.. link

  • SkypeDaddy (skypedaddy)

    guardian The media needs to get back to reporting the story and not trying so hard to be the story!

  • Aubree Lee (Aub_Lee)

    skypedaddy guardian That's the point, they're being arrested for covering a story. Keep up!

  • SkypeDaddy (skypedaddy)

    Aub_Lee guardian Because in 2017 USA police officers have nothing better to do than harass the first amendment? Implausible and unlikely

  • Kevin Binswanger (Anusien)

    skypedaddy Aub_Lee guardian clearly bogus. Police officers are too busy shooting unarmed black men to harass reporters.

  • SkypeDaddy (skypedaddy)

    Anusien Aub_Lee guardian indefensible but obviously the vast majority are risking their life every day to uphold the law #lawenforcement

  • Kevin Binswanger (Anusien)

    skypedaddy Aub_Lee guardian So you'd think they'd speak out against the bad eggs.

  • SkypeDaddy (skypedaddy)

    Anusien Aub_Lee guardian In a perfect world perhaps but in a perfect world we wouldn't need police anyway!

  • The NORMAN Invasion (NJS230)

    guardian -- Bully realDonaldTrump is waging war against the Press because his policies cannot stand the light of day or any real scrutiny!

  • Oil Tycoon (OilyTycoon)

    NJS230 guardian realDonaldTrump Trump had nothing to do with this. How do you know these journalist's weren't arrested for taking part?

  • AntiSJW  ? (bryoneill11)

    guardian just 4? It's about time we hold the media accountable. Just hoping Trump take away all their credentials. Speak to the citizens!

  • Joe Balarezo (JoeBalarezo)

    bryoneill11 guardian it's called Freedom of Press. He's got thin skin and can't handle when someone disagrees with him.

  • AntiSJW  ? (bryoneill11)

    JoeBalarezo guardian no. Freedom of the press It's for citizens. Not propagandist corporations. People saw that and voted against them.

  • Joe Balarezo (JoeBalarezo)

    bryoneill11 guardian false. Freedom of Press is for the press. Free Press. No one voted against the Press.

  • AntiSJW  ? (bryoneill11)

    JoeBalarezo guardian freedom of tge press is not for the media. Read the cases. Its a right for the citizens to be informed.Not the journo

Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest link
  • Kathy Mance (ManceKathy)

    guardian What? This is America!

  • ManceKathy guardian not anymore

  • Mark Wright (44markymark)

    guardian have you actually considered they may have committed criminal offences. Journalists aren't exempt you know!!!

  • sean reynolds (CaliBan2012)

    44markymark guardian Since when is it a crime to cover civil unrest?

  • File 28 (FileSEE28)

    CaliBan2012 44markymark guardian when you become involved in it. At least two of these journos are antifa members

  • sean reynolds (CaliBan2012)

    FileSEE28 44markymark guardian I don't see the connection though. If they were merely covering the unrest they shouldn't be messed with.

  • Mark Wright (44markymark)

    CaliBan2012 FileSEE28 guardian I agree, but assumption from Guardian,because they were journalists, couldn't have done anything wrong!!

  • sean reynolds (CaliBan2012)

    44markymark FileSEE28 guardian Assumptions are like hands everyone has 1 or 2. That doesn't make them correct in any shape.

  • Kerry Leese (KerryLeese)

    & this guy isn't a dictator?“ guardian: Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest link

  • 2016 Tampa (Volfan326)

    KerryLeese guardian so a Dem mayor and police chief in w a Republican dictator? OR!!! They committed felonies, but good try

  • Kerry Leese (KerryLeese)

    Volfan326 guardian or perhaps there's pressure to silence people who are showing that perhaps millions of people aren't happy.

  • 2016 Tampa (Volfan326)

    KerryLeese guardian funny that when a libs is arrested it's fascism, when repubs are arrested or targeted by the IRS it's conspiracy

  • Leo (leowrite03)

    guardian robertloerzel They failed to report the alternative facts I bet. Trump's alternative reality is filled with them

  • Leo (leowrite03)

    guardian robertloerzel They are easily distinguishable- they run counter to the truth.

  • Finn (finn_ce)

    guardian: Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest link baking

  • Choll0 (Choll01)

    guardian reminds me of erdogan im turkey

  • Nola (nola24073693)

    guardian JJohnson2u Just like HITLER and Nazi Germany. link

  • Catkinosaur (LaFilleUneFunke)

    guardian Harryslaststand the irony that a #BlackMirror advert came up in this news story is not lost on me

  • guardian Are we going to let this happen in America??

  • Babylon Slim (babylon_slim)

    guardian #TheQuietCoup #Illegitimate #DemForce Vote Democrat-Local-State-Fed! This is The Fix link

Four more journalists charged by DC authorities with felony "rioting" offenses link
  • Michael Tracey (mtracey)

    Before anyone declares this evidence of looming "fascism" -- 1) these are municipal charges 2) you must've slept through the past 8 years

  • Michael Tracey (mtracey)

    Press freedoms took a severe beating under Obama. Journalists were routinely arrested at public events. This is bad, sure, but nothing new.

  • mtracey Trump's threat to send 'feds' into Chicago similarly no big deal?

  • Mark Sandals (MarkSandals)

    LamentablyAwake mtracey It's less of a big deal as the feds taking over local police departments due to perceived "racism".

  • MarkSandals LamentablyAwake mtracey Oh that's just because you are a racist. Yeah, that's all, no big deal.

  • Mark Sandals (MarkSandals)

    BJSolomonCarson LamentablyAwake mtracey Except in case after case, police officers were found to have been justified. Mike Brown included

  • MarkSandals BJSolomonCarson Yeah, Mike Brown and his ability to teleport certainly justified his execution for jay walking.

  • Airborne Heel (abnheel)

    stranahan mtracey hope I don't see Timcast on this list

  • Tim Pool (Timcast)

    abnheel stranahan mtracey tbf I didnt get charges. I brought up the issue because people dont realize they didnt charge everyone

  • Michael Tracey (mtracey)

    Timcast abnheel stranahan Huh? I don't get your meaning.

  • Tim Pool (Timcast)

    mtracey I was arrested and released without charge. People are decrying the police's attack on the press but at least 3 weren't charged

  • Michael Tracey (mtracey)

    Timcast OK

  • mtracey I think you mean: Four more "journalists" charged. One of them was explicitly Antifa and fought people on Periscope

  •  ? Þakka  ? (Pakka1212)

    mtracey guardian WINNING link

  • Rich (twita_pater)

    mtracey guardian Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Al Marsh (almarsh71)

    twita_pater mtracey guardian "#%* with the bull, you get the horns"

  • n.m.cox (n_m_cox1)

    mtracey tiarrabanks1 Shay Horse & Aaron Cantu identified as journalists/activists. We're those 2 there as activists? Or journalists???

  • Dave Kleikamp (ShaggyKC)

    n_m_cox1 mtracey tiarrabanks1 Cantu ( aaron_con_leche) was caught on a Project_Veritas video planning to close down bridges for #DisruptJ20.

  • n.m.cox (n_m_cox1)

    ShaggyKC mtracey tiarrabanks1 aaron_con_leche Project_Veritas As I thought! They deserved arrest AND conviction!!

  • Dave Kleikamp (ShaggyKC)

    n_m_cox1 mtracey tiarrabanks1 aaron_con_leche Project_Veritas I'm not sure if all of them fit into that category, but taking video on a cellphone doesn't mean you get immunity for being a journalist.

  • n.m.cox (n_m_cox1)

    ShaggyKC mtracey tiarrabanks1 aaron_con_leche Project_Veritas I agree, I don't think all the journalists arrested deserve it. The

Terrifying. link
  • Firna (FRDamayanti)

    willyfarquarson We are only what, 6 days in? Journalists arrested, executive orders robbing women of their rights, refugee ban...

  • Amy (ItIsAmy_)

    willyfarquarson I didn't know this was happening. How incredibly terrifying. Look at what they've done in less than a week.

  • Amy (amylynne9411)

    willyfarquarson What's happening to our world? This is why what you guys do is important. We need reminders of the good things in life.

  • willyfarquarson guardian to think I live just an hour or two away from DC

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