French Republican (Wall) Calendar by JacobinCalendar

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Bonjour! Today is Manure day in the Snowy month in the 225th year. link
Bonjour! Today is Butcher's Broom day in the Rainy month of the 225th year! link
Bonjour! Today is Flail day in the Snowy month in the 225th year. link
A calendar from when being a Republican was the best thing: link
Beautiful, impractical, French Republican Wall Calendars.... link
Plan ahead for Rhubarb Day: link
Snowy Cat! (today's date) link
Buy one for every member of your radical reading group! link
  • Classic Red Clare (hadaly)

    JacobinCalendar omg I probably should get these for my reading around Proust book club compatriots

Bonjour! Today is Turnip day in the Frosty month of the 225th year! link
  • Fred Jerrome (fredjerrome)

    JacobinCalendar AnneClaireD1 look what your people have given to world culture

  • Anne-Claire D (AnneClaireD1)

    fredjerrome JacobinCalendar they didn't do any of this half-measure business. I was born on 26 in Germinal of the Year 199

Today is the last day of the Snowy month. The Rainy month starts tomorrow! link
  • Rodney (drodjordan)

    JacobinCalendar Expect light golden showers to begin the rainy month at the inauguration.

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