Gigapixel: The inauguration of Donald Trump

Explore a massive photo taken during Donald Trump's inauguration speech.

Triumph of technology ..Pan and Zoom nd u can see every1 in crowd in this gigapixel photo of Trump inauguration. link
OMG! Unbelievable! 360* GIGAPIXEL Pic!! D Best Technology I hav ever seen! U can Zoom n see evry face in d crowd??? link
The pic that CNN Didn't Want You To See of President Trump's #inauguration. #gigapixel link #MAGA #WeThePeople
  • Tom Oswald (TomOswald1966)

    Stonewall_77 CNN I like the bottom picture better. More people in that one, I promise you. link

  • JUST DEPLORABLE (davism0181)

    Stonewall_77 ChristiChat CNN link

  • Wajahath Dean (wodgedean)

    Stonewall_77 CNN If CNN didn't want you to see it. Why did they put it on there website?


    Stonewall_77 CNN Bombshell: At Least 25 Million Dead and Fraudulent “Registered Voters” in 2016 link… via realalexjones

  • Stonewall_77 CNN NOT FOX NEWS VINDICATING PRESIDENT TRUMP SAW them at FNB cut away INSTANTLY time & time & time again FOX NEWS PAPER CUTS link

  • Kate Kopasz (kathrynkopasz)

    Stonewall_77 EpicSoleil CNN Sure looks much bigger than sidexside meme pic. Bet previous 1 was taken when crowd was arriving or clearing.

  • Sarah Redd (trthseeker6)

    Stonewall_77 DrMartyFox WalshFreedom Eat your words Walsh; look at this; shame on you for saying Obama had more than TRUMP; even in rain!

  • Jamie Morgan (NORBAPRO)

    Stonewall_77 Fake news - they showed several similar photos. Why can't you provide a direct Wash Monument photo comparison to '09 & '13?

  • Stonewall_77 CNN It kinda looks different than the picture the MSM is circulating, no?

  • VictorMc (albanvic)

    Stonewall_77 DrLee4America CNN Yes, and Washington DC is a 'black' city who only voted 4% Republican.

  • gratefullab (gratefullab)

    Stonewall_77 CNN That only shows the front of the crowd. Which - in the side by side 1 is full. Angles matter, everyone with an Instagram account knows that

  • Stonewall_77 CNN the most successful launch of a Scientology org in history!!!


  • Stonewall_77 CNN ISN'T THAT GORGEOUS! To be able to swing from Trump at Podium to FURTHEST CROWD or zoom to read SHIRT LABEL ID of Workers

  • Tim Roop (TimRoop1)

    Stonewall_77 CNN Beautiful! Even NY Times said the "fake photo" was taken at 10:30 AM. This is great! Real proof!

  • Dan Abrams (DoctorRazzWSOP)

    Stonewall_77 bryan_randol CNN his this pic from the public? By putting it on their website??

Hmmm, note the crowd: CNN took a massive photo during President Trump's #inauguration speech #gigapixel link
This is an incredibly cool interactive picture of the inauguration. link
  • Skip (John_S_33)

    KFILE jaketapper CNN and it also shows how CNN and others spread a false pic at the time of Trump's speach

  • Matt Stan (matthewCroCan)

    John_S_33 KFILE jaketapper CNN how is that? Do you know how to use the zoom function?

  • Luke Mullen (Luke1732Mullen)

    . matthewstancic John_S_33 KFILE jaketapper here's the zoom to the area that was 'empty' but it's not empty ... OOOPS link

  • Matt Stan (matthewCroCan)

    Luke1732Mullen John_S_33 KFILE jaketapper you CLEARLY do not know what zoom means. #spicerfacts

  • Luke Mullen (Luke1732Mullen)

    . matthewstancic John_S_33 KFILE jaketapper Uhave2 click on photo 2C packed crowd all the way 2 Washington Monument, confirms Trump claim

  • Matt Stan (matthewCroCan)

    Luke1732Mullen John_S_33 KFILE jaketapper nope!! You can see HUGE pockets of white!! ZOOM IN!!

  • Luke Mullen (Luke1732Mullen)

    . matthewstancic John_S_33 KFILE jaketapper where is the "HUGE pockets of white"? I zoomed in. Help us see it. link

  •  ? Morning Bird  ? (3asybee)

    KFILE CNN is that Debbie Wasserman Schulz in a pussy hat? link

  • Jason B. (jdb820)

    3asybee KFILE Yes it is. Remember, all this is largely her fault.

  • Kate with a Y (pinkatydid)

    jdb820 3asybee KFILE Bold statement to blame the person who isn't even being protested against

  • Jason B. (jdb820)

    pinkatydid 3asybee KFILE If DWS doesn't stack the deck for Hillary going back years, things are much different.

  • Kate with a Y (pinkatydid)

    jdb820 3asybee KFILE And the rise of right-wing extremism in America and around the world wouldn't have happened without Hillary?

  • Judge Smails (Judge_Smails_xx)

    KFILE jaketapper why isn't the area half empty like all the MSM reports showed?

  • Dave Spodek (DSPOD37)

    Judge_Smails_xx KFILE jaketapper Pan right and zoom in. The back 2 areas are empty.

  • Judge Smails (Judge_Smails_xx)

    DSPOD37 KFILE jaketapper yeah? does it look like this? and this was one of the biggest shown link

  • Dave Spodek (DSPOD37)

    Judge_Smails_xx KFILE jaketapper Look at the zoom in screen cap of this link. I see a lot of white. Facts are facts Spalding. link

  • Judge Smails (Judge_Smails_xx)

    DSPOD37 KFILE jaketapper you're missing the point, noonan. That megapic in no way shape or form matches the ones tweeted/posted that day

  • Dave Spodek (DSPOD37)

    Judge_Smails_xx KFILE jaketapper It's called perspective. I'll grant you, maybe a few thousand more trickled in after the aerial photo.

  • Judge Smails (Judge_Smails_xx)

    DSPOD37 KFILE jaketapper The diff was they kept showing pics before Trump was even there. Once there it was completely different.

  • Dave Spodek (DSPOD37)

    Judge_Smails_xx KFILE jaketapper Ok, but can you also admit that you Obama's 2009 crowd was at least more than double the size.

الـ CNN نشرت صورة عالية الوضوح بالنمط البانورامي لحفل تنصيب ترامب اعملوا تقريب للشخصيات وشوفوا قوة الوضوح ??? link
Voisin näpeltää tätä kuvaa loputtomiin. link
For those who still question how many attended the Trump Inauguration. Here's a real eye opener! link POTUS
  • Sandra Jenners (SandraJenners)

    MikeHimsworth POTUS CNN All this size stuff? My heart and many others were bursting from there and afar with joy. All that matters! USA

  • Mike Himsworth (MikeHimsworth)

    SandraJenners , I agree. For anyone still on the fence, this.. is the money shot. Congratulations POTUS #AmericaIsGreatAgain CNN

  • MikeHimsworth POTUS CNN Not only such a "huge" turnout, it was rainy. Not that it would stop me, but I think it shows how devoted we R.

  • Mike Himsworth (MikeHimsworth)

    JaneRepublic, agreed. POTUS CNN

  • Deana Dent (realdeanadent)

    MikeHimsworth POTUS CNN You are living in an alternate reality

  • Mike Himsworth (MikeHimsworth)

    realdeanadent, looks pretty real to me. POTUS CNN

  • aml (amlanglois89)

    MikeHimsworth POTUS CNN interesting that it's a lateral shot. I suspect that once you turned left we'd see an empty mall again.

  • Mike Himsworth (MikeHimsworth)

    amlanglois89, doubt it. Zero followers? Welcome to Twitter. POTUS CNN

  • MikeHimsworth babysgramma POTUS CNN OMG nuff of this!!!

  • Mike Himsworth (MikeHimsworth)

    BTSCleaning, almost. This CNN picture should remove any lingering ambiguity. babysgramma POTUS CNN

  • MikeHimsworth POTUS CNN apparently no one knows what an aerial view photograph looks like.

  • Mike Himsworth (MikeHimsworth)

    ddd02965bcdd455 POTUS CNN This USAF Intelligence Officer does. But this is the most detailed picture I've seen. Well done!

  • Squiggly Sheep (SquigglySheep)

    MikeHimsworth POTUS CNN Eh. It doesn't matter now. What matters is he's in office now, and his actions on fixing the country.

  • Mike Himsworth (MikeHimsworth)

    SquigglySheep, I agree. Pictures can be worth a thousand words. This one cleans up the loose ends. POTUS CNN

  • TrumpTheCryBabies (cowphin)

    MikeHimsworth SquigglySheep POTUS CNN Jam Packed while he was speaking - unlike pics showing open spaces an hour before represented

  • aml (amlanglois89)

    MikeHimsworth POTUS CNN touchy aren't we. Facts are facts something that certain people don't choose to accept. I don't get it

  • Mike Himsworth (MikeHimsworth)

    amlanglois89, not touchy at all. I sand my ground, you stand yours. And... welcome to Twitter (if this is your first account) POTUS CNN

  • aml (amlanglois89)

    MikeHimsworth POTUS CNN it is. Pity that certain people seen to be unable to accept different views simply because of insecurity I guess

  • Jim (jim_enloe)

    MikeHimsworth POTUS CNN Mike the only way to judge the crowd size is to have a picture from Washington monument. Camera location is critical.

  • Mike Himsworth (MikeHimsworth)

    jim_enloe, as a former Canon Corporate employee with an Intel reconnaissance background I'd say this is a prime camera location POTUS CNN

  • Jim (jim_enloe)

    MikeHimsworth POTUS CNN Come on Mike if you're sitting in the lower box and taking a picture of the stage you can't tell how many people are in the balcony

CNN took a massive photo during President Trump's #inauguration speech #gigapixel link
  • ErrolSmythe777 (AtThyWord777)

    kazueger1 cathyspartanj I am glad that the CNN has this photographic evidence that the crowd attending the #Inauguration was "massive".

  • Dani The Girl (danibrackett)

    kazueger1 dovorah001 There's some really fun stuff in this picture. Can't find very many snipers, though.

  • Mike Reese (ReeseMwreese)

    danibrackett kazueger1 dovorah001 Many democrats had made non-refundable hotel & air plane reservations thinking HRC would be POTUS??

  • Dovorah (dovorah001)

    ReeseMwreese danibrackett kazueger1 that does t change anything. They wouldn't have attended. They would have done something else.

  • kazueger1 CNN Kaz CNN was right to my left on top of one of the largest buildings , they had the best shot of the crowd then anybody !

  • ripley (ripley315)

    kazueger1 LeahR77 CNN An amazing picture!

  • kazueger1 CNN the filthy bastards must have photo shopped all the people in there.

  • Manor Hill (manormusthave)


  • icee (ZiembaDenise)

    kazueger1 Patriot_Drew CNN RT RT

  • kazueger1 CNN Anyone going to do a head count to debunk the "low crowd numbers" pic previously tweeted??

  • Jax (jaxx613)

    LadyMSunshine kazueger1 CNN I tried but..its a bunch

  • Jeff Beck (DigginDirty)

    kazueger1 What's Jimmy Carter doing under that trench coat?

  • Deplorable Shoop (shoopdj)

    DigginDirty kazueger1 Searching for something.

  • Meadow Fields (MeadowgirlM)

    kazueger1 the photo they took & compared was hours before, another way to attack Trump supporters. They hate us. reason they are banned.

I don't think I've ever seen a photo this high resolution link

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