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Thank you 4 your support for the #GilmoreGirls charity auction 4 #Syrian kids!!! Please share and bid! link Love you all!
  • Michele Miller (mishka1599)

    TancSade your so sweet to help. More men andd women should

Brothers in arms. Ten years on. Go to link to get some great goodies now!… link
Join me tomorrow morning on Studio10au to talk #GilmoreGIrls, a little #LethalWeapon & definitely the GG charity link
Don't forget to mark your calendar for the #gilmoregirls charity auction for karamfoundation Details here: link
  • zarra (zarraL3)

    TancSade karamfoundation MrsPriddyVA jett994 charity to come registration done

  • teresa clark (jett994)

    TancSade GilmoreGUpdates karamfoundation already done can't wait

6pm 24th Nov, charity auction @ link w/ goodies signed by cast & ASP of #gilmoregirls. All GG FAN groups pls retweet!
  • PhotoGal26 (PhotoGal26)

    TancSade Can't wait to throw all of my money at these items for a good cause!

  • Charlotte  ? (doolax3)

    TancSade 6pm which time zone?

  • TaraChristine (TaraChristineK)

    TancSade One part of the auction. that would definitely pull in some good cash would be meeting Finn & crew! #allthingsTanc #gilmoregirls

  • zarra (zarraL3)

    TancSade true Gg fans are biting their nails not a pretty look

#Gilmoregirls signed memorabilia! Auction starts 24/11! link Chilling with… link
#GilmoreGirls auction ends soon! link
  • Hanneeen :) (hanneen98)

    TancSade This is awesome! Everyone make sure to auction of these goods! All money goes to Syria link

  • thesharpestlives (mikeyy_wayy)

    TancSade are you still in Australia?

  • thesharpestlives (mikeyy_wayy)

    TancSade I was only wondering because I live in Brisbane and it feels cool to be in the same city/country as such a great actor

  • Kenzie (kenziekb)

    TancSade lol don't tell me Tanc has put himself up for auction too we'll miss him

Hey all you GilmoreGirls & TancSadefans, don't forget about this auction, lots of great things offered. #4charity link

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