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Le AMA de Gabe Newell est passionnant : link (confirmation d'un film dans l'univers portal/half-life notamment)
Gabe and a bunch of other Valve employee AMA now live on r/The_Gaben .. Go! link
Gabe Newell's Reddit AMA is on. link
It's been confirmed there are 16 people on the TF2 dev team. link
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/u/japasthebass: "Any chance of a new IP that takes place in the half-life/portal universe?" Gabe: "Yep." link
Gabe Newell AMA here we go. Jeez that's a lot of questions already. link
  • fabri (fabripav)

    shen 2k questions in 3 minutes? What on earth

I asked Gabe a pretty important question on reddit, if you can upvote for visibility link
Did you catch the Gabe Newell AMA? He visited r/The_Gaben Reddit, of course. link
  • Alec Axelblom (alecaxelblom)

    alexisohanian reddit Gaben seems like such a nice guy! Good banter in that thread by other Redditors too

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