Hillary considers launching TV show to lay groundwork for 2020 run

Clinton recently told a group of friends gathered at her Washington home: 'I'll be back' – and delivered the line in a Schwarzenegger 'Terminator' accent as she raised a glass of wine.

For the love of all that is holy just go away. link
HILLARY: we all had a lot of fun today, but seriously, [vomits and collapses] AUDIENCE: STRONGER TOGETHER!! link
Really? Hillary considers launching TV show to lay groundwork for 2020 run link
  • Josh Barro (jbarro)

    trish_regan the source for this is Ed Klein? Fake news.

  • Gary Frazee (gwfrazee)

    trish_regan Oh please God no! I thought we'd gotten rid of her!

  • steve hamrick (hamricksteve)

    gwfrazee trish_regan OMG. Does she not know when you lose you bow out gracefully. New show will not revamp her image.

  • Bill (DefendWallSt)

    trish_regan who'd watch it? link

  • trish_regan gwfrazee The Clinton Democratic Party is done. The Sanders wing is on the rise. Warren will run in 2020

  • NY Backs Trump (cciedotnyc)

    greenrotgut trish_regan gwfrazee warren is too unhinged... they will find a male

  • cciedotnyc trish_regan gwfrazee If she is unhinged but so is a very large part of the Democratic Party.

  • NY Backs Trump (cciedotnyc)

    greenrotgut trish_regan gwfrazee their party is a coastal victims group for minorities

  • Countrygirl (gingerismygirl)

    trish_regan The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over & expecting a different result.

  • Forrest Clinard (forrestatty)

    trish_regan she is crazy to think the Dems would nominate her again. And what makes her think her TV show would be popular?

  • TrueNorth (RWETrueNorth)

    forrestatty trish_regan I respectfully disagree. HillaryClinton is a brilliant woman who could use a tv show to frame the debate daily

  • She may be smart but she ran worst campaign in history of presidential politics. RWETrueNorth forrestatty trish_regan HillaryClinton

  • Blaine Bruce (BlaineBruce)

    trish_regan she should be learning on how to survive in Federal Prison

  • J.K. (trynastaywoke)

    BlaineBruce trish_regan our new president is keeping his phone... I thought he was different.

  • Blaine Bruce (BlaineBruce)

    trynastaywoke trish_regan dude you're woke af

  •  ❤️ALL ?? (JG4Trump)

    trish_regan ..and Picks Madonna as Vp. link

  • Lauren Michero (WDWandFashion)

    trish_regan this is just getting ridiculous.Even DNC must be thinking "yeah right. We're not rigging another one"

  • Suzanne Thomas (Szrti716)

    trish_regan OMG I hope she's joking but doubt it! So she & BHO taking over TV to brainwash more ppl! Prob backed by womans march loons!

Some people just can't take a hint #GoAway link
please don't. link
The only person more narcissistic than Donald Trump: link
Hrm. Clinton got S.C.R.E.W.E.D. profoundly and few ever deserved to win more... but she shouldn't run again link
  • Bob Chipman (the_moviebob)

    I'll mourn what could've been from Clinton Presidency II the way my parents did for a full JFK run, but what's done is done.

  • Bob Chipman (the_moviebob)

    Democrats need a new star player for 2020, and THIS TIME they need to not let the babies fuck up the plan in the primaries.

  • Ryan Whorton (RealRyanWhorton)

    the_moviebob that being said...you think Sanders would have a legit shot this time? Given what his out of nowhere charisma did?

  • Bob Chipman (the_moviebob)

    RealRyanWhorton If Bernie Sanders was presidential material, I wouldn't be one of the only people I know outside Vermont who'd heard of...

  • Bob Chipman (the_moviebob)

    RealRyanWhorton ...him before this year. His "charisma" was 90% "not being the woman."

  • Andrew Bluett (LordDrubie)

    the_moviebob Why do you feel she shouldn't run again?

  • Bob Chipman (the_moviebob)

    LordDrubie Damaged, sadly.

  • Andrew Bluett (LordDrubie)

    the_moviebob How so, in your opinion?

  • Bob Chipman (the_moviebob)

    LordDrubie A two-time loss record looks bad, Dem Left already disliked her and now thinks they were right re: Sanders, etc.

  • Andrew Bluett (LordDrubie)

    the_moviebob Fair reasoning.

  • David North (DavidNorthart)

    the_moviebob I want to see Sanders in a life support machine mech suit running in 2020.

  • VM (vocal_minority)

    the_moviebob it's the daily fail bob, it's lying.

  • liam quane (moviemaster1993)

    the_moviebob She's just being selfish now, she blocked Bernie and next she will block another, better female candidate like Warren in 2020.

  • Diego Diaz (uneek35)

    the_moviebob Clinton. I love you. I rooted for ya. But the dream is over.

  • Mike LePard (wedge9986)

    the_moviebob While she was eminently qualified her lack of popularity was an insurmountable roadblock.

  • the_moviebob No. She is toxic. It's not her fault but the Republicans spent decades smearing her. She will never be elected

  • Michael Jenkins (mdjank)

    the_moviebob a youtube channel and tv show would go a long way in furthering her career.

  • Michael Jenkins (mdjank)

    the_moviebob HRC doing an LP series of "this war of mine" would be money.

  • the_moviebob It's the Daily Mail, I'd ignore it.

  • DocBray link

  • Josh Bray (DocBray)

    ohboyvidya Return of the Night of the Living Dead

  • DocBray You've Got Mail 2

  • Josh Bray (DocBray)

    ohboyvidya Damn it I almost spit out my coffee at that one ;-;

  • DocBray Ash_Knight0 'according to an insider who told a book witer....' I wont hold my breath

  • Josh Bray (DocBray)

    HugBoxNinja Ash_Knight0 Mmhmm. Looks like the extent of it was just "talking about it." I really hope someone talks her out of it >.<

  • Hedger (MBNHedger)

    DocBray Maximus_Honkmus she should "fess up", do the jail time building "street cred" & then go to tv... It worked for Martha Stewart.

  • Josh Bray (DocBray)

    MBNHedger Maximus_Honkmus Or at least start making hot mixtapes while locked up. Start a rap career as Notorious HRC

  • Lerigan (lerigan)

    DocBray HopeStillFlies Is she serious? What type of show? Reality? So even more people can disassociate themselves from her? Fkn Christ...

  • DocBray I pray they're that stupid. This is just SO much fun. #Bernie #BernieOrBust #Trump #MAGA #GamerGate #MAGA3X #LGBTQ #Feminism

  • DocBray HopeStillFlies imagine. CLINTON/WU holy fuck.

  • Robert (Escroll3)

    DocBray she lost to Donald Trump - a man that had fewer votes than romney - she is done

  • DocBray Nephanor yes. More propaganda competing for the same echo chamber viewership will certainly be a success

  • Nephanor PhD andN (Nephanor)

    bar1scorpio DocBray Especially now that role are tuning that out

  • DocBray she doesn't have the stamina for it

  • Beat Rev (Beat_Rev)

    DocBray I'm pretty sure the constitution doesn't let the undead become president

  • Jack Dolphi (JackDolphi)

    DocBray 2015: "Trump's Presidential run is just a setup for Trump TV" 2017: Hillary TV

Why would she launch a TV show when she had an entire network? link

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