House Republicans pull plan to gut independent ethics committee after Trump tweets

House Republicans voted Monday night to gut Congress' independent watchdog, the Office of Congressional Ethics, on the eve of a new era.

Don't ever sleep on these fkkrs ... link
  • DonCheadle please rt #ocevote link

  • Wendy Yuille (yuille_wendy)

    MelissaFazli DonCheadle Who cares how they voted right now. first things first . What can replace the COE????

  • yuille_wendy the 119 who voted for it in secrecy are the corrupt ones more than likely. We need the list.

  • Wendy Yuille (yuille_wendy)

    MelissaFazli Got it. Thanks

  • Trayraymc (trayraymc)

    DonCheadle pattonoswalt the end of democracy and the beginning of #swampcracy How is this happening?

  • America's Hat© (ianslessor)

    trayraymc DonCheadle pattonoswalt It's ok. Trump took care of it. link

  • James Cox (jameslcox)

    ianslessor trayraymc DonCheadle pattonoswalt Sure...forget about the leagues of Americans that stood up for themselves and called in

  • America's Hat© (ianslessor)

    jameslcox trayraymc DonCheadle pattonoswalt Funny, the washingtonpost story makes no mention of "leagues of Americans..."

  • James Cox (jameslcox)

    ianslessor trayraymc DonCheadle pattonoswalt washingtonpost Of course not! That may actually encourage people rather than obey...

  • America's Hat© (ianslessor)

    jameslcox trayraymc DonCheadle pattonoswalt The washingtonpost is no friend of Republicans... especially the stupid ones

  • James Cox (jameslcox)

    ianslessor trayraymc DonCheadle pattonoswalt washingtonpost Agreed, but ALL media needs to exercise restraint in giving credit to Trump

  • America's Hat© (ianslessor)

    jameslcox trayraymc DonCheadle pattonoswalt washingtonpost Agreed. But dismissing his influence gave him the presidency

  • Jeff graves (jekky1979)

    DonCheadle pattonoswalt it's our turn now we dealt with your left wing nonsense for 8 years

  • jekky1979 DonCheadle pattonoswalt "It's our turn now"? Nice to know we're dealing with petulant children.

  • DonCheadle Republicans think a 46% victory is a mandate to be corrupt.

  • John Pike (johnpike15)

    DonCheadle cmbsweden and don't let the media get away w credit to Trump. It was people: link

  • Adam Burnham (adamburnham)

    DonCheadle #word #howfuckedarewe?

  • DonCheadle This isn't a swamp. It's the freakin' Everglades.

  • DonCheadle Should we organize a call in to Senators & Reps stating we will not be paying their salaries nor voting 4 them if no oversight?

Wow, first action by #GOP controlled #Congress is to gut the ethics panel. Keep this in mind, voters across America. link
  • tedlieu they ignores Clintons corruption, they are no longer credible

  • PublicOffendor Clinton has nothing 2 do with this current government, which voted to gut ethics committee. That guts GOP's credibility.

  • DavoNYCee (DavoNyCee)

    marbygirl PublicOffendor You missed the point - it is a lame/useless agency. Future "outside" corruption will be of criminal prosecution.

  • Calo (Tigerschweitzer)

    DavoNyCee marbygirl PublicOffendor Useless issue. Politicians can fail ethics test EVERY time. It is VOTERS that police politicians!

  • Jumping Bean (burpeesRfun)

    tedlieu LaurenPaigeBass the values party, right??

  • whats ur name? (droz82)

    burpeesRfun tedlieu LaurenPaigeBass they have values, they value hearing us squeal like pigs while they $&* us & line their pockets

  • RightFolks (RightFolks)

    droz82 burpeesRfun Like politicians that leave office as multi-millionaires (like Clintons and Reid)?

  • whats ur name? (droz82)

    RightFolks burpeesRfun politics was never meant 2b a main career or b an income u support urself on, it was meant 2b good patriots step up

  • Travis Thompson (TThomp73)

    tedlieu pattonoswalt The very reason we need Term Limits in this country

  • tedlieu pattonoswalt Why am I not suprised? The GOP have always been hypocrites, decrying corruption while they revel in it.

  • Bryce (i3axpace)

    tedlieu Voters across America won't keep this in mind because they never have before and never will. To think they'll change now is naive.

  • Calo (Tigerschweitzer)

    i3axpace tedlieu Thus Electorate NOT naive but angry & sick of Lib America! They WILL be watching & remember wasted opportunities GOP!

  • Bryce (i3axpace)

    Tigerschweitzer tedlieu Which is why a majority of the voting population voted GOP in November, right? Oh, wait...

  • @BeanieBaby (just4funpolitic)

    tedlieu #FakeNews

  • Sparky (Sparky_Tini)

    just4funpolitic tedlieu Even The Daily Caller has an article about this. This is not fake news.

  • Majax (Majax16)

    Sparky_Tini just4funpolitic tedlieu Beanie is a conspiracy theorist troll. No logic can be absorbed by that moron.

  • Sparky (Sparky_Tini)

    Majax16 Thanks for the heads up.

  • tedlieu with all due respect, Ted; do you think that the voters that voted for #realdonaldtrump ever cared about "ethics"?

If this doesn't terrify you... check your pulse. House Republicans gut ethics panel link
  • Barry (bar545)

    Alyssa_Milano Lol you frauds had no problem with the lack of ethics under Obama but your concerned now

  • John C (blue_jay_john)

    bar545 Alyssa_Milano What lack of ethics under Obama? And it's "you're" dummy

  • Barry (bar545)

    blue_jay_john Alyssa_Milano lack you mean no ethics under Obama his party and administration broke the record for pleading the 5th !

  • John C (blue_jay_john)

    bar545 Alyssa_Milano So you have zero examples, got it.

  • Barry (bar545)

    blue_jay_john Alyssa_Milano Examples ? Let's see IRS, VA, Benghazi, Fast & Furious , Emails and state dept

  • Jeff Green (XandriaGallery)

    Alyssa_Milano you keep talking about love and being good to everyone but you always preach hate and attack political opposites. Sad

  • MJ (MJMorten)

    XandriaGallery Alyssa_Milano she's not preaching hate, she's preaching facts. This is happening, hate is what trump preaches. Get it?!

  • Franco (franco91hou)

    MJMorten XandriaGallery Alyssa_Milano they're thin skinned like the Orange Prez...they'll never get it. Crazy.

  • Whiskey Barrel (BarrelWhiskey)

    Alyssa_Milano I seriously doubt you actually read the article. Getting rid of the old system is a good thing

  • Yipper (yipper_merry)

    BarrelWhiskey no, no it's not

  • Whiskey Barrel (BarrelWhiskey)

    yipper_merry Please explain how it's been working so great

  • Frank Romero (frank07093)

    BarrelWhiskey yipper_merry Actual, no. You please explain how lack of responsiveness in Congressional ethics is a good all.

  • Whiskey Barrel (BarrelWhiskey)

    frank07093 yipper_merry Actually, yes, and it wasn'tdirected to you. That has been the problem for decades- "lack of responsiveness".

  • Frank Romero (frank07093)

    BarrelWhiskey yipper_merry Don't care it wasn't directed at me. I'd like an answer. Ethics oversight = bad according to you? I'll wait.

  • Whiskey Barrel (BarrelWhiskey)

    frank07093 yipper_merry Where's my answer? "Oversight" isn't going away. #Fakenews headlines shouldn't prevent ppl from actually READING

  • Frank Romero (frank07093)

    BarrelWhiskey yipper_merry Like right now. This truly did occur. link

  • Halley  ⭐ (Halleywood)

    Alyssa_Milano if dems had done this there would be riots over it

House GOP votes to legalize corruption link
  • Arlene Maddux (AMluvinit2)

    TheDailyEdge this angers me more than Trumps stupid tweets of the day.

  • SenecaTrust (senecatrust)

    AMluvinit2 TheDailyEdge Tell that to the stupid Jill Stein voters. Lol.

  • Debi (SSSSASSSY)

    TheDailyEdge AudraEqualityMc I feel like the US is being taken over my aliens but nobody notices except us.

  • Nancy (Nancy_H1122)

    SSSSASSSY TheDailyEdge AudraEqualityMc What's worse is that they noticed, but they're so into getting what they want, they don't care.

  • adamheath (aheathcetinski)

    TheDailyEdge It appears Trump is already having an effect on government. An ethics free President inspires Congress to emulate.

  • Kelle Bond (kelleAbond)

    aheathcetinski TheDailyEdge They are part & parcel of the same disgusting clan of jackasses.

  • TheDailyEdge We just started 2017. Buckle up folks it's going to shitastic ride.

  • robin sutton (kekikaad97)

    Imntsaynitstru TheDailyEdge shitastic, I like that word, and I agree

  • LuC4zNytMare (LuC4zNytMare)

    TheDailyEdge Any Congress member voting for this is in violation of their Oath of Office. All should be removed.

  • LuC4zNytMare (LuC4zNytMare)

    drogon_dracarys TheDailyEdge Got them on speed dial. Thanks for passing the word.

  • LuC4zNytMare (LuC4zNytMare)

    drogon_dracarys TheDailyEdge Everyone needs to light up the House switchboards tomorrow, cause a Brownout on the house floor.

  • Claudia Dodson (c2dodson)

    TheDailyEdge these white men (GOP Congressional) have no balls not to mention loyalty to civic duties and ethical values.

  • Arlene Maddux (AMluvinit2)

    TheDailyEdge the foxes in charge of the hen house,,GREAT job with that swampy thing.

  • Cynthia Clontz (censtar7)

    TheDailyEdge bobbyjules this is what happens when house, senate, prez run by one party. No checks and balances.

House GOP can meet in the night like crooks to gut ethics panel, but they refuse to confirm Garland for SCOTUS . link
  • #Halt_Zika (Halt_Zika)

    VA4Hillary1 dspalten senate confirms, not house. link

  • VA for Hillary (VA4Hillary1)

    Halt_Zika dspalten I know! Thanks though, my point is that GOP can't meet to confirm!

  • #Halt_Zika (Halt_Zika)

    VA4Hillary1 dspalten yes, the hypocrisy is now light years beyond irony. All quite overt, shameless. Flag pins and constitutions? cover.

  • Valerie French (7bugglettes)

    VA4Hillary1 We're putting Shitler & Putin in the white house & congress can be bought just like the new administration?I'm having a stroke.

  • Valerie French (7bugglettes)

    VA4Hillary1 No punishment and open pockets...What in the hell happened to this country?They are a fuc king minority people?This is WRONG!!

  • Chris Mac (bigmacmcneely)

    7bugglettes VA4Hillary1 Read historian Alexander Tyler and you understand what happens to a republic very easy read,frightening.

  • Griffin (GriffinCOA)

    VA4Hillary1 cruise_peter A lack of oversight is appalling & shows intention of the Republicans to act in an unethical manner.

  • Marilyn (chenoite)

    GriffinCOA VA4Hillary1 cruise_peter For all the crap they have given Obama for the past 8 years they have been unethical for a long time.

  • J (frakincaprica)

    VA4Hillary1 how do GOP voters even spin this. They just spent a year telling us how corrupt Clinton was.

  • Amy (sassyvoter2)

    VA4Hillary1 summerbrennan it's the #GOH Grand old hypocrites.. smh #wearescrewed

  • Rich Greene (RichGreene5)

    VA4Hillary1 WendyMarcinkie1 can we get the names?

  • VA4Hillary1 this falls right smack dab in the center of unethical behavior by Congress.

  • Esox Lucius (hammer_handle)

    VA4Hillary1 debraj112 I think the US just dissolved

  • VA4Hillary1 abrams_doug Oversight being stripped away by a bunch of lying, cheating, power hungry crooks.

  • K Peters (riseup4nations)

    VA4Hillary1 summerbrennan I do believe this is preparing g to make it difficult to go after trump

  • VA4Hillary1 WendyMarcinkie1 They are absolutely sleazy & corrupt...

  • Tim Wood (livecut)

    VA4Hillary1 garbo_speaks Senate does confirmations, not House.

  • Peaceall (klhim12)

    VA4Hillary1 christine081579 you are so right, except they're not like crooks, they are crooks

  • Candace Brown (CandaceKBrown)

    VA4Hillary1 Get used to it. The #GOP is large and in charge and ready to dismantle anything they don't like. Americans be damned!

GOP House guts independent ethics watchdog, because you know, something about draining the swamp link
  • Tadhg (tadhg000)

    DavMicRot If you were sincere you would support DJT's efforts to get rid of corrupt politicians instead of blaming HIM for THEIR misdeeds.

  • David Rothschild (DavMicRot)

    tadhg000 interesting? what effort? so far all he has done is eliminate oversight of executive and congressional branches.

  • Deplorablesque (adelawagner1)

    . DavMicRot tadhg000 He's not in office yet. Also, the cloaked,establishment republicans are in same swamp as Dems. Drain them too-2018.

  • seriously 211 (seriously211)

    adelawagner1 DavMicRot tadhg000 Great idea, not happening. In fact GOP just killed ethics office.

  • Deplorablesque (adelawagner1)

    . seriously211 DavMicRot tadhg000 There are some RINO's up for re-election in 2018 mid-terms. They hate Trump,they are all one party.

  • seriously 211 (seriously211)

    adelawagner1 DavMicRot tadhg000 And they will almost all get reelected

  • Bryan Smith (BpsmithUk)

    DavMicRot JuliaDavisNews Look, be reasonable - USA will swear in a President who doesnt pay taxes or divest businesses Who needs ethics?

  • Deplorablesque (adelawagner1)

    . BpsmithUk DavMicRot JuliaDavisNews Why is he not in jail for tax evasion? I've also legally paid as little tax as possible. #GetReal

  • Bryan Smith (BpsmithUk)

    adelawagner1 In any case - I only said he lacked ethics. Which he does. DavMicRot JuliaDavisNews

  • Bryan Smith (BpsmithUk)

    adelawagner1 And the case against Trump is that he paid NO taxes for MANY years... as a BILLIONAIRE businessman! DavMicRot JuliaDavisNews

  • Deplorablesque (adelawagner1)

    . BpsmithUk DavMicRot JuliaDavisNews Well IRS has been in OBAMA'S pocket for 8 LONG years. Where are the charges? (Oh,that's just for HRC)

  • Bryan Smith (BpsmithUk)

    adelawagner1 What charges? Are you delusional? The IRS is an independant body. Hillary isnt a criminal. #GetReal DavMicRot JuliaDavisNews

  • Linda N Calderón (ferlinda47)

    DavMicRot thepoliticalcat sounds like the lawmakers don't feel they need to be held accountable for their actions. Ethics be damned.

  • Deplorablesque (adelawagner1)

    ferlinda47 DavMicRot thepoliticalcat Been going on for the last who knows how many admins. Obama STACKED courts/admin with "yes men".

  • Linda N Calderón (ferlinda47)

    adelawagner1 DavMicRot thepoliticalcat not true. GOP congress was majority and didn't approve most judgeships. Get your facts straight.

  • Deplorablesque (adelawagner1)

    . ferlinda47 Nope. Here's breakdown of the Judiciary under BO. And we ALL know DC/both sides FULL of BO ass kissers. link

  • Linda N Calderón (ferlinda47)

    adelawagner1 what does BO refer to?

  • Bill DeRouchey (billder)

    How convenient for the coming kleptocracy. RT DavMicRot: GOP House guts independent ethics watchdog link

  • Sloan Ashton (Ashton7Sloan)

    DavMicRot let's be clear: the GOP is the swamp. Ethics and transparency has always been foreign to them.

BAD NEWS: Our govt admits it'll be corrupt. GOOD NEWS: Time we’ll save not pretending to be superior to Third World! link
BREAKING: House GOP leaders pull a proposal that would gut its independent ethics panel, amid criticism of the plan link
  • CNNPolitics Before Trump takes the credit it was the outrage and advocacy of decent Americans that got this reversed #USpoli #TheResistance

  • Reader Adrift (ReaderAdrift)

    GypsySpirit46 KueblerSusan CNNPolitics maybe or it was a signal that Trump is dominant in the GOP and tea-party will kowtow on timing

  • ReaderAdrift KueblerSusan CNNPolitics It's difficult to see Trump as dominant when he's being manipulated so easily his swamp's denizens

  • Reader Adrift (ReaderAdrift)

    GypsySpirit46 KueblerSusan CNNPolitics his faction is currently dominant within GOP, but he is manipulated by Ivanka, Bannon, Mercers etc

  • Reader Adrift (ReaderAdrift)

    GypsySpirit46 KueblerSusan CNNPolitics Many conservatives have decided it's "not worth it" to challenge him. So he dominates link

  • ReaderAdrift KueblerSusan CNNPolitics I'll agree to disagree. I still believe the power of legitimate dissent can effect positive change

  • Reader Adrift (ReaderAdrift)

    GypsySpirit46 KueblerSusan CNNPolitics Don't disagree with that at all. I just think it's naive to assume that was necc the main reason

  • CNNPolitics How about you give credit to the activists that made this go viral? Who called our congressman? MSM "Trump Tweets" = pathetic!

  • CNNPolitics This is... this is pretty fucking terrifying.

  • Bookworm (JovialLibrarian)

    CNNPolitics Trump tweeted he didn't want it to be "their number one act and priority." That doesn't mean he's against it.

  • J Fisher (watchyourReps)

    CNNPolitics cnnbrk It was NOT Trump’s tweet that changed GOP minds on #ethicsoffice Thousands of people called their Reps. Check and see!

  • Lisa Kaelin (liberalady48)

    CNNPolitics GOP what don't you understand? That's OUR house not yours! YOU should be ashamed! Traitors!

  • Wilhelm II (knightofgood)

    CNNPolitics double win for Trump/ this and the Ford news

  • Bob Currer (BobCurrer)

    CNNPolitics 1700West Can't use the word ethics and politician in the same sentence.

  • CNNPolitics DailyFreeman link

  • Larry Moore (AntoniaQuestPho)

    CNNPolitics Trump voter, please speak up, please??On my knees to you for my country! INCOMPETENT ACTION breeds more IA! Knee Jerk actions! link

  • Philip Simmonds (therealPhiz)

    CNNPolitics Congratulate Trump all you want, but it was a good move. Stupid to even consider it in the first. Glad they recognize stupidity

  • Blood Moon (BloodMoon_2)

    CNNPolitics HouseGOP Good job reversing course. You know what you did was a bad move when both your voting base and PEOTUS say WTF.

  • Drey (BigDog1846)

    CNNPolitics Wait what?! Is this how republicans plan to increase Trump's approval numbers ?! Was is a phony bill to make Trump look better

We stopped them in their tracks, not Trump, us. We slammed them with calls/tweets - We won't let up #TheResistance link
  • Kathy (kathy12985)

    WesSmith123 NoMoSplainin Stated on CBS Natl. News that they received an Avalanche of angry phone calls from the public today! Well done!!

  • Shape (Zhape)

    WesSmith123 link

  • Larry Wilson (LarryWilson)

    Zhape protesting2016 WesSmith123 Yeah; expect them to back Trump and betray America.

  • Steve (2020pleasehurry)

    WesSmith123 linksteroh We need to even more calls on Emoliments Violations! #ImpeachTrump

  • Lady Farmer (djmincey11)

    WesSmith123 NiteSteppin We Rock! #TheResistance

  • Tanita Wilkins (DatGirlTanita)

    WesSmith123 you didn't do anything. Trump shut that down. Keep up little baby.

  • MTRegularGuy (MTRegularGuy)

    WesSmith123 DumpTrump22 Or are they trying to make Trump look good?

  • Artie Martinho (RTY2K1)

    WesSmith123 too phony,staged by repubs&trump to get some cred. Up next,spat with Putin so we obviously side with him otherwise un-American

  • Armond Ray Erickson (ArmonRaE)

    First Priority on #HouseRepublicans #DayOne *uckit List — eliminate #IndependentEthicsOffice linkWesSmith123 link

  • Armond Ray Erickson (ArmonRaE)

    Complaint Filed Against 23 #HouseRepublicans For Illegal Agreement To Misuse Taxpayer Funds linkWesSmith123 #tRumpLeaks link

  • Joan Wilder (mooray)

    WesSmith123 No, Smith. This was all another republican con game.

We tried to warn you. #DrainTheSwamp #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #MAGA link
  • NingaGinga (NingaGinja)

    keithboykin reifman Eliminating oversight... we are in for a bigger shit storm than we ever imagined folks. #theresistance

  • Johanna albarron (Jalbarron13)

    keithboykin donnabrazile sad to know that congress can commit crimes and never stand accountable... sounds like Trumps world...

  • Jay H (BryanthsJay)

    keithboykin Too many idiots didn't vote & too many idiots voted for this.

  • Frank (javicon)

    BryanthsJay keithboykin Americans tired of CROOKED hrc

  • Jay H (BryanthsJay)

    javicon keithboykin She was crooked but if you believe trump is honest you are a fool.

  • Ingrid E Baptista (Ingridebap)

    keithboykin all BS. Folks will realize they just gave GOP power to overflow the swamp. 2018 can't come soon ENOUPH!

  • Inner Strumpf (InnerStrumpf)

    keithboykin ...and #Bernie folks tried to warn you. Hillary & Trump = Same ol' Goldman Sachs swamp #ImWithHer House GOP #maddow #MAGA link

  • keithboykin They won't care. It's Cult Mentality. Been brainwashed with Breitbart Alex Jones & Fox News. How do you deprogram 60+M people?

  • kt (kristinannthom)

    keithboykin further proof we the people must take matters into our own hands. Broken system.

  • Kimberly (Kmich718)

    keithboykin ksecus Neither Fox nor Breitbart are broadcasting anything about this to their ppl so they probably don't know.

  • David Hallenbeck (GWairgeorge)

    keithboykin And so it begins...

  • J-O-A-N-N-A (pixiegirlxmama)

    keithboykin How will the HouseDemocrats stop the HouseGOP if they are out numbered we must stop them from creating laws that protect them

  • Saudi Gazetter (SaudiGazetter)

    keithboykin There's case to be made that in the eyes of no small number of people, it doesn't matter -- as long as more POC suffer.

  • JSB (please_continue)

    keithboykin PoliticalAnt appointment for life, passed thru families, because ... they can?

  • Krampy (Tanninbutt)

    keithboykin I knew he was a closet Democrat. Bullshitting idiots is his forte.

  • roger sutyla (hel242)

    keithboykin donnabrazile and obummer did not do anything

  • ~ TruthSayer ~ (PMURTRUMP)

    keithboykin Nothing more than an good old boys club for undercover KKK #drudge #rushlimbaugh #cnnpolitics link

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