How can you tell if news is fake?

How can you tell if news is fake? Here are a few tips to guide you.

We already had full membership with a cherry-picked set of opt-outs. But no, that wasn't good enough for us... link
  • Laura Kate (cakeylaura)

    Scientists4EU Increasingly I wonder if an upside to brexit might not be finally breaking the British of our staggering arrogance.

  • Martin OLoughlin (mr__mo)

    cakeylaura scientists4eu if only, Brexit’s failure ,i suspect will just be “their” fault. remainers, muslims, immigrants, etc etc etc.

  • Laura Kate (cakeylaura)

    mr__mo Scientists4EU Sad but true.

  • Grant White (GrantWhiteTZ)

    Scientists4EU Brexit is what you get when UK politicians scapegoat EU for every domestic failing of their own incompetence.

  • Mira Calix (miracalix)

    Scientists4EU wasn't the right colours it seems... perhaps they all just don't like yellow...

  • Scientists4EU BBCNews #brexit really is a textbook example of throwing all of one's toys out of the pram, isn't it?

  • Scientists4EU BBCNews Yes. We already have huge amounts of favourable clauses, not least the ones that UKIP has no clue about.

  • Jonathan Price (B3CPres)

    Scientists4EU BBCNews there's a good reason why referenda are not part of the British constitution!

  • Scientists4EU UnionisedDavid pig headed UK, how they must loathe us ..

  • Scientists4EU BBCNews I'm lost for words we would want to throw this away for worse deal we have to pay for but without the benefits.

  • We Need EU (WeNeedEU)

    Scientists4EU Just realised: #Brexit is that fairytale. The Fisherman's Wife. Who asks for wish after wish till it all goes horribly wrong.

  • Dan Sellings (Dementord)

    Scientists4EU BBCNews costing us £8billion annually for what is essentially tariff free access to German cars and unlimited migration!

  • Scientists4EU Ankhassa richard51185877

  • Dirk Jansen (evde109)

    Scientists4EU If the U.K. want the same conditions as they have in the E.U. they are going to make concessions, concessions and concessions

  • hopbin (hopbin)

    Scientists4EU BBCNews The whole cherry orchard is in the #EU. #Brexiteers can't buy them in ones & two's, it's either a box or nothing.

  • Concerned (READY2MIX)

    Scientists4EU BBCNews we wanted our country back no mandate for the eu ever given

  • Geoff Berry (touchstonesys)

    READY2MIX what?

  • ScrimmyPops (ScrimmyPops)

    scientists4eu What is NOT good enough for UK is MASS immigration and the trojan horse THREAT that is ISLAM! Britain/British first. Simple.

  • RKS BlueArmy (Gazdablue)

    Scientists4EU BBCNews finally a bit of sense from a remoaners!! Your dead right. Not good enough. Out means out

BBC News - Boxing promoter gives old suits to refugees rel="nofollow" target="_blank">link
Carey Mulligan opens up to Michael Parkinson & Michael Palin about how music helps her grandmother's dementia link
Well worth a watch. Clarke impassioned, reasoned, articulate & resolute to the end . link
BBC News - Behind the scenes at Strictly Christmas special link
"Muslim name 'makes job-hunting harder' link " They needed a BBC investigation to discover what we've known for ever
Brussels unveil weird new 'space egg' HQ. €321m of our money and it looks like somewhere a Bond villain would live! link
Farewell FLOTUS and POTUS. The world certainly will miss you. Merry #Christmas link
  • Rory Wood (TheLateHarambe)

    damocrat damocrat FLOTUS POTUS Personally can't wait to see the back of them. Their campaign of shit-stirring in the Middle East is over

  • daniel lower (happylower)

    damocrat FLOTUS POTUS BBCNews from Class to Ass! The Obamas had class, the Frumps well........

PL* Picking once again on our most vulnerable, which of course won't save any money in the long run. link
I never knew he was a member. Bit poor taste with Rick Parfitt just dying. link

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