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Self-Care Lessons for the Resistance

I really needed this article today (this week, this month, this year.) Maybe you do too. #resist link
Multiple people have shared this with me today. It's that good. link
We can't say it enough, take care of yourself. The resistance needs you. #StayOutraged link
Good post on the basics of staying sane. link
  • Jim (jamesjbrownjr)

    emilynussbaum Thanks. I really needed this. But how fucking crazy is it that I need help with the “basics of staying sane”?

“How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind” by MirahCurzer link
“How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind” by MirahCurzer link
“How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind” by MirahCurzer link
  • Peter Delevett (peterdelevett)

    . sacca I don't think staying outraged is going to be any problem at all ...

  • The Woken One (NotoriousIanV)

    sacca MirahCurzer Medium needed this, it's hard to deal with so many people being silent as our country races towards implosion

  • Scow08 (Scow0857)

    sacca MirahCurzer Medium Power/Money. Vote-Organize/Boycott-Support #grabyourwallet slpng_giants link

  • Mike Lenz (LenzTweet)

    sacca am I the only who's first thought was - " money's really dirty man"

  • Tojo (tojosp)

    sacca MirahCurzer Medium answer is easy: micro-dosing. Or macro-dosing. Whatever. We're all going to be living in The Road pretty soon.

  • JJ (WhimsyTX)

    sacca MirahCurzer How did you know? I think a bookmark may be necessary.

  • PK ? (pkellyshock)

    sacca MirahCurzer Medium just give up and accept it, you'll lose a lot less hair chris.

okay, that thing on self-care that's been going around is A++ and I just have one thing to add to it. link
How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind link
If you've been a total anxious wreck like me, take a read through this Very Good article link

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