I’ve left Twitter. It is unusable for anyone but trolls, robots and dictators | Lindy West

For half a decade on the platform, I have been micromanaged by strangers and neo-Nazis have mined my personal life for vulnerabilities to exploit

Social justice extremists are being vanquished across the board. Logic and facts ALWAYS win in the end. link
  • Thor Benson ? (thor_benson)

    PrisonPlanet Or just incessant harassment from people with IQs hovering around room temperature.

  • John (TomPretie)

    Watch yourself, Paul. This guys been blocked by James Woods and others plus look how much of a badass he is thor_benson PrisonPlanet link

  • THE TRUTH (Junior444)

    TomPretie thor_benson PrisonPlanet He looks like a massive pussy. Let's be honest. Keyboard warrior

  • Deeps (Deep_nihlist)

    PrisonPlanet SJW team... link

  • Deep_nihlist PrisonPlanet link

  • joebennett4321 greencane654 Deep_nihlist PrisonPlanet I love GrrrGraphics. There's nobody like him!

  • RedSarahUSA greencane654 Deep_nihlist PrisonPlanet GrrrGraphics yeah, his work is great

  • PrisonPlanet I didnt even know who she is til now, so I think pple have better to do than to "mine her life for vulnerabilities to exploit" link

  • PrisonPlanet Idk if I'm right, but I genuinely think that nobody gives a shit about her life. She's another nobody trying to look important

  • Not with you, obviously. PrisonPlanet link

  • CHRIS (ChrishewesHewes)

    MakeWayForTay PrisonPlanet Made in China

  • BanTheBBC (BanTheBBC)

    PrisonPlanet Author looks like a blonde #TrigglyPuff with a better hair-do and lighting.

  • Eyes_Open (trekkie_mike)

    BanTheBBC PrisonPlanet "For half a decade" 5 years then love, stop trying to make it out as if it's been your whole life.

  • Dino Afuera (DinoAfuera)

    PrisonPlanet Tw is a 2 edged sword. I'm sure they'll shut it down in 2017

  • Stacie Walker (SpaciestStacie)

    DinoAfuera PrisonPlanet We have too much freedom to spread truth on twitter. This is the beginning of an anti-twitter campaign.

  • Alt (5starrHell)

    SpaciestStacie DinoAfuera PrisonPlanet if so, I'm sure competition is working on an alternative. Meme & $ always win

  • Dino Afuera (DinoAfuera)

    5starrHell SpaciestStacie PrisonPlanet There are alternatives. But Tw bashing is getting steam.

  • Alt (5starrHell)

    DinoAfuera SpaciestStacie PrisonPlanet sure, because their ban backfired now they're out for blood..oh well, karma.?

  • PrisonPlanet Lindy West realized she can't eat all day if she's tweeting

I'd normally retweet Lindy on this but, she gone! I think about doing this everyday. Even while I'm typing this. link
  • wkamaubell respectfully? Fbk has done more damage, aaand, comic creators/musicians/LGBTQ+ artists wouldn't even be in radar if not 4twitter

  • Leighbra (Leighbra)

    Mutantoide & I don't want to leave those people behind with the hate & the trolls.

  • Leighbra link

  • I'm in it for the Trolls. How else will I find out what the fascists think, from the comfort of Oakland? wkamaubell

  • wkamaubell Interesting that she's still on Facebook though, which seems to have done even more damage.

  • Lisa Angela (intrepidleeloo)

    wkamaubell Twitter provided the safe haven for harassment and incivility to become an active force while hiding behind "free speech"

  • felicia martinez (feliciafm)

    wkamaubell drlizhamm If there's even the smallest chance our words or even attention make a difference, I'm staying.

  • wkamaubell artcollisions Except Science Twitter and Art Twitter are two of the best things in my life. Twitter is not a monoculture.

  • wkamaubell Well damn, I just left Facebook to concentrate on Twitter.

  • Lana A. (Lana_Macondo)

    wkamaubell thinking about quitting twitter is now officially like losing the game. Also, i just lost the game.

  • Rogue-Incage (Incage2)

    Lana_Macondo wkamaubell oh great , now I just lost the game!

  • Lana A. (Lana_Macondo)


  • wkamaubell I am so mad that the link's image is Trump and I had hoped for a split second that he left Twitter

  • Lizzyhalsted (Lizzyhalsted)

    wkamaubell please send her our best -- and have her on your upcoming KamauRightNow as proof of life.

  • (((gee kubed))) (geekubed)

    wkamaubell Thank you for staying around! You and folks like you keep me here.

  • ivy (RebeccaSamuels8)

    wkamaubell guardian the commenters under her column obliviously engaging in the gross behavior she is criticizing twitter trolls for. Smh

  • Abi-Girl (AbiSpeaks)

    RebeccaSamuels8 wkamaubell guardian But at least it's a moderated comment sec. Doxxing isn't tolerated, slurs r removed.Not perfect, but.

  • mrcreader (mrcreader)

    wkamaubell I agree that twitter and facebook have responsibility to rein in the nuts. But Twitter is better than FB lately.

  • Ebaudelaire (Ebaudelaire2)

    wkamaubell I loved Lindy's tweets! Damn.

World's smallest violin link
Melodramatically announcing your departure from Twitter and having a pity party: this is a classic of the genre link
  • Michael Tracey (mtracey)

    "Twitter won't make structural changes to its massively successful medium to mollify my particular neuroses! This is a profound injustice!"

  • Haytham (hyotoom)

    mtracey I mean the least she could do is make use of the platform's several options (mute/unfollow/block/report)??

  • Michael Tracey (mtracey)

    hyotoom That's the point. The platform already provides all the tools anyone needs to customize their user experience.

  • RightWingSvenSquad (SvetSquad)

    TV_KWA mtracey She won't even go to the gym, look at how fat she is

  • All for free, unless you count an entire book deal based on the premise of being a victim of dark forces on social media. mtracey link

  • "My relationship with social media is horrible, oh, and buy my book about it." Guess who else is playing that angle. mtracey

  • This, IME, is the definition of trolling. Which is ok, if you want to play that game. But you'd better know you'll get what you dish out. link

  • mtracey She'll be back. They always waddle back.

  • Alice Teller (AliceTeller)

    mtracey jake_bradford_1 We do the policing, we control the mob, if you refuse to play by those rules, I quit!!

  • AliceTeller mtracey They literally have |ALL the power on twitter yet play the victim constantly if anything they say is challenged

  • Alice Teller (AliceTeller)

    jake_bradford_1 mtracey It seems so but if they quit, we win!


  • Azusa (PositiveInt)

    pc_gamer_squid mtracey Yo when did Democratically elected presidented limited to 2 terms & a constitution become a dictator?

  • Azusa (PositiveInt)

    pc_gamer_squid mtracey Asking for a friend, he must have been misinformed of dictators this entire time!

  • Teresa Ganim (henleyurban)

    mtracey I predict she'll be back within 2 weeks.

  • Brad Johnson (tuns1999)

    henleyurban Gets paid to write an article bitching about not being paid to twitter In two weeks she will be paid to write why she is back link

  • Mort Magirt (Mort_Magirt)

    link It's such a classic move South Park just parodied it:) mtracey guardian

This is great as a gesture, & God bless Lindy, but also note: Many women with public-facing jobs can't afford it: link
  • Sady Doyle (sadydoyle)

    I fully respect people's choice to boycott toxic platforms, but I'm worried this will increase "just leave" as the default response.

  • Sady Doyle (sadydoyle)

    If you can leave, great. For others - for me - SOMEONE has to stick around promote pieces, contact sources, interact with readers, etc.

  • Sady Doyle (sadydoyle)

    So platforms like Twitter can become toxic, even dangerous - I've had to have doctors' visits over some harassment - but also inescapable.

  • Sady Doyle (sadydoyle)

    So "just leave" doesn't solve Twitter harassment any more than "stay inside" works for street harassment. Systemic change is necessary.

  • Sady Doyle (sadydoyle)

    Obvs, I owe a ton of my thinking on this to Lindy -- for example, she's written on harassment as a workplace-safety issue.

  • WendyBrandes (WendyBrandes)

    sadydoyle but if the whole platform collapses like MySpace did, we will survive ... and I think that's what is coming.

  • sadydoyle JulieSLalonde is there a responsibility to publicly take a stand & fight? I don't know, perhaps not. Curious what you think. 2/2

  • ColleenDockerty sadydoyle This is her way of taking a stand and fighting.

  • JulieSLalonde Perhaps I'm focusing too much on leaving twitter, not enough on a great article about how harmful twitter is for many women.

  • ColleenDockerty She's using her platform to draw attention to it AND refusing to let Twitter make money off her voice.

  • Marcie Bianco (MarcieBianco)

    sadydoyle I wonder, because ppl had jobs & networked prior to Twitter, if we could return to a kind of real social engagement?

  • sadydoyle for me the response has always been insta-block. I don't even acknowledge a troll's existence. Only interact with positive ppl.

  • sadydoyle I don't know if my solution would work for ppl with more public lives.

  • DrizzyDre (AyDre3K)

    sadydoyle Hoping you leave next Sady. You're an insufferable person.

  • Charles Ryder (CapnRyder)

    AyDre3K sadydoyle *next, Sady.

  • sadydoyle JulieSLalonde I feel so mixed about this. Good for her to prioritize self-care, but as a women in a position of power... 1/2

  • Danish Modern (ladyfriend)

    sadydoyle anylaurie16 oh god, what a harrowing point. I hadn't thought of that.

  • BSMarney (LadyChiron)

    sadydoyle OhNoSheTwitnt guardian But her work is still being distributed via Twitter so.....

  • sadydoyle JulieSLalonde Also, did you read monaeltahawy's thoughts? I don't think I agree, but interesting.

I’ve left Twitter. It is unusable for anyone but trolls, robots and dictators | Lindy West link
My Dear Friend Lindy West has left Twitter. Here's why someone so brilliant & funny would do such a thing: link
  • Sofie Hagen (SofieHagen)

    harikondabolu Wow. I feel weird that I now can't tell her on a daily basis that she is a hero, a queen and that she changed my life.

  • harikondabolu guardian makes me consider following in her footsteps.

  • Lizzyhalsted (Lizzyhalsted)

    harikondabolu just let her know how much (the sane among us) miss her & wish her well.

  • Julie Bot (thejuliebot)

    harikondabolu guardian she's a smart lady who I admire a great deal.

  • Brian A. (BAblang77)

    harikondabolu that's too bad, I really enjoyed her tweets.

  •  ?#NoDAPL ? (DaveWuzzHere)

    harikondabolu mehdirhasan unfortunately this seems like a sad reality for most well-known journalists...luckily im a nobody still

  • em(met) cameron (ohmynoti)

    harikondabolu I keep seeing this & momentarily thinking Donald Trump has left twitter. No such luck.

  • Laura Steiger (LauraInBham)

    harikondabolu guardian She will be missed. Meanwhile, I just happen to be reading this! #shrill link

  • Abigail v. R. (abigailvr)

    harikondabolu guardian I enjoyed her tweets but really marveled that she stuck around through all the abuse. I hope she is happier off it.

  • Kelly James (KellyJeanJames)

    harikondabolu If anyone can please let her know some of us newbies totally missed her tweets and feel left out She is awesomely witty:)

  • BoxANT (BoxANT)

    harikondabolu mehdirhasan guardian ha! as a robotic troll oligarch, we allow this link

  • Land & Liberty (Land_Liberty)

    harikondabolu mehdirhasan And journalists who work for dictatorships, presumably.

  • MonicaL22 (monicaeltutu)

    harikondabolu Oh no!!!! Well, I will find her and her hilariousness and smarts elsewhere, then.


    harikondabolu guardian DAMN... Gonna miss your posts, Hari.

  • Lisa Kay (Narizarielka)

    harikondabolu I noticed that wkamaubell also tweeted this about HIS dear friend Lindy West ;)

  • harikondabolu It's honestly for the best. For everyone. Lindy will be much happier gurgling her half-baked opinions into a warm blanket.

  • Susan Ruda (susanruda)

    harikondabolu Take it from someone 67 yrs old & worldly. This is human nature your friend has experienced. My advice: Set boundaries & laff

  • Colm Delaney (colmdelaney1)

    harikondabolu Sad, but major props to her for her reasons. jack, *please* pay attention: canary, coalmine, etc.

A funny & exhausted case against Twitter: link
  • emilynussbaum Another Lindy West piece on her favorite topic - herself.

  • Scott Smith (scottinclearh2o)

    emilynussbaum fakedansavage guardian Read an article just this morning that said 88% of online harassment happens on Twitter I believe it

  • ynoT (CrtvPrdx)

    emilynussbaum I would hazard that there are many many of us who are a hair's breadth away from doing likewise.

  • Jae (jaegecko)

    emilynussbaum I find it usable, but a pseudonym helps make it so. Especially a gender-neutral one (with a non-gendered picture).

  • emilynussbaum guardian lol she went to be paid (even more) for basic human interactions like telling jokes or talking about feminism. Lord

  • chuck b. (back40feet)

    . emilynussbaum guardian link

  • Kay Kringle (HeyThatsMyBike0)

    emilynussbaum Is DJT just the default thumbnail photo for every article now?

  • Cyn (cyn_mccrackan)

    emilynussbaum guardian Well- written, #LindyWest! Twitter breaks are good and needed as one's resilience is utmost.

  • Sue Russ (Juniper40)

    emilynussbaum fakedansavage And yet she's using Twitter to get her article out to everyone to read it.

  • Julie Gillis (JulieGoneRogue)

    emilynussbaum I know people use twitter for other more pleasant things, but it's been so long I wouldn't know who to follow.

  • simon o'donovan (sod1)

    emilynussbaum guardian That is rather rude when he has no Idea about sone people.

  • Heartbroken (Lisa_Vibesgirl)

    emilynussbaum davibesman Well, that's a bummer to read, just as I jump off facebook and spend more of my time on twitter!

  • Steve (stvfet)

    emilynussbaum Reconfigure and go underground

  • RightWingSvenSquad (SvetSquad)

    emilynussbaum Lindy is weak. No selfcontrol, can't be trusted around a cake. Won't even go to the gym. Somehow this is everyone elses fault

  • Chang Po (changpochang)

    emilynussbaum why can't you people, as in libtards, accept that wes in da 21st century now; tv-newpaper-magazine = dead

  • Oscar de la Ralf (RojarRalf)

    changpochang emilynussbaum Thank you for proving her point troll

  • Chang Po (changpochang)

    RojarRalf emilynussbaum u mean you're proud to be stupid and regressive, and stuck in the 20th century; u have miserable life

"The breaking point for me wasn’t the trolls themselves–it was the repercussions of Twitter’s refusal to stop them." link
  • deBoyl (FoyldeBoyl)

    . femfreq The final straw for Lindy was when Wendys became a troll account. Fast food was her last safe space.

  • femfreq did you get a nice amount for retweeting and commenting Anita? Spreading lies and propaganda is profitable for you crybullies...

  • Trumpskins (Trumpskins2016)

    femfreq Glad to see the back of this woman. She left off of her own back. No one made her.

  • Addie Blaire (APBlaire83)

    femfreq if the president quit twitter, no one would give a fuck. Why the shit should anyone care that a butthurt crybaby left?

  • hypernova132 (hypernova132MC)

    femfreq They left twitter because people were mean and... and... and... they disagreed with her. HOW DARE THEY!?

  • MasterVegetable (MasterVegie)

    femfreq 1st amendment?

  • Ashton (NullAshton)

    MasterVegie First amendment does not apply to private sites(like twitter) or indeed to anything that encourages taking illegal actions.

  • T. G. (toddgoolsby)

    NullAshton MasterVegie private sites don't lose money when you cry either.

  • Ashton (NullAshton)

    toddgoolsby MasterVegie They do when people leave! Although twitter I suppose has problems with making money off people who use it.

  • T. G. (toddgoolsby)

    NullAshton MasterVegie lol no one truly quits social media.

  • BeeBee (breadandbudgets)

    femfreq CheeseNFeminism Twitter Twitter should do better at blocking Russianbots especially now we know it's national security threat

  • Batmanmcgrath (mrbubbles4200)

    femfreq guardian so in a nut shell she cant handle that the whole world isnt her is what im taking from this

  • JDavies (6TallMidgets)

    femfreq when we just start banning ideas what happens when ours ideas are banned, noone will stand in our corner because we didn't for them

  • femfreq Lindy really likes to say fascism all the time

  • Daniel Jenks (djenks87)

    femfreq fucking cry about it twitter is free speech if you don't like someone/something block em that's why there is a. Locking option

  • djenks87 femfreq that's not how free speech works

  • Daniel Jenks (djenks87)

    HankTheHuman femfreq free speech means you can say whatever you want once you tell ppl what they cant say is when you start losing freedom

  • djenks87 femfreq common misconception. Free speech only protects you from gov. intervention in your speech. Twitter isn't a the gov.

  • Daniel Jenks (djenks87)

    HankTheHuman femfreq so what it's a public platform. The kkk is allowed to have rallies and say what they want but you cant on here???

  • Chris Henderson (c_hend82)

    djenks87 HankTheHuman femfreq Only if Twitter decide to allow it... Like she said. It's a private company.

  • Daniel Jenks (djenks87)

    c_hend82 HankTheHuman femfreq I understand that completely but they do pride themselves on not censoring.. they allow porn as well

Bravo, Lindy West. ❤ link

See also on www.theguardian.com