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I am Julian Assange, founder, publisher and editor of [WikiLeaks](http://wikileaks.org). WikiLeaks has been publishing now for [ten...

Assange AMA Massacre: link
Ask Julian Assange and wikileaks anything right now in his live streamed #AMA! link link
  • Michael Beveridge (mickyb273)

    reddit_AMA wikileaks Please stop people from spamming for the love of god.

  • . reddit_AMA wikileaks Nope. Proof of Life still Missing. Tho' some good comments about inconsistencies of hashes. Mostly maybe kept alive

  • Lenora Tooher (ltooher)

    reddit_AMA wikileaks Why am I not landing GOOD full-time jobs when my ideas/words R used c/o pay via Twitter? Broke in MD- 3 college deg

Coward Assange is currently running an AMA, how many times can we ask him why he won't face the rape charges? link
Assange is doing a Reddit AMA. It is safe to say they are not softballing him. link
  • kooara (kooara)

    jamesrbuk And he answered a total of six questions from the main thread. Haven't watched the video yet.

  • jamesrbuk Lot of them seem very convinced Wikileaks was compromised in October. Is there anything in that?

Serious question: Does Julian Assange’s Reddit AMA count as “journalism”? I say definitely, yes. link
All the top comments on the Assange AMA (starting now) demonstrate wikileaks eroded credibility link
  • Jon Henke (JonHenke)

    JohnWonderlich It really is sad. Wikileaks could be a valuable organization. Can it be salvaged or does it just need to be replaced?

  • JonHenke seems like you either feel bound to journalistic responsibility, claim to be a neutral publisher, or own your real goals

  • JonHenke a credible org could do any of those, but by drifting between them in bad faith, Assange has burned his brand and trust

Watching Reddit tear into Julian Assange for entirely appropriate reasons is also a nice morning catharsis. link
Julian Assange gör en AMA på Reddit. Den högst uppröstade frågan bygger på en konspirationsteori att han är död. link
AFAIK Julian Assange hasn't answered a single question on his own AMA on Reddit. This is sort of perfect. link
  • Ryan Freitas (ryanchris)

    boltron he’s preparing to release all the answers in one strategic dump

  • Ryan King (rk)

    boltron reddit I guess he replied on twitch?

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