Iceberg lettuces and broccoli rationed as vegetable crisis hits supermarkets - BBC News

Tesco and Morrisons limit purchases of iceberg lettuce and broccoli as a European supply shortage bites.

I've managed to secure a black market delivery of salad goods and will be ad-dressing the lettuce shortage. link
The dangers of over reliance on imports. Gov should heed this warning in coming trade talks. link
  • Chris Templar (Chris_Templar)

    rneilw easternfarmsltd BBCNews Is it over reliance? Can we grow lettuces, courgettes etc on a commercial scale at this time of year?

  • Neil Wilson (rneilw)

    Chris_Templar easternfarmsltd BBCNews prob not so the promotion should be seasonal produce. I do believe there is a wider lesson in this.

  • Chris Templar (Chris_Templar)

    rneilw easternfarmsltd BBCNews I agree to some extent, but part of me thinks we'd be moving back to the dark ages!

  • Neil Wilson (rneilw)

    Chris_Templar easternfarmsltd BBCNews not suggesting we don't do something but let's not be reliant.

  • John Hutton (johnwhutton)

    rneilw BBCNews we need to get back to seasonal veg and this doesn't become an issue then...

  • Lord Cornelius (LordCornelius)

    johnwhutton rneilw BBCNews Quite. Nobody needs lettuce and tomatoes in January or February. Purple sprouting broccoli and parsnips, yes.

  • Hefin Richards (HefinR)

    rneilw BBCNews irony - "Danger - NO ICEBERG AHEAD!"

  • rneilw farmerThomo BBCNews grow your own! I can live without an iceberg lettuce - but can McDonald's?

Perhaps we should all grow our own. link
  • Christine Kemp (cskemp55)

    bestallotments BBCNews Just wondering who buys more than three iceberg lettuces anyway?

  • cskemp55 BBCNews saw a bloke in another store, buy eight crates I.e. 96 lettuces a couple of weeks ago. Restaurant?

  • Ross Minton (ross_minton)

    bestallotments BBCNews climate change and extreme weather will change the way we eat. The UK Must go back to eating seasonal local produce

  • elatedeating (elatedeating)

    bestallotments BBCNews absolutely agree! Let's start helping everyone #grow their own.

  • Jo Howell 1955 (Orion05Jo)

    bestallotments BBCNews Just started off some salad leaves in the greenhouse but they would do just as well on a window sill!

  • Wendy Pillar (jwPillar)

    bestallotments BBCNews Perhaps we could eat something other than lettuce/cucumber/tomato salad in February?

Another example of crop shortages due to bad weather. Soon to be a global problem says the UN. #ClimateChange link
I reckon this is just the tip of the..... forget it. link
Worrying all night ‘bout nuclear attacks, USA, Russia, etc. Luckily, vegetable rationing isn’t on my list. ;) link #fauve
  • B Wheeler (bwdevacaciones)

    BroDyfrigBFdeB BBCNews You like iceberg lettuce? Only food our dogs wouldn't eat when kids dropped under table cos they didn't like!

Iceberg lettuces and broccoli rationed as vegetable crisis hits supermarkets link
More accurately, a shortage of tasteless imported lettuce! link #lettuce
  • Beachy (Beachy71)

    foodassembly MarkG76 BBCNews Maybe if there was less food wastage there would be more to go round

  • Ian Redford (downthetrackred)

    foodassembly BBCNews Spot on ,plenty of fine British produce this time of year Swede,Parsnip, Turnip, Cabbage,What bollocks this is LOL

  • South Feast (SouthFeastLDN)

    foodassembly BBCNews Yep and plenty of lovely leaves available from uk growers (if you still want lettuce in winter) #eatseasonally

  • foodassembly BBCNews good opportunity to start eating local and looking at what's on offer at link

Lettuce pray this isn't just the tip of the iceberg. link IMcMillan #r4today
  • Sue Thomas (Snehts)

    TrevorMLambert IMcMillan BBCNews I blame Miller and Carter and their damnable lettuce wedges!

  • dull thud (dullthud)

    TrevorMLambert IMcMillan cos that would be terrible

  • Good puns TrevorMLambert but it probably is; highly unusual weather probably result of #climatechange, more to come IMcMillan BBCNews

  • Linda George (PaganLulu)

    TrevorMLambert IMcMillan BBCNews Who buys 3 Iceberg Lettuces?

  • Gareth Evans (gareth0108)

    TrevorMLambert IMcMillan BBCNews I'm too brassic these days for brassicas

  • TrevorMLambert IMcMillan BBCNews No - I think they're just being overly parsnip-monious…

Flooding and bad weather conditions have led to vegetable rationing by our supermarkets link #vegetableshortage
  • Tyron Tachi (Clem_C)

    Amelia_Womack BBCNews don't care for iceberg lettuce, prefer other varieties. Will this get worse with leaving EU?

  • Amelia Womack (Amelia_Womack)

    Clem_C BBCNews here's some more info, and from experience of working on supply chains, we get most our veg from EU link

  • Chris West (littlerobbergrl)

    . Amelia_Womack Clem_C BBCNews I try to buy UK veg in season. Right now, great broccoli, tight cauli, HUGE carrots, small strong onions.

  • Amelia Womack (Amelia_Womack)

    littlerobbergrl Clem_C broccoli IS being rationed. This is an issue of food security and not enough acknowledgment of climate chaos

  • Chris West (littlerobbergrl)

    Amelia_Womack Clem_C OK! not here yet. I still see bags full of veg in the bins out the back...

  • Chris West (littlerobbergrl)

    Amelia_Womack *reads* hmm I see. No mention of #climatechange in 3 BBCNews articles on #vegetableshortage or of folly of importing so much

  • Amelia Womack (Amelia_Womack)

    littlerobbergrl BBCNews I've written an article mentioning it - hoping it gets picked up

  • enigmatica (nigmaticus)

    Amelia_Womack I am so glad to see someone Green taking an interest in food security

  • Amelia Womack (Amelia_Womack)

    nigmaticus I've written an article on it, and hope it'll be picked up.

  • rita leaman (alirit)

    Amelia_Womack TheGreenParty BBCNews Not exactly a crisis. All out of season veg.

  • Amelia Womack (Amelia_Womack)

    alirit TheGreenParty BBCNews broccoli?? But also over looking the impact that climate change will have on food security

  • rita leaman (alirit)

    Amelia_Womack TheGreenParty BBCNews Broccoli is usually finished by December. Supermarkets have fed expectations for unseasonable food.

  • Mike Tregent (miketregent)

    Amelia_Womack BBCNews Titanic crisis for icebergs!! Big queues for cumbers!!! Brussels not to blame for missing sprouts!!!

  • Steve Wilson (imstevewilson)

    Amelia_Womack BBCNews I wonder how long before the blame for this shifts to Brexit instead!

  • Gareth McNab (McnabGareth)

    Amelia_Womack stewhorne BBCNews CarlPackman !!!

  • Carl Packman (CarlPackman)

    McnabGareth Amelia_Womack stewhorne BBCNews blimey! What are we going to do. Amelia, what's the Green plan for our lack of greens?!?

  • Gareth McNab (McnabGareth)

    CarlPackman Amelia_Womack stewhorne 1st, they came for our romaines, but I was silent. Then, they came for our icebergs, but I was silent

  • Amelia_Womack BBCNews another good reason to grow your own or GWO

  • nick (rednw100)

    Amelia_Womack BBCNews this crisis is just tip of the iceberg. .....

  • Hannah (hannahjames40)

    Amelia_Womack BBCNews Lettuce pray for more.

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