Ivanka Trump aggressively confronted by man on flight with kids

Dan Goldstein and his husband Matthew Lasner were thrown off of the JetBlue flight from New York to San Francisco when they accosted the future first daughter and started shouting at her.

Harassing a mother with her two young children. Shame on you & your husband mattlasner, you pathetic people. link
  • Laine175 piersmorgan I've literally slept with dogs in my bed for 5 years and I've never gotten fleas.

  • Laine175 piersmorgan Your comment wasn't metaphorical. It was shitty. You are saying she deserved it bc of her Father. & that is shitty.

  • Laine175 piersmorgan Thanks for your feedback.

  • Laine175 piersmorgan Thanks! Good luck with your tan. link

  • Robbie Rist (trash24713)

    piersmorgan mattlasner Sorry. You come from an environment of hate and that very same hate comes back to you. She deserves it.

  • Dan Haines (DanH113)

    trash24713 piersmorgan mattlasner rubbish, absolute nonsense

  • Robbie Rist (trash24713)

    DanH113 piersmorgan mattlasner I'll bet Dan is Caucasian....

  • Dan Haines (DanH113)

    trash24713 piersmorgan mattlasner yes, I'm Caucasian? You have a point?

  • Matt Roberts  ? (MrPwndle)

    DanH113 trash24713 piersmorgan mattlasner you're white so your opinion doesn't matter and reverse racism does not exist!! /s

  • MrPwndle DanH113 trash24713 piersmorgan mattlasner "You're white and your opinion doesn't matter!" Oh, but WE'RE the racists

  • Matt Roberts  ? (MrPwndle)

    Zenshidai DanH113 trash24713 piersmorgan I was being sarcastic but it's true that people actually say that

  • JWD (DeLoachJW)

    piersmorgan WenzOmatic mattlasner Notice that unlike any of the Clinton family they are on a commercial airline...

  • Michael P Wenzel (WenzOmatic)

    DeLoachJW piersmorgan actually that is what surprised me the most...

  • WenzOmatic DeLoachJW piersmorgan commercial flight, mall, private jet - harassment is harassment and this guy is a toolbag

  • Michael P Wenzel (WenzOmatic)

    amymcgaff DeLoachJW piersmorgan oh I agree with you, I was just liking our first family more & more. realDonaldTrump

  • JWD (DeLoachJW)

    WenzOmatic amymcgaff piersmorgan realDonaldTrump I am a Cruz fan so I was not initially supportive of Trump…but his skill tweaking very slanted media & his family is changing that. Winning!

  • SV Seaman (slowrunnner)

    DeLoachJW WenzOmatic amymcgaff piersmorgan realDonaldTrump same here! Hillary supporters are not what I would like to follow!

  • slowrunnner DeLoachJW WenzOmatic piersmorgan realDonaldTrump Hillary supporters are starting to scare me!

  • SV Seaman (slowrunnner)

    amymcgaff DeLoachJW WenzOmatic piersmorgan realDonaldTrump and to say I almost voted for her. It's a true shame.

More of that special brand of tolerance from the Left. I'd love to have a sit down with you IvankaTrump: link
  • Liana Kerzner (redlianak)

    RubinReport IvankaTrump I'd love to watch that

  • Yardyspice ?? (ABlackTweeter)

    RubinReport Them: "Hang Obama!" "Lock her up!" Even more them: "Vote for Trump so he can terrorize POC!" Us: "Your dad's not nice!

  • ABlackTweeter RubinReport I dont recall anyone harassing Hillary on a plane, saying lock her up to her face. We do need to lock her up tho

  • Yardyspice ?? (ABlackTweeter)

    Bandit00013 RubinReport Trump owes so much $ to Russia he sold out the country to a dictator. *That* is someone who should be locked up. link

  • ABlackTweeter RubinReport It's not illegal to owe money. It's illegal to knowingly mishandle CLASSIFIED INFO. Also why Ronald Reagan...

  • NQZ  ? (surgesoda)

    Bandit00013 ABlackTweeter RubinReport It's also illegal to run a scam "university" & that's y he is paying 25 million dollars #Corruption

  • Thomas Williams (tjwillaims)

    RubinReport Sargon_of_Akkad IvankaTrump you want us to tolerate hate. his administration have already started which hunts on lgbt/women

  • Syntax Error (SyntaxError1871)

    tjwillaims RubinReport IvankaTrump By "witch hunt", I assume you mean all of those proven fake hate crimes that have been exposed lately?

  • Thomas Williams (tjwillaims)

    SyntaxError1871 RubinReport IvankaTrump Actually, my call to do the work of justice has been about addressing those hate crimes...

  • Syntax Error (SyntaxError1871)

    tjwillaims RubinReport IvankaTrump It would appear to me, for people like you, that the demand for hate crimes have exceeded its supply.

  • chrisjohnson (chrijohnso)

    RubinReport IvankaTrump so some jackass on an airplane is now "the left"?

  • Accel (Spirit_of_Chris)

    chrijohnso RubinReport IvankaTrump Don't bother, these people unironically think liberals/the American center-right is "the left."

  • RubinReport As its wrong to make a broad statement about the right from few isolated incidents, it is also wrong to do it about the left.

  • RubinReport So if you want to do this, be consistent and do it on the right too. Which you probably wont in fear of losing Patreons.

  • RubinReport Ur plattform is the biggest safespace for the right. Nice job, you're a heavy contributor to the issue you claim to be against.

  • Raheem Khan (raheemkhan21)

    nbaarchive RubinReport what's worse...rubins constant hypocrisy?? Or the fact he thinks IvankaTrump is gna appear on his joke of a show!!

  • raheemkhan21 RubinReport His hypocrisy transcends comedy. The show was a great concept until he turned it into a right-wing safespace

  • Team Meteor (CarcelMousineau)

    RubinReport IvankaTrump Yep. We should all tolerate enablers of bigotry.

  • CarcelMousineau RubinReport IvankaTrump Who has he "enabled". If anything the bigotry is coming from the left.

  • Darrias Winters (d_naz82)

    Bandit00013 CarcelMousineau RubinReport IvankaTrump A blind person can see that his hateful rhetoric has enabled racists and bigots...

Couldn't be more proud to work for this woman than I am right now. Ivanka & Jared are the epitome of grace & class. link
  • Dwyer Dish (DwyerDish)

    LynnePatton The guy yells that he's getting kicked off for expressing his opinion. You don't have 1st Amendment rights on a plane!!

  • TimTravel (TimmyHtown)

    DwyerDish LynnePatton it's a full plane, disorderly conduct by a passenger who's loud & obnoxious, no decency, it was right to boot him.

  • Maikel R (ITollForThee)

    LynnePatton dale_je 5ivel dems are classless pigs. maybe he and his husband should move to Iran. am sure they'd be much happier there.

  • Ricky Jeffers (jeffers_ricky)

    ITollForThee LynnePatton dale_je 5ivel They would killed there. But hey man.. No loss there...

  • UnitedWeStand (TrulyTruly4)

    LynnePatton LindaSuhler and Ivanka didn't need a puppy, cookie, or safe space after this. Strong & confident in the face of a lib a$$

  • Red Nation (oklegacy)

    LynnePatton It's been said, in a world of Kardashians, be an Ivanka. I couldn't agree more.

  • LynnePatton LindaSuhler To berate adults is one thing...but to go after children..unreal. And they call US #Deplorables? #liberallogic

  • Tony Elias (bomaizey)

    LynnePatton Well, he got his wish, he didn't have to fly with the Trumps... #winwin

  • LynnePatton It's good to see the Trump family is so classy, sad to see liberals have zero class and are going after them

  • BaBa Cool (archdriver)

    LynnePatton LindaSuhler what a hateful couple

  • Mark (texm98)

    LynnePatton the liberal left schmucks. But what a example Ivanka shows buy traveling coach. This veteran and nurse can relate to Trump fam

  • LochTheScot (LochTheScot)

    LynnePatton Couldn't be more proud to work for this woman than I am right now. Ivanka & Jared are the epitome of grace & class

  • (((Vnzla-Libre!))) (waynocook)

    LynnePatton Mkbb49Lynda So proud of you for standing up for her!

  • CK (grannygethealth)

    LynnePatton What is wrong with people? WHO would think it is okay to harass a woman traveling with her children like this? Sickening!!!

  • robjh1 (robjh1)

    LynnePatton Democrats shld denounce this behavior before someone gets hurt. Horrible!

  • Ricky Jeffers (jeffers_ricky)

    LynnePatton right in front of her children. Classy! Wow.. What a worthless lowlife. And did I read that wrong? "His" "Husband"... Lol (Ok)

  • I Aver (i_aver)

    Equivalent'd be to accost Chelsea Clinton. There'd be arrest, felony, and Federal FAANews terrorism charges. LynnePatton daxtonbrown

  • Si1Steve LANURSE1 LynnePatton Better watch out fighting those gay libtards. I hear they scratch pretty hard.

  • Fitzie63 (fitzie63)

    LynnePatton Those two liberal idiot attorneys should have been BANNED from flying that airline completely. Their behavior was abusive!

  • Xander Rednax (ClbRednax)

    DRUDGE_REPORT Liberals are suddenly all for harassing women and children. link

  • The Rave (DaveTheRaveV)

    ClbRednax DRUDGE_REPORT If libs want to bully a woman profiting from destroying our nation, then why didn't they bully #CrookedHillary?

  • Edward J Rzeppa (J_Edward65)

    DRUDGE_REPORT Evidence of progressives inability to engage in fact based, rational conversation. Emotionally driven people are tedious.

  • J_Edward65 DRUDGE_REPORT stop describing every republican! omg! Republicans don't know what facts or how to argue! they just spew hate

  • Edward J Rzeppa (J_Edward65)

    soccernicholas6 DRUDGE_REPORT Try me out. Pick a topic. Let's discuss.

  • J_Edward65 DRUDGE_REPORT trump is a racist, facist, only cares about himself and ppl still voted 4 him. he'll screw every american

  • Edward J Rzeppa (J_Edward65)

    soccernicholas6 DRUDGE_REPORT Interesting. Do you have any FACTS to substantiate your claims about Mr. Trump's character? Racist?

  • J_Edward65 DRUDGE_REPORT linklink… each one has multiple sources. have fun.

  • Edward J Rzeppa (J_Edward65)

    soccernicholas6 DRUDGE_REPORT The sources you quote are liberal propagandist in orientation How about reasoning using your own words?

  • J_Edward65 DRUDGE_REPORT "people believe what they need to believe to survive even if proven wrong" you and all trump supporters.

  • Shore_Bird (jfedg)

    DRUDGE_REPORT He should be terminated from his city teaching job

  • Skankhunt42 (Boska860)

    jfedg DRUDGE_REPORT He should have had a mud hole stomped into his head and walked dry!

  • Tom G.  ?? (TomUnderstand)

    DRUDGE_REPORT IvankaTrump Look, 2 of the most punchable faces on the Internet right now. link

  • Scratch Player (LowHandicap1)

    TomUnderstand DRUDGE_REPORT IvankaTrump They should be glad i wasnt on that plane. It would have been a throw down.


    DRUDGE_REPORT Anyone who MAKES A SCENE on an airplane will be seen as an UNSTABLE PERSON by all of the others on THEIR plane. #Removed

  • The Rave (DaveTheRaveV)


  • DRUDGE_REPORT.. can you picture a clinton flying commercial? Unless it's to an island where anything goes

  • sstettner (stevestettner)

    RestorationUS76 DRUDGE_REPORT they have too much money and too many sponsors to fly with commoners. Trumps are real people. There it is.

  • stevestettner DRUDGE_REPORT Real ppl save their whole life for vaca's to Hawaii. But I accept your premise. I respect that.

  • sstettner (stevestettner)

    RestorationUS76 DRUDGE_REPORT she's built her own impressive company, seems to work very hard. That's real enough to me.

  • stevestettner DRUDGE_REPORT Yeah good stuff. I wouldn't question Trump family's business acumen.

"Ivanka Trump 'aggressively' confronted by JetBlue passenger while sitting with her kids" link #TrumpDerangementSyndrome
  • Han Fastolfe (R_Daneel_0livaw)

    larryelder some unhinged lefty is going to see this and try to kill her since everyone now knows she travels commercial

  • I have Angels (lmlastla)

    R_Daneel_0livaw larryelder Nah, they will be used as an example that it won't be tolerated. Rightfully so too.

  • Han Fastolfe (R_Daneel_0livaw)

    lmlastla larryelder words and 'examples' don't stop criminals, just people with morals.

  • I have Angels (lmlastla)

    R_Daneel_0livaw larryelder True..point taken

  • Han Fastolfe (R_Daneel_0livaw)

    lmlastla larryelder fwiw I agree with your overall point...I'm probably more cynical than you though :)

  • I have Angels (lmlastla)

    R_Daneel_0livaw larryelder These days you have to be...you are correct

  • Terry Owen (troaring)

    larryelder Wonder how media would cover if this happened to Chelsea Clinton?

  • larryelder blessmyliberty sounds pretty tough. Wish someone with some stones had been there and set this fool straight

  • Heather Morgan (heather41495)

    larryelder Disgusting! Why didn't others take on that jerk!

  • Sharon (murray2147)

    larryelder Why is the left so unbalanced? I have been politically disappointed many times, but never went off my rocker.

  • Monster Vote (Billright50)

    larryelder They were violently assaulted! #maga #americafirst #trumptrain #dunham #Ivanka #seanspicer #berlin #kellyanne #mattlasner

  • Reid Butler (PassageToJava)

    larryelder With all the phony #Hate crimes being reported, it's safe to say I don't believe a word of this gay couple's account. link

  • Carolyn (CvLady13)

    PassageToJava larryelder I agree.... More fake news!

  • Gregory Poole (greggypoo65)

    larryelder Apipwhisperer Look like s couple of dickheads

  • Jack Roe (JackRoe_100)

    larryelder Openly admitting to harassment and intent to harass. He should be jammed up.

  • Jack Roe (JackRoe_100)

    larryelder "When they go low, we go high."

  • Kit Carson (kitfreedom)


  • PeterG (SambasFather)

    larryelder someone was not taught the proper way to treat a woman.

  • Steve Montoya (samontoya)

    larryelder some people today think it's their right to harass others. Shameful and rude.

Liberal thug harassing IvankaTrump in front of her own kids, so much for the party of tolerance & love! link
  • Locke's Alter Ego (ThePoetech)

    kinni00 pops_clark IvankaTrump they are so &*$! stupid. She is the one person close to The Donald who shares some of their liberal ideals

  • Daniel Villa (villlad98)

    kinni00 IvankaTrump -What a foken coward picking on a woman and her kids

  • kinni00 IvankaTrump CNN:Nazi Girl Ivanka ruins liberal gay guys x-mas!

  • Rick J. Suitor (rsuitor118)

    kinni00 IvankaTrump Ivanka, we love & support the Trump family. Please know that you have millions of people who admire and stand with u!

  • Larry Clark (laurnzo55)

    kinni00 IvankaTrump Really?! Ths enlightened husband-husband team aggressively harrass loan female passenger w chldrn? -PC Tolerant s

  • Tntzin (BaezTzin)

    kinni00 IvankaTrump I am beginning to really dislike libs and dems!!

  • Vix :) (Vix_LW)

    kinni00 sunnyallamerica IvankaTrump Liberals are a culture of bullies, hazing in public is their special norm. Safe space, anyone?

  • Della (PoliticalDella)

    kinni00 Hilarconscience IvankaTrump The left has shown what they r really made of. Anti American sentiment in all that they do.

  • Della (PoliticalDella)

    kinni00 Hilarconscience IvankaTrump This women can sooo easily travel first class let alone her own jet. Sooo down to earth this family!

  • kinni00 billyraybryant save us from these queers!

  • kinni00 mannyj8 IvankaTrump That's how the democRATS are nasty, hateful ppl.

  • matt carriere (CarriereMatt)

    kinni00 IvankaTrump I keep trying to find something to say about how batshit angry this has made me but I can't find the right words.

  • kinni00 hale4jesus IvankaTrump Unbelievable! Pajama boy bullies. Get some class ladies. #MAGA

  • holly ammon (hollyammon)


  • Street Howitzer (7brown30_06)

    kinni00 rharrisonfries send these all to his boss HunterPresident

  • Dianna M. (Diannam67)

    kinni00 IvankaTrump What jerks! Harassing a mom with her kids & then trying to act all innocent! Ivanka is so classy!

  • Larry Clark (laurnzo55)

    kinni00 IvankaTrump the 2 men are attorney's violating a loan woman, (Ivanka) rights. The 2 need tobe disbared and publicly humiliated.

Bullied by intolerant gay MattLasner on Jet Blue flight Ivanka Trump shows grace & tolerance. #LiberalHypocrisy link
  • Kate (KathleenBratton)

    Sy_Crux It wasn't MattLasner, it was his husband. By eyewitness accounts, Lasner was calm.

  • Sy Crux (Sy_Crux)

    KathleenBratton I put that in another post:Dan Goldstein verbally assaulted Ivanka. Matt promoted the harassment on twitter. They both suck

  • Kate (KathleenBratton)

    Sy_Crux Shrug. She seems fine, and she seems to have handled the whole thing with class. I've seen agitated people in airports before.

  • Sy Crux (Sy_Crux)

    KathleenBratton She is fine. She won't need play-do, hot cocoa or therapy dogs bc someone offended her, hated her in fact. Maturity & class

  • Kate (KathleenBratton)

    Sy_Crux Do people buy play do? Therapy dogs I like, but I can't really say I've needed them. Hot cocoa--everyone needs that.

  • Sy Crux (Sy_Crux)

    KathleenBratton Heck yeah, play-do is hi tech now! But it still ruins carpets and furniture.

  • Kate (KathleenBratton)

    Sy_Crux LOL. I'm allergic. I am one of those stoic liberals, anyway.

  • MediaFeed (MediaFeedTV)

    Sy_Crux Statement makes no sense. Freedom of speech isn't hypocritical.

  • Sy Crux (Sy_Crux)

    MediaFeedTV Freedom of speech is fine even for intolerant hypocrites like him, the KKK, or ISIS. Agree? But on a plane in front of kids?

  • MediaFeed (MediaFeedTV)

    Sy_Crux KKK/ISIS analogy doesn't even make sense. Google "how to make an analogy" #FAAAAAIIIILLLLLL kids = freedom of speech recinded? #LOL

  • Sy Crux (Sy_Crux)

    MediaFeedTV Free speech does not give anyone the right to publicly & personally confront and harass someone. On a plane? You are a fool.

  • Nacho Padre (nachopadresd)

    Sy_Crux Your boy just advocated for the proliferation of Nukes!! #NUKES So shut your mouth!

  • Sy Crux (Sy_Crux)

    nachopadresd Unlike liberals, I'm not a fanboy. Trump is just product of Liberal Hate.

  • Nacho Padre (nachopadresd)

    Sy_Crux Don't attempt to delegitimize him. He's a human terror to humanity. A psychomaniac and today turned a historical #NUKE page.

  • DKraft (puertoricangma)

    Sy_Crux tensharp66 Ivanka is the personification of Class in the face of trash. What grace she displayed in front of her children.

  • puertoricangma Sy_Crux tensharp66 Let's put the Trump kids on private flights & charge tax payers; strip PP & other degenerate entities.

  • Grade A Deplorable (gregaron)

    Sy_Crux TheFreedomFan has this person spoken out about the millions Hillary received from countries that execute gays? #IvankaTrump link

  • Sy_Crux Free_VA_DD214 glad they booted them.

You don't harass a woman and her children on a plane. Great on #JetBlue for removing this man immediately. #Ivanka link
  • Clayton D Brannon (ahbrannon)

    DrThomasPaul When did a trump ever fly economy class on Jet Blue. I call BS on this entire story.

  • DrThomasPaul clarissamehler I rather doubt if someone had "calmly expressed" displeasure of his life choices, he wld feel that way.

  • Dave (Dave27635298)

    DrThomasPaul The snowflake and his husband are sick. #MAGA

  • DrThomasPaul BS! You can't ask a question anymore without being arrested? Boycott Jet Blue

  • G-Man (gkgguy)

    DrThomasPaul But it's OK a nut job on the Delta flight harrassed n intimidated a plane of "alleged" Hillary supporters n nothing was done

  • RealTedOiler (TedOiler)

    DrThomasPaul Right, a couple of complete cowards! To think, they called us Deplorable! True colors are shining brightly!

  • DrThomasPaul more triggered liberals. MORE. it pleases me.

  • DrThomasPaul debra_bonanno out of place

  • LJS (pualei56)

    DrThomasPaul Liberals do it's their way or the highway and it's getting to be road rage Trump resurface the roads can't wait

Two lunatic liberals viciously harass #IvankaTrump and her kids on #JetBlue flight link #MattLasner #Trump #MAGA #GOP
  • Marc Jay Johnson (mjj652)

    EdmondScofield I am certain these misogynistic gerbils would have displayed the same intrepid 'courage' had the dad or a cop been present.

  • Cowboy (EPGOAT)

    EdmondScofield lib men,don't count on conservative men or womanto bail you out when you are being harassed by whomever.

  • A Aryeh Perez (Jethro_Aryeh)

    EdmondScofield could be a republican

  • alabama cowboy (bamacowboy1)

    EdmondScofield the queers should had been thrown off

  • Ziriki Asuhbab (ZirikiZiriki)

    EdmondScofield NBCNightlyNews said harassment started in terminal, talked with witnesses

  • TRUMP ,CAN DO! (Apipwhisperer)


  • The Realist MB (maggbyrf)

    EdmondScofield They need to keep their sass to themselves.

  • TRUMP ,CAN DO! (Apipwhisperer)


  • Dani J. Secreto (DaniJSecreto)

    EdmondScofield New poster Gays for the LGTB Community cheer too. Everyone needs to contact Hunter College about their employees behavior

  • Brian Janz (BrianJanz1)

    EdmondScofield libtard faggots

  • b.ourselves (b_our_selves)

    EdmondScofield "Viscous"? Perhaps you should reserve that word for what happens next.

  • Spaceman Steve (simba_83)

    EdmondScofield sounds like you're completely over exaggerating this incident. i don't condone harassment, but this is not 'vicious' at all

  • Kyle James (James96Kyle)

    EdmondScofield pathetic

On behalf of Goldsteins everywhere, I apologize for this #asshat: Ivanka Trump aggressively confronted on plane link

See also on www.dailymail.co.uk