Jeremy Corbyn: I've not changed mind on immigration - BBC News

Labour's leader denies he has changed his views on immigration as he sets out his stance on Brexit.

Not only bad politics to follow Tories in free movement blame game, but risks chucking us out of single market too link
  • CarolineLucas utterly disappointed in Corbyn/Labour re: Brexit. As a 26yo - if Britain leaves the EU - I'd strongly consider moving abroad.

  • Greg Dash (GregLabour)

    benhansenhicks CarolineLucas read the article - say's Labour will prioritise single market

  • GregLabour Greg, read this; link

  • Greg Dash (GregLabour)

    benhansenhicks I highlighted for you - link

  • Joe ifill-Hosier (bigjoeifill)

    GregLabour benhansenhicks that's okay I have highlighted this for you link

  • Greg Dash (GregLabour)

    bigjoeifill benhansenhicks I have a copy of the press release that went out - in no way does it suggest this

  • GregLabour what's the latest on sending me this press release? Thanks Greg.

  • Greg Dash (GregLabour)

    benhansenhicks sorry forgot

  • J Bee (MsParaDoxy)

    CarolineLucas I always prefer 2 hear what jeremycorbyn actually says myself, rather than how media chooses 2 spin it 2 fit their narrative

  • J Bee (MsParaDoxy)

    CarolineLucas Altho inclined 2 agree with your assessment right now, still think it's vital 2 hear what jeremycorbyn himself actually says

  • MsParaDoxy CarolineLucas jeremycorbyn me too , speech not made yet ! Have they got a copy & how ?

  • J Bee (MsParaDoxy)

    whitbyemma CarolineLucas jeremycorbyn I understand there may be embargoed copies / press releases but 'it's all in the spin' - let's wait

  • MsParaDoxy CarolineLucas jeremycorbyn forgive my cynicism but would put money on negative rather than pro JC spin .

  • J Bee (MsParaDoxy)

    whitbyemma CarolineLucas jeremycorbyn Of course - wouldn't be expecting the spin to be anything else.

  • CarolineLucas I agree with you 100% on policy but the truth is our argument won't win unless we concede freedom of movement for time being.

  • CarolineLucas Younger people support freedom of movement and see the factual evidence of benefits but older generations just don't.

  • CarolineLucas This is the right move for electability purposes of its another 10 years of Tories.

  • John (cavalryman2011)

    CarolineLucas burkski Corbyn you don'the speak for me. LP member.

  • mark burkin (burkski)

    cavalryman2011 CarolineLucas me neither and probably the vast majority too.

  • Max Woodland (Max_Woodland)

    burkski cavalryman2011 CarolineLucas Actually Corbyn speaks for 61% of labour members, so......

  • mark burkin (burkski)

    Max_Woodland cavalryman2011 CarolineLucas used too. I would suspect not any more.

  • Max Woodland (Max_Woodland)

    burkski cavalryman2011 CarolineLucas Sorry, but you're mixing up fact and opinion. There's been two elections in two years and Corbyn had the support of around 60% each time

  • Max Woodland (Max_Woodland)

    burkski cavalryman2011 CarolineLucas We need to all get behind him, accept the change, join together and fight our common enemy. The Tories and the rising hard right in society!

  • mark burkin (burkski)

    Max_Woodland cavalryman2011 CarolineLucas you mean those he is backing with a hard brexit?

  • John (cavalryman2011)

    burkski Max_Woodland CarolineLucas I repeat, he doesn't speak for me.

We’ll always support free movement - including people moving from Labour to TheGreenParty link
Corbyn - you're ditching your voters & your speech looks awful. EU not about trade access, it's about collaboration. link
  • Botty Head (bottyhead)

    Scientists4EU BBCNews He isn't. He's trying to make the best of the shite that is Brexit.

  • bottyhead yes, he is. Deal with it. And he doesn't get the EU - he's never pointed out the solidarity angle, public health frameworks, etc

  • Daniel Blake (gazmurph)

    Scientists4EU bottyhead I think he spoke of little else during EUref campaign, importance of EU protections. Not very scientific of you

  • gazmurph bottyhead He spoke on protections a lot. Not on collaborative frameworks.

  • Nathan (Nathan88JC)

    Scientists4EU gazmurph bottyhead One thing's for sure: Aus., U.K. and U.S. all facing debates of major changes this decade.

  • Nathan (Nathan88JC)

    Scientists4EU gazmurph bottyhead Hmm and if Murdoch would piss off, it would make sensible thought and debate much easier.

  • Daniel Blake (gazmurph)

    Nathan88JC Scientists4EU bottyhead Well, he can't live forever, can he? Or is there something else we don't know?

  • Nathan (Nathan88JC)

    gazmurph Scientists4EU bottyhead Haha. He's probably been training his kids in the arts of necromancy in preparation for it.

  • Ian Reynolds (pumps1000)

    Scientists4EU BBCNews "about as useless as schoolmaster locked in stationary cupboard gently knocking from inside 'please let me out'..."

  • Mike George (ourMikeGeorge)

    pumps1000 Scientists4EU Better than being in a moving cupboard?

  • BandieraRossa (fran_b__)

    ourMikeGeorge pumps1000 Scientists4EU True, but most cupboards, fortunately, are stationary even if they don't contain stationery. ;-)

  • Ian Reynolds (pumps1000)

    fran_b__ ourMikeGeorge Scientists4EU Haha! Must blame the auto text correct thing on my not so smart phone.

  • BandieraRossa (fran_b__)

    pumps1000 ourMikeGeorge Scientists4EU That can certainly occur. I've seen that mistake in ads on TV, which is sad.

  • Ian Reynolds (pumps1000)

    fran_b__ ourMikeGeorge I must take some blame myself. Cannot recite alphabet & bit dyslexic. Once went to toga party dressed as a goat.

  • BandieraRossa (fran_b__)

    pumps1000 ourMikeGeorge Whereas I went to yoga and was taken for a goy. ;-)

  • Chris Cathrine (ChrisCathrine)

    Scientists4EU BBCNews In fairness his speech looks great if #Corbyn's aligning #Labour with Toris & #UKIP. They'll lose left voters though

  • Andrew Wilson (magnethead_666)

    ChrisCathrine Scientists4EU BBCNews Labour haven't learnt at all, Tory Lite is all they aspire to be.

  • Chris Cathrine (ChrisCathrine)

    magnethead_666 Scientists4EU BBCNews #Labour promise immigration control & full #SingleMarket access. Same fantasy world Tories live in.

  • Devutopia (D_Raval)

    Scientists4EU stop1984 personally I'd wait to see what he actually says rather than take the BBC's view

  • Esther Page (elpgb)

    D_Raval if you listen to what BBC says you are swallowing Tory propaganda and I never thought I would say that

Corbyn says he hasn't changed his mind on immigration & says immigration isn't too high! OUT OF TOUCH & DELUSIONAL link
  • DavidJo52951945 Brits wouldn't elect this moron anyway. He hopes immigrants will. He's a traitor!

  • David Jones (DavidJo52951945)

    SergeHalytsky totally mad

  • DavidJo52951945 Who does he think he'd impress with his stands? Surely, not Brits!

  • DavidJo52951945 MyBrianLeyh If he is thinking of immigrating more, he puts his people at risk. Forvet analogies.

  • Magpie Ranger (NUFC_OurClub)

    MyBrianLeyh DavidJo52951945 Yes. All those dangerous polish plumbers. Get a grip of yourself man. Its embarassing.

  • Dean Wilks (Cheldean)

    DavidJo52951945 He really is so out of touch with common man . It's a joke .

  • Cheldean DavidJo52951945 Thinks only London exists. #useless

  • ~ (ceruiti)

    DavidJo52951945 BBCNews Corbin is just a Marxist campaign activist who like a Marxist lives in co co land like most western politicians.

  • nimrod411 (ias411)

    DavidJo52951945 BBCNews and that is why he will never be prime minister in this country, landslide defeat heading labours way election day

  • Michael Graham (Ironwand)

    . DavidJo52951945 Immigration good & hard! No matter what the British think or want! The one thing he and Blair agree on, it would appear! link

  • Anthony Selby (HUMPTYSCRUMPTY)

    Ironwand DavidJo52951945 The scum traitors should hang high for this treachery which will have devastating consequences for England.

  • Beer Swiller (beer_swiller)

    DavidJo52951945 That is why I would never vote labour.

  • Quantocksram (Quantocksram)

    DavidJo52951945 BBCNews the man is a complete cock spanner

  • YentlDolly (YentlDolly)

    DavidJo52951945 this is the fool that will open the doors to more evil terrorists without any guilt. This is a treasonous act.

  • Jenni Crystal (jennicrystal24)

    DavidJo52951945 BBCNews Only people that can see opportunities for themselves could possibly believe that the EU is a good thing.

  • John Leaning (Jonnygunsuk)

    DavidJo52951945 BBCNews He's a Commie nutcase!

  • tilly holding (TillyHolding)

    DavidJo52951945 BBCNews Their salaries and pensions should be capped by the people they work for. Us!! Lazy sweats.

  • Linda (LindaJoh11)

    DavidJo52951945 current immigration is wrong. Innocent ppl died so they cud flood the west with the not so innocent ppl.

  • LookMorris (LookMorris)

    DavidJo52951945 link

Abandoning freedom of movement means accepting the lie that migration is a "problem" and strengthens the right link
Significant moment - jeremycorbyn says Labour not wedded to freedom of movement. He's on BBCr4today in morning. link
  • Rich Ward (rbw66)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today I'm not wedded to voting Labour if this is the plan. What on Earth are they thinking!

  • Richard Evans (richardmaybery)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today I'd forgotten that Corbyn or the Labour Party exists.

  • ptonpc (ptonpc)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today Dear Jeremy, you're supposed to be OPPOSTION. Try to do your job and OPPOSE the Tories!

  • ptonpc (ptonpc)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today (What happens when trying to chop message down) OPPOSITION. That is your job Jeremy. Oppose!

  • bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today thanks for the warning, won't listen.

  • Paul Elliott (pelliott1954)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today Wonder if he will get the same easy ride Jeremy Hunt was given?

  • Lee Porter (dustybookwyrm)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today crikey, is he waking up to the development pressures of mass immigration?

  • Pete Dockerty (333doc1)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today Politicians cannot be believed obviously & why people hve had enough of prty politics

  • Robby the Robot (LesY999)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today He's not "wedded" to the EU either, never has been. But whatever...

  • bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today I am assuming he lied when he said he voted remain.

  • bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today A recording I take it.

  • Alan Kershaw (alanthelondoner)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today The profound conservatism of the dyed-in-the-wool socialist.

  • %-) (vinc3h4ll)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today BBCNews but what are him thoughts on the health crisis, stunning silence- #notfittolead anything

  • Andy Bird (AndyWhirly42)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today Bye bye UKIP if he gets this right.

  • Martyn Evans (M_C_Evans)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today very let down as one of 64% of Labour voters for remain. Only reason to vote Labour is tactcal.

  • bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today It's perfectly simple - he's been convinced by neg. impact on business of leaving the single mar.

  • Mike Hunt (NewsSlasher)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today another bandwagon jumper.....

  • marc oxford (MarcOxford)

    bbcnickrobinson jeremycorbyn BBCr4today Emily Thornberry said the same back in November....

Corbyn: Labour not wedded to EU free movement. Last year he was very wedded to it! Flip flop Labour. link
  • Tim Denyer (denyertim)

    DVATW PSaintly In veiw the whole country disagrees with jezz except the BBC, jez had done a U Turn but the BBC wont confirm that

  • Stu (panchoyatesy)

    DVATW BBCNews Desperate Liebour. Unelectable Liebour...

  • Tony (NoSleepForTony)

    DVATW hmmm has anyone told Abbott? BBCNews

"I've not changed mind on immigration", Jeremy Corbyn says link
link Like every Labour leader he would open the floodgates on immigration even though it was a prime reason for #Brexit
  • David Stokes (TheDavey56)

    rodbishop15 And for the NHS Housing Schools crisis how many more does he think the UK can take trying to import voters

Corbyn wants to curb free movement rules and stay in single market. Can't have one without the other. Irresponsible. link
  • Steven_Woolfe BBCNews He's very likable, but someone should tell him communism is no solution...

  • Roy wilcock (Royukp1965)

    Steven_Woolfe He always changes too suit is own agenda's

  • Albert Tait (AlbertTait)

    Steven_Woolfe Corbyn is a odd bod seems to me he is wanting to nationalise poverty.

  • baadbudgie (BaadBudgie)

    Steven_Woolfe BBCNews he lies to get brexit voters Just look at the people he is working with to know that. They wouldn't close borders link

  • Steven_Woolfe slothcity6 Steven anyone with a functioning brain cell(exclude) labour'party! Can see labour is trying to think and talk!!!

  • Steven_Woolfe Deluded more like. Same as Sturgeon in his ideological, impossible to deliver rhetoric.

  • Deb Anderson (Deborah39662987)

    Steven_Woolfe and add a wage cap to that list. And he needs to condemn the striking ASLEF union too. Or it's going to be a rotten year.

  • simon (simoncoatesjone)

    Steven_Woolfe BBCNews He,s just not getting it,we don't want the SM because it still tyes us to the Eu, Brussels are useing it as leverage

  • Steven_Woolfe welcome to 2015 Mr Corbyn. I'm sure Prime Minister Cameron will welcome your backing of his renegotiation attempts Oh wait..

  • Martin Ford (FordySpurs)

    Steven_Woolfe BBCNews He hasn't got a clue!!!

  • Zena Woodley (PrincessofWails)

    Steven_Woolfe BBCNews His few brain cells are struggling to hold opposing arguments: can't be easy for him..

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