John McCain passes dossier alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts to FBI

Russian intelligence alleged to have compromising material on Trump, say unverified reports drawn up by western ex-counter-intelligence official

FBI applied for FISA warrant to monitor Trump team members over irregular contacts w Russians, reports julianborger link
  • EW (e_warren)

    MartinxHodgson julianborger guardian Why wasn't this leaked (what a word to use) before the election?

  • because, in all honesty: democrats are the good guys who play by the rules. e_warren MartinxHodgson julianborger guardian

  • "when they go low, we go high" that means respecting norms & institutions even if we lose them. e_warren MartinxHodgson julianborger

  • Matthew Aubrey (mmaubrey7)

    sainttoad e_warren MartinxHodgson julianborger sigh. Obama is the bigger man, but will America survive this?

  • mmaubrey7 USA screwed itself by electing obviously treasonous rapey fraud. Uncharted waters, now e_warren MartinxHodgson julianborger

  • mmaubrey7 There's no clear Constitutional remedy to this AVOIDABLE situation. e_warren MartinxHodgson julianborger

  • Matthew Aubrey (mmaubrey7)

    sainttoad True, if Obama did martial law then he becomes the bad guy. Hope Congress does the right thing... But even then we get Pence...

  • David Kinzer (dtkinzer)

    mmaubrey7 sainttoad i think the whole lot will get thrown out if it comes to impeachment.

  • MartinxHodgson bruce_arthur julianborger Guardian. Washington Post. NY Times. All fake news mediums. All extreme left agenda

  • Bruce Arthur (bruce_arthur)

    Insuremetodayca so that's yes to the parody account Q

  • bruce_arthur spies have been known to lie for political gain. This is a partisan agency. NSA, FBI and CIA stopped working for the people.

  • bruce_arthur dems and republicans are backed by corps. They both are conspiring to legitimize the election. Both stand to lose Jan 20

  • bruce_arthur correction; demilitarize the election

  • Karey Jackson (Karey1975)

    MartinxHodgson julianborger guardian y'all are pathetic. It clearly states there no verification of the documents being REAL.

  • Karey1975 MartinxHodgson julianborger guardian Just like there was no verification of what HRC was accused of but that was OK, right?

  • Karey Jackson (Karey1975)

    anbtruth MartinxHodgson julianborger guardian lol her own emails that even she didn't deny? LOL

  • Karey1975 MartinxHodgson julianborger guardian There was no "there" there. But you Hillary haters think she should be in jail.

  • TuckFrump (paxromana5777)

    If Americans get 1 (один) investigation of #Comrade (compared to how many Hillary?), swim with fishes #Chump! anbtruth Karey1975 guardian

This is MAMMOTH. Guardian reports FBI wanted Trump team wiretapped over Russian contacts. Secret court refused. link
  • Hawkeye005 (Hawkeye005)

    charlesjaco1 guardian FAKE NEWS

  • Hawkeye005 charlesjaco1 guardian It's not fake news just because you don't like it, buddy

  • spastikchuwawa Hawkeye005 charlesjaco1 guardian You probably couldn't read it, those two words were in the article.

  • Hawkeye005 (Hawkeye005)

    BrainedinaVat spastikchuwawa charlesjaco1 guardian Just when you think the left can't get any more fucked and depraved..They do...

  • Charles Jaco (charlesjaco1)

    Hawkeye005 BrainedinaVat spastikchuwawa guardian Depraved. Hilarious coming from a Trumpista.

  • charlesjaco1 Hawkeye005 spastikchuwawa guardian Many don't even know how skewed they have become. case in point: ad hominem, "hilarious" tell, and lack of an original thought.

  • Joe Olszewski (joeoz8703)

    charlesjaco1 guardian the court should

  • Charles Jaco (charlesjaco1)

    joeoz8703 guardian Nice that the Russians picked a Polish name for this bot. Irony.

  • Joe Olszewski (joeoz8703)

    charlesjaco1 guardian Chucky,ur candidate lost move on,everyone else is

  • Matthew Chapman (fawfulfan)

    The fact that FISA court refused is in itself a big story. FISA court virtually never refuses anything. charlesjaco1 guardian

  • Michael Patrick (mikeepatrick)

    fawfulfan charlesjaco1 guardian I'm told they often refuse and the requests are then narrowed.

  • matt (M2324M)

    mikeepatrick fawfulfan charlesjaco1 guardian yes and I believe they were able to obtain a warrant around October with the narrow scope

  • Mark Hoofnagle (MarkHoofnagle)

    charlesjaco1 pattonoswalt guardian this might go down as the only FISA warrant ever turned down.

  • Walt Stack (animalspirits59)

    charlesjaco1 DavidYankovich Quoting a REAL POTUS in farewell speech; REALITY HAS A WAY OF CATCHING UP TO YOU. Do you get that now Donald?

  • bob moses (shagbug)

    charlesjaco1 pattonoswalt the one time FISA refused anything, go figure

  • Michael Occulto (mikeymack68)

    charlesjaco1 pattonoswalt guardian This is all going down like the scene in The Godfather when Michael Corleone was in church....

  • Mat (mathill503)

    charlesjaco1 guardian It's funny watching Trump Twats twist themselves into pretzels defending him when they literally believe every conspiracy story. Fuck them.

  • EndTheNonsense (NonsenseEnd)

    charlesjaco1 puppymnkey guardian It's the same document disseminated by Buzzfeed ... and it's a hoax.

  • NonsenseEnd charlesjaco1 guardian no. That is disinformation.

  • EndTheNonsense (NonsenseEnd)

    puppymnkey charlesjaco1 guardian link

Weird that we didn't get a public letter from Comey about this! link
  • Rusty (scasey09)

    juliaioffe So we're going to stop all confirmation hearings "until we find out what is going on", right?

  • juliaioffe starknightz guardian John McCain needs to be recalled. Be is a democrat and always has been. He is a destructive POS

  • MAGGIE4TRUMP (clasimpmv)

    LindaEpai457450 starknightz juliaioffe guardian After they recall him, they need to rewire him.

  • ladymillenial (thelvlcaper)

    juliaioffe prairiewindspr I'm just glad we knew that Huma used a laptop to send recipes to HRC before we voted. Close one.

  • Kate Crowe (kcrowe)

    juliaioffe fave part of today's hearing: Sen who called him on his stated unwillingness to speak abt ongoing investigation in public forum.

  • Patriot (Strong4America)

    juliaioffe starknightz guardian John McCain is a disgusting deceptive Little Man. A RINO & a traitor! I Do not believe a word he utters!

  • Scarlet (Scarlet36454992)

    juliaioffe Inauguration should be postponed until these allegations are verified. National security at risk.

  • jcunwired (jcunwired)

    juliaioffe joshtpm guardian Comey was way too busy with plans to undermine Clinton for Trump. No time to save America. Yea, very strange.

  • easy5050 (easy5050)

    juliaioffe guardian We got the GOPee and #PeeOTUS

  • HarloweRayne (HarloweRayne)

    juliaioffe NadraKareem guardian Because he's lying in da same damn bed of crookedness with them! They are gonna watch out for each other!

  • Kenneth Bates (kbates1948)

    juliaioffe kschade Apparently #JamesComey don't like women. Or he's being blackmailed by Putin also. #GoldenShowersgate #TrumpLeaks

  • Geri (infobrat)

    juliaioffe UnitePink guardian I know, right? President Obama et al were too lenient with Comey

  • CatDeroet (LarahMorgana)

    juliaioffe joshtpm guardian Rudy wouldn't let him publish it. I do believe old Rudy is deeply involved in this. And he owns Comey.

  • paige (daretothink53)

    juliaioffe GucciShade guardian Maybe comey is in on it too

  • Zapsavvy (pattena1)

    juliaioffe Jan 4 2017 Trump link… … Jan 10 2017 McCain has a dossier.

  • Doug Stafford (dougstafford)

    juliaioffe tripgabriel guardian yes so weird he would only discuss real, verifiable things.

  • juliaioffe KevinDarryl if the GOP tries to bury this, they are finished.

  • Martin Evans (Coelacanth1938)

    juliaioffe Ammo_Bundy Comey needs to be hung by his genitalia from a streetlight.

Read this story instead of Buzzfeed link
The Guardian now too: FBI chief given dossier by John McCain alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts link
  • EricLiptonNYT Comey is looking worse by the minute. Unreviewed emails on a laptop= hair on fire. Russia-Trump= saying anything wd be wrong.

  • Joe Mahoney (fotozilla)

    EricLiptonNYT Yep, McCain definitely remembers that “who don’t captured” crack. Doubt he’s going to forget it anytime soon.

  • jfree (fjennifern)

    EricLiptonNYT Nysteveo2AOLcom guardian DT looks like he's about to have a heart attack. Keep up the pressure America.

  • Zelda (somuchso2014)

    fjennifern EricLiptonNYT Nysteveo2AOLcom guardian his dad lived to 94.But DJT is so slovenly,I can't believe he'll survive this pressure

  • Jerry Mather (jrmduc)

    EricLiptonNYT Now I understand why his hair is such a weird color of orange....It's PISS

  • desmodromic (Cooperisherenow)

    jrmduc EricLiptonNYT Have you seen his mothers hair? OH GOD PLZ GOOGLE IMMEDIATELY

  • Jerry Mather (jrmduc)

    Cooperisherenow EricLiptonNYT link

  • desmodromic (Cooperisherenow)

    jrmduc EricLiptonNYT link

  • paige (daretothink53)

    EricLiptonNYT guardian Thank goodness for SenJohnMcCain !

  • EricLiptonNYT knowlton_paula guardian We'll get to that eventually after we finish picking through Hillary's emails. link

  • Carlene brown (CarlenebrBrown)

    EricLiptonNYT McFaul only 2 ways to go. DJT is a traitorous pig and should not take office, or US intel is lying and Coomey screwed HRC.

  • KSwa50 (noybsk2017)

    EricLiptonNYT not even in office yet... #UNFIT

  • Drogon (drogon_dracarys)

    EricLiptonNYT This part is an important part too. link

  • Travis (TravisAtTAM)

    EricLiptonNYT Does anyone else think Trump's hair looks like cotton candy made of piss in this photo? This #GoldengateScandal goes deep.

  • (((Ami Schreiber))) (shribr)

    EricLiptonNYT yoda Why now??? Why is all this coming out now???

  • J.H. Cannon (JHCannon5)

    EricLiptonNYT sarahkendzior guardian LOL McCain giving FBI shit on Trump

  • Michele (mglenwink)

    EricLiptonNYT guardian Who wants to bet the family has taken away his phone so he can't respond to #pissgate on Twitter?

  • Michele (mglenwink)

    EricLiptonNYT guardian Looks like someone got their phone back today. Sweet Niblets...Stop it sir. At least act presidential. Lol

Buried Guardian scoop? FBI applied for a FISA warrant to monitor four Trump officials link
  • Louise Mensch (LouiseMensch)

    blakehounshell it was my scoop if you please on Nov 7 I was wrong it was August not June, but otherwise correct link

  • Scott Menor (smenor)

    blakehounshell summerbrennan guardian The most shocking thing was that they actually reject some FISA requests

  • Dustin Volz (dnvolz)

    blakehounshell guardian limited sourcing appears to be why it's not more prominent

  • Alice (UES_Lady)

    blakehounshell summerbrennan guardian If intel is correct, will Trump give US nuclear codes to Putin?

  • Summer Brennan (summerbrennan)

    UES_Lady blakehounshell guardian As a former internat sec person, this concept is my biggest concern.

  • TFSM (TFSM_666)

    summerbrennan UES_Lady blakehounshell guardian All this start with a BuzzFeed article, unverified at that o,0 link

  • Alice (UES_Lady)

    TFSM_666 summerbrennan blakehounshell guardian YouTube wrong

  • Sean Maday (seanmaday)

    blakehounshell guardian the fact that the FISA court turned down a warrant is itself a story!

  • blakehounshell neverquiet1 Trump will not last 2 years. The focus must be on Pence whose cutting all the backroom deals on capital hill.

  • BlakMachiavelli blakehounshell neverquiet1 Impeachment for both! It was their campaign!

  • Diane Rogers Fourny (drfourny)

    blakehounshell guardian My money's on Trump canceling his press conference tomorrow or limiting it to reading statement, taking no Qs.

  • stan maloney (YerOpinion)


  • Mars Walker (marswalker3000)

    blakehounshell McFaul guardian I would guess two of those four Trump officials are Manafort and Page...

  • John Feliz (JohnFeliz2)

    blakehounshell RobStutzman guardian Really? Only 10 days and freedom man coming link

  • Rob Stutzman (RobStutzman)

    JohnFeliz2 Why not an open mind of concern?

  • John Feliz (JohnFeliz2)

    RobStutzman I always thought tabloid news was just amusing not for serious concern. link

Trump can never be allowed to serve as President. We have less than 10 days, America. #TheResistance link
This is Yuge! FBI chief given dossier by John McCain alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts - link
FBI requested FISA warrant last summer to monitor four members of Trump's team, reports julianborger link
Guardian: FBI applied to FISA court to monitor 4 Trump aides "suspected of irregular contacts w/Russian officials." link
  • Ryan Patrick Dolan (RPDplays)

    RyanLizza and were one of the 0.03% to be turned down by the FISA court

  • Cate Long (cate_long)

    RPDplays RyanLizza stunning how the FISA court denied the request given how lax their standards typically are.

  • Willis (will_belyea)

    RyanLizza michaeldweiss guardian lock her up,lock her up. Wait, what?!? Oh how the tides have turned!

  • Basque Cat (gato_danger)

    RyanLizza guardian If true some of that behavior could be treasonous. But luckily this all goes away January 20th.

  • susan ferrara (souzi54)

    RyanLizza sportznut112968 this is much worse than watergate

  • souzi54 RyanLizza Indeed it is. Easily treason

  • Jeanette Wynn (jwynn580)

    RyanLizza guardian Saw Fox clip off Mic where OB says I'LL TALK TO U AFTER THE ELECTION . I'LL B MORE FLEXIBLE THEN. Guy says tell Putin.

  • JWoo (Dlen1663)

    RyanLizza PR_twit guardian How is this not espionage or treason.

  • RyanLizza More about "Some of the reports –also proved to be prescient, predicting events that happened after they were sent."

  • Oscareli (Oscareli)

    RyanLizza proflevin guardian FBI NewYorkFBI I can only hope that our law enforcement is on top of this as their credibility at stake!

  • RyanLizza nycjim guardian I guess we are back to unverified leaks being OK to report? Must have missed the memo.

  • Urí (urisanz)

    Obsoletecertain Then you must have missed the Wikileaks memo.

  • urisanz You just made my point. Thanks for playing.

  • Urí (urisanz)

    Obsoletecertain You're welcome. Make sure to stay tuned in for the impeachment.

  • urisanz I would bet you a paycheck on that. But you probably don't know what one is.

  • Urí (urisanz)

    Obsoletecertain I'll take PEEOTUS's tax-returns.

  • Daniel Calto (djc2272)

    RyanLizza RadioFreeTom guardian Has issuance of FISA warrant been confirmed? To me this story is as large as IC briefing of Obama/Trump

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