Judge Blocks Trump Order on Refugees Amid Chaos and Outcry Worldwide

In a New York courtroom on Saturday evening, the judge said that sending the travelers home could cause them “irreparable harm.”

Early this morning, we filed a challenge to President Trump's Muslim ban. link
  • ACLU National (ACLU)

    The lead plaintiffs have been detained by U.S. government & threatened w/ deportation even though they have valid visas to enter the U.S.

  • ACLU National (ACLU)

    One plaintiff, for example, worked for the U.S. military and his life was in danger in his home country due to that relationship.

  • ACLU National (ACLU)

    Our other plaintiff was also threatened because of perceived ties to the United States.

  • ACLU National (ACLU)

    “President Trump's war on equality is already taking a terrible human toll. This ban cannot be allowed to continue.” OmarJadwat

  • Richard Baris (Peoples_Pundit)

    Shocker! And ACLU you are going to lose. The President has almost unfettered Constitutional authority to ban whomever the hell he wants.

  • Sahil Lavingia (shl)

    Peoples_Pundit ACLU it's blatantly unconstitutional. Not to mention bigoted and just plain stupid.

  • Richard Baris (Peoples_Pundit)

    1/2) No, it's not shl As ACLU knows, it wasn't when Roosevelt & Carter did worse. Carter actually did ban Shiites. And it's not now. Why?

  • Sahil Lavingia (shl)

    Peoples_Pundit ACLU because the order is purely a Muslim ban and will do nothing for our national security. It will make us less safe.

  • Richard Baris (Peoples_Pundit)

    shl I know that's what the Big Media headlines keep telling you, but It's NOT purely a Muslim ban. It's regional. ACLU

  • Sahil Lavingia (shl)

    Peoples_Pundit ACLU It's a Muslim ban. You're making an argument like the NC GOP did about voting rights, and guess what? They lost.

  • Sahil Lavingia (shl)

    Peoples_Pundit ACLU Look, I understand you bought 76,000 followers for your pro-Trump blog and this is a way to get traffic. Just stop.

  • Chris Reimer (ChrisReimer)

    ACLU Thank you

  • Freedom (Houstonbabe)

    ACLU nytimes This is a fight u will lose, Americans ate sick of ACLU

  • janice morris (msjanicemorris)

    Houstonbabe ACLU nytimes actually, late last year ACLU donations were up 965% YOY. You're wrong. link

  • Freedom (Houstonbabe)

    msjanicemorris ACLU nytimes NBCNews and that doesnt mean they are doing their deeds for America's benefit, only liberal agendas

  • janice morris (msjanicemorris)

    Houstonbabe ACLU nytimes NBCNews this is about all Americans, and protecting their rights. Polarizing freedom is a dangerous "agenda"

  • Freedom (Houstonbabe)

    msjanicemorris ACLU nytimes NBCNews Protecting America is our first priority now

  • Jeena O'Faolain (JFaolain)

    . Houstonbabe msjanicemorris ACLU nytimes NBCNews Protecting our constitution IS what ACLU does. Read up, babe.

  • Freedom (Houstonbabe)

    JFaolain msjanicemorris ACLU nytimes NBCNews hardly, there agenda is using the Constitution to bend to fit their agenda

  • Kris McDonald (krismcd)

    Houstonbabe JFaolain msjanicemorris ACLU nytimes NBCNews *their

Refugees have been detained at U.S. airports under President Trump's immigration ban, prompting legal action link
  • nytimes Time to take down the Statue of Liberty and ship it back to France. It no longer has any meaning here.

  • John Q Public (QPublic8)

    plymouthduster6 nytimes We are at war in case you havent noticed. POTUS is Honoring his Oath of Office Protecting the Citizens of US. Cant diss that.

  • QPublic8 nytimes POTUS We aren't at war with Muslims. White Protestants are running scared that they are losing their power.

  • Andris Apelian (AndrisApelian)

    plymouthduster6 QPublic8 nytimes POTUS We are at war with every religion.

  • AndrisApelian QPublic8 nytimes POTUS Not every religion. And isn't really religion, just people different from us.

  • Andris Apelian (AndrisApelian)

    plymouthduster6 QPublic8 nytimes POTUS People who follow a dictatorship book full of delusions & evil teachings. Religion is evil.

  • AndrisApelian QPublic8 nytimes POTUS Religion isn't evil. People using religion to cover their prejudices is.

  • MarieTweets?? (mkues65)

    nytimes Awesome! President Trump will stop the Democrats non-vetted Refugees!

  • mkues65 nytimes how could you be so inhumane. Shame on you.

  • John temple (Johntem71016006)

    samstringerhye mkues65 nytimes you should invite them into your home and financially support them! Put your $ where mouth is!

  • NoNameFrazier (sikeUthot18)

    Johntem71016006 samstringerhye mkues65 nytimes only if you adopt all those babies you won't let women abort. Or, is hypocrisy your style

  • John temple (Johntem71016006)

    sikeUthot18 samstringerhye mkues65 nytimes I would encourage you to abort any kid you have, we have enough stupid people. Common sense??

  • Chad Hensley (TheChadHensley)

    reading0101 nytimes They already get vetted...takes almost 2 years.

  • camnet2000 (camnet2000)

    TheChadHensley reading0101 nytimes Im sure Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi agree.

  • Chad Hensley (TheChadHensley)

    camnet2000 reading0101 nytimes If you're prepared to shit your pants over two people, feel free. There's no perfect system, but it works.

  • camnet2000 (camnet2000)

    TheChadHensley reading0101 nytimes Typical. Democrats making excuses for jihadi terrorists.

  • Chad Hensley (TheChadHensley)

    camnet2000 reading0101 nytimes I am in no way making an excuse for them or condoning that behavior.

  • camnet2000 (camnet2000)

    TheChadHensley reading0101 nytimes And when we try to fix this mess they shut you up by telling you to ignore jihadis

  • Chad Hensley (TheChadHensley)

    camnet2000 reading0101 nytimes I never said to ignore jihads. You said that I said that.

An Iraqi translator for the 101st Airborne & one whose wife worked for a US contractor are detained on arrival in US link
Trump has never put his life on the line for America. This Iraqi did for 10 years. Troops will die for Trump's ban. link
  • sethmoulton Hi Congressman, were you able to get your interpreter out of Iraq?

  • Jeb Sharp (jebsharp)

    sethmoulton would love to talk to you abt this pritheworld pls be in touch if you're available here or jeb dot sharp at bbc dot co dot uk

  • More blackmail from sethmoulton When the 50 gays were killed by the son of a sharia loving Muslim refugee in Orlando Seth blamed the gun.

  • Meg Walsh (Walsh7Meg)

    MikemacMacInnes sethmoulton Trump is putting his life on the line every single day Seth

  • Fantastic_or (Fantastic_or)

    Walsh7Meg MikemacMacInnes sethmoulton Yep, but hopefully it fails one day.

  • Veep Mike Pence (GuntCrusha)

    Walsh7Meg Fantastic_or MikemacMacInnes sethmoulton shut up Meg

  • Meg Walsh (Walsh7Meg)

    GuntCrusha Fantastic_or MikemacMacInnes sethmoulton No

  • sethmoulton where was liberals concern when Obama pulled the rug out from under Iraq that our troops died for to let ISIS take over?

  • factasaurus (conservaderp)

    MikemacMacInnes sethmoulton ready slowly here, jethro. I know Trumpists are used to getting news from Fox only. link

  • Christopher Jerry (mvagusta77)

    sethmoulton nytimes how will troops die from this ban?

  • sethmoulton nytimes To use T's favorite word...sad. Sad that even more of his voters will become gold star families.

  • CapeCodCricket sethmoulton nytimes And do u think his minions will care when he dishonors those families much in the same way he dishonored Khan family Or compares sacrifices?

  • Andy Johnson 100 (100Zeus)

    sethmoulton nytimes Seth - I'm a voter in your district. You have my unequivocal support in strongly opposing this madness

  • Mary Jordan (mfjordan64)

    sethmoulton nytimes Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did?

  • Meg Walsh (Walsh7Meg)

    sethmoulton nytimes Remind me why Trump needs Secret Service protection again?

  • PreppersMatch (PreppersMatch)

    sethmoulton nytimes how many times did your good old boy Obama put his life on the line??? ZERO..what's your point?

  • sethmoulton igorvolsky My Dad did not serve honorably in the US Navy for 20 years to enable this kind of behavior by our country.Horrible!

  • Groen Zone (KevinGroenhagen)

    nmomminator sethmoulton igorvolsky You don't serve vicariously through your father, Sitzpinkler.

  • KevinGroenhagen sethmoulton igorvolsky My first hate mail on twitter.As as woman I do pee sitting down & as an RN,I care for vets daily.

Judge Ann Donnelly ruled that implementing President Trump’s order on immigration could cause "irreparable harm" link
  • nytimes America would simply put, no longer be America.

  • Matt Dyer (needstocompete)

    DTrumpExposed nytimes we were still America in 2011 when Obama banned Iraqis...why different now?

  • Tessa The Princessa (goddtess)

    needstocompete DTrumpExposed nytimes That was in immediate response to an actual terrorist attack. This ban is without factual reason.

  • goddtess needstocompete DTrumpExposed nytimes You definitely need to have someone killed? It is a preventive measure.

  • Tessa The Princessa (goddtess)

    YliaMorozova73 needstocompete DTrumpExposed nytimes There's no need.Refugees are not dangerous, they are in danger and seeking safety.

  • Tessa The Princessa (goddtess)

    YliaMorozova73 needstocompete I don't understand what it's preventing when there's been statistically insignificant threat.

  • Tessa The Princessa (goddtess)

    YliaMorozova73 needstocompete On the other hand, 16,913 civilians were killed by the parties in Syria, fatalities include 1,984 children

  • goddtess needstocompete You are so naive. Read about New Year in Cologne in 2016. But scientists and students to let.

  • Mr LeJeune (LeJeune_Mr)

    nytimes POTUS The ban is against the Declaration of Human Rights, article 14. USA are losing their moral right to judge others.

  • Cindy (deanchanc)

    LeJeune_Mr nytimes POTUS Please don't judge all of us based on the idiots temporarily occupying the White House. #UnholyTrinity #Resist #StopPresidentBannon

  • deanchanc LeJeune_Mr nytimes POTUS Your idiocy has nothing to do with White house occupiers. It's home grown.

  • Mr LeJeune (LeJeune_Mr)

    WalterSamuelFu2 deanchanc nytimes POTUS Executive order does not solve anything. No act of terrorism in USA from banned countries.

  • LeJeune_Mr deanchanc nytimes POTUS Did Japan commit acts of terrorism in US prior to Pearl Harbor?

  • nytimes The NYTIMES represent Hatred and divide against America

  • Steven Dickerson (sddickerson)

    dennisswancarek nytimes Ummm yeah, you're trying way too hard. #GTFOH

  • NEW YORK TIMES nytimes: Donald #Trump is crazy. ( realDonaldTrump) link

  • T (TeresaDee954)

    Armando_Marcos nytimes realDonaldTrump Now that's a FACT!

  • nytimes The irony that a woman just put the hammer down on Donnie is truly poetic justice. Thank you, Judge.

  • T (TeresaDee954)

    BurkmanJeanine nytimes Yes it is!

  • nytimes Love Trumps Hate! It's sad that a PHD student studying bio-chem at Ohio State Univ. was detained. Happy the court interviened.

Iraqi hero, who served as interpreter for the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division, now held in detention at JFK link
  • ReformedBroker nytimes send them back to their homes in their own country!

  • Roland Scahill (rolandscahill)

    StelJowell ReformedBroker nytimes what is wrong with you? He has served this country - he truly is an ally & you treat him like an enemy?

  • JMPlumb (jplumb50)

    rolandscahill StelJowell ReformedBroker nytimes His home is probably rubble & there may be a price on his head. Nice way to treat a hero

  • jplumb50 rolandscahill ReformedBroker nytimes is he an American? What do you personally know of this person?

  • John Epler (eplerjc)

    StelJowell jplumb50 rolandscahill ReformedBroker nytimes He's done more for your country than you have, you useless bellend.

  • Richard (arrpeeoh)

    eplerjc StelJowell jplumb50 rolandscahill ReformedBroker nytimes to be fair whoever is behind that account is probably Russian.

  • Melissa Waz (xmlwx75)

    ReformedBroker apply for LEGAL citizenship & come thru our front door LEGALLY. We are taking our country back. Sorry liberal media, he won.

  • Nicole (Nicmedia123)

    xmlwx75 ReformedBroker They have LEGAL visas- the man was an interpreter for our troops! Did you even read the article?

  • Cruz (CruzWhobris)

    Nicmedia123 xmlwx75 ReformedBroker of course not. That would require thought. link

  • Melissa Waz (xmlwx75)

    CruzWhobris Hurt feelings and a few misunderstandings that will get cleared up vs. Stopping Islamic terror attacks. We're good.

  • Cruz (CruzWhobris)

    . xmlwx75 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi. But Trumpov does biz there so NO Ban. Cheeto is a fraud. link

  • CruzWhobris xmlwx75 this isn't about 911 is it? We all know that was an inside job

  • Cruz (CruzWhobris)

    MrLoneDome xmlwx75 and here comes the BLOCK

  • Christopher (320Christopher)

    ReformedBroker nytimes meanwhile the Saudi "royals" are fast tracked to the Vegas no limit tables since they buy Trump apartments link

  • 320Christopher ROTTSFORD ReformedBroker nytimes Isn't Saudi Arabia where a bunch of 9/11 hijackers were from? But not banned. Hmm...

  • Christopher (320Christopher)

    kakistocracy42 ROTTSFORD ReformedBroker nytimes 15 of the 19 were Saudi. Disregard the 9-11 commission report too, nothing to see there

  • Gordon Moat (GordonMoat)

    ReformedBroker nytimes I still have friends active overseas in the US military. I am now very concerned for their lives.

  • Queen of the emos (tay_gonzo)

    GordonMoat ReformedBroker nytimes my best friend is in the middle of a 9 month deployment I don't sleep well anymore

  • Gordon Moat (GordonMoat)

    tay_gonzo ReformedBroker nytimes Sorry to hear that. I hope they find ways to stay aware, and stay safe.

  • Queen of the emos (tay_gonzo)

    GordonMoat ReformedBroker nytimes I try to talk daily and never bring up what he does just talk about things like his online classes

  • Gordon Moat (GordonMoat)

    tay_gonzo ReformedBroker nytimes Knowing that soldiers are well trained, and well equipped helps. Focus on the positives.

  • Queen of the emos (tay_gonzo)

    GordonMoat ReformedBroker nytimes I try just got to pray for safe returns now.... for all our men and women

Young Iranian scientist set to begin fellowship at Harvard in coming days, has had his visa indefinitely suspended: link
  • PtitsThompson (PtitsThompson)

    nahmias igorvolsky nytimes great a spot for an American just opened up.

  • Adam (DynamiteAdam)

    PtitsThompson nahmias igorvolsky nytimes Well, we definitely know you aren't educated enough to take it.

  • PtitsThompson (PtitsThompson)

    DynamiteAdam nahmias igorvolsky nytimes il admit I am definitely not

  • Bhishma Mago (bhishma01)

    PtitsThompson scholarship doesn't work through a quota system. When a good scientist is denied entry, it is a loss for Americans

  • PtitsThompson (PtitsThompson)

    bhishma01 that's true but we have scientists here who could use the opportunity. When a vetting system this admin feels is up to grade

  • Jim Langendorf (jplang43)

    PtitsThompson bhishma01 No we don't have enough scientists here. That's why we have (had) welcomed the smartest in the world to come.

  • Brad Baker (BradleyKC)

    nahmias igorvolsky nytimes what would start a person such as himself down a path of extremism? Ruining his life for starters.

  • Van Von (Vipers_84)

    BradleyKC nahmias igorvolsky nytimes no other Universities in the world? America is the only place you can study science?

  • Brad Baker (BradleyKC)

    Vipers_84 nahmias igorvolsky nytimes is Harvard not one of the best Unis in the world? Am I missing something?

  • Van Von (Vipers_84)

    BradleyKC nytimes Harvard is legit, but a total of 348 European universities are featured among the world’s top 900 (roughly 38%)

  • Eleanor (fineapplexpr3ss)

    Vipers_84 BradleyKC nytimes do you know those universities names? Prob not. But everyone sure as hell knows Harvard.

  • Van Von (Vipers_84)

    fineapplexpr3ss BradleyKC nytimes actually I do, I'm educated.

  • Eleanor (fineapplexpr3ss)

    Vipers_84 BradleyKC nytimes do you want an applause or something?

  • nahmias NewsView100 nytimes aww, what a shame...Iran will have to train their own nuclear scientists. What a fukn tragedy #id10ts link

  • DestinationHeII You're trying to insult muslim refugees but the only people you're insulting rn are americans. You're the real terrorists

  • Craftingovermcr if I was trying to insult muslims I'd post something like this #id10t #IslamIsTheProblem link

  • DestinationHeII none of these pictures insult muslims beside the one where it says fuck islam.

  • DestinationHeII The rest is just bullshit made up by assholes like you to make you feel better about all the hate and fear you feel

We've filed suit on behalf of Iraqis detained at JFK under Trump order. ACLU NILC_org Yale clinic RefugeeAssist link
  • Sean Vanaman (vanaman)

    WangCecillia womensmarch ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes saving the republic; thank you

  • WangCecillia ReignOfApril ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes What can we do to help???

  • Mike Wilson (DevilMocker)

    WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes more pandering to the islamic invaders pretending to be refugees

  • cris levin (crislevin)

    DevilMocker WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes is that you? Mike? you dad is calling you back to his ass,

  • Virginia Matzek (v_matzek)

    WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist I'm so heartened by the ACLU's rapid response.

  • phillipa anwar (newusadream)

    WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes today will be the first day I've donated to ACLU. first of many. Go get 'em! #RESIST

  • WHITE GIRL (CLK54321)

    WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes You're as SOL as the refugees. #AmericaFirst

  • Kandy Korn (hintofsub)

    CLK54321 WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes They'll run out of money long before realDonaldTrump and the Federal govt

  • Rebecca (sewtigersew)

    wangcecillia aclu nilc_org refugeeassist Thank you! This is why my family focused on donating to legal orgs in 12/2016, will continue.

  • Pepin Lachance (PepinLachance)

    WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes Rock on thank you for helping them. I hate the cowardice this nation has shown.

  • Johan Dohein (JohanDohein)

    WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes Change you name to Cecillia Wrong... and move back to your native swampland

  • KSDedam (KSDedam)

    JohanDohein WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes Detainees worked for a decade with Army 101st get your facts straight

  • Johan Dohein (JohanDohein)

    KSDedam WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes really dont care. everything will work out.. if they have everything in order

  • KSDedam (KSDedam)

    JohanDohein WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist in case you missed the vets take on this link

  • Johan Dohein (JohanDohein)

    KSDedam WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist "Jon Soltz" sounds jewish they always trying to destroy nations

  • BPott (bpotter1015)

    WangCecillia womensmarch ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes Thank you for fighting for the rights of these people.

  • Nigel Hunt (nahunt61)

    WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist _Megan_Hunt_ Keep up the good work. Humanity and justice will defeat hatred and bigotry.

  • WangCecillia ACLU NILC_org RefugeeAssist nytimes For 8 years the gop used the courts to thwart potus44. Now, the tables turn Fight!

  • Alex Hahn (alexhahnlaw)

    WangCecillia Hit me if you need free legal research. 20 years in.

An Iraqi who had worked on behalf of the U.S. was released after 19 hours. He began to cry as he spoke to reporters. link
Iraqi interpreter who worked with 101st Airborne detained at JFK, separated from his wife and 3 children. link
  • God In Disguise (jaibhagavan)

    nkulish nytimes though shit! Our national security will be first!

  • Jim Rich (therealjimrich)

    jaibhagavan nkulish it's always people like you, too cowardly to put their names to their account, talking the toughest. I wonder why?

  • God In Disguise (jaibhagavan)

    therealjimrich nkulish dosen't matter why, we got Donald and you lost so get with the program or leave our beautiful country alone!

  • bababooey (bbbooey09)

    jaibhagavan therealjimrich nkulish you lost? This isn't a sporting event, it's our country..grow up

  • Matthew Modine (MatthewModine)

    nkulish nytimes What exactly is an American? What background? Religion? Belief? link #resist

  • Post-truth (RealNewsUS)

    nkulish He is Not separated. He was not allowed to join them. There is ton of difference. #fakenews

  • Sandrine (pir8qu33n)

    RealNewsUS nkulish Please enlighten us as to this "ton of difference"

  • Post-truth (RealNewsUS)

    pir8qu33n nkulish He was away working in #Sweden for 3 years. He was not allowed to join them but Not separated.

  • Chris Meneses (SiMeneses)

    RealNewsUS pir8qu33n nkulish Yeah guys, not being allowed to join someone doesn't mean you're separated from them. Wait a minute...

  • Mike (sunriseshell)

    SiMeneses RealNewsUS pir8qu33n nkulish "Alternative facts" They're not under arrest, they're just being "detained".

  • SlugoPugo (slugopugo)

    nkulish so we never had "interpreters" attack American troops? nytimes

  • Tara Gordon (islandgirl222)

    slugopugo nkulish nytimes this man worked for ten yrs for us. Focus on the subject pls

  • Mick R (oldmanindiekid)

    islandgirl222 slugopugo nkulish nytimes why would he do that? Doesn't fit his racist agenda

  • Aaron Staines (OaklandAaron)

    nkulish My brother served 3 tours in Iraq, during the worst of the shit. His life was in the hands of his interpeter more than 1ce. I weep

  • Pamela Schmid (pam_schmid)

    nkulish EricLiptonNYT nytimes hard to read this and not weep.

  • Carol Suzuki (ckosuzuki)

    nkulish EricLiptonNYT nytimes Is there not a single Republican member of Congress speaking out against this EO? This is outrageous.

  • Andrew C. Laufer (lauferlaw)

    nkulish JohnFugelsang nytimes this is disgusting

  • nkulish EricLiptonNYT nytimes how does this make us safer? just drives people away from helping the US & creates ISIS recruiting tool

  • Dave Schappel (SomethingTrump)

    dreichenbecher nkulish EricLiptonNYT nytimes How is this going to make someone join ISIS? Wtf?

  • Aaron (tvfilmrepair)

    SomethingTrump dreichenbecher nkulish EricLiptonNYT nytimes Seriously? U don't think this could make people now hate America?

  • Dave Schappel (SomethingTrump)

    tvfilmrepair dreichenbecher nkulish EricLiptonNYT nytimes Enough to make them join a terrorist organization? No

  • Aaron (tvfilmrepair)

    SomethingTrump dreichenbecher EricLiptonNYT If he's worried abt US and its citizen, y not focus on gun violence? More die by that.

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