Leak reveals Rex Tillerson was director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil firm

Documents from tax haven will raise more questions over suitability of Donald Trump’s pick for US secretary of state

Leak reveals Rex Tillerson is director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil company link
  • Damien (Wolven)

    "Documents from tax haven will raise more questions over suitability of Donald Trump’s pick for US secretary of state" GuardianUS guardian

  • Damien (Wolven)

    Really? "Will raise more questions over suitability?" That's how you want to play that subheader, GuardianUS? guardian?

  • Damien (Wolven)

    Seems to undersell it, just a skosh. GuardianUS guardian

  • Chasseur (davechasseur)

    GuardianUS JenaFriedman Good fit with the kleptocracy. sarahkendzior docrocktex26 matthewjdowd

  • Propane Jane™ (docrocktex26)

    davechasseur GuardianUS JenaFriedman sarahkendzior matthewjdowd Also the Russian coup. His whole administration would be anti-America.

  • Heidi (RRRRes)

    GuardianUS This also confirms that the Trump transition org does absolutely NO vetting of candidates . thor_benson amjoyshow

  • Shimbika (KakaShimbika)

    RRRRes GuardianUS thor_benson amjoyshow no vetting? They pick exactly the ones who'd sell the country, and take their %

  • Raymond Fallon (justplaneray)

    GuardianUS Patrick_Clarkin won't matter in a country where 52% think their guy won the popular vote. Truth is taking a beating this year.

  • . justplaneray it sure is. But facts are stubborn things.

  • Tupper Cole (tuppercole)

    Patrick_Clarkin justplaneray fallacies seem to be much more stubborn.

  • Raymond Fallon (justplaneray)

    tuppercole Patrick_Clarkin because they can be anything the teller wishes them to be. Lies are flexible as snakes.

  • Yocasta Nunez (Yoki3072)

    GuardianUS Bakari_Sellers guardian Donald Trump is setting up the ground for Putin to own the US!!! Shame on the USA for allowing it!!!

  • Yoki3072 GuardianUS Bakari_Sellers guardian I've a feeling they already own it...another reason to see the Trump tax returns...

  • Yocasta Nunez (Yoki3072)

    6d36f0bd82f04e5 GuardianUS Bakari_Sellers guardian U are right, it's too late now and I don't see the Electoral College taking action

  • . GuardianUS Bakari_Sellers guardian Nobody saw that coming, said no one.

Can't work too much more nefariousness into one cabinet candidate. Is this man even an American citizen? link
Uh oh. Our future SoS Tillerson shows up in the Panama Papers as a director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil company link
  • Billbrowder Actually it is not the Panama-Papers, but Bahamas-Leaks (more info on this leak: link…)

  • Paddy Blewer (Padsky)

    Billbrowder GicAriana but he wont be when he leaves XOM. It's a standard corporate governance position. As you know well.

  • Ariana Gic (GicAriana)

    Padsky Tillerson has been director since 1998. There is a well-established relationship there which is the matter of concern. Billbrowder

  • Paddy Blewer (Padsky)

    GicAriana Billbrowder he's been involved for decades developing XOM Russia assets. We all know this. point was Graun story adds nothing

  • Ariana Gic (GicAriana)

    Padsky I understand your point, but not everyone in the public is aware which is why it's important to share. Billbrowder

  • Paddy Blewer (Padsky)

    GicAriana Billbrowder mmhmm. The false naif tone in article undermines it for me.

  • Dave Quast (davequast)

    Billbrowder FaithRubPol guardian it's in his official Exxon bio. Big secret! link

  • davequast Billbrowder guardian makes it worse

  • Dave Quast (davequast)

    FaithRubPol Billbrowder guardian I mean, it's no secret, it's a subsidiary of Exxon, and he's CEO of Exxon. Not strange.

  • Dave Quast (davequast)

    FaithRubPol Billbrowder which doesn't mean I'm not praying electors do the right thing tomorrow!

  • Big Guy (Ringmaster2015)

    davequast FaithRubPol Billbrowder and vote for someone who won the majority of voters despite Russian hacking.

  • Dave Quast (davequast)

    Ringmaster2015 FaithRubPol Billbrowder that would be ideal, yes.

  • Jerry Hogg (jerryhogg)

    Billbrowder GavinCurnow guardian Article 1 Section 9 of US Constitution appears to be relevant to be tested in this case link

  • Billbrowder Trampism is only promote Putinism in the US

  • Obiora Odi (obiora_odi)

    Billbrowder dremmelqueen Pathetic Russian agents led link many republicans will be prosecuted for treason plus DTrump

  • Annie (balihai2)

    obiora_odi How many Should be is a bunch-how many Will b is Zero. GOP will do 0. They will opt 4 power not truth Billbrowder dremmelqueen

  • Kathleen Lyons (kaybuenoesyo)

    Billbrowder alcebaid guardian Wow. And US cooperates with Russia on ISS launches & landings,our astronauts side by side.Your point?

  • Cassiopea321 (cassiopea321)

    kaybuenoesyo are you really THAT dumb to ask that question?

  • JJohnson (JJohnson2u)

    Billbrowder guardian dawnstotlar jjtalko LaurasBlue ATL_midtown_Ken esoriram1 lynettewilson67 Brzysunset #TrumpLeaks

  • Billbrowder guardian thought it's public knowledge he negotiated ExxonMobil Rossneft deal, lobbied against RU sanctions & wrote-off $1bill

Guardian: Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson is director in a joint US-Russia oil company w/ shell corporation in the Bahamas. link
  • Ken Barnett (kenaviba)

    ericgarland Tillerson being pilloried like those old China hands were after China went Red. Not so long ago, U.S. policy encouraged.

  • Eric Garland (ericgarland)

    kenaviba I don't think of this as the pillory - there are simply different standards of conflict-of-interest between CEO and SecState.

  • Ken Barnett (kenaviba)

    ericgarland He's leaving Exxon.

  • Ken Barnett (kenaviba)

    hank_hib You're off by 97%, n he was retiring this yr., but what does truth matter to someone as mad as hell as you? ericgarland

  • Vic Hoon (VicHoon)

    ericgarland guardian #reddit link

  • ericgarland Trump supporters will call you his fake news & pivot back 2 Hillary emails & Clinton foundation

  • Liberal Rags (Liberal_Rags)

    ericgarland guardian They won't even try to deny it. They'll play it off like some genius move and their unthinking voters will believe.

  • JonesB (HamonSpot)

    ericgarland guardian Pretty sure this is a PLUS for Tillerson in his new Russian govt post.

  • ericgarland guardian No way can this man become Secretary of State. Trump's mental illness is evident--terrible choice of candidate.

  • Sandy Smith (sandyagoura)

    ericgarland I find it sad that some don't understand the problem here. Also why are people so hurtful to each other and calling names

  • ericgarland Game theory, don't fail me now!

  • Nasty PJ (pgrandee10)

    ericgarland kristapley guardian Deepening of the level of treachery and treason for tillerson? GOP....we won the election. Party over country...traitors/corrupt

  • Kevin Voigt (kevoigt6666)

    ericgarland guardian GOP will say it's a souvener shell shop in the Bahamas

  • ericgarland Don't worry about it. realDonaldTrump said it was okay. #Trumpality

  • CharlieCroker (upperwestbruin)

    ericgarland EricRaskin guardian and???

  • Jason™  ? (yuusharo)

    upperwestbruin Rex Tillerson is slated to be our next Secretary of State…

  • CharlieCroker (upperwestbruin)

    yuusharo thanks genius.

Hmm. "Leak reveals Rex Tillerson is director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil company" link
Breaking:Leak reveals Tillerson is director of Bahamas-based US-#Russian oil company #Trump #TrumpLeaks #amjoy #cnn link
  • Scott Dworkin (funder)

    Why does something called Tillerson Holdings pop up in #Russia? guardian #msnbc #amjoy #cnn #cnnsotu #mtp #trump linklink

  • Scott Dworkin (funder)

    Just found Tillerson owns RTMTC LTD which is registered in Cyprus-formerly named Tillerson Holdings #TrumpLeaks #trump #amjoy #cnn guardian link

  • Scott Dworkin (funder)

    #Russian audit paperwork below proves OAO RTM-Russian real estate company-bought Tillerson Holdings in Cyprus #TrumpLeaks #msnbc #amjoy #cnn link

  • Scott Dworkin (funder)

    PDF: #Russian audit proving Tillerson Holdings was sold to #Russia real estate company in '08 #TrumpLeaks #amjoy #cnn linklink

  • funder - keep up the AWESOME work Scott! We will get this asshat one way or another! #TrumpLeaks

  • Clayton (dayclayjoe)

    funder wow let's not forget Hillary's and Obamas holdings

  • potpourri72 (potpourri72)

    dayclayjoe funder WTF does that have to do with this corrupt guy?

  • potpourri72 dayclayjoe funder Nothing. It's called pathetic deflection.

  • potpourri72 (potpourri72)

    KarenW1968 dayclayjoe funder When we are being threatened with nukes, these idiots are still going to be asking "but what about Hillary"?

  • potpourri72 dayclayjoe funder Emails! Benghazi! It's Obama's fault!

  • Roxanne John Santoro (Pudnip)

    funder time to stop this nonsense. Trump is selling out our entire country. Dems stand up and fight.

  • funder What ever came of this? The entire cabinet must be in here somewhere.[ link

  • susan gross (pricklyeater)

    funder guardian The E-C vote MUST be delayed! Trump's tax returns have got to be released. We have a right to see whom he owes $$ to!

  • Avia (IrisPABQ)

    funder guardian lock them up! Bet he pays no taxes on this and other holdings. Crooks!


    funder guardian Disqualified!!

  • st8ofmind (sannino2005)

    Trump where R returns, med. records, plan of separating your biz/kids from American politics? WashTimes washingtonpost CNN funder

  • st8ofmind (sannino2005)

    Once again No trans·par·en·cy. Every American should have a problem with that. WashTimes washingtonpost CNN funder

  • funder retrosher I've been waiting for the shit to hit the fan, I want to see Trump's business dealings. #TrumpsTaxReturns #HackIt

  • Patricia (Principalaz)

    funder Next pick will be worse.

Leak reveals Rex Tillerson is director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil biz lukeharding1968 guardian link #unpresidented
Leak reveals Rex Tillerson is director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil company link Disqualifying if its a a tax dodge.
  • Craig (CJLavallee)

    GovHowardDean petsneverfailu1 guardian 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason

  • GovHowardDean Thor_Sun Funny how realDonaldTrump danced around the SoS pick until Tillerson appeared out of nowhere. Like Russian magic!

  • Josh Rich (joshua_rich)

    GovHowardDean It's only if Republicans follow the law. If they turn a blind eye, it will end up in court. Will Democrats stand up?

  • GWB (Sante1940)

    GovHowardDean mch7576 trump is a tax dodger the R's love him

  • Yeoh (Yeoh62)

    GovHowardDean HGTomato Will we start hearing more chants from the Right re: Panama Papers?

  • Tom Brander (dartdog)

    GovHowardDean Could be worse if it is a sanctions dodge..

  • Rhonda Smith (rhoda412)

    GovHowardDean guardian let's talk more about that uranium Hillary gave Putin, shall we?

  • Kaluš (fitserbmomma)

    rhoda412 GovHowardDean guardian How bout we talk facts, shall we? link

  • Monique (petsneverfailu1)

    GovHowardDean guardian We need another 50 state approach! I vote 4 GovHowardDean for DNC chair

  • Susan Dinicola (suedees)

    GovHowardDean guardian OMG GovHowardDean please tell me there's a light at the end of this tunnel! #WeThePeople

  • GovHowardDean guardian Thanks. I was sure investigative journalism would prevail! Hence, Watergate, Hoover, and Iran contra!

  • GovHowardDean Everything about realDonaldTrump stinks of corruption #Resist #DumpTrump #Dec19 #NotMyPresident

  • (((Richinsfca))) (Rich_893)

    GovHowardDean cashira2554 -And it will prove to be a tax dodge.

  • Saucy Stacey (DrCrane72)

    GovHowardDean One would hope, but if 60M dolts didn't think tax dodging disqualified #MinorityPresident I'm not so sure.

  • Eric Logsdon (elogsdon65)

    GovHowardDean Basterds_Fight wait, more corruption? Shocking. #TheResistance never dies

  • Craig (CJLavallee)

    GovHowardDean petsneverfailu1 guardian JoyAnnReid maddow

  • Craig (CJLavallee)

    GovHowardDean petsneverfailu1 guardian SenateDems SenateGOP SenJohnMcCain SenSchumer WTF WTF

  • Stephanie (2planetdwellers)

    GovHowardDean and the sewer overflows.

  • pat blake (EePat)

    GovHowardDean mch7576 It will not affect anything. GOP are wimpy creeps who will be begging for favors from Trump/Putin.

Tillerson’s conflicts of interest are stupefyingly deep, without precedent for State or any other position link #Electors
  • Julia Davis (JuliaDavisNews)

    TimothyDSnyder NoamZziv Trump won't care, until these conflicts of interest lead to real consequences, not just lip service.

  • Beyond. You know Gerhard Schroeder is a part of this, too, yes? Not to mention ex-Stasi. TimothyDSnyder metaquest linklink

  • Bogdan Vera (BogdanVera)

    TimothyDSnyder antumbral This is one of America's most corrupt governments ever.

  • UKRAINIAN_AMERICAN (alikmelts)

    BogdanVera TimothyDSnyder antumbral Nothing beats the Obama-Clinton corruption yet.

  • Bogdan Vera (BogdanVera)

    alikmelts TimothyDSnyder antumbral Really, literally having an Exxon CEO as secretary of state is not more corrupt? REALLY.

  • BogdanVera eki123 alikmelts TimothyDSnyder antumbral Are you at least worried about the path we seem to be on as far as corruption?

  • BogdanVera eki123 TimothyDSnyder antumbral Apologies. Aimed at you, alikmelts

  • Eki Igiehon (eki123)

    JuanLJanitorr BogdanVera TimothyDSnyder antumbral alikmelts as far as I know Obama admin.fixed America's economy more gov. I know

  • TimothyDSnyder Shocking you don't comprehend you will have armed insurrection if Trump's legitimate election is overturned.

  • renzo (renzocapetti29)

    TimothyDSnyder carmenvellon guardian just sane, no. do not confirm.

  • Mace Windu (MastrJedi)

    TimothyDSnyder MalcolmNance guardian ouch.... Obama, when you said retaliate, I thought you was just joshing... niccahead Rick u next.

  • Meghan Duprey (mmduprey)

    TimothyDSnyder JWGOP guardian I wonder what Trump will tweet to distract from this

  • Gordon G. Forbes (ggforbes)

    TimothyDSnyder neeratanden guardian Dems should just play loop pf SNL skit at his confirmation hearing.

  • LadyGibb (ladygibb)

    TimothyDSnyder torinellis guardian Tired of all this unveiling of conflicts and Russia connections. What are they going to do about it?

  • Chickie J (chickiej1)

    TimothyDSnyder jerrigirl guardian Not to mention his profound dearth of relevant experience.

  • vruz (vruz)

    . TimothyDSnyder This is not "revolving door" material. This is perfect marriage of corporate and govt power. This UR fascism glynmoody

  • RBH (robert12756)

    TimothyDSnyder neeratanden guardian Not even close to the depth of HRC and her stable of dictators but no one cared.

  • flora mcgettigan (floramcg7)

    TimothyDSnyder guardian Trump's voters luv, believe him & will fight to the death for him - scary!! #kleptocracy #Brainwashed

Tillerson is director of US-#Russian oil company in Bahamas #TrumpLeaks #theresistance #goldenshowergate #exxonknew link
  • wtfnews (wtfnewsamerica)

    funder What kind of "leak" - a yellow one?

  • Faye Brooks (TheDemocrat63)

    funder LeChatNoire4 guardian,Gates chosed Rex.Trump asked Gates for a Suggestion.that's why during the Hearing he didn't agree with Trump

  • funder guardian An American crooked presidency.

  • funder bsonder EINSTEIN'S message 4 Trump, Tillerson et al. "Look deep into NATURE, and then you will UNDERSTAND everything better."

  • known man (NCSBM)

    funder guardian did you also get this from 4chan? #GoldenShowerGate

  • Gary K (iDent8)

    funder SenBobCorker senmarcorubio I assume that Tillerson has resigned from all Russian oil companies in every tax haven.

  • Misty (mstdawn2)

    funder guardian Marco Rubio seemed to be a little annoyed with Rex's lack of knowledge of #Aleppo

  • Beth Garry (bgarry)

    funder guardian #PutinsPuppet

  • eli (z7k3m)

    funder Why is Joey 'No Socks' Cinque the only Trump friend who gets an "endearing" middle name? ;)

  • Gary K (iDent8)

    z7k3m funder Trump has another dear friend: convicted rapist "iron" Mike Tyson. Not a middle name I know, but...just saying!

  • Amor7879 (amorganfloyd13)

    funder DemocraticWhore guardian jaketapper

  • Zero Politics (PoliticsZero)

    funder guardian youre all literally either going to have to declare bankruptcy or go to jail for your criminal lies

  • funder will tillerson use russian soldiers or #g4s to rape our continent-cant do it alone-slavers never do

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