Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum - BBC News

The BBC gets localised voting figures for the EU referendum - giving more detail of voting patterns.

Educated people voted to stay in the EU because they were too gullible & stupid to know any better. #SavedByThePlebs link
  • David Fisher (worldnoteurope)

    patcondell jchr5667 BBCNews it needs to be noted that Education over last 30 years means brainwashed by Marxist professors.

  • Steven the Verb (stevoverbino)

    worldnoteurope patcondell jchr5667 BBCNews true. They r stuck in their own little lecturers bubble & haven't experienced the real world!

  • Andy M. (MungBean73)

    patcondell BBCNews Most degrees are worthless. They're awarded to trained monkeys who can mimic their braindead lecturer.

  • Gregory Gromov (ntvll)

    MungBean73 patcondell BBCNews link

  • Andy M. (MungBean73)

    ntvll patcondell BBCNews i have a 1st MSc in Top 20 worldwide course. My course feedback was that my grade was too high & too many passed

  • Tom (tom_peters1)

    patcondell "educated people" aka brainwashed at university/college

  • patcondell LiveEUDebate link

  • StormySeb (Stormy_Seb)

    patcondell BBCNews educated by universities pumped full of 'EU money' that was actually UK money all along.

  • Mike Rotch (MikeRotch24)

    patcondell BBCNews Shame they weren't educated enough to know that you actually need to get off your arse and go n vote...

  • patcondell SerenaJB3 Highlights the gap between formal education and common sense that comes from the University of life.

  • Danny Weathers (weathers_dan)

    patcondell educated aka indoctrinated

  • Woody (dw_68)

    patcondell BBCNews Education and intelligence do not always go hand in hand.

  • Sandra (Sandra10161955)

    patcondell BBCNews that then says they WERE NOT EDUCATED!!!!

  • birchio (birchio)

    patcondell shows that 'thicko' or non indoctrinated individuals have more grasp on reality.

BBC polling data from the EU Referendum shows that ethnic minorities in Ealing and Hounslow narrowly voted Leave link
  • Alex Nieora (Alexicon83)

    BBCNews thus 3 Ealing Labour MPs who rebelled against Art 50 were more concerned with chasing swing voters thn representing their core vote

  • Picss3o (Picss3o)

    Alexicon83 utter shite. Mine canvassed widely for views by email and offered a consultative meeting. He is in a rock solid seat.

  • Alex Nieora (Alexicon83)

    Picss3o like your hair utter shite

  • Picss3o (Picss3o)

    Alexicon83 you are wonderful. I collect people like you

  • Alex Nieora (Alexicon83)

    BBCNews ethnic minorities is slightly inaccurate. In some wards in Ealing Southall certain minorities nationally are a majority locally.

  • Picss3o (Picss3o)

    Alexicon83 SirTrevSkint BBCNews what's it like in the bottom of the barrel scraping around

  • Alex Nieora (Alexicon83)

    Picss3o SirTrevSkint BBCNews I dunno you're the one with 146 followers. I have over 5k

  • Picss3o (Picss3o)

    Alexicon83 SirTrevSkint BBCNews I allow for extreme sensitivity, but damn!

  • Jatroa (jatroa)

    Alexicon83 anthea_bailey BBCNews How does the BBC know? Voting is supposedly secret. And as for the laughable 'polls'...

  • Alex Nieora (Alexicon83)

    jatroa anthea_bailey BBCNews it will be achieved by looking at the voting results at a ward by ward basis.

  • Jatroa (jatroa)

    Alexicon83 anthea_bailey BBCNews There are wards entirely full of old people and others full of young people? How exceptionally neat.

  • Andy M. (MungBean73)

    Alexicon83 BBCNews Sikhs & Hindus would vote Leave. Voting Remain would be voting to let the fox in the hen house.

  • 52% and proud (brexit4life)

    Alexicon83 geoffs05 BBCNews our settled Asian communities often do not see the benefit of drunken Eastern Europeans either......

  • Shteve (SteveBlogs1)

    Alexicon83 BBCNews and Slough

  • roy fletcher (indiegop)

    Alexicon83 BBCNews higher number of asians correlated positively with Leave vote.

  • Alexicon83 BBCNews But the BBC told me that Pro Brexit voters are all racist? You're not telling me that the BBC are lying Cunts?

  • Killertarian (killertarian)

    Alexicon83 BBCNews if you've been to Hounslow you know why well done Raj!

  • Alex Mackie (AFretired2009)

    killertarian Alexicon83 BBCNews Indians know all about losing sovereignty ha ha ha BRITS taught them that.

  • Killertarian (killertarian)

    AFretired2009 Alexicon83 BBCNews hey! We gave it back!

  • Alex Mackie (AFretired2009)

    killertarian Alexicon83 BBCNews. I know you did. I am just pointing out they learned from your example.

Official: Brexiteers most likely to be uneducated old white people link
  • Brad Cumbers (bradcumbers)

    JamesWallis rodolfor BBCNews funny that, same demo as Trump voters.

  • JamesWallis cstross that first scatter plot should be a wake-up call to all those in the quadrant who don't understand scatter plots.

  • Pep Linden (Pep_Linden)

    JamesWallis cstross In other official news, Bremainers most likely to be uneducated young white people. #liesliesandstatistics

  • Jonathan Green (jonathangreen)

    JamesWallis BBCNews Knew it! Not that that makes this f***-up of a situation any better...

  • Camacho2016! (jcschmieder)

    JamesWallis GreatDismal Let's take their vote away! Literacy/Education test should be required.

  • Sneaky Byroncé (sneakybison)

    JamesWallis yup. Fits in with people I know.

  • Michael_Wilson (emjayemjay)

    JamesWallis GreatDismal BBCNews Just goes to show ya the deadly elixir of youth & what passes 4 education = shallow neoliberal drones.

  • Sharpershard (SharpShard)

    JamesWallis NewtonMark BBCNews what a surprise.

  • Felix Pels (fexworldwide)

    JamesWallis BBCNews cstross In other news, water remains wet and grass is apparently green.

  • Nigel Bell (NigelBell19)

    JamesWallis cstross BBCNews and yet, and yet all those eminently qualified journalists and editors pushed Brexit unquestioningly

  • Enemy of the People (Rekeiji)

    JamesWallis BBCNews Who'd have thought it?

Important new analysis of Leave vote based on real votes in real ballot boxes & not polls 1/4 link
  • Gary Rae (gary_rae)

    bbcnickrobinson More evidence that referendums are not the way to run a country.

  • Willywombat7 (willywombat7)

    gary_rae bbcnickrobinson especially if things don't go your way

  • Gary Rae (gary_rae)

    willywombat7 bbcnickrobinson A simple lie won, over a complicated truth.

  • Donny (DonnyMurray)

    gary_rae willywombat7 bbcnickrobinson both sides lied! and if you can't admit your side didn't then....

  • Gary Rae (gary_rae)

    DonnyMurray I never claimed that.

  • Donny (DonnyMurray)

    gary_rae you implied it

  • mark walker (ChickenmanuMark)

    bbcnickrobinson BBCNews Time you remoaners got on with your lives and accepted the result instead of playing the blame game

  • The Red Queen (JennieMacfie)

    ChickenmanuMark bbcnickrobinson BBCNews In Scotland, as the article makes clear, all 32 constituencies voted to Remain.

  • mark walker (ChickenmanuMark)

    JennieMacfie bbcnickrobinson BBCNews The country voted leave accept it. You had your referendum and bottled it so stop whinging

  • Donny (DonnyMurray)

    ChickenmanuMark JennieMacfie bbcnickrobinson BBCNews oi, I voted No in Scotland, so we didn't bottle it imo.

  • Robert Feal-Martinez (Robfm)

    bbcnickrobinson So Nick does the analysis simply confirm us old and stupid voters voted Brexit. Something the media said. Of course rubbish

  • The Red Queen (JennieMacfie)

    Robfm bbcnickrobinson The data shows that on the whole, those who are less educated and to a lesser extent older voted Leave. Not rubbish.

  • Rolo Tamasi (Rolo_Tamasi)

    bbcnickrobinson BBCNews it's utterly unimportant. You lost Nick.

  • Tony (TonyTimes2)

    bbcnickrobinson How can they be based on real votes in ballot boxes if votes are anonymous? Still conjecture, surely?

  • Ryan Turner (RyanTurnerr)

    TonyTimes2 How about you try reading the article? That's the right thing to do before commenting on its contents, surely? Surely?

  • Tony (TonyTimes2)

    RyanTurnerr Fair point

  • The Red Queen (JennieMacfie)

    TonyTimes2 RyanTurnerr As in general elections, votes counted per constituency. Astonishing how little people know about electoral system.

  • Tony (TonyTimes2)

    JennieMacfie RyanTurnerr I know plenty about the electoral system thank you very much, just questioning the validity of guess work when

  • Tony (TonyTimes2)

    JennieMacfie RyanTurnerr surely polls are also constituency specific

  • Ryan Turner (RyanTurnerr)

    TonyTimes2 JennieMacfie Sorry Tony but this article doesn't use polls. It's an analysis of local authority data obtained by FOI request

  • Tony (TonyTimes2)

    RyanTurnerr JennieMacfie That's why I said "also" ie as well as this local authority data

From Middlesbrough to Cambridge, via a pub near Derby: BBC publishes new details of local voting pattern in EUref link
Older, wiser people more likely to support national sovereignty than naive youngsters with worthless degrees. link
  • Richas (RichasAA)

    cjsnowdon oh please Chris you can't do alt right trolling well. Old fogies facing future shock mess up is more like it.

  • RichasAA Trolling europhiles is not alt right

  • Richas (RichasAA)

    cjsnowdon you still can't do the whole mindless rage thang.

  • RichasAA That sounds like a wager to me

  • Richas (RichasAA)

    cjsnowdon maybe but to take it you have to stop telling Europhiles to shut up if you want to troll them too.

  • Richard Vadon (richardvadon)

    cjsnowdon That is one way of putting it. Do you see Trump supporters in that way?

  • richardvadon link… #banter

  • Mark Butcher (markbutcher9)

    cjsnowdon also the numbers show dumb people voted leave.

  • Julia Carr (JuliaH14pac)

    cjsnowdon BBCNews Is that the sovereignty that the White Paper admits we have never lost?

  • 48andBeyond (48andBeyond)

    cjsnowdon BBCNews the dumbest comment I've seen in a long while lol

  • cjsnowdon Life experience defeating indoctrination & propaganda

  • Tim Turner (tim2040)

    ObliviousReaper cjsnowdon Xenophobia and inability to cope with change beat everything else

  • tim2040 cjsnowdon really? yet we're looking at deals with a wider non-Eurocentric world; not looking backwards to Europe

  • Tim Turner (tim2040)

    ObliviousReaper cjsnowdon We're turning our backs on an enormous market to beg protectionists for favours.

  • tim2040 cjsnowdon so Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, etc are protectionists? - The EU is amongst the most protectionist blocks

  • Tim Turner (tim2040)

    ObliviousReaper cjsnowdon We'll have to negotiate deals with all these countries, with them knowing we're weak and desperate for deals.

  • tim2040 cjsnowdon if those who cannot accept reality stopped trying to overturn referendum we'd have a much stronger negotiating position

  • Tim Turner (tim2040)

    ObliviousReaper cjsnowdon Our economy is what it is *inside EU*. You can't pretend it will be same outside. May is grovelling to Trump.

Education, age and ethnicity key factors in Brexit vote, new research shows link
  • Leo Murray (crisortunity)

    IanDunt ignorant old white people are just the best

  • Stagger Lee (Mr_Plastique)

    crisortunity IanDunt perhaps only graduates can vote in the future?

  • Leo Murray (crisortunity)

    Mr_Plastique IanDunt perhaps we try harder to find ways to ensure all people are better informed

  • Stagger Lee (Mr_Plastique)

    crisortunity IanDunt with Media outlets like the Mail peddling myths it's going to be an uphill battle

  • Cyber-cottage.co.uk (cyberco)

    iandunt As someone who was at the polling station that day, this comes as no surprise what so ever.

  • Annie Jones (annie_peg)

    cyberco IanDunt Or to anyone reading Brexiter comments on Twitter...

  • marko (mhkhglo)

    IanDunt BBCNews pretty much confirms every preconceived impression of the leave/remain demography. Should never have went to a referendum.

  • Saywhatuwant (saywhatuwantok)

    IanDunt BBCNews when you mix with immigrants, or humans as I like to call them, you don't fear them

  • J (CifrLXXXVI)

    IanDunt Education is everything. Ignorance is bliss...

  • IanDunt BBCNews Move over, Comical Ali.....Comical Dom has seized your crown.... link

Remember, it's wrong to call Leave voters 'uneducated' and 'elderly', unless you mean 'statistically'. link
  • stephencgrant I detect a tongue in cheek but we shouldn't use either as epithet. Nobody seems concerned that poor & elderly feel hopeless

  • Stephen Grant (stephencgrant)

    deasy_rascal tongue very much in cheek. However I'm still dismayed 'feeling hopeless' considered fair motive for self-defeating decision.

  • stephencgrant not a fair motive, something daft that desperate people wd do. I'd be as concerned about inequality as Brexit, were I British

  • Stephen Grant (stephencgrant)

    deasy_rascal for certain. Inequality got us here - anger at marginalisation, manifested as hate.

  • stephencgrant BBCNews all that education and they still chose the wrong answer?

  • Stephen Grant (stephencgrant)

    jamesbutteryQP BBCNews ha! We'll see what the right answer was in 2/5/10/20 years...

  • stephencgrant I would like to know the statistics for voters in relation to how comfortable they are financially.

  • Stephen Grant (stephencgrant)

    DanielC71418776 not something the electoral commission has access to, unlike age/race/health/education demographics

  • stephencgrant I appreciate that but I believe it would be a very interesting stat if it existed. Thanks for the reply.

  • Rob Mortlock (Rob_Mortlock)

    stephencgrant joeearley so only young graduates should be allowed to vote?

Further voting data shows Leave votes correlate with fewer educational qualifications link
BBC News - Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum link Confirmation- Brexit triggered by the less educated

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