Meryl - that anti-Trump rant was the worst performance of your career

Just when I thought we’d exhausted the reservoir of Trump-hating luvvies, up pops the biggest star in Hollywood to join in and stick her stiletto-heeled boot into Donald days before his inauguration.

FLASHBACK: Streep gives standing ovation to Polanski... link
PIERS MORGAN slams Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech link
Wow. Just been informed my DailyMail Meryl Streep column was read by 1.6 million people. For the few who missed it: link
  • Oscar Chimaobi (oscarchim)

    piersmorgan DailyMail Just fiending for clicks, are you. Reason you write all the clap-trap you do?

  • Dean McMackin (DeanMcMackin)

    oscarchim piersmorgan DailyMail Yet despite the clap-trap you keep on reading his columns?

  • Oscar Chimaobi (oscarchim)

    DeanMcMackin piersmorgan DailyMail Sorry, wrong person. Won't be caught dead reading his stream of consciousness. ...

  • John (DoSACExile)

    piersmorgan DailyMail For balance, that's 5m less than watched Antiques Roadshow last night. You're not popular, Piers.

  • Mark Muir  ?? (boyinabubble)

    piersmorgan DailyMail Shows the popularity of Meryl Streep

  • [:mikefox] (turbogeek421)

    piersmorgan dailymail *visited

  • Saad Wadia (SaadWadia_)

    piersmorgan DailyMail decent, then again there's 15-year-olds with 5 million views on Snapchat

  • stephen kane (skerrybank)

    piersmorgan Meryl Streep was the reason for the views.. Quentin Letts could have written it and still it would have been read. #bighead

  • StayGold (StayGoldDopey)

    piersmorgan DailyMail That's a good number in your world? lol

  • Tracy Hudson (TLTwitchHudson)

    StayGoldDopey piersmorgan DailyMail so reading it and using 1.6mil as a number is considered positive, what if most didn't like it.

  • StayGold (StayGoldDopey)

    TLTwitchHudson piersmorgan DailyMail It may have 1.6mil clicks, no evidence everyone read it.Facts and Piers have never been friends.

  • nicole (nic13g)

    piersmorgan DivaAmie DailyMail link

  • 1momzer (1momzer)

    piersmorgan Dear Piers! She is Meryl Streep, and you are not. DailyMail

  • MikeyC (Paccioni)

    It only massages your ego - it does not make your comments right or mean anyone agrees with you piersmorgan DailyMail

  • Mark Gullick (MarkGullick2)

    piersmorgan Brad_D80 DailyMail Not a fan of yours Morgan, even though you are a Gooner, but I admire you sticking it to Hollywood.

  • Still Deplorable (reallyo1)

    piersmorgan DailyMail Fuck Hollywood and their cloak of righteousness. These pill heads have nothing to teach us!

  • piersmorgan DailyMail It tells you learned nothing after you received American hatred on speaking about Gun Control.I hope its your lowest

  • Rob D (robdunneny)

    piersmorgan DailyMail if u define "read" as 'click on link, call u a talentless hack & move on', then yes ur article was "read" by 1.6 mil

  • Kari Donovan (happit1776)

    piersmorgan obama_speech DailyMail isnt it more fun to not be a liberal progressive communist wanker?

Meryl - that anti-Trump rant was the worst performance of your career link via MailOnline
  • Rory Lyons (lyons_gt)

    RightWingAngel MailOnline She misunderstood this behaviour, did she? link

  • lyons_gt MailOnline was concerned as well, then saw he did it to Ted Cruz and others, he talks and expresses with his hands.

  • Cate (Cate2pilates)

    RightWingAngel lyons_gt MailOnline link

  • Rory Lyons (lyons_gt)

    Cate2pilates RightWingAngel MailOnline guardian Donnie has an explanation. It's a gigantic lie as usual, but good enough for his zombies

  • Victoria. Coo (grannycoo)

    RightWingAngel MailOnline -- hollywood is not going to be the same after Jan 20th, white actors were dumped with O and now what will be_

  • GodSpeed (DorH84607784)

    RightWingAngel Bob42746 Far more of her 'friends' will distance themselves rather than stand by her. They now realize the consequences!

  •  ?AmericanKelli ? (kshw5678)

    RightWingAngel silva_xoxlova MailOnline Just goes to show you, she's only worth watching when she's reading a script. #MerylStreep

Streep's arrogant, hypocritical spew demonstrated exactly WHY Hillary & libs were DECIMATED in election link
  • slone donavan_antony They buy their votes ... The awards are phony. Follow the money & the politics in Hollywood!

  • TuxieTaylor13 1Freddycmusic slone donavan_antony I don't watch any awards Most movies and tv no good anymore


  • slone Hollywood celebrities should stick with what they do best-entertainment. Golden globes was an anti trump rally. Their influence has <

  • Dragon Hunt (DragonHunt68)

    ROBERTCLEMENS1 slone. The Golden Globes sounded just like Hillary rallies. Same speech writers

  • slone JeffreyCOwnby I thought it was a brilliant "Retirement" speech myself #GoldenGlobes #snowflakes

  • Alan Guinn (aguinn)

    slone. The challenge is that these folks just don't get it. They don't want to get it. They refuse to see alternatives. It's their loss.

  • slone LANURSE1 Streep is a LOON.

  • rickterp (rickterp752)

    slone WhineNot two Ivy educated women worth hundreds of million $ are victims b/c working people reject their insane ideas?GMAFB!

  • Wilbur Rogers (SonWilbur)

    slone ThePatriot143 Hey #MerylStreep , break a leg. Literally. (or is it a hip?) link

  • EK (MAGA_4ALL)

    slone wisecc1 yeah, and her dress is ugly too...

  • Linda (shirl47char)

    slone bowhunter_va Biggest STAR in Hollywood.... NOT Streep that is for sure.

  • Boston Harry (rsox03)

    slone ThePatriot143 When I owned a business I did Whatever I could to please the customer, Hollywood might try the same tactic or lose $$.

  • slone ThePatriot143 why doesn't she put her $ where it can help.Sell all assets,Live in a 1 bedrm &donate the rest 2the homeless in Cali!

  • slone Lost All respect for her. She was right about losing her mind last year!

  • Daniel L. Betz (dlbetz)

    slone RightAsRain7 she's a big phony anyway, never watch any of her mediocrity, so called act

  • slone Trump_World she thinks cause her own awarded her that the rest of us think she is important. She will find out that she isn't

Great column by piersmorgan, one of the few liberal journalists who didn't lose his mind over this election. link
  • McCerr piersmorgan Piers Morgan is neither a Liberal or a journalist.

  • McCerr (McCerr)

    ReDDeViLNyC piersmorgan He's always seemed like a classical liberal to me.

  • tommckibbin (tommckibbin)

    McCerr piersmorgan Get a grip and man up. He is not a Liberal.

  • McCerr (McCerr)

    tommckibbin piersmorgan How so? He seems like a classical liberal to me, not a progressive though, there's a difference.

  • Hanky Chef (Hankychef)

    McCerr Do you actually type that piersmorgan is a liberal??

  • McCerr (McCerr)

    Hankychef piersmorgan What would you say he is?

  • Hanky Chef (Hankychef)

    McCerr He used to edit a left-wing tabloid and now writes for a far-right rag - he's nothing, available to the highest bidder. piersmorgan

  • Khanal (Gckhanal)

    McCerr piersmorgan He supported Trump from day 1.

  • McCerr (McCerr)

    Gckhanal piersmorgan Classical liberalism is much different from progressivism; Clinton is no more of a liberal than Trump.

  • Khanal (Gckhanal)

    McCerr piersmorgan He has problems with breast, ass and morals and still continuously defends Trump. IDK what -ism he is.

  • Khanal (Gckhanal)

    McCerr piersmorgan Or may be that's why he defends Trump.

  • Matt Baker (rebelgunner34)

    McCerr piersmorgan obviously we don't care about what these fake out of touch Hollywood idiots think anymore

  • Billy Tee (BillyT_202)

    rebelgunner34 You just proved you did. McCerr piersmorgan

  • Lou Rotella (pwdrhounder)

    McCerr AlaskaBabe1225 piersmorgan not a fan of Morgan but it was a well thought out, written piece. Worth the read. Shame on you Streep.

  • Smorris0322 (smorris0322)

    McCerr JoyfulGrandma piersmorgan agreed Piers is right on the money with this one! I for one simply crave truth over opinion from media.

  • Sai Patnaik (saipatnaik)

    McCerr piersmorgan Trump put the drama queen in her proper place

  • Candice Gordon (BluSAVANNAH)

    McCerr piersmorgan agreed, a solid piece of writing saying it exactly as it is!

  • Jay Ouellet (JAYQO)

    McCerr piersmorgan She 'lost her mind', alright. Now her integrity. Downright arrogant. Hollywood will lose billions.

  • Joshua Nathan (joshisclever)

    McCerr piersmorgan Liberal, he worked for the Mirror yes but also support s a a climate change denying Bilionaire racist, no way a liberal

"Meryl Streep poured another 100 gallons of oil onto an already inflamed toxic fire," PiersMorgan says link
  • Tom Davis (NJShorePatch)

    brianstelter piersmorgan Wrong to applaud Polanski, but she was right about realDonaldTrump. Clearly mocked the reporter. Puh-lease...

  • Jill (JillChristinaWV)

    brianstelter piersmorgan She didn't get personal. She called out his behavior. He gets personal all the time.

  • Truth (proudchicagoan)

    JillChristinaWV brianstelter piersmorgan yep he got personal in his attack against her calling her overrated

  • SriTal (SrikanthTalagad)

    brianstelter piersmorgan NO! Mery Streep , a citizen with freedom speech expressed her opinion against her incoming administration!

  • SriTal (SrikanthTalagad)

    brianstelter piersmorgan AND Trump who also enjoys the same Freedom of Speech, fired back. 2 Americans enjoying their freedom of speech!

  • SriTal (SrikanthTalagad)

    brianstelter piersmorgan TO Media: there is lot of Important shit going on in the world. Your job , do it!

  • TheRealPeggy Ganong (SkepBy)

    brianstelter piersmorgan A speech criticizing bullies and mockery of the disabled is inflammatory but not the actual bullying and mockery?

  • Sarah O'Connell (eatmoreart)

    brianstelter piersmorgan If decency makes people uncomfortable, that's their problem.

  • Always With HER (Snldiva)

    brianstelter piersmorgan for a speech to be that powerful when she didn't even mention his name speaks volumes. It was an overdue speech.

  • Whitey (RWKOFF)

    brianstelter If Meryl Streep was so concerned about disabled people she should have mentioned more about the Chicago torture victim!

  • Truth (proudchicagoan)

    RWKOFF brianstelter Trump mocks disabled people and gets elected President.

  • proudchicagoan RWKOFF brianstelter link

  • Truth (proudchicagoan)

    based_hillbilly RWKOFF brianstelter I'll pray for you though, gullible fool

  • Whitey (RWKOFF)

    proudchicagoan based_hillbilly brianstelter Typical Liberal, when its not going your way start slinging names. We WILL pray for you son!

  • Truth (proudchicagoan)

    RWKOFF based_hillbilly brianstelter honey claiming trump was not mocking the reporter hardly makes this convo not go my way

  • Martin James (martinjames1138)

    proudchicagoan RWKOFF based_hillbilly brianstelter link

  • Truth (proudchicagoan)

    MartinJames1138 RWKOFF based_hillbilly brianstelter that way? That type of behavior is unacceptable? You know act like an adult?

.RealJamesWoods .ScottAdamsSays link
  • Nina B (NinaB26)

    djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays I hear there's mudslides in California. Hopefully, that will result in a stateslide into the ocean

  • djinoc (djinoc65)

    NinaB26 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays oh no. I live just a few miles from the ocean

  • Nina B (NinaB26)

    djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays Sorry, but you know what I mean.

  • djinoc (djinoc65)

    NinaB26 lol... I know. Lived here all my life.

  • djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays Her heart breaks along party lines.

  • Lisa McHugh (lulubelle65)

    djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays Bravo to Piers Morgan that was beautifully written

  • Helen J. Qiu (QQBeautifulDove)

    lulubelle65 djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays Piers Morgan is ONE cool dude from England!!!

  • Shane Curran (AKAWinny)

    QQBeautifulDove lulubelle65 djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays Piers is a bit of a prat, but it's certainly a well argued column.

  • Helen J. Qiu (QQBeautifulDove)

    AKAWinny lulubelle65 djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays don't be jealous of piers,Shane.If u have sound judgemt,u can be cool 2!

  • J 2 D (Johnny_Two_Dogs)

    djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays the daily mail is a hate filled right-wing rag, that also endorsed Hitler.

  • Johnny_Two_Dogs djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays anything truthful and does not carry water for the left is right wing rag

  • J 2 D (Johnny_Two_Dogs)

    WardChurchill2 djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays no. Try again. link

  • Starofthesea (starofthesea171)

    Johnny_Two_Dogs WardChurchill2 djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays What part of these headlines is not fact?

  • J 2 D (Johnny_Two_Dogs)

    starofthesea171 WardChurchill2 djinoc65 RealJamesWoods ScottAdamsSays most are lies. Those based are fact are skewed sensationalism

  • John M. Fowler (79FenderStrat)

    Johnny_Two_Dogs starofthesea171 WardChurchill2 djinoc65 RealJamesWoods actually your posts are lies. Liberals lie it's what they do.

  • J 2 D (Johnny_Two_Dogs)

    79FenderStrat that's not very good debating skills. Do better next tweet. Bye!

  • John M. Fowler (79FenderStrat)

    Johnny_Two_Dogs not a debate. Just pointing out the facts. Nice try troll boy.

  • Akari Hayami (1080skibunny)

    djinoc65 Considering Death Becomes Her that is pretty bad.

  • eduardo martinez (martyn43)

    djinoc65 Plenty of material in Hollywood for the Golden Globes to set up a section to award a trophy to the most outstanding hypocrite .

  • eduardo martinez (martyn43)

    djinoc65 And the winner is Meryl Streep , bravo, another one for her collection.

.piersmorgan on Meryl Streep's speech- "the stench of hypocrisy throughout Streep’s speech was putridly pungent" link
  • OoohLinda! (California030)

    vasilikaliman justmejill piersmorgan oh yes, yes, yes Meryl. Plz tell me how to vote. You helped me realize I made a terrible mistake?

  • W.H. Jordan (randomblackman)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan actors and actresses struggle for legitimacy and influence is hilarious. Their hypocrisy is overwhelming

  • Robert Grattage (Steamutube)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan piersmorgan She has more talent in her little finger than you Piers. This no talent DT will be a disaster!

  • Ruth Lee (RuthBLee)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan I'm so glad I didn't waste 3 hrs listening to rich elitists tell me what to think.

  • Janine (JanineE1)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan Where was Streep on violence in Syria/Libya/Yemen/Turkey/migrant crisis if she cares about violence/ foreigners

  • Charles R (bounty1798)

    vasilikaliman charjoe2000 piersmorgan I wonder does she think she changed a dam thing,she only showed her complete stupidity

  • evabradbury (evaibraham)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan let's remember Meryl Streep does live in La La land

  • Emptyk45 (Emptyk45)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan piersmorgan All he wants is the Sudetenland.

  • W.H. Jordan (randomblackman)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan the majority of material coming out of Hollywood is not fit for human consumption. C'mon, Lucifer has a show

  • Swagger (SagarKalsi1)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan one of paid trump retweets!

  • Car lover (Carlover64Car)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan well we all knew piers was going to defend his talentless boyfriend not the talented Meryl! #embarrassingnow!

  • vasilikaliman Patriotic_Me piersmorgan Trump raise 100%taxes mansions and cars of this artisitas! All family must pay 100%more taxes!

  • L (germantwl)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHAHHA look at you.

  • Apriori (Celt007Rob)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan Streep is an irrational person . What a terrible speech.Pretentious going for the spotlight twisting reality

  • j̤̈ä̤ẍ̤ (jaxspenser)

    vasilikaliman piersmorgan FAKE ACCOUNT!

"I haven’t heard such elitist snobbery since Hillary Clinton branded Trump supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’." link
  • armed (acre1291)

    prageru 6NOD3SI I don't consider Streep the biggest star in Gollywood. And i'll wager most Americans agree.

  • prageru You mean that's not #CaitlinJenner? I thought #MerylStreep died 20 years ago. Dadgum death hoaxes. #StreepSux

  • Deivid (straszd_deivid)

    prageru Poor Meryl all she's ever contributed to society is pretending to be someone else. Paintings and sculpture are arts, not acting

  • Ed (twodayslater)

    prageru Chicago mayor was a rep they would be calling him a racist and blaming him for all the murders and for not doing anything.

  • Gene Krupa (GeneKrupa18)

    prageru It's funny how conservatives make fun of "out of touch elitist Hollywood democrat leftists." link

  • Michael Johnson (bagdadmike)

    prageru well Meryl has her legacy. See will be known as the village .........

  • Jack (JackFromVa)

    prageru - A Hollyweird star shows up wearing a broken mirror and rails about realDonaldTrump -- Who cares?

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