My family has been stalked for the last 4 years • /r/nosleep

I’m posting this here because this seems to be the place that people could truly appreciate what’s happened to my family and I. This situation...

y'all....... read this... link
if you're bored this will rly mess you up : link
one of the craziest stories I have ever read. Definitely worth your time link
Y'all have to read this it's so crazy, link
THIS IS INSANE!!! i hate reading and i read all of this, pls read link
this made me mentally unstable link
Petition to make this a movie link
  • Jesse Mollere (JesseMollere)

    Bradley_Bozant say I'm a little hungover and couldn't make it past part 2 but I'm interested so if you wanna give me a lil summary

  • Bozant (Bradley_Bozant)

    JesseMollere son you gotta read it. Some crazy shit

  • caleb howell (ch_fungus)

    Bradley_Bozant no sleep is a sub reddit for fictional scary stories

read this. I don't think I've ever been so scared and cried so hard at something I've read before link
this took me 50 minutes to read but it was well worth it link

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