National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador, despite denials, officials say

The communications occurred before the Trump administration took office, say current and former officials.

The WaPo has nine sources here that Flynn either lied or had Pence lie for him. link
  • Anirvan Ghosh (anirvanghosh)

    . nxthompson washingtonpost My bet's on Pence doing the lying for him.

  • Sybill Trelawney (SybilT2)

    . anirvanghosh nxthompson People booed mention of Pence at #ChaffetzTownHall. Chaffetz said, "Come on, Pence is so nice." People booed more

  • Anirvan Ghosh (anirvanghosh)

    SybilT2 nxthompson As the saying goes, "you can fool some ppl for a short time, but not all ppl all the time." Pence has nowhere to hide.

  • Randy Weiss (RanWiz)

    anirvanghosh SybilT2 nxthompson Pence is probably the most qualified to run government in the bunch...but he's still over his head in WH.

  • Karen J (KaJo503)

    RanWiz After the mess he made of his gun-running state? linkanirvanghosh SybilT2 nxthompson

  • Randy Weiss (RanWiz)

    cravennewworld KaJo503 anirvanghosh SybilT2 nxthompson PostTrib Don't get me wrong - I'm w/group afraid to #Dumptrump cause P is next!

  • Peter Sterne (petersterne)

    nxthompson washingtonpost And Flynn's spox was forced to walk back his denial, which (to me) is most convincing of all.

  • ElizabethR (Elizabe81717420)

    petersterne nxthompson washingtonpost Interesting they both have convenient cases of amnesia. Wonder if content of calls can be proven?

  • Peter Sterne (petersterne)

    Elizabe81717420 nxthompson washingtonpost Well, it sounds like they were tapped and intel officials have transcripts.

  • ElizabethR (Elizabe81717420)

    petersterne nxthompson washingtonpost Thanks. Hopefully they will be exposed!

  • nxthompson MikePenceVP lied too? Maybe the whole Trump administration will go down. Fingers crossed. And to think, it's only week three.

  • LisaTJohansen nxthompson MikePenceVP feels like week 300

  • Tara (artnmuzic)

    heather_smbham LisaTJohansen nxthompson I've aged 300 weeks in the past 3!

  • artnmuzic heather_smbham nxthompson Me too. And I was old already!

  • John Latimer (JohnMLatimer)

    nxthompson piers_hollott Oh yeah, almost forgot Russia cyber attacked the election. Have you SenJohnMcCain lindseygrahamSC

If Michael Flynn talked to Russian Amb. in December about lifting sanctions it violates Logan Act, is treasonous link
  • NormOrnstein andyrosebrook Bigger than Watergate. This Titanic is going to bring a lot of people down.

  • . Exposingfrauds7 NormOrnstein This is the biggest scandal in US political history. Otherworldly to see it unfold so slowly.

  • andyrosebrook NormOrnstein I agree. There's never been a scandal in US history of this magnitude. Many don't want to face that.

  • . Exposingfrauds7 NormOrnstein It took a decade for many of my friends to come to grips with 9/11, & so many close to me still deny it.

  • andyrosebrook NormOrnstein I think the country is still coming to terms with the impact of 9/11. It completely rattled our sense of safety

  • . Exposingfrauds7 NormOrnstein Christopher Hitchens: "After 9/11 the US was subjected to an outrageous campaign of defamation & slander."

  • . Exposingfrauds7 NormOrnstein Yes, 9/11 is the root of many things going on in the news today, or one of them.

  • andyrosebrook NormOrnstein I think it's possible the trauma of 9/11 may have contributed to a weakening in social norms which led 2 Trump.

  • NormOrnstein yashar washingtonpost Not if. #AnonBarbie

  • sassygurl (janetgilmanolso)

    NormOrnstein mrapier is everyone, EVERYONE involved with Trump a crook or completely devoid of humanity? lock them all up.

  • Putin's Puppet (TrumpStink)

    janetgilmanolso NormOrnstein mrapier yes and yes

  • Mike Burkhart (mikeburkhartnc)

    NormOrnstein It's almost like we could have seen this coming....9 months ago.

  • Fran H{NastyGyrl} (CrabQ)

    mikeburkhartnc NormOrnstein The champagne of bs was flowing in the media; he played every game & won. HillaryClinton told us the truth.

  • CrabQ mikeburkhartnc NormOrnstein HillaryClinton Dafuq you talking about? She and Dws and their lies are the reason we are in this mess.

  • Phyllis Anne (PAWarnhoff)

    NormOrnstein yashar Flynn was fired by OBAMA because he couldn't trust him..he was always doing something in everyone's lane but his own!!

  • lewis (seal_1988)

    PAWarnhoff NormOrnstein yashar I actually think he was fired because obama was arming Isis with Hillary

  • Free Falling (soundscaper)

    seal_1988 PAWarnhoff NormOrnstein yashar Actually he was fired because he kept leaking sensitive information

Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian envoy before Trump took office, despite denials, officials say link
  • washingtonpost Gee, what a surprise. How about we find out how compromised this administration is. link

  • NetworkJunkyz washingtonpost I still think Jill Stein played a part in this. Maybe thought it would pull women voters away from Clinton.

  • BobbyJo98617480 NetworkJunkyz washingtonpost She did. She & Bern undermined support from Hillarys left.

  • daniel  ? (dwnisthenewup)

    dingalingy55 BobbyJo98617480 NetworkJunkyz Bernies strategist Tad Devine worked for pro-Putin Viktor Yanukovych right after Paul Manafort

  • Amy Nowacoski (amynowacoski)

    washingtonpost MaddowBlog um, isn't that illegal?

  • The Real CGB (CGBReal)

    amynowacoski washingtonpost MaddowBlog if it looks like treason, smells like treason....

  • Amy Nowacoski (amynowacoski)

    CGBReal washingtonpost MaddowBlog legally treason in the US must involve a declaration of war. There are other laws that apply. 2/3

  • Katanna Conley (katonley)

    amynowacoski CGBReal washingtonpost MaddowBlog It violates the Logan Act.

  • Amy Nowacoski (amynowacoski)

    katonley CGBReal washingtonpost MaddowBlog indeed it might. but that isn't "treason" by US law. don't get me wrong...

  • Amy Nowacoski (amynowacoski)

    katonley CGBReal washingtonpost MaddowBlog this is "treasonous" but unfortunately not "treason" by law I don't think.

  • Katanna Conley (katonley)

    amynowacoski CGBReal washingtonpost MaddowBlog Agree. Not treason. I was responding to your earlier question of illegality.

  • Amy Nowacoski (amynowacoski)

    katonley CGBReal washingtonpost MaddowBlog Oh sorry, threads getting crossed. LOL

  • Nora Dunn (noradunn)

    washingtonpost This is a huge deal. He should be investigated and forced to resign. DavidCornDC Lawrence MaddowBlog

  • Rational Okie (RationalOkie)

    noradunn washingtonpost DavidCornDC Lawrence MaddowBlog His conduct was arguably treasonous or at least was aiding an enemy of the US

  • CMillrod (CMillrod)

    washingtonpost Guess what. We've been lied to. And not about Santa Claus.

  • G-Man (TerminatorGMAN)

    CMillrod Wait! What??? What do you know about Santa Claus? Has he been deported??? Tell me! Tell me NOW!!!

  • Simona Vuletic (zvrk31)

    washingtonpost Perhaps Flynn won't be prosecuted for violation of the Logan act, but should be for repeatedly lying when asked about it.

  • Noel (Noel_zeek)

    zvrk31 washingtonpost he didn't lie under oath. Alternative details are not lies

  • Simona Vuletic (zvrk31)

    Noel_zeek washingtonpost He lied when asked about it, repeatedly. Or do we have to place all Trump minions under oath first?

  • Noel (Noel_zeek)

    zvrk31 washingtonpost it was alternative locker room talk

A doozy of a report and deeply sourced. link
  • KatyTurNBC washingtonpost What did the POTUS & VP know and WHEN did they know it? Flynn had to be carrying out POTUS wishes?

  • Lynay Erickson (lynayerickson)

    jim_hollifield KatyTurNBC washingtonpost FBI were tracing Flynn and 3 others. They have the VB proof. Just hope the FBI do what is right.

  • Aimee on the Left (Aimee_Abq)

    lynayerickson jim_hollifield KatyTurNBC washingtonpost The pressure on the Senate to investigate also needs to be constant

  • Roberta Brooks (Roberta823)

    KatyTurNBC washingtonpost How did we as a Nation of stated values & principles get so far off track? Is loyalty 2 country still important?

  • Roberta823 KatyTurNBC washingtonpost Amen. But Army brat in me keeps asking how did this nut job get promoted all the way to 3-star? WTF?

  • Roni1854 (roni1854)

    WarmGingerTea Roberta823 KatyTurNBC washingtonpost Mattis fired Flynn in 2010 so why is he trusted again--they already fired his son...

  • Roberta Brooks (Roberta823)

    roni1854 WarmGingerTea KatyTurNBC He's Trump's fall guy in what's going to be known as "Russiagate." Flynn doesn't know it yet. blinds.

  • Roni1854 (roni1854)

    Roberta823 WarmGingerTea KatyTurNBC Bet Bannon does...

  • Trump ties to Russia are getting exposed. Will be interesting where this goes... KatyTurNBC washingtonpost

  • Vix Maren (VixMaren)

    midclassmoderat KatyTurNBC washingtonpost Finally, thank god

  • 85scout (85scout)

    KatyTurNBC you all have to hammer this. Flynn needs to go. Stay on the Russian connection it is THE most important story

  • 85scout CindyDPishere KatyTurNBC I second this motion!!! link

  • Jordan (J330W)

    KatyTurNBC washingtonpost do you think anything will happen from this incident?

  • J330W KatyTurNBC washingtonpost Nope!

  • Jordan (J330W)

    realAlexaParker KatyTurNBC washingtonpost link

  • Erin Fisher (PeepFish)

    KatyTurNBC washingtonpost yea but does it matter if we don't have any GOP here to stand up against this?

  • ANDREW KELLEY (andikelley12)

    PeepFish KatyTurNBC washingtonpost can't count on GOP 2 b honorable & 2 work 4 all Americans, not special interests.

I doubt firing Flynn will insulate Trump from this scandal. But it's pretty clear that Flynn will have to be fired. link
  • Herb Dill (atuprez)

    saletan chrislhayes Congress won't do anything, they need Trump around long enough to sign their bills with his tiny digits!

  • Will Saletan (saletan)

    atuprez chrislhayes They need Trump and Pence. That's who they'll protect. Flynn is expendable. And now he's expensive.

  • SpinDoctor (SpinDr)

    saletan You have far more optimism in Trump to do the right thing then I do.

  • Will Saletan (saletan)

    SpinDr I have no faith in him to do the right thing. I have infinite faith that he'll do what's necessary to protect himself.

  • Voter Undecided (mrskeena)

    saletan chrislhayes So, who tells Trump he has to go? I don't think there is a person that can.

  • Will Saletan (saletan)

    mrskeena chrislhayes Nobody tells Trump Flynn has to go. Somebody tells Trump his best shot at protecting himself is to let Flynn go.

  • Keith Ivey (kcivey)

    saletan Protecting himself from what? You expect either the GOP Congress or the Sessions DOJ to do anything? mrskeena chrislhayes

  • Matt Wall (MatthewDCWall)

    saletan You're such an optimist. Why would getting caught in collusion with a foreign power be worse than the other lies they're caught in?

  • Will Saletan (saletan)

    MatthewDCWall An optimist is someone who thinks Trump will go down. I just think he'll lop off the problem.

  • koush (koush)

    saletan it's cute you think trump will fire him.

  • Jesse Lansner (Jesselansner)

    saletan But then Trump will never find out if a strong dollar is good or not.

  • Dominick Cardinale (DSCIOREDA)

    saletan chrislhayes washingtonpost Fired. Prosecuted, Convicted. Imprisoned. And it only took 20 days for the first boil to pop.

  • Jet Bossard (jetboss57)

    DSCIOREDA saletan chrislhayes washingtonpost What Flynn knows about Trump's involvement will be his 'blackmail' prize.

  • Dominick Cardinale (DSCIOREDA)

    jetboss57 saletan chrislhayes washingtonpost you're right. Messy stuff going on

This is freckin' amazing. Flynn lied about plotting with Russian ambassador? 1/2 link
  • Elliott Lusztig (ezlusztig)

    DavidCornDC washingtonpost What I don't understand: Did Flynn really not know those calls were being monitored? Is he just insane?

  • ezlusztig DavidCornDC washingtonpost He's a man who believes he has a mission.

  • Rick Otto (RickOtto)

    DavidCornDC washingtonpost don't know why it's amazing. They're all liars. It will come out. This whole adm is corrupt

  • Rose Wunder (rmwunder)

    DavidCornDC washingtonpost This whole thing is about to blow

  • annec (queencityac)

    rmwunder DavidCornDC washingtonpost Fingers crossed.

  • Matt Nowak (Matt_Nowak5)

    DavidCornDC washingtonpost her emails though

  • Tom Izzo (Hotrodizz)

    Matt_Nowak5 DavidCornDC washingtonpost link

  • Neil Frankham (Arkenor)

    DavidCornDC At what point does he get marched off in cuffs? This has to have reached the level of crime by now, hasn't it?

  • Momztweet (momztweet)

    Arkenor DavidCornDC Is this treason or something lesser? Betting his bosses knows all about it too. Both Putin and Trump.

  • MoreyG (MoreyG77)

    DavidCornDC washingtonpost Your article today re Russia could not have been better timed. So thankful for journalists like you.

  • Lorie Longhany (lorielonghany)

    MoreyG77 DavidCornDC washingtonpost you're not kidding.

  • DavidCornDC SDRedibles It sounds like Pence likely lied about it as well, although it's also possible he's just clueless.

  • Nicolette Yvonne (curemecfs)

    conspirator0 DavidCornDC SDRedibles I call him Liar-Pence. I can't pretend to know all, but that's my name for him.

  • curemecfs conspirator0 DavidCornDC SDRedibles I call him #POISONpence for aiding & abetting #Treason while acting innocent! #TRAITOR link

  • Nicolette Yvonne (curemecfs)

    AngelinaSnow007 Oh, I get it! From "Poison Pen"... Clever!

  • curemecfs His pen is poison. Hi last name is poison. He is poison. EVERYTHING he and trump do is Poison. Especially the executive orders

Either NSA Flynn misled VP Pence or VP Pence misled the American public link
  • Cheri Jacobus (CheriJacobus)

    adamentous JonathanLanday "misled"? Just say "lied" please.

  • Joseph (JosephOnions)

    adamentous EricSchultz washingtonpost Not misled. Lied, on purpose.

  • Dizzy (earthpeasluv)

    JosephOnions adamentous EricSchultz washingtonpost Right! Like Trump & every single one of his peeps. THIS IS NOT NORMAL #russianhacking

  • Zendette (Zendette)

    adamentous scottmoore494 washingtonpost how about they both misled the American people, whom they swore to serve.

  • Merritt Kelly (MerrittKelly1)

    Zendette adamentous scottmoore494 washingtonpost yes.

  • FREDDIE (FredLeeAllen)

    MerrittKelly1 Zendette adamentous scottmoore494 This admin is more corrupt than the mofia and the "poorly educated" are responsible.

  • Headerop (Headerop1)

    Ralfoo7 adamentous washingtonpost bet boris epshtein is key link.

  • DefiantButterfly (wilder_p)

    Headerop1 Ralfoo7 adamentous washingtonpost We haven't seen Boris in a minute. What's up with that?

  • Headerop (Headerop1)

    wilder_p Ralfoo7 adamentous washingtonpost running point for trump with russia.

  • Nathan (Hogdini)

    adamentous Fahrenthold washingtonpost LOCK...HIM...UP!

  • Kita L (kita_L725)

    adamentous EricSchultz washingtonpost I vote Flynn lied to Penis then Penis lied to America. The entire WH is a circle jerk!

  • . adamentous Fahrenthold Oh what a tangled web they're weaving.... #TrumpLies

  • Kerry Hylton (KerryHylton2)

    adamentous Fahrenthold washingtonpost It's a hornets nest of liars with Trump at the center. Emoluments & Russia, Emoluments & Russia

  • Em (emsawarrior)

    adamentous Fahrenthold Every time anyone in this admin gets together, they plan their lies, ands ways to get people to beieve their lies.

  • Kyle (Kentroyals5)

    adamentous Fahrenthold washingtonpost the word you are looking for is "lied"

So the Russia story has fully reignited #FakePresident #PutinPuppet link
  • Baseball Fan (LeftHandedBat)

    KeithOlbermann "he had no recollection of discussing sanctions, he couldn’t be certain that the topic never came up.” Was he drunk??!!

  • the real deal (sanisserious)

    LeftHandedBat Really, how often does he talk to them that he had no recollection of that convo..must be a lot, which is really scary

  • Baseball Fan (LeftHandedBat)

    sanisserious I know, right?

  • Thomas Doyle (tcddoyle)

    KeithOlbermann washingtonpost SEE YOU IN COURT GENERAL FLYNN

  • Catherine Crane (cassiel125)

    tcddoyle Dude, that was perfect. Well played.

  • Thomas Doyle (tcddoyle)


  • master disaster (dumpsterboa)

    KeithOlbermann washingtonpost FINALLY! Thank you for continuing to fight for us Keith. Great journalism from a great American.

  • Brasilmagic (Brasilmagic)

    KeithOlbermann markstephenvan3 washingtonpost Impeachment seems more real with each passing day.

  • Daniel (DanielDCG)

    KeithOlbermann washingtonpost Sorry, as a Canadian watching in horror from afar, I'm afraid that nothing is going to be done about this.

  • Lisa Beard (LisaJCB)

    dominowski zenyatta1411 KeithOlbermann washingtonpost not to mention whatever happened at Miss Universe in Russia.

  • Amy Leibman (AmyLeibman)

    KeithOlbermann washingtonpost this story needs new life before the sanctions are lifted

  • Dennis S Brotman (DenbrotS)

    KeithOlbermann msvictoria53 washingtonpost Demand The TAX RETURNS!

  • Sandi Remer (Remero)

    KeithOlbermann washingtonpost it is really THE story

  • undecided (polywatchout)

    KeithOlbermann washingtonpost Russia is THE story. Everything else keeps media off of this. I hope someone is focusing on this 100%

  • Moses (MosesDidItBest)

    KeithOlbermann washingtonpost Nedd more info pertaining to 5 US Intell agencies investigating Trump, team trump, collusion & MI6 dossier.

  • KeithOlbermann washingtonpost Everyone knew he was lying... he's the 1st lying liar substitute for team WH

  • Eds Sun (ESunkin)

    KeithOlbermann nakashimae When it comes to ties with Russia, he's just living up to the phrase "In Like Flynn" Remove him #outLikeFlynn

Congress SHOULD review General Flynn's previously denied outreach to Russian envoy. Will they touch it now? Nyet. link
  • Amanda W. Blair (akwblair)

    davidaxelrod washingtonpost this story CANNOT go down the drains. Please do all you can to keep it at the forefront. Something is rotten!

  • Boonita (boonita)

    davidaxelrod Wait. What do you mean Congress won't be looking into this? What can an ave citizen do to get them to investigate?

  • Ray Beck (niteowl41)

    davidaxelrod 3 or 4 admin officials, including Flynn, denied he ever spoke about sanctions and now suddenly they say he did. Investigate.

  • Elliot Malet (Elliottmalet)

    davidaxelrod washingtonpost Republican Congress has proven to be "deaf & blind" as to ethics activity in the Trump White House!

  • Marlene (MarleneUsaa1)

    Elliottmalet davidaxelrod washingtonpost MarleneUsaa1 Other nite on CNN jason chaffetz was totally uninterestd in everythng trump relatd


  • Rob Johnson (starrobj)

    davidaxelrod washingtonpost traitor!!!

  • Thomas P. Oppel (tpoppel)

    . davidaxelrod Public should see reported transcript of Flynn's call. Maybe that's why Flynn now backtracking?

  • Wacipi (Wacipi)

    tpoppel ybbkaren davidaxelrod they have proof. the US spied on them. accumulated Intel of several conversations even through campaign

  • karen kirchen (ybbkaren)

    Wacipi tpoppel davidaxelrod seems likely

  • Wacipi (Wacipi)

    ybbkaren tpoppel davidaxelrod rachael on msnbc laid it all out beautifuuly tonite siting sources, etc. It will be on rerun tonite

  • Lisa Burke (MLisaburke12)

    davidaxelrod and why are some talking like the Logan Act is too old to be pertinent. Absurd. GOP has never been afraid to dust it off.

  • davidaxelrod washingtonpost very frustrating for a large segment of Americans.

  • Slider (SlideyStyle)

    davidaxelrod washingtonpost 4 years, 9 reports and $30M on Benghazi. If GOP SpeakerRyan jasoninthehouse don't investigate it's #Treason

  • JasonMiles (JasonMiles)

    davidaxelrod They can't review it now because Putin is calling the shots

  • . davidaxelrod washingtonpost #Flynn: I did not have phone relations with #Russia. #treason? #Flynntelligence ? link

  • EnoughIsEnough (kansasfemale)

    davidaxelrod this Russia convo shit should have been reviewed prior to election - at oh let's say about this same time HRC emails were

  • Triumphrat7 (Triumphrat7)

    davidaxelrod jasoninthehouse #theResistance We all agree, but who do you trust to do this? "Jason (do nothing) Chaffetz? Out of control!

  • Rossaswe (rosaswe)

    davidaxelrod "Lock HIM up!" Not since Benedict Arnold has a flag officer so boldly consorted with adversaries. Out of control.

Among the remarkable reminders here: our current National Security Adviser remains under FBI investigation: link
  • Joy Reid (JoyAnnReid)

    Remarkable: link

  • David Rothkopf (djrothkopf)

    JoyAnnReid See the Logan Act. It is a direct violation.

  • Byrd Martin (ClintonMartin5)

    djrothkopf JoyAnnReid but will anyone ever be charge under that act?

  • Brandelyn (akuma_river)

    ClintonMartin5 djrothkopf JoyAnnReid Probably not. But it looks like he lied to the Feds (sources?); means prison time for #MoscowMike.

  • Byrd Martin (ClintonMartin5)

    akuma_river djrothkopf JoyAnnReid sooner the better.

  • Miles (miles_kaufman)

    JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Please let this be the beginning of the end of this administration!

  • Hubble Gardner (tkdcoach)

    JoyAnnReid The walls are closing in on #MoscowMike

  • tkdcoach JoyAnnReid If only we could get rid of both of them

  • Hubble Gardner (tkdcoach)

    PRETTYGIRLGG11 JoyAnnReid Let's just hope that when we do it goes all the way to where it began; at the top.

  • I am the storm (desertTukut)

    JoyAnnReid washingtonpost sorry but there's no way trump didn't know about this

  • UnqualifiedTrump (votestrong1)

    desertTukut PRETTYGIRLGG11 JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Trump doesn't know anything unless he watches it on TV. He doesn't read well.

  • State (ShirlsAdams)

    JoyAnnReid RiseUpAbove File crim charges NOW! This is sedition or violation of Hatch Act. FBI were swift to go after HRC tho. #FireFlynn

  • . JoyAnnReid washingtonpost And we should refocus our efforts to expose this massive scandal.

  • John Pardee (JPardeeORG)

    JoyAnnReid washingtonpost Right? Why The Flip isn't this the open on every broadcast? Chaffitz has no wiggle room anymore. #investigate

  • JoyAnnReid washingtonpost - Are you talking about the #FBI that helped Trump win election? I'm amused you think he's being investigated

  • Rogue FedStats (RogueFedStats)

    JoyAnnReid galaxyfloater9 Is there anyone in Trump's administration NOT currently under investigation?! No, seriously. Anyone?

  • Rose (RosieDay2U)

    JoyAnnReid This man is a traitor to his own country if this is true.

  • Becky Laskey (LaskeyGB2)

    JoyAnnReid Uh oh! When he was fired from DNI for sharing classified material, he should have went to jail. Maybe now?

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