Nintendo Entertainment System Nes Classic Edition NEW SEALED MINT GOLD VGA 95 ! 45496590024 | eBay

Nintendo Entertainment System Nes Classic Edition NEW SEALED MINT GOLD VGA 95 ! | Video Games & Consoles, Video Game Consoles | eBay!

First there was NES Classic Edition scalping, now this. Try to hold in your breakfast. link
  • PatTheNESpunk apperntly staff at my local GameStop told my cousin the NES classic is a limited release and there will never be anymore made

  • Edwin (Eat_Mysh0rtz)

    KieranCoffeyLFC PatTheNESpunk is this really true?

  • Pat Contri (PatTheNESpunk)

    Eat_Mysh0rtz KieranCoffeyLFC No evidence of such.

  • PatTheNESpunk eBay just got into collecting graded games. Thanks for the info pat :)

  • Pat Contri (PatTheNESpunk)

    Collectingguru1 eBay Right dude, like you're going to buy that. :)

  • PatTheNESpunk eBay ur right I'm not buying a plastic case. ;). U caught me lol

  • David (tkdfighter)

    PatTheNESpunk cousin_dave I still have one. its at my ex wife's house collecting dust

  • Deplorable Dave (cousin_dave)

    tkdfighter PatTheNESpunk This is a new plug & play model with 30 games built in, $59.99 retail, but scalpers are selling for $200+

  • David (tkdfighter)

    cousin_dave PatTheNESpunk that's nuts. I still have the original and as of 2013 worked great. have a lot of games too

  • Deplorable Dave (cousin_dave)

    tkdfighter PatTheNESpunk less than $250 you can get a clone system with HDMI output & a flash cart with every NES inc Jap version games

  • David (tkdfighter)

    cousin_dave PatTheNESpunk damn!! I wouldn't mind getting that and leaving that old system where it is

  • Deplorable Dave (cousin_dave)

    tkdfighter Retron5 it'll play NES, SNES, Genesis, & GameBoy games including Jap versions at StoneAgeGamer they sell flash carts too

  • SPB (akaSPB)

    cousin_dave tkdfighter It upconverts to 720p and has a bunch of filters you can use too. Looks great. link

  • David (tkdfighter)

    akaSPB cousin_dave damn! the colors are sick

  • PatTheNESpunk best part, still couldn't get a 100 rating

  • Cody (New_OrleansJazz)

    PatTheNESpunk Seriously. You know what I did with my NES Classic? I popped it open and played with that bitch. link

  • PatTheNESpunk The fact that I'm able to hold in my breakfast after seeing this is a miracle.

  • Dave Christmas Boy (Ghostpig0)


  • Yoshi (YoshiKnuckles)

    PatTheNESpunk Cecil_234 My sides. They hurt from all the laughing.

  • PatTheNESpunk link

lmao link
  • President Chumpy (chump_dick)

    sa_da_tay yea hang on lemmie just pay 1k for something you can implement on a single FPGA now

  • Lance Tedford (LeBaronTurbo)

    chump_dick sa_da_tay an old Android phone I got from the thrift store for $7 can do everything that NES can do.

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