No, Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along

You don’t get a pat on the back for ratcheting down from rabid.

This from CharlesMBlow is just about the fire-spittingest thing I've ever seen in the New York Times: link
  • J (NonnaSJF)

    paulwaldman1 LOLGOP CharlesMBlow Mr. Blow I'm not a writer I could not have written my feelings. Thank you for writing what I feel!

  • Ed Palmer (tygerknight)

    paulwaldman1 LOLGOP CharlesMBlow nytimes Some friends say they are at bargaining or acceptance phase of grief. Glad someone else isn't.

  • tygerknight paulwaldman1 LOLGOP CharlesMBlow nytimes Just stay at the "productive anger" stage & get this guy out.

  • Amy Lavigne (AmyLavigne6)

    paulwaldman1 CharlesMBlow I truly think the media does not understand how most people utterly detest them.

  • AmyLavigne6 paulwaldman1 CharlesMBlow I don't think some people understand they're not most people.

  • Amy Lavigne (AmyLavigne6)

    paulwaldman1 CharlesMBlow Blow blocked me from his twitter feed after I disagreed with his usual racial much so free speech

  • AmyLavigne6 paulwaldman1 CharlesMBlow im following Charles lead... Blocked

  • Sharon (nhdogmom)

    paulwaldman1 CharlesMBlow nytimes Wow...beautifully gut punching.

  • Mike Standish (MikeStandish)

    paulwaldman1 speechboy71 CharlesMBlow nytimes and with that, I bought a subscription.

  • MikeStandish neilpX paulwaldman1 speechboy71 CharlesMBlow nytimes there are many more writers who should make you rescind that now.

  • Shane Celis (shanecelis)

    . paulwaldman1 "As long as there are ink and pixels, you will be the focus of my withering gaze."

  • Shirley C (ghhshirley)

    paulwaldman1 You nailed it, and beautiful so, CharlesMBlow

  • paulwaldman1 LOLGOP CharlesMBlow nytimes Setting my alarm for 3:00 am -- looking forward to the Trump response!

  • Yes we can get along! We are all Americans & it's not the end of the World that a Republican was elected. paulwaldman1 CharlesMBlow

  • Moonrisecowshed (moonrisecow)

    TweetingYarnie you don't get.

  • moonrisecow what don't I get I'm an American, I'm a progressive Democrat and I hate Hillary and voted for Trump to save us from globalism.

  • Mark Dennehy (MarkDennehy)

    paulwaldman1 CharlesMBlow shanecelis Yeah, thank goodness the US Constitution has that what-were-we-thinking clause that unelects people.

  • Liz (lschn4)

    MarkDennehy paulwaldman1 CharlesMBlow shanecelis Three week cooling-off period anyone?

  • Mark Dennehy (MarkDennehy)

    lschn4 paulwaldman1 CharlesMBlow shanecelis Hell, even a background check?

  • thefieldnegro (fieldnegro)

    paulwaldman1 charlesmblow legallyerin I wish there was a charlesblow writing for every newspaper n America. Dude I am right there with u

Thanks Folks: My column, "No, Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along," has been an NYT Most E-mailed for 7 days, a 1st 4 me link
  • Jincey Lumpkin (JinceyLumpkin)

    CharlesMBlow nytimes congrats, it was beautiful

  • J (NonnaSJF)

    CharlesMBlow Again, thank you, the article is exactly how I feel! Keep going!!!!

  • Rukhmani K. Desai (RukhDesai)

    CharlesMBlow Thank *you* for refusing to normalize him. Brilliant column!

  • Sean Hanley (SeanHanley7)

    CharlesMBlow nytimes My 82 y/o Republican father was so impressed he clipped it from the paper so he could reread it again & again!

  • CharlesMBlow You totally nailed it with that piece. Thank you for so plainly and passionately stating the truth.

  • Ryan McManus (ryantomorrow)

    CharlesMBlow Struck a chord. Well done.

  • Ally - Allison. (allyska)

    CharlesMBlow good work!

  • cyberkid (sh0lmes)

    CharlesMBlow Keep your eye on the ball, talking about flag burning while dismantling medicare and ACA

  • minusbaby (minusbaby)

    CharlesMBlow, thank you for writing it.

  • amz (AmieSteff)

    CharlesMBlow YES: "You don’t get a pat on the back for ratcheting down from rabid after exploiting that very radicalism to your advantage."

  • JustSusan (TassajaraRd)

    CharlesMBlow nytimes thx u excellent article & I'm w/you !

  • CharlesMBlow I think you should dash off fervently heartfelt missives quickly...more often

  • CharlesMBlow We are all recognizing we need your voice more than ever, now. Thank you.

  • Kat Jetson (katjetson)

    CharlesMBlow Excellent. Although, I'm surprised Trump hasn't tweeted yet that your column was the least read article on NYT ever.

  • CharlesMBlow nytimes I wish it could reach the people who need to wake up

  • James Brooks (brooksie68)

    CharlesMBlow We need people to speak truth to power now more than ever. I subscribed to the NYT yesterday because of this need. Keep it up

  • Black Caesar (RealBigSol)

    CharlesMBlow Fell out with a fake friend after I posted your article. Thanks! link

This is what you want from a free press. link
  • Joni's son (TonyGregori)

    PFTompkins nytimes fuck yeah it is! I hope the rest of the Times knuckles down and gets to work instead of back slapping this orange sob

  • Nicole David (obbiecole)

    PFTompkins He thinks they're "mean" for reporting what he says. We're through the looking glass.

  • Shamini Flint (ShaminiFlint)

    PFTompkins nytopinion and now we need investigative journalism to uncover impeachable Offences of which there will be many.

  • PFTompkins SaraJBenincasa I wanted it six months ago. Or six weeks ago. Or sixteen days ago. Too late now.

  • eli friedmann (eligit)

    PFTompkins A contrast to some other journalists currently being blinded and pacified by their sudden proximity to power.

  • Jay Dachron (MagicLegumes)

    PFTompkins corenthal nytimes a lot of whining?

  • Stay at home Dad (aurorasd)

    MagicLegumes PFTompkins corenthal nytimes I agree alot of whining.

  • Stay at home Dad (aurorasd)

    PFTompkins nytimes Sounds like he just wants to complain. Trump will help this country and Trump does have a right to change his mind.

  • DominusLutrae (DominusLutrae)

    aurorasd Trump will tank this country to make a buck and I can't wait until you see it.

  • Stay at home Dad (aurorasd)

    DominusLutrae Nothing can be as bad as the last 8 years or Hillary as President. Trump will pull thru.

  • Ian Boothby (IanBoothby)

    . PFTompkins nytopinion Trump keeps calling the NY Times a jewel. He collects jewels. Thanks for not wanting to be in his trophy case.

  • Trinity Jackson (BlacknRight)

    Free press? You've got to be kidding. Fg inbred propaganda. PFTompkins nytimes

  • Ms.Epiphany (Epiphany237)

    PFTompkins nytopinion nytimes Agree with every single word & beautifully nuanced form of diction in CharlesMBlow's article. #staywoke

  • Jeanne (SDSunchaser)

    PFTompkins nytimes A free press. That can't be bought. That has integrity. Thank you CharlesMBlow

  • Marcus (marcm108)

    PFTompkins paula_rhodes nytimes should we expect fairness from a free press or is that too much to ask?

  • Paula Rhodes (paula_rhodes)

    marcm108 PFTompkins nytimes we should expect it in articles. This was an op ed ; ) Free press means we have those too.

  • Marcus (marcm108)

    paula_rhodes PFTompkins nytimes what harm did poor Mr Blow suffer so bad that he will never never forget something that hasn't happened

  • Deuteronomy Jones (Ol_Deuter)

    PFTompkins nytimes "schlepped" sounds anti-Semitic to me

  • Ol_Deuter PFTompkins nytimes then maybe you should look up the word and simmer down

  • Deuteronomy Jones (Ol_Deuter)

    KayDubsDeuce PFTompkins nytimes sometimes people make jokes on here, not sure if you are aware

  • Ol_Deuter my bad

  • Deuteronomy Jones (Ol_Deuter)

    KayDubsDeuce it's cool

No, Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along link
Whew! Woke up to this perfection, this gem, this shining light, by CharlesMBlow. So thankful for voices like his. link
  • Charles M. Blow (CharlesMBlow)

    AVAETC Thanks Ava!

  • Roger Stone (RogerJStoneJr)

    AVAETC CharlesMBlow nytimes They fucked you out of an Oscar you deserved and you still buy their politically correct horseshit

  • Dutch (caseycdutch)

    AVAETC CharlesMBlow Agreed and I know I'm grateful for yours, too, Ava :-) Please continue to probe the black experience on film.

  • General Selleck (VegasGOP)

    AVAETC CharlesMBlow nytimes Yes. What's better than a heaping spoonful of identity politics in the morning? Disgusting.

  • Rob Schrader (rob_schrader)

    VegasGOP AVAETC CharlesMBlow nytimes REAL politics son. Trump is a fraud

  • Trump Log Cabin (Gay4Trump)

    AVAETC Mother of 9? Google birth control and overpopulation.

  • Anne Danis (Annedanis)

    AVAETC CharlesMBlow nytimes Thank YOU all three for your wise strong voices! I'll follow you always.

  • getaclue (mickeyd1964)

    AVAETC CharlesMBlow nytimes mad on Thanksgiving? Get a life! Be thankful!

  • getaclue (mickeyd1964)

    AVAETC CharlesMBlow nytimes get over yourselves! Charles Blowjob is a blowhard and you sore losers need to accept the results and move on

  • Alicia Bojorquez (travi44)

    AVAETC CharlesMBlow nytimes It's an Amazing piece of Journalism. You did well, Charles. #Truth

  • Recite News (ReciteNews)

    AVAETC you were quoted in a story by mashable link

  • Ayanna (Big_Spiders)

    AVAETC Wooo!, CharlesMBlow !!! Every beneficial Ancestor, is proud of you, my brother!!! nytimes

  • AVAETC I was definitely thankful to read this. happy thanskgiving! CharlesMBlow

  • Pug (churchgirl72)

    AVAETC CharlesMBlow nytimes Yes! There will be American people that will hold Trump accountable in word and deed! We will not be played

  • Dirma Dee Duncan (DirmaDee)

    AVAETC thanks for sharing CharlesMBlow nytimes article; I needed this.

  • AVAETC CharlesMBlow This article took me to church!!!! AMEN!!!!!!

Please read. CharlesMBlow speaks for me. And I will never, never, EVAH, get over the birther issue. nytimes link
The brilliant CharlesMBlow is glad he wasn't in nytimes meeting with Trump. Here's why link
  • BigOklie (calhounpr1)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes Brilliant? Why? Because he pen's a little temper tantrum about the bogey man? He's just a checkmark

  • SMCF (smcfarris)

    calhounpr1 Specifically what facts do you disagree with as outlined in the column? My guess is you'll hurl insults at me without answering

  • BigOklie (calhounpr1)

    smcfarris What facts? The campaign was nasty? So what? Trump played hard ball and NYT/HRC/Blow lost. He's butt hurt. Original tweet stands

  • SMCF (smcfarris)

    calhounpr1 Your response is just as I expected. Mocking handicapped, racist remarks isnt hardball, its ignorant.

  • BigOklie (calhounpr1)

    smcfarris c'mom, U can do better. My bet it's not the first time you heard that. The list of offended victims & snowflakes is much bigger

  • SMCF (smcfarris)

    calhounpr1 First time I heard prez cand publicly make appeal to racists, mock handicapped. Told 667 lies in 6 wks Sad, sick. Not normal

  • Lynda C. Watts (LyndaWatts)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes Nice to hear that some people can stick to their principles link

  • JodyAnn Weaver (weaver_lady1)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes I could not agree more. #accountability

  • melissa unger (aunt_mel)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes Please keep the politicians feet to the fire, Mr. O'Donnell. We need you.

  • Sandy Havely (havely47)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes Yes, I will never be able to erase the hate speech, the images of those rallies. Seeing him makes me ill.

  • Jacqueline (Jacquel78403333)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes Thank God for Mr. Blow.

  • Stella HUMPHREYS (SDH224)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes Sir thank you for speaking eloquently for those of us so sad angry &worried about this horrific man.

  • Debbie Soto (JulsMom)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes Thank you Charles Blow and Lawrence O. Following ur reporting will save me and us all!

  • Lenora (Lenora90800686)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes On Point

  • Al Ciuffo (ciuffo_al)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes Charles an outstanding letter I couldn't agree with you more. Resist and Protest

  • nemofeb (nemofeb)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes Cant believe much of Trumps NYT visit. Playing to the crowd, like his rallies. And it was babbling, at best

  • Lawrence yaboynyp CharlesMBlow nytimes Where's the guy you had on your show who claimed 25% of GOP early voters went for HRC?

  • insanejane (realinsanejane)

    Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes I so agree with Charles - the depth of my disgust with t is limitless: crook, liar, sleasebag, ignoramus

  • Lawrence CharlesMBlow nytimes This is what a true humanist sounds like! Charles!!!!

Finally some backbone.. from the mainstream--well- we need 1000% more every day - No, Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along link
  • ttownmom (DeplorableMee)

    johncusack nytimes Yes there are racists, KKK, WN that r supporting DT but 99% of ppl who voted 4 him ARE NOT racists. WE DID NOT WANT HRC

  • maggie ai (saintmaggie)

    DeplorableMee johncusack nytimes Nope. You ARE a racist. You ARE whom you vote for. link

  • ttownmom (DeplorableMee)

    saintmaggie johncusack nytimes dailykos Not true, Maggie. But you are the one who's right because ... ?

  • Chris Duesing (cduesing74)

    johncusack Backbone? I see your backbone and raise you link

  • stef (steffihellyes)

    johncusack thankful for this!

  • johncusack I feel same on Trump voters. Fuck 'economic anxiety'. All heard his bigotry. All voted 4 him despite or because of it. Fuck em.

  • ScoBo (scizotts)

    johncusack NO TRUMP, NO KKK, NO FASCIST USA !!

  • carolstarr (cobystarr)

    johncusack I've been following CharlesMBlow thruout/post election. His message has been consistent & he's 1 of few MSM I've grown 2 admire

  • Gael Tarleton (GaelTarleton)

    johncusack NShrubs we won't get along. Sen Majority Leader declared war on Obama, vowed to prevent him from re-election. #DumpTrump2020

  • Margaret Queen (aamiac)

    johncusack nytimes link

  • maggie ai (saintmaggie)

    aamiac johncusack nytimes link

  • Margaret Queen (aamiac)

    saintmaggie johncusack nytimes dailykos link

  • johncusack nytimes All politicians lie. But he went further than that. He preyed on ppls fears and used every sneaky trick. #despicable

  • Brandon Steward (Bigstew41)

    johncusack nytimes if you want trump to fail then you want America to fail. He needs to succeed regardless of party affiliation.

  • David Barreres (amerraed)

    johncusack nytimes here u have Trump extending an olive branch & u just can't accept that he's not the monster u made him out to be. SAD!

  • sean wilson (seanwilson36)

    johncusack nytimes says the film actor from "cell"

Today I am thankful for CharlesMBlow. link
No, Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along link

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