Obama plans to free Gitmo 22 - who have promised to bomb and behead

The president is to remove more than a third of the Cuban detention center's 59 detainees before Trump becomes president. Four were announced on Thursday with at least 18 more to follow.

How many innocent ppl will die bc of Obama's Gitmo moves? Disgraceful. link
Obama is planning to "transfer" at least 18 more #Gitmo jihadists following today's "transfer" of 4 to Saudi Arabia link
Obama plans to free Gitmo 22 who have promised to bomb and behead link via MailOnline
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    TraceyTheisen DebAlwaystrump MailOnline link

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    ToolyDieGuy proust410 TraceyTheisen DebAlwaystrump MailOnline Or this.... link

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    andyvblue DebAlwaystrump ToolyDieGuy proust410 TraceyTheisen MailOnline I love it that's to true lol

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    TraceyTheisen SpecialKMB1969 MailOnline I don't hear #JohnMcCain or LindseyGraham-two good old boys- saying shit about this.

  • TraceyTheisen DebHedani MailOnline impeach Obama

  • TraceyTheisen MailOnline Everything BHO does is to make himself look better for his legacy, regardless of the consequences to our coutry.

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    TraceyTheisen Diamondrosegrfx Hang them first.

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    TraceyTheisen SpecialKMB1969 MailOnline And I bet Traitor Obumner gave them a job to do too. I absolutely despise OBUMmer.maga

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    TraceyTheisen MailOnline C'mon guys: restraining order, injunction. Or just a mutiny will do!

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    TraceyTheisen MailOnline Why isn't this treason?!

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    TraceyTheisen MailOnline Y isnt any1 m Congress pushing 4 Obamas impeachment What the hells wrong with Congress More corruptd thn Hillary

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    TraceyTheisen MailOnline congressdotgov congressorg FoxNews foxnewspolitics CBSNews CBS ABC ABCNetwork MSNBC maddow

  • TraceyTheisen His legacy is but all gone and this spiteful POTUS doesn't give a crap about the security of this country!

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    TraceyTheisen KNP2BP liberals r the stupidest dopes ever

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    TraceyTheisen gearmeister MailOnline Obama's buds!

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    TraceyTheisen charliebearss MailOnline Yet the #DEMS, will DENY his BLATANT connection to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!!

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    TraceyTheisen RealBlackIrish MailOnline Obamination is a better spy than president; slithered right on in to highest position in the land link

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    TraceyTheisen wraithvenge MailOnline Definitely obama Care here

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    TraceyTheisen laurie6805 MailOnline I guess his conscience hasn't been drenched in enough blood of infidels to satisfy him yet.

BHO plans to free 22 Gitmo jihadis who promise to bomb & behead. BHO you have blood on your hands #IslamIsTheProblem link
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    AshleyWarrior Is this for real??? Why can't someone intervene???

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    suzann_ortega Of course it's for real This has going on for a while. All these released prisoners go back to the M.E. & wage jihad again.

  • AshleyWarrior Obama will send all the Gitmo detainees back out so they can travel back to kill us. THAT'S WHO HE IS, but NOT what WE are!

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    . AshleyWarrior #ObamasLegacy sucks! Shown time and time again he doesn't care about American people! #Inauguration2017 changes everything! link

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    AshleyWarrior Gosh, cannot wait till he is gone, he's a douchebag and has proven himself to be a shitty president. Grrrr...

  • AshleyWarrior hes sending them BACK 2 FITE 4 ISIS! So every person killed by 1 of these #TERRORIST OR 1 OF THEIR PLANS IS ON #OBAMAS HANDS!

  • AshleyWarrior DanaRuxi123 Unbelievable!!! Move them in bed with Michael Obama...we will achieve different results!!!

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    AshleyWarrior angiekay500 they need to be put to death. this insanity will not end by 'therapy'.

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    AshleyWarrior surfermom77 STOP THIS BASTARD CONGRESS!! link

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    AshleyWarrior carrieksada jennajameson why not drop these jihadis off at Obama's new home in Washington DC? Or right next door?

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    AshleyWarrior bowhunter_va reason enough2question obamas sanity & restrain him until he can get psychiatric evaluation. #stopthemadness

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    AshleyWarrior These are ugly evil men. Split them up and send a few to Obama's houses.

  • AshleyWarrior JohnWUSMC we should instill and brainwash the BHO was responsible for holding them as long as they were. He killed OBL

4 Gitmo Detainees Freed, 18 More To Be Freed By Obama In Mass Transfer Of Islamic Terrorists Before Jan 20 link
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    Obama Releases more Radical Islamist Terrorists from Guantanamo to Continue Attacking US via this Playbook OmegaMan58 SebGorka AppSame link

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    Obama Releases more Guantanamo Radical Islamist Terrorists to Continue Attacking US via this Playbook AppSame DrMartyFox ArcticFox2016 link

  • OmegaMan58 SebGorka "Wats the Hurry ? Why now with 10 days left is Obama moving these Terrorists out.? We should Arrest Obama B4 he leaves

  • OmegaMan58 SebGorka "Make Obama give up his Muzlim friends who have infiltrated the White House on behalf of ISIS & MUZLIM BROTHERHOOD.!!"

  • OmegaMan58 SebGorka "This is no Joke ! Would F.D.R. have had the Japanese over at the white house for a talk while we were at War.!!".....

  • OmegaMan58 SebGorka "And I'm not comparing Obama with F.D.R. I'm saying our president wouldn't do it while America is at War with ISIS.!!"

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    OmegaMan58 SebGorka Obama must be a true muslim and really hate the United States. No other reason for his actions.

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    DLYeager55 OmegaMan58 SebGorka Why else would he do this? What is the gain in the release of these terrorist?

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    OmegaMan58 MomentMae If GITMO inmates are allowed to live with Obama only, then I approve of their release

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    OmegaMan58 SebGorka if one US serviceman is killed by one of these, Obama should be tried for treason!

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    OmegaMan58 SebGorka WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?!!!!

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    OmegaMan58 SebGorka This is so sickening in my opinio. How in the world is this allowed to happen??!!

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    OmegaMan58 SebGorka These fellows will not be rehabilitated / repentant but will go back to their old ways & behaviours, as heroes.

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    OmegaMan58 WHY is US National Security ALLOWING THIS? I thought we should TRUST them, Seb - since they have our interests. Ha!

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    OmegaMan58 SebGorka BHO should be held criminally responsible if these "people" commit any atrocities after release

  • OmegaMan58 I predict someone will hunt them down and assassinate them before they have their first cup of tea in Afghanistan.

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    OmegaMan58 SebGorka Move them all to Georgetown right near Obama's Home asap.

Facts & detail you will NEVER see from the American media. The bad actors Obama plans to free from GITMO. link
Obama plans to free Gitmo 22 - who have promised to bomb and behead link via MailOnline
EXCLUSIVE: Twenty-two Guantanamo detainees to be freed within days link
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    alanagoodman Obama should be held responsible for any crimes committed by anyone he frees. Un-fucking-believable

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    alanagoodman JudgeMoroz WTF is the matter with him? It's like he's on a psychotic self destruct, except he's taking us all with him.

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    LisaAlesci alanagoodman JudgeMoroz He's like a 2 yr old. If he can't have it all his way, he'll just destroy it all instead.

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    alanagoodman How long before they're on benefits in the UK.

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    proletarius77 alanagoodman 30 seconds after you asked DWP official was on flight over there to help them with benefit forms..

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    zombie_legal proletarius77 alanagoodman Whoops! Looks like the German delegation beat you to it by 29 seconds.

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    JerOHMee proletarius77 alanagoodman Ah but will Germans offer£1 Mill house for them and 4 wives + family, free cash weekly for life..aha

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    zombie_legal proletarius77 alanagoodman No, but they DO offer immunity from prosecution. Can the UK match that?

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    JerOHMee proletarius77 alanagoodman Ah that + they can rape kids and Police will arrest father trying to get child back..UK must win?

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    zombie_legal proletarius77 alanagoodman Alas, I must concede. U can rape women in Germany, but children still gets you community service.

  • alanagoodman RealDonaldFlop they should send them to live with Obama after he leaves the White House

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    davidlehmann09 alanagoodman RealDonaldFlop thats exactly what he wants. To reunite his family and supreme leaders. America Stand Strong.

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    alanagoodman RaheemKassam Great Stuff...means if they go back to doing it again Obama can be arrested for aiding / supporting terrorism.

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    zombie_legal holdem00 alanagoodman RaheemKassam would be nice but doubtful

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    bradottavi holdem00 alanagoodman RaheemKassam Indeed, especially when MSM elevated him as king with no scrutiny..know more about Jesus.

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    alanagoodman kneelandsan and libs argue he has Americas best interest in mind???

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    pds0399 alanagoodman kneelandsan You can't bang sense onto a rock.

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    in24n6 alanagoodman kneelandsan and you can't educate chosen ignorance

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    alanagoodman RaheemKassam I know you're not meant to judge, but they look a bit... rapey.

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    alanagoodman Obama is actively trying to ruin things on his way out for Trump, and it's disgusting.

Guantanamo detainees to be freed as Obama plans mass transfer of fanatics. These are NOT rehabilitated prisoners. link
Obama to free 22 Gitmo jihadists who have promised to bomb & behead link Takes care of his bro vermin #tcot #pjnet #maga

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