Opera star Andrea Bocelli backs out of singing at Trump's inauguration

Opera star Andrea Bocelli backed out of singing at Donald Trump's inauguration after receiving death threats, the Mail on Sunday has learnt.

Tolerant liberals bombard Andrea Bocelli with death threats, force him to pull out of Trump inauguration. link
Opera star Andrea Bocelli backs out of singing at Donald Trump's inauguration after receiving death threats link
  • GAries (franrom77)

    DailyMail oh my word... this is what America has come too... smh

  • Kerry Davids (KerryDavids)

    franrom77 DailyMail No! That is what the leftists of America have become.

  • jack-be-lucky (robbpf)

    KerryDavids franrom77 DailyMail yea, let's get back to the real Americans who KNOW obama is Muslim Kenyan born jihadist terrorist.

  • M Wells (disorderly1)

    robbpf KerryDavids franrom77 DailyMail I don't recall R's threatening entertainers at Obamas inauguration, maybe you have a link?

  • jack-be-lucky (robbpf)

    disorderly1 KerryDavids franrom77 DailyMail tough concept, blame the POS(s) that threaten any1 wth harm, not any1 who disagree with Rs.

  • winterbørne (thewinterborne)

    robbpf disorderly1 KerryDavids franrom77 DailyMail it just so happens that those threatening entertainers with violence are leftists.

  • JD (1999_asa1)

    thewinterborne robbpf disorderly1 KerryDavids franrom77 DailyMail link

  • winterbørne (thewinterborne)

    1999_asa1 robbpf disorderly1 KerryDavids franrom77 I hadn't seen that article yet, good to hear the initial reports weren't true.

  • DailyMail youd think one liberal leader would step up to stop this.

  • KristinMarie (1KrisO1)

    yesisaidheslazy DailyMail , if only they had a little decency. But this nonsense is good for us in 2018 and 2020.

  • 1KrisO1 DailyMail where is obama? hillary?? i cant understand this. acting like fools

  • A. American (schoolbills)

    DailyMail have to love the tolerant left finally exposing they are still the slave owners of the past demanding we get on the plantation

  • schoolbills DailyMail What do you expect from people who advocate killing their own unborn offspring?

  • amarcherrunge1 schoolbills DailyMail That's some serious bullshit if I've ever read any.

  • Wits McGee (wits_mcgee)

    DailyMail Sheindie this is ridiculous. The performers aren't singing praise songs about trump. They are singing to the nation.

  • jack-be-lucky (robbpf)

    wits_mcgee DailyMail Sheindie no they're performing for DT, it's a choice to do this for him. Threats of any kind are unacceptable.

  • Lise G. (tweeterposter)

    DailyMail MailOnline The anarchists are gaining strength when they can threaten and intimidate people to deny them their freedom. Sad...

  • tweeterposter dailymail mailonline Fascists are all alike. No wonder Democrats support Islamists. Zero tolerance for individual freedom

Bocelli backs out 'after receiving death threats'... link
  • DRUDGE_REPORT liberals are animals

  • Peggy (peggylprice)

    USAneedsTRUMP DRUDGE_REPORT Animals don't make death threats.

  • Zorbeenator (zorb33)

    peggylprice USAneedsTRUMP DRUDGE_REPORT dangerous animals need only to bare their fangs and make threatening growls. Like a liberal would

  • BB8 WINS (bb8_wins)

    zorb33 peggylprice USAneedsTRUMP DRUDGE_REPORT Liberals are fascists. This is behavior from Weimar Germany.

  • Peggy (peggylprice)

    bb8_wins zorb33 USAneedsTRUMP DRUDGE_REPORT I like animals. I don't like to see them compared to liberals.

  • BB8 WINS (bb8_wins)

    peggylprice zorb33 USAneedsTRUMP DRUDGE_REPORT They are worse than animals, but in some sense, they are roaches or parasites

  • Peggy (peggylprice)

    bb8_wins zorb33 USAneedsTRUMP DRUDGE_REPORT We need an exterminator.

  • Aaron (flakjack3t)

    DRUDGE_REPORT forget the damn party let's get to work


    flakjack3t Amen ! Swear in, say a prayer and punch the time clock .

  • Don (DAck22)

    DRUDGE_REPORT the people who preach tolerance and acceptance are the most intolerant of all. #tlot

  • BB8 WINS (bb8_wins)

    DAck22 DRUDGE_REPORT Liberalism is just fascism with a phony tolerance face

  • Peter Brady (peacemakerPete)

    DRUDGE_REPORT the tolerant left. #neverforget

  • BB8 WINS (bb8_wins)

    peacemakerPete DRUDGE_REPORT Member when an FBI agent infiltrated Bill Ayers, found a plan to exterminate 25 million Americans? Ayers ..

  • BB8 WINS (bb8_wins)

    peacemakerPete DRUDGE_REPORT teaches and lectures at liberal colleges now. Let that sink in.

  • thelmatodd (thelmatodd)

    DRUDGE_REPORT anyone notice to the left is now acting like Nazis? Death threats? Really for performing at inauguration? #sickos

  • JeannieEvers (JeannieEverson)

    thelmatodd DRUDGE_REPORT Showing their true colours.

  • Dave Thomas (DaveRightInTwo)

    JeannieEverson thelmatodd DRUDGE_REPORT Maybe it's a conspiracy cooked up by Reps to increase hatred of Libs... link

  • thelmatodd (thelmatodd)

    DaveRightInTwo JeannieEverson DRUDGE_REPORT no, the left didn't get their way and all they have is hate, lies and fascism. #hatefulbigots

  • Julie Lopez (jewelslopez)

    DRUDGE_REPORT why don't they just stop announcing who will be there. or better yet, start arresting the assholes making the threats.

Andrea Bocelli backs out of singing at Trump's inauguration after receiving death threats - Leftist Tolerance & Love link
  • Thomas Kromis (tommy1775)

    DavidLimbaugh bullies win again #sad

  • InteliTweeter (InteliTweeter)

    DavidLimbaugh just like liberals to threaten to murder a defenseless blind man - we know Dems also kill defenseless innocent babies too !!

  • Simina (symplsymin)

    DavidLimbaugh Anarchy reigns supreme at the hands of the intolerant left.

  • DavidLimbaugh he needs to ask some Christian singers. we have plenty who are great singers.

  • Elaine Kisler (Rightwingmom)

    DavidLimbaugh Bullying at its height!

  • tvogvo (tvogvo)

    DavidLimbaugh trumper4life WHY DIDN'T HE JUST SAY THE TRUTH ???????

  • tvogvo (tvogvo)

    DavidLimbaugh trumper4life ACTUALLY HE IS A CLINTON. DEM SUPPORTER !!!!

  • Eric J (ej_gill)

    DavidLimbaugh After 8 years of "community organizing" this is the legacy of BarackObama. Mobilized forces of bitter, vindictive, unemployed leftists.

  • Matthew Piatt (USA_Strategist)

    DavidLimbaugh #Liberals advocate #tolerance often, but only when it's convenient, and never when it's in conflict with their own beliefs.

  • dnyou (danyou74)

    davidlimbaugh they love to talk abt #tolerance #love #acceptance, but many dont really pratice it. They tolerate only their own!

  • Lowdown Central (RPedenko)

    DavidLimbaugh Why isn't anyone trying to find out who these liberal felons are making death threats?

  • DavidLimbaugh BigJoeBastardi Haters rule ... at least for now ....

  • DavidLimbaugh he needs to out whomever is threatening him even if its high powered well known ppl in Commiewood

  • Grammar Police (_grammar_)

    It is the case that you, BMartin1776, tweeted a solecism and could type “needs to out [whoever] is threatening” instead.

  • VALARIEA (Valarieanderson)

    DavidLimbaugh communist CAA

  • John Paul Franks (BRealer)

    DavidLimbaugh you see people's just react the wrong way to death threats, you don't run and hide, just yell "bring it" they are all cowards

  • Biglygal (biglygal1)

    DavidLimbaugh Leftist don't respect talent. No wonder they loose all the time.

  • DavidLimbaugh Beyond Karma, we will have to leave them to God's justice. It will be exacting!

  • VFTA™ (PixlProphet)

    DavidLimbaugh bet he didn't see that coming

  • Tim Chastain (ezra710word)

    DavidLimbaugh what courage.

Ridiculous. Enough. AndreaBocelli backs out of singing Trump's inauguration b/c of death threats. link #PresidentTrump
  • DJ (djones7861)

    TraceyTheisen AndreaBocelli I'm confused.....is this the bullying that Meryl Streep said we should stand up against???

  • Bienafe ? ? (bienafe)

    TraceyTheisen AndreaBocelli Regardless, PEOTUS Trump's inauguration will happen. There's nothing the leftist commies can do to stop it.

  • Rebecca (masspolitica)

    TraceyTheisen AndreaBocelli Trump is still president. ( Who did Washington have for flashy performers ?)

  • B Minnis (bemin7412)

    TraceyTheisen jeep_sifu AndreaBocelli Liberals are the most violent group

  • Mike h (mjhous1947)


  • TRUMP IS THE MAN! (IBeGoodNow)

    TraceyTheisen AndreaBocelli this is pretty sad. You can't blame him for being afraid. He does not have any Secret Service to protect him

  • TraceyTheisen Bryan700 AndreaBocelli I enjoyed AB since his diet w/SarahBrightman yrs ago. I'll nvr give his no balls self another dime

  • Sam (SamSatyenr)

    TraceyTheisen Charlie4Trump AndreaBocelli Tolerant liberals not only Rintolerant, theyRliterally"Domestic Terrorists"! BOYCOTT Hollywood.

  • TraceyTheisen AndreaBocelli Bravery is not a given virtue. Great singer, weak man. Shame.

  • TraceyTheisen AndreaBocelli He backed out a month ago. #fakenews

  • Eleanor Roosevelt (doggrandma)

    TraceyTheisen EjHirschberger AndreaBocelli There's the tolerant left for you. Do what I say or I'll murder you.

  • TraceyTheisen JohnWUSMC AndreaBocelli - STOP cowering to the vile Soros evil! Go sing like a .

  • Douglas W. Marusa (dmarusa)

    TraceyTheisen PatriotRider AndreaBocelli The real cowards are those making the threats. The y remain anonymous, hiding in the shadows.

  • TraceyTheisen BonnieGranny AndreaBocelli I forgive him. Him only. The others I don't care about at all.

  • TraceyTheisen mba382 It's the industry not death threats = EZ excuse. Agencies in show biz r heavily lib. They're the real threat.

  • Not Telling (Pandaphant1)

    TraceyTheisen AndreaBocelli link

  • Sandra Lynn Sparks (speruoc)

    TraceyTheisen AndreaBocelli He declined a month ago, no death threats but concerns it would hurt career. HOWEVER: link

  • TraceyTheisen AndreaBocelli The Democrat Party is a Party of violent degenerates, ignorant no-nothings, and haters of America

Andrea Bocelli backs out of singing at Trump's inauguration after intolerant left threaten his life! link via MailOnline
  • JayS2629 MailOnline What is wrong with these people?! Why are lefties afraid of a blind singer?

  • KJJanssen2 JayS2629 MailOnline I think it's about control! Bully someone into submission and feel good about the 'victory'!

  • IndeCardio JayS2629 MailOnline You got that right, classic bully behavior. Cowardly intimidation.

  • Carolyn Gonzalez (carogonza)

    JayS2629 MailOnline Oh sort of like intolerant conservatives threatened the Dixie Chicks? Meh. Andrea Bocelli

  • Mikey (PNWPottyMouth)

    carogonza JayS2629 MailOnline not saying its right but the Dixie chick's said things, this guy was going to sing for his friend.

  • Carolyn Gonzalez (carogonza)

    PNWPottyMouth JayS2629 MailOnline They said they were embarrassed Bush was from Texas & the conservatives flipped & whined & threatened them. Is that right?

  • Mikey (PNWPottyMouth)

    carogonza JayS2629 MailOnline it was bad this is bad both are bad okay

  • Carolyn Gonzalez (carogonza)

    PNWPottyMouth JayS2629 MailOnline How is it bad? The Dixie Chicks used their First amendment right. It was truth. Bocelli can sing or not. He chose NOT to. His choice.

  • carogonza PNWPottyMouth JayS2629 MailOnline So death threats are a 1st amendment right now. Left is filled with so much hate it's sad. link

  • Carolyn Gonzalez (carogonza)

    HilaryForTrump PNWPottyMouth JayS2629 MailOnline Did the Dixie Chicks do that? Really? What you are referring to are crimes. Not First Amendment Speech. Have you read the Constitution?

  • Rick (rickw962)

    JayS2629 MailOnline hope Trump's making a list

  • Womaninwhite (Angelheart_1962)

    rickw962 JayS2629 MailOnline And checking it twice!

  • Bev G (bgran03)

    JayS2629 MailOnline how sad that someone's life at risk for big an American

  • Enrique (EnriqueTFletes)

    JayS2629 MailOnline we wish Andrea the best, his aids are only looking out for him. Us conservatives are non violent and hold no vendetta!

  • CoastieMom (iyqAmerica)

    JayS2629 MailOnline Oh & they call Trump a bully?!The left are peaceful, love everybody?!How despicable! Freedom is only allowed to them?

  • JayS2629 MailOnline How tolerant! Threatening a blind Opera Singer! Tough guys and girls on the left. How low can you go #Libtards?

  • Julia Thompson (tellilikeitis)

    JayS2629 MailOnline only Bullies Democratic lovers would do this 2 another human being Death threats Sick SON'S #MAGA #BREAKINGNEWS

  • tellilikeitis JayS2629 MailOnline i actually met a lot of bikers in TX those snowflakes are in for a rude awakening link

  • Autumn di Pace (AutumndiPace1)

    JayS2629 MailOnline FoxNews Only Clinton zombies or Soros bums would threaten criminality against a blind man for using his gift of song.

  • Katherin (KatherinVII)

    JayS2629 MailOnline These str more thn "intolerable left"- We're dealing w outright tyrants- There is no room for dictators in a FreeWorld

#Bocelli #backs out 'after receiving #death threats'... link
Wie Gutmenschen "Toleranz" leben: Todesdrohungen für einen Opernsänger, nur weil er für Trump singen wollte: link
  • MelissaT (MelissaTT2000)

    BystronAfD UnzufriedenerB Sie versuchen, die Menschen zu kontrollieren und mit Todesdrohungen nicht weniger

  • Klaus L (bikedb06)

    BystronAfD Lauro_Doc Eine ganz große sauerei. Mann muss sich schämen. Unglaublich

  • Nur Malso (fragerist)

    BystronAfD Welt_im_Chaos Die DEMOKRATEN

  • BystronAfD Tinimaus1110 VOLLIDIOTEN OHNE SEELE ...

  • Iro Nie (waszumelden)

    BystronAfD Diese linke Nazis outen sich zusehens als radikale Antidemokraten. Die haben auch wirklich nix aus der NS-Zeit gelernt.

  • Weihnachtskot (Wurdlbrumpft)

    BystronAfD holmdoolinger Das waren Nazis, weil Andrea B. blind, als behindert ist, somit rassistisch.

  • TheMisanthrope (timonisch)

    BystronAfD LarsWinter_ Und wird im Fernsehen so dargestellt als ob er keine Lust hatte

  • Therese (irmtheres)

    BystronAfD NEIN; kann ich nicht glauben.Dann müssten TRUMP Anhänger- M. STREEP, die gegen Trump wettert schon erschossen haben,dummes Weib

Malicious Meryl Streep Encouraged Leftist Anarchists To Make Death Threats Against Opera Star Andrea Bocelli! link
  • TrumpSuperPAC Hollywood leftist will regret their arrogant actions.

  • thewise1 (thewise144)

    JosephTSantill1 TrumpSuperPAC I truly hope so those fake lip sinc singers all fake have regrets. Bad luck on alllll,

  • TrumpSuperPAC WOW..some death threats were made to Trump supporters so they wouldn't vote for Trump..Guess what WE STOOD OUR GROUND!HE WON!

  • cwllwc (cwllwc)

    TrumpSuperPAC SharonMcCutchan People doing this against someone who is just singing deserves prison time. #Meryl the -fascist criminal

  • leah (leahcanetta)

    TrumpSuperPAC so sad what bullies the leftists are!

  • TrumpSuperPAC MADE__USA If this is true, then actors are taking things way too far! Trump is President! Stand by him, or move out!

  • thewise1 (thewise144)

    TrumpSuperPAC MADE__USA Bet the so called elite Bollywood fake stars. did threaten singers drop out OR else, dogs of Bollywood


    TrumpSuperPAC SharonMcCutchan / its time to stop the radical leftist their creating hate & division like soros & democrats have planned

  • David Anderson (dka111348)


  • Tom Hayes (Purplehayes57)

    TrumpSuperPAC Snoop Doggy has been doing his part too.

  • Maryjo Stone (Artgirlfun)

    TrumpSuperPAC Streep Mental State should be looked at. Or just arrest the Commie Bitch. She is unstable ! Sound like her Meds R not Working

  • lynda Joyce (ntvnyr173)

    TrumpSuperPAC hope all these has beens don't have to work anymore

  • PaytonBennett (PaytonBennett5)


  • TrumpSuperPAC you can't let them win... stand up against the bullies and their threats...don't be cowards!!!

  • TrumpSuperPAC john1705_jr oh for crap sake

  • JoMorri (john1705_jr)

    debiowens TrumpSuperPAC Timeout, refs need more money....lol....just one more hold!

  • Peg Gasper (gasper_peg)

    TrumpSuperPAC MADE__USA We should return the favor to Meryl. Wonder how she would feel getting death threats. Talk about Evil


Singing at the inauguration warrants death threats? God help us? Love you Andrea Bocelli ? link

See also on www.dailymail.co.uk