Opinion | The State Department’s entire senior administrative team just resigned

All are career foreign service officers who have served under both Republican and Democratic administrations.

Exclusive: The State Department’s entire senior management team just resigned link washingtonpost
  • joshrogin washingtonpost quite a gesture but it makes State Dept worse— now they'll be replaced w less qualified ppl. does this help USA?

  • kabirakhtar joshrogin washingtonpost How do you know their replacements will be less qualified?

  • ninjawoodworker joshrogin washingtonpost they'd served many D/R presidents & knew how the Dept works. new ppl will have less experience

  • Josh (JoshAdrasco)

    kabirakhtar ninjawoodworker joshrogin washingtonpost what kind of stupid reasoning is that? "They rigged it and so they know better".

  • JoshAdrasco wait, rigged? who rigged what here?

  • Josh (JoshAdrasco)

    kabirakhtar your stupid comment asserts simply because they have been there longer they are "good" at their jobs. That has never been true.

  • JoshAdrasco a) why the name calling? b) "never"? experience often makes people better. not always.

  • Josh Welsh (JoshWelsh2)

    kabirakhtar I admire the restraint in your responses. I honestly don't know how you do it.

  • joshrogin RameshPonnuru washingtonpost Good. Drain the swamp.

  • Parker ?️‍? (Parker9_)

    biglittlebilly5 joshrogin RameshPonnuru washingtonpost EXPERIENCE is not the SWAMP. An Exxon CEO being our top diplomat is the swamp.

  • Parker9_ cueninja biglittlebilly5 joshrogin RameshPonnuru washingtonpost Which is why the entire department fled en masse.

  • NatalieDanford Parker9_ cueninja joshrogin RameshPonnuru washingtonpost More positions for realDonaldTrump to fill.

  • Evan S (switzere)

    biglittlebilly5 NatalieDanford Parker9_ cueninja joshrogin RameshPonnuru washingtonpost HE JUST IMPLEMENTED A HIRING FREEZE! FFS!

  • Parker ?️‍? (Parker9_)

    switzere biglittlebilly5 NatalieDanford cueninja joshrogin RameshPonnuru Trump supporters are inherently immune to facts

  • Parker9_ switzere biglittlebilly5 NatalieDanford cueninja joshrogin RameshPonnuru Trump voters are apparently very pro Goldman Sachs.

  • whohasissues? (mom23g1b)

    NetworkJunkyz Parker9_ switzere biglittlebilly5 NatalieDanford cueninja joshrogin RameshPonnuru slAnd very anti intelligence

  • Loren C (LorenSethC)

    joshrogin washingtonpost and this concerns me.........why?

  • Meghan (meghanchel)

    LorenSethC joshrogin washingtonpost Who the fuck is going to run the department? Kind of important.

  • Molly Rodrigano (MollyORod)

    meghanchel LorenSethC joshrogin washingtonpost Seriously. How do we have so many people who don't at all understand how this shit works?

  • Meghan (meghanchel)

    MollyORod LorenSethC joshrogin washingtonpost Ignorance. Ignorance of the workings of govt and impact.

  • meghanchel MollyORod LorenSethC joshrogin washingtonpost Civic Ignoance, hence why we have Trump as our president.

  • Meghan (meghanchel)

    kushkandy95 MollyORod LorenSethC joshrogin washingtonpost That and interference.

  • meghanchel MollyORod LorenSethC joshrogin washingtonpost Oh most certainly, they won't see that due to their heads up in the sand.

These "Senior" ppl resigning from State Dept should lawyer up too, considering all their shenanigans over there... link
  • Harlan washingtonpost The #lyingpress are trying to position this as a) a protest walkout and b) a bad thing. Both are false

  • Kathleen Caton (KMCaton)

    NapoleonBismrck Harlan washingtonpost Exactly. Happens every change of administration (especially different party).

  • KMCaton Harlan washingtonpost Some of them were GW people who wormed their way into another administration. 16 years of terrible policy

  • GoldenSack (goldensack)

    Harlan joshrogin They were a disgrace ... link

  • joZef Vertias (dynamex)

    goldensack ArmyVet64 Harlan joshrogin HACK THIS HACK

  • ResistTrump (SphallSteve1245)

    Harlan washingtonpost Why? They did nothing illegal. The good people in the government are REJECTING the insanity of the Trump admin.

  • Katie (KatieSweeney_1)

    SphallSteve1245 Harlan k. link

  • ResistTrump (SphallSteve1245)

    KatieSweeney_1 Harlan FoxNews No charges were brought and he was never convicted of a crime. Not criminal.

  • Katie (KatieSweeney_1)

    SphallSteve1245 Harlan FoxNews You mean by Jill McCabe's husband? Never convicted = Not criminal/corrupt? That's a new one.

  • Don Vito (Don_Vito_08)

    Harlan washingtonpost StateDept link

  • Harlan washingtonpost Good riddance to them. Leftover corrupt officials from Obama and Clinton

  • CriticalThinker (CynnicalOne)

    Harlan washingtonpost Considering the performance of the State Department over last 8 years, I'd consider this a big win!

  • Harlan washingtonpost WaPooo seems to see this as a negative. I couldn't be more thrilled. Sayonara swampies! #DTS

  • Robin (RobinJohnson54)

    YankiDoodlCandi Harlan washingtonpost We definitely need New Blood (that we can trust)

  • Jimmy (ItsjustJimmy)

    Harlan joshrogin Ha! I love how it said these people were experts in "diplomatic security". Benghazi ring a bell?

  • Harlan washingtonpost They got fired, not resigning I believe.

  • INDIANA MIKE (MRMitchnet)

    ALilJaded4u2 Harlan And it is like 4 people, not the entire senior staff, more #FakeNews from the washingtonpost! #BoycottAmazon

  • MRMitchnet Harlan washingtonpost I guess they can't quite figure out people aren't believing their lies anymore & keep trying

  • S (SAKREV)

    Harlan washingtonpost Those people will need lawyers. They were part of the Hillary/Kerry shenanigans

  • Collinsick11 (collins11_m)

    Harlan ShredderBabe washingtonpost most people resign when they know they're in trouble...IJS

The State Department's entire senior management team just resigned: link
  • igorvolsky washingtonpost quite a gesture but it makes State Dept worse. now Trump can replace w more unqualifieds. not sure this helps US

  • kabirakhtar igorvolsky washingtonpost Stop concern-trolling courageous acts of conscience. We need more of them, not less.

  • JaymayAllDay man i'm not against said acts. and not trolling. legit concerned that this further imperils process of intl relations mgmt.

  • kabirakhtar So you'd prefer that principled career diplomats should stay in the positions and carry out orders that will imperil us?

  • JaymayAllDay kabirakhtar I don't think anyone's saying that. I think we're wondering aloud if obstruction from inside is better/possible.

  • weirdo_machine kabirakhtar Both are necessary. But obstruction from the inside is illegal. Can't expect everyone to risk that.

  • BasementDweller (NonMotivated)

    igorvolsky Don’t worry, folks. Apparently, Trump has everything under control and this is how you make America great again… #DumpsterFire link

  • lawprofblawg (lawprofblawg)

    . igorvolsky washingtonpost We have live footage of Senior Management leaving the StateDept. link

  • Deborah McGee (DeborahMcGee14)

    igorvolsky joshrogin Why isn't this a HUGE story with the media!!!???

  • (or she) (Emilyjuanita12)

    DeborahMcGee14 igorvolsky joshrogin is it just that there are so many huge stories breaking all the time everyone's head is spinning?

  • Ryan Whorton (RealRyanWhorton)

    Emilyjuanita12 DeborahMcGee14 probably. Which is why it's important we don't attack each other for not covering this or that...

  • Ryan Whorton (RealRyanWhorton)

    Emilyjuanita12 DeborahMcGee14 awful action. They're throwing everything at once to see what sticks and likely try and tire us out...

  • Ryan Whorton (RealRyanWhorton)

    Emilyjuanita12 DeborahMcGee14 we just cant get at each other's throats when they do.

  • igorvolsky AndyRichter This is fine link

  • imgregorous (imgregorous)

    igorvolsky washingtonpost hopefully they know the securedrop url's for all the major papers

  • Tom (jonesy99211)

    igorvolsky washingtonpost the same will happen throughout government and they will be replaced with Trumpsters who toe the dictators line

  • Susannah Keene (KeeneSusannah)

    igorvolsky washingtonpost Ballsy way to stand up to principles. Good for them -- hopefully good for us, too.

  • Jessica Wallace (geekamama)

    igorvolsky But now he can put whoever he wants in there. No one to balance or push back. That seems worrisome.

The State Department’s entire senior management team just resigned link
  • Clint (cleentonn)

    allahpundit washingtonpost Do you ever plan to condemn this president to your readers, or would that cause you to lose your gig?

  • Rowsdower! (Good_Lt)

    cleentonn allahpundit could be wrong, but I believe this is an unspoken "presented without comment" washingtonpost

  • Clint (cleentonn)

    Good_Lt allahpundit washingtonpost I think it's time to start presenting WITH comment

  • Rowsdower! (Good_Lt)

    cleentonn allahpundit washingtonpost I think this particular event speaks for itself. Not good.

  • Jay Warmack (jwarmack)

    Good_Lt cleentonn allahpundit washingtonpost like ANY of Kerry's mgmt team would survive Tillerson anyway? get a clue.

  • Sunny (Sunny_pundit)

    jwarmack Good_Lt cleentonn allahpundit washingtonpost agreed, they knew what was coming. #draintheswamp

  • Rowsdower! (Good_Lt)

    Sunny_pundit jwarmack cleentonn allahpundit washingtonpost turns out the "they quit" story was fake news. They were let go. #fakenews

  • Clint (cleentonn)

    Good_Lt Sunny_pundit jwarmack allahpundit washingtonpost Isn't that 1000x WORSE?

  • Karl Rojeck (BossHijack)

    allahpundit washingtonpost re:"State Department’s entire senior management team just resigned": Who knew that the Swamp was self-cleaning?

  • allahpundit washingtonpost I am not yet sick of winning.

  • allahpundit michellemalkin washingtonpost Those who resigned did NOT have America as their top priority! Good riddance!

  • chuckie_chopper allahpundit michellemalkin washingtonpost Great opportunities for some REAL Americans have now opened up!

  • M G (MadaGasp)

    allahpundit michellemalkin washingtonpost Rejoice! So much winning!

  • Joana Piercy (JoPiercy)

    allahpundit washingtonpost Excellent news. Foggy Bottom is the cesspool of the federal government.

  • George Kaplan (Dski22George)

    allahpundit Excellent.

  • allahpundit washingtonpost awesome news, draining swamp & preparing for investigative review of corruption.. Big league corruption

  • Tom Pandit (tompandit)

    allahpundit michellemalkin washingtonpost likely to avoid the embarrassment of termination.

The State Department's entire senior management, all career officers, have resigned. I know of others resigning too link
  • Alex Berezow (AlexBerezow)

    anneapplebaum washingtonpost CNN is reporting the exact opposite: They were asked to leave. link

  • anneapplebaum NickRiccardi washingtonpost wonderful that those who were not on board for this new vision, resigned. That's a good thing.

  • Blue mom (blumom2015)

    JimiClint anneapplebaum NickRiccardi washingtonpost These were experienced knowledgeable R's & D's. Indicates impending danger.

  • . blumom2015 anneapplebaum NickRiccardi so impending danger & their solution is to resign from the one position where they could fight it?

  • blumom2015 anneapplebaum NickRiccardi good riddance

  • marshall (fir_eel)

    JimiClint blumom2015 anneapplebaum NickRiccardi what makes you think they could fight it? maybe they understood they couldn't.

  • Blue mom (blumom2015)

    fir_eel JimiClint anneapplebaum NickRiccardi Exactly, nothing worse than having your hands tied.

  • blumom2015 fir_eel anneapplebaum NickRiccardi either way they weren't on board w Trump, now they're gone. New positions to fill, Win-Win

  • JJ (littleWillage)

    JimiClint tell your mom good bye, you will be drafted soon.

  • Patrick Sullivan (runrunsully)

    anneapplebaum Lots of things happening very fast these days, but this is a legit holy sh*t moment.

  • Patrick Sullivan (runrunsully)

    anneapplebaum P.S. I cracked open Iron Curtain a couple nights ago; definitely time for another read of your excellent book.

  • Leslie Wolfe (GStags)

    anneapplebaum washingtonpost Can't decide which is more scary, the qualified experts leaving or Trump choosing their replacements.

  • Carlojandre Sperez (sejelpeo)

    GStags anneapplebaum washingtonpost exactly. That was a stupid move. Happened here in Venezuela too, look at us now

  • sejelpeo GStags anneapplebaum washingtonpost guess they weren't interested in taking their orders from a man that should be in prison.

  • Carlojandre Sperez (sejelpeo)

    KateMartushoff GStags anneapplebaum washingtonpost I understand the logic behind the decision, but the consequences will be dire

  • Emerald Lady (TheEmerald_Lady)

    anneapplebaum washingtonpost Holy... its a freaking purge.... we are finished.

  • TheEmerald_Lady anneapplebaum washingtonpost good riddance. Perhaps they'll go to Syria to apologize?

  • Emerald Lady (TheEmerald_Lady)

    TheInfidelAnna anneapplebaum washingtonpost Oh go troll somewhere else.

  • Chris Bowen (bowenswharf)

    TheInfidelAnna TheEmerald_Lady anneapplebaum washingtonpost 16 years of bombing Muslims CAN'T be criminal bc "liberal globalists."

  • bowenswharf TheEmerald_Lady anneapplebaum washingtonpost liberals believe in the policies of failure link

  • Chris Bowen (bowenswharf)

    TheInfidelAnna TheEmerald_Lady anneapplebaum washingtonpost

From the Post's joshrogin: The State Department's entire senior management team just resigned link
  • Jeff (Jskorn)

    . ApeFroBoogie Fahrenthold joshrogin @ Swamp drained? Brain drain in an already woefully I experienced & understaffed administration

  • bjornapooryoung (Bjornapoor)

    ApeFroBoogie Jskorn Fahrenthold joshrogin exactly! Now the rest of Goldman Sachs can replace them! Win!! #swampdrained

  • BarbaraBuon (stoddard38)

    Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost Devastating at the same time refreshing to see some folks refuse to aid & abet amateurs in Cabinet.

  • Becca (beccarebec)

    Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost that's an opinion piece? Looks like straight reporting -- and excellent reporting at that.

  • Nicole (skilledscribe)

    beccarebec Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost I was wondering about that too.

  • Becca (beccarebec)

    skilledscribe Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost I think it's because he is a columnist. Columnists report, too!

  • Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost Won't this just get spun as "Good news. Swamp's drained itself."?

  • Bernie told you! (daenku32)

    gracewithhumor Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost no one believes that "swamp draining" bit anymore.

  • Lor Fogel (4usall)

    daenku32 gracewithhumor Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost umm.. read the post directly below yours. Swampwater KoolAid still popular

  • 4usall daenku32 Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost Yep. I follow diverse (R&D&I) twitter feeds. Lot of them think this is good news.

  • Lor Fogel (4usall)

    gracewithhumor daenku32 Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost In a B&W win-lose us vs. them world void of nuance, it does sound good.

  • Anne Bonney (SaltyAnneBonney)

    Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost I'm thinking they don't want to be on the Trump Train when it goes off the cliff. Good Move.

  • B. Justice (zefirotorna)

    Fahrenthold TrueBlueLiberal joshrogin washingtonpost I can't recall of a more unqualified, unfit person to head the State Department than Tillerson. Anybody?

  • Michael Kim (ThinkingSwim)

    zefirotorna Fahrenthold TrueBlueLiberal joshrogin washingtonpost At least Tillerson has management experience. Ben Carson highly qualified as Surgeon General, but HUD? Rick Perry + nukes?

  • B. Justice (zefirotorna)

    ThinkingSwim Fahrenthold TrueBlueLiberal joshrogin washingtonpost There are lots of unqualified cabinet members. Tillerson would head 1 of the 2 top cabinet positions, with no foreign policy experience.

  • Denise Sulivan (Ribbyse223)

    Fahrenthold joshrogin washingtonpost Holy shit! This is getting scarier by the minute.

Wow - The State Department's entire senior management team just resigned link
  • WesleyLowery washingtonpost I'm over my limit for articles. Can someone tell me why this is an opinion piece?

  • Robotica Misfit (androidqueen)

    GeorgeBaileyDog WesleyLowery washingtonpost I read the article, and I still don't understand why it's an opinion piece.

  • androidqueen WesleyLowery washingtonpost Thank you - wanted to RT but saw it was opinion so thought maybe untrue?

  • Robotica Misfit (androidqueen)

    GeorgeBaileyDog WesleyLowery washingtonpost It appears that it was posted to an opinion blog on the site, so prob all are "opinion."

  • Robotica Misfit (androidqueen)

    GeorgeBaileyDog WesleyLowery washingtonpost (Maybe doesn't have the rigorous process/fact checking of the news section?)

  • Claudia Horning (metaclaudiah)

    androidqueen GeorgeBaileyDog It's opinion b/c Rogin includes his on what Tillerson should do next. Always a good idea to fact check tho

  • metaclaudiah androidqueen aha

  • WesleyLowery To quote Former VP Biden, "This is a big fucking deal."

  • Stu (stuartadel)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost trying to work with Trump for the sake of the cntry is fools gold.Resist is the only option #ResistTrump

  • Crashing Bore (simonosbore)

    WesleyLowery ddale8 washingtonpost Reasonable response to a President who thinks diplomacy is worthless unless it's transactional.

  • Ben Harris (Real_BenHarris)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost Swamp is draining itself now. A good thing, Trump & Tillerson can now plug in their people with no resistance.

  • Leslie Wolfe (GStags)

    WesleyLowery ddale8 washingtonpost Trump's incompetence is destroying critical agencies from within, putting us all at risk.

  • Joe (JATnLA)

    WesleyLowery ddale8 well at least the Federal Govt is free to hire new employees to repla.....oh wait.

  • Tom Mccormick (realTMcCormick)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost April's appointed by liberals if they don't resign they'll be fired

  • Carlita Saint (PurpleDrank_)

    realTMcCormick WesleyLowery washingtonpost Russia, these are career government officials who served under both Democrats & Republicans.

  • anders krag (AndersEKrag)

    WesleyLowery Rexit SakenaRibena washingtonpost

  • NKM (NKMghost)

    WesleyLowery ddale8 washingtonpost Please let this become a trend.

  • WesleyLowery that's not good. He already doesn't know what he's doing.

Good grief. The whole senior management at the State Department just resigned. link
  • Thomas Levenson (TomLevenson)

    I'm impressed by comments below that suggest this is a good thing. Folks truly don't get how management works. nxthompson washingtonpost

  • andrea Kline (andreathekline)

    TomLevenson nxthompson washingtonpost people have no idea how govt works( 35 yrs Govt here- ret.). They think it is like the local store

  • Michele Smith (mdfsmith1)

    andreathekline TomLevenson nxthompson washingtonpost Pretty sure realDonaldTrump can't spell diplomacy.

  • Thomas Levenson (TomLevenson)

    Not sure he could spell "cat" if you spotted him the C. & the A.* mdfsmith1 andreathekline nxthompson washingtonpost realDonaldTrump

  • Thomas Levenson (TomLevenson)

    *h/t Hollywood Henderson: he said it 1st-unfairly-of Terry Bradshaw. mdfsmith1 andreathekline nxthompson washingtonpost realDonaldTrump

  • Bernard Gilkey (BernardG23)

    nxthompson washingtonpost You mean Rex was not going to retain them, so they left. How dumb you think citizens are?

  • BernardG23 nxthompson washingtonpost If you're representative of the average citizen...pretty dumb.

  • nxthompson Now we see the decency inherent in the system!

  • PatchouliW nxthompson help help I'm being impressed!

  • HighlandPaddyHK nxthompson Now see here. a tiny minority of voters outvoting a larger group, that's no basis for a system of govt!

  • Duchess of Umbrage (IBlame)

    nxthompson edyong209 washingtonpost It just gets darker and colder and more nuclear-bomby every minute.

  • C02LVHD1FH00 (morgenrwhite)

    nxthompson washingtonpost Reminder that Tillerson has no government experience, either!

  • Grovegal (LoisSmithers)

    nxthompson washingtonpost Trump is creating utmost chaos by leaving departments empty and forcing others to leave. He's dangerous

  • Michael Fienen (fienen)

    nxthompson redcrew They're now reporting that they were fired per eliselabottcnn

  • DeborahEdwards-Onoro (redcrew)

    fienen Thanks. Link? eliselabottcnn

  • Michael Fienen (fienen)

    redcrew link

  • miss tortitude (misstortitude)

    nxthompson cjdrgg how many people? Has #Trump got enough wives and kids to fill all the posts #statedepartment

  • Gina Brown (mzgee41)

    nxthompson washingtonpost They dont want to work for Putin's BFF! The GOP & Dems (who voted for him) should all be voted out!

"It’s the single biggest simultaneous departure of institutional memory that anyone can remember" link
  • salam (salam_Africa)

    maxjrosenthal washingtonpost no they resigned. verify info. make some damn phone calls. this rush 2 tweet & publish will destroy journos

  • salam_Africa from the story: "Kennedy and three of his top officials resigned"

  • salam (salam_Africa)

    maxjrosenthal but was it verified? trump team want us 2 distrust media & media seems 2 be helping them along by rushing 2 tweet & publish

  • salam_Africa Josh is an outstanding reporter who's deeply sourced. I'd recommend reading through the story.

  • jim79154 DavidCornDC washingtonpost thanks for your feedback, Jim

  • maxjrosenthal DavidCornDC Translation- We can't work for a lunatic

  • maxjrosenthal DavidCornDC Finally...was starting to wonder when ppl would stand by their principles & what is right & resign.

  • maxjrosenthal DavidCornDC Hopefully Ryan, McConnell & Repubs will suddenly find their lost principles & values, assuming they had them...

  • Rian Hatch (RianHatch)

    maxjrosenthal DavidCornDC washingtonpost The implications of this are frightening Its utter chaos in every branch of government

  • Kellsjanna  ? (kborut123)

    RianHatch parislady1492 That's it in a nutshell! It's become unhinged. This is an epic National Emergency.

  • maxjrosenthal washingtonpost real americans won't work for russian puppets #TheResistance #notmypresident #Putinspuppet #NOFASCISTUSA

  • Laser Squirrel (catbert234)

    maxjrosenthal DavidCornDC washingtonpost as someone who has had an emergency while abroad, this is a Bad Thing. State employs 60k

  • mpmaddog (mppmaddog)

    maxjrosenthal DavidCornDC washingtonpost good for them bad for US...

  • Kellylohrmann (kellylohrmann)

    maxjrosenthal washingtonpost good for those people at least they have morals and values

  • nobody (rlrctwitt)

    maxjrosenthal DavidCornDC washingtonpost holy crap. One one hand, great #resist. On the other hand, all the sane people are leaving

The State Department’s entire senior management team just drained themselves from the SWAMP! GO TRUMP! link
  • Snooze Cat (snooze_cat)

    alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost Or they are ethical, knowledgeable professionals who can't bear working for a destructive orange baby.

  • Rudy (rudydog293)

    alaskantexanQCT they just did exactly what Trump wanted. To funny . Swamp just got cleaner ,

  • micklemore (mikeemcguire)

    alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost if he was really going to drain the swamp then why is most of his cabinet career politicians or lobbyists

  • Zane Hubbard (iamironbeard)

    alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost Nobody wants to work for Trump. It's a sinking ship.

  • Amilcar Cavernario (aalfarok)

    alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost only to now be replaced by inexperienced oil and goldman sachs executives. From swamp to sewer.

  • Geneve (ZuGeneve)

    aalfarok alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost LOL! From swamp to professional, accountable management. Great news!

  • Amilcar Cavernario (aalfarok)

    ZuGeneve alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost LOL. Professional accountable management. How hard did you laugh when you wrote this?

  • Geneve (ZuGeneve)

    aalfarok alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost I was laughing when you pulled the "Goldman Sachs" nonsense. We need achievers, not leeches.

  • Amilcar Cavernario (aalfarok)

    ZuGeneve alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost so ibankers are achievers? Forgot about the housing crisis? Achievers would include tech ceos

  • Geneve (ZuGeneve)

    aalfarok alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost Housing crisis: FNMA caused that problem. Maybe you need more finance classes.

  • Amilcar Cavernario (aalfarok)

    ZuGeneve alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost sure thing. I bet you're a regular Fischer Black. Your finance classes from Trump U sure paid off

  • Joseph P Ryan (joeryannaz)

    alaskantexanQCT MarcusDelCactus real Patriots. F__k em! We're are better off with them gone. Now just need to clean out the next 3 levels!

  • ted keaton (tedkeaton)

    alaskantexanQCT ..again, well said!

  • Gary Eldridge (SouthernStar71)

    alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost Quinton Jackson is stupid

  • Frances S. (FrancesSpinell2)

    alaskantexanQCT AnjiUsa washingtonpost BEST NEWS SO FAR TODAY!!!

  • Gonzalo Vergara (GlenSalo)

    alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost Given track record of State under past 2 administrations, this is a GREAT THING. No more neocon & neolibs!

  • Bill Cutting (MrBill_Cutting)

    alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost They were fired. It's house cleaning time, liberals. #SoMuchWinning

  • Ellison  ?? (EllisonJ7884)

    alaskantexanQCT washingtonpost That is a sure sign they were all corrupt and politicized I expect a full investigation.

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