Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent

Crowds in hundreds of cities around the world gathered Saturday in conjunction with the Women’s March on Washington.

We were in all 50 states + over 70 countries! See pics from the #WomensMarch all around the globe here: link #WhyIMarch
  • Joshua Peavy (joshuapeavy)

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  • Joshua Peavy (joshuapeavy)

    womensmarch nytimes KalElizabeth29

  • Kali Harlow + (KalElizabeth29)

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  • Joshua Peavy (joshuapeavy)

    KalElizabeth29 womensmarch nytimes I did. It's just a joke, buuuutttt, if I have any followers that take offense and leave, I'm ok w/that

  • Kali Harlow + (KalElizabeth29)

    joshuapeavy womensmarch nytimes People don't know how to take jokes anymore without getting offended haha

  • Joshua Peavy (joshuapeavy)

    KalElizabeth29 womensmarch nytimes tweeted MileyCyrus still waiting on that sandwich right after.

  • PR Nosferatu (AgentTinsley)

    2Peter5_7 womensmarch nytimes gay marriage, control over my body, pay equality, anti-fascism, discrimination against POC, sexual assault.

  • PR Nosferatu (AgentTinsley)

    2Peter5_7 i believe the past statements on a lot of those are all public record.

  • PR Nosferatu (AgentTinsley)

    2Peter5_7 I'm not here to argue man. You asked a question. I answered. google it. Read some articles about the marches. Idk. Good luck.

  • PR Nosferatu (AgentTinsley)

    2Peter5_7 I marched for everyone. It's my business, not yours, to tell me what I should March about. link

  • Katie Klabusich (Katie_Speak)

    Do we have an estimate for the D.C. womensmarch participation numbers?

  • Katie Klabusich (Katie_Speak)

    Edit: Do we have an estimate for the D.C. womensmarch participation numbers with an attribution/link?

  • womensmarch nytimes much love!! #LoveTrumpsHate #WomensMarch – presso The Abbey Food & Bar

  • Rick Mays (Rickm_29)

    womensmarch You did not help Crooked HRC. Trump won the women vote .

  • highserenity (highserenity49)

    Rickm_29 yea, if you only count uneducated white women....which it looks like YOU do . womensmarch big whoop

  • Rick Mays (Rickm_29)

    highserenity49 womensmarch Racist. He won from all races.

  • Palolis (problesgil)

    Rickm_29 highserenity49 womensmarch Nope. As usual you don't know the facts. link

  • Rick Mays (Rickm_29)

    problesgil highserenity49 womensmarch Facts BO gave 5 top terrorists to Army deserter. Lied about Benghazi video narrative, Abused the>

  • highserenity (highserenity49)

    Rickm_29 problesgil I haven't been able to find one Trump supporter capable of staying on that part of the mental disease?

  • Palolis (problesgil)

    highserenity49 Rickm_29 weren't we talking about women voting Trump? Where the hell did that all come from? Can't stick to facts. Jeez!

  • Rick Mays (Rickm_29)

    problesgil highserenity49 I guess in your eyes trump women voters are trash. He did get % of minority women but they are trash

I love seeing this display of solidarity. Thanks to the women who organized and came together for #WomensMarch link
An amazing and beautiful sight with Men, women, girls, and boys marching together. Our voice is strongest together. link
  • MANIK (manik_nyc)

    alexmorgan13 nytimes should've had this photo link

  • Flytanx (Flytanx_)

    alexmorgan13 should probably march against the mistreatment of woman in the middle east, but whatever

  • michael (The__Mocc)

    Flytanx_ alexmorgan13 it was about women's rights everywhere

  • Flytanx (Flytanx_)

    The__Mocc alexmorgan13 weird, I noticed a lot of 'fuck trump' and similar things. Not to mention the organizer is literally a terrorist

  • Swami (SwamiG8R)

    alexmorgan13 What about the pro lifers? They not important enough?

  • SwamiG8R alexmorgan13 of course not ur opinion & rights as wmn only matter if u r pro choice & angry bout a fictional attack on ur rights.

  • Andrew Love (LoveLife777778)

    alexmorgan13 Democrats claim to be the party of diversity but it couldn't be further from the truth!!

  • Andrew Love (LoveLife777778)

    alexmorgan13 they lack the only type of diversity that matters....diversity of thought and anytime someone disagrees with them......

  • Andrew Love (LoveLife777778)

    alexmorgan13 they label them as a racist!!!

  • Roger Hammer (RHammer44)

    alexmorgan13 nytimes just as long as your not pro life women. They weren't invited.

  • M.Ø. (ivanRMCF3)

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  • Jordan (jokle5)

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  • Jordan (jokle5)

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  • M.Ø. (ivanRMCF3)

    jokle5 alexmorgan13 nytimes que me estás contando? Se ha pirado de USA?

  • Jordan (jokle5)

    ivanRMCF3 alexmorgan13 nytimes creo que si

  • C Conway (CaseC08)

    alexmorgan13 great to see y'all could put your 50 Shades of Grey porn down to come March against the word pussy. #marchforapurposenexttime

  • Andrew Love (LoveLife777778)

    alexmorgan13 Liberals are only "tolerant" when you agree with them!!

Way to go world -- stronger together! link
  • Janyce (JanyceW)

    BarbraStreisand Did you hear Madonna, she said she thought about blowing up the White House. How anti-American can you get?

  • Shauna S (ssimmons1187)

    JanyceW BarbraStreisand I know how! How about asking foreign countries to hack American emails? The new President is a traitor.

  • ssimmons1187 JanyceW BarbraStreisand good one Shauna.

  • Barb McTeague (barbmcteague)

    acesnan_dewitt ssimmons1187 JanyceW BarbraStreisand Idiot

  • Shauna S (ssimmons1187)

    barbmcteague acesnan_dewitt JanyceW BarbraStreisand Namecalling indicates ignorance from you.

  • Barb McTeague (barbmcteague)

    ssimmons1187 acesnan_dewitt JanyceW BarbraStreisand What did the march do?Nothing but cause traffic, Move on !

  • Shauna S (ssimmons1187)

    barbmcteague acesnan_dewitt JanyceW BarbraStreisand It caused unity. Something the President needs lessons in.

  • Brian (6035Nairb)

    BarbraStreisand nytimes it's more stupid together. No seriously you women are mentally deranged and you just demonstrated it to the world

  • Daniel Friar (dannyboyfriar)

    5306BCM Another angry Russian twitterbot...

  • Cubs (Rad) Finch 4 (RadFinch)

    BarbraStreisand nytimes #WhyIMarch because I love my Grandma Altrice. She loved Hillary like I did. #WomensMarch #ImStillWithHer link

  • reggie (1942bs)

    BarbraStreisand nytimes wow... this was ALOT of people

  • Bαbs & Leα (BarbrasGleek)

    BarbraStreisand nytimes queen of defending women's rights

  • Robin Lipman (Roblorr)

    BarbraStreisand nytimes THANK YOU for your BRILLIANT speech Barbra! You will ALWAYS be my HERO and "SWEET, SWEET INSPIRATION" ♡♡♡♡

  • Noah David (noah_dvs)

    BarbraStreisand nytimes This is it! Darling did you see the march in London? Worldwide is #StrongerTogether surely MazalTov Shalom!

  • aleexia (streisland)

    BarbraStreisand nytimes I love you so much

  • . BarbraStreisand If ur are really "uniting" put ur money where ur mouth is. Support BlackOwned businesses, banks & orgs Really DO something

  • BarbraStreisand nytimes Here we go with you Darling we're always here #StrongerTogether #ResistFromDay1 until the #impeachment

  • Ben Oliver (ol_benj)

    BarbraStreisand nytimes Princess I think about you Life is a tale Told by an idiot full of sound and fury Signifying nothing, Shakespeare

  • jennifer p (jlynn122)

    BarbraStreisand nytimes This is just Day One. There are 654 more before the midterms. 1,382 til the next election. We must #MarchOnward!!

Looking through these pics brought tears 2 my eyes. An amazing reminder of how incredible humans can be #WomensMarch link
THIS is what democracy looks like: link
  • Henry Slackbot (henrymodis)

    KamalaHarris nytimes run for president

  • Ayelet Bitton (arbitton)

    henrymodis dang if she ever runs/wins, she'll have to put you in her thank you speech

  • Henry Slackbot (henrymodis)

    arbitton I want to thank Henry from twitter for his good ideas

  • David Haupert (DaHaupert)

    KamalaHarris nytimes women's resistance! link

  • JBGodBlessU (berriojo1)

    KamalaHarris Now we need you to help #stopsessions and #StopDeVos !!

  • Sam Duboff (duboff)

    KamalaHarris tell us what to do next!

  • Bobbi-Sue (BobbiSue)

    KamalaHarris Thank you for being in DC and speaking yesterday!

  • Melissa (qsrhrdiva)

    KamalaHarris though I am not in Cali, no less proud you are fighting for all of us. Thank you!

  • Jan C Kraus (kraus_jc)

    KamalaHarris It's also what unity looks like.

  • Sunny Uppal (SunnySUppal)

    KamalaHarris now we need to carry it forward to Political ACTION

  • RepubliKKKans (ClippednPinned)

    KamalaHarris please do something about Comey hugging Trump. That scumbag colluded against HRC. Traitor!

  • lurkeyloo (lurkeylootoo)

    KamalaHarris nytimes #Womensmarch link

  • Lori Knight (LoriKnight260)

    KamalaHarris nytimes potus realDonaldTrump MikePenceVP KellyannePolls PRyan MitchMcConell IvankaTrump This is democracy#WomansMarch

  • KamalaHarris How awful. WW taking the helm in a movement always spells native & African issues getting completely lost. #Distraction

  • M M (mimislo)

    KamalaHarris Thanks...the tears started coming around Portland....

  • Tackleberry (stillettolover)

    KamalaHarris nytimes As far as legal protest. Yes. Values? Not so much. If u disagree with them you're a piece of crap with no value.

  • SparkyGremlin (SparkyGremlin)

    KamalaHarris nytimes Proud to have been there in Portland, OR!

  • KamalaHarris nytimes did u say that about #blacklivesmatter when they were protesting the murderous police across the country? Promote all

  • Bill Smith (Billysmithjr33)

    BlackEndowment KamalaHarris nytimes while ignoring thecreal problem of violent and murderous black people?

  • Billysmithjr33 KamalaHarris nytimes please I know you're not calling blacks violent after many illegal wars, slavery, kkk, columbine etc.

  • Bill Smith (Billysmithjr33)

    BlackEndowment KamalaHarris nytimes please, I know you're not stuck on shit that happened before you were e we born lol

  • Billysmithjr33 KamalaHarris nytimes 911 happened 16 years ago, my teenagers should not give a fuck about that cuz they weren't born then.

  • Bill Smith (Billysmithjr33)

    BlackEndowment KamalaHarris nytimes I doubt your teenagers do give a fuck considering how unamerican and uneducated you appear to be

On Nov 8th I wasn't so proud of my country. Today I am. #ImWithHer #WomensMarch link
  • Bonnie J (bonnielep)

    missmorenab jorince2 nytimes Been exciting, so many women, all over the country. Vicariously feeling the power

  • John P. (jorince2)

    bonnielep missmorenab nytimes My wife and daughter marched today. I'm so proud of them. I'd have marched, too, but I have a bad cold.

  • Bonnie J (bonnielep)

    jorince2 missmorenab nytimes my niece marched in Sacramento I'm proud too, and hopeful. What a great idea it was, and so well executed link

  • John P. (jorince2)

    bonnielep missmorenab nytimes Absolutely, Bonnie. Hopefully it sent a message. Trump has to have noticed.

  • Bonnie J (bonnielep)

    jorince2 missmorenab nytimes change is coming.

  • Todd Lester (T0dd_Lester)

    missmorenab nytimes On January 20th I was a HUGE fan of Modena Baccarin. Today...I am not

  • John P. (jorince2)

    T0dd_Lester missmorenab nytimes You misspelled her name.

  • Alicia Pearson (HistGeekGirl)

    missmorenab christabradney To borrow a phrase from a very smart person: 'Big damn heroes...' every single marcher.

  • HistGeekGirl missmorenab That's amazing and perfect!

  • Alicia Pearson (HistGeekGirl)

    christabradney missmorenab I find myself quoting A LOT of very smart shows lately. Firefly happens A LOT.

  • JD (johnjosephTX)

    missmorenab nytimes you should be proud of the peaceful transfer of power.

  • palmtree (Palmtree_14)

    missmorenab nytimes what a load of leftish crap.

  • Michael (mrjavahead)

    missmorenab So your pride of country is based on whether your candidate won the election?? Pretty enlightened pov. PrisonPlanet

  • Nicola (_ophelia)

    missmorenab love it when you say something they don't agree with and they go 'I was a fan until now. Unfollow' like you give a shit?

  • Marc C (MarcNYY618)

    missmorenab you weren't proud because they exercised the democratic process?

  • Utesbyfive (Utesbyfive)

    missmorenab Always be proud of America. We are, and always have been, a great, compassionate, good country.

  • missmorenab Women. Thank you. For being strong and killing it today. I did not think I could be inspired after yesterday. I was wrong.

  • alefever (alefever)

    missmorenab nytimes proud of my country both days....freedom doesn't mean I always win....

Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent - The New York Times link
Well done world. #upthewimmin #?????????? Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent link
Hey realDonaldTrump, the world is resisting you bigly. link
  • Mr.Dynamite (LordFhaite)

    simonhelberg realDonaldTrump come on Howard let's give him a chance.

  • Joel Freeman (JDFreeman001)

    LordFhaite simonhelberg realDonaldTrump yeah!, give the racist, sexist millionaire reality b-star who lives in a gold tower a try dude...

  • Dat Boi (A_Smith_13)

    JDFreeman001 LordFhaite simonhelberg realDonaldTrump you forgot real estate mogul, businessman and self-made *billionaire and yes you...

  • Dat Boi (A_Smith_13)

    JDFreeman001 LordFhaite simonhelberg realDonaldTrump Should give him a try, you wouldn't want the pilot of the plane you're on to fail

  • Joel Freeman (JDFreeman001)

    A_Smith_13 LordFhaite nor should I forget he's gone bankrupt twice. Wouldn't want to step into a plane with a pilot he keeps crashing

  • Barry (bar545)

    simonhelberg nytimes Now where are the photos from the Middle East? North Korea? You know where women actually have no rights

  • Sarah Adams (sarahkristin89)

    bar545 simonhelberg nytimes Try actually clicking on the link. There were protest in Iraq and Isreal.

  • Barry (bar545)

    sarahkristin89 simonhelberg nytimes What about Iran or perhaps Saudi Arabia, North Korea?

  • Sarah Adams (sarahkristin89)

    bar545 simonhelberg nytimes Not sure if there were protest in those countries.

  • CoachKjr (CoachKJunior)

    simonhelberg realDonaldTrump nytimes We love Trump #MakingAmericaGreatAgain link

  • Tom Nelson (tan123)

    . simonhelberg We should let clueless left-wing foreigners vote in US presidential elections, right? missmayim realDonaldTrump

  • Lee Ardis (lee_ardis)

    simonhelberg missmayim realDonaldTrump nytimes ...and 30 million "American" women voted for Trump...but that doesn't fit your narrative.

  • Brian Walusis (BrianWalusis)

    simonhelberg missmayim realDonaldTrump nytimes where are the pictures from the marches in Saudi Arabia?

  • Luke Blount (19MadHatter76)

    simonhelberg get over it he's here for 4 years go do something productive need a tissue?

  • Nancy Young (nyoung31)

    simonhelberg realDonaldTrump nytimes nope, most woman are with Trump. Only whining Liberals and Hollywood are there.

  • The Boilermaker (trexrph)

    simonhelberg realDonaldTrump nytimes sure are A LOT of sore losers out there. #getbacktowork #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  • Mike (DrHypose)

    simonhelberg realDonaldTrump Pic from Hillary Inauguration Ceremony link

  • McKenzie Haskell (MGHaskell)

    simonhelberg Not really. This is a very small number of people in comparison to those who *aren't* whining aboutwhat they can't change.

  • jimmy (paternospalace)

    simonhelberg realDonaldTrump nytimes nope just women who like to sleep around who think it's ok to kill children. TrumpRules

  • Justin Goerss (JustinSmadaddy)

    simonhelberg realDonaldTrump nytimes Haha good thing since that will stop him from being president, oh wait, no it won't #MYPRESIDENT

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